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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 9 Change

Chapter 9 Change

Smoke surrounded the quiet district.

The zombies outside the community seemed to have been alarmed by the loud crash just now, and they were all roaring uneasily.

At this moment, Qin An was dressed neatly, holding a Japanese saber in his hand, carefully approaching the place where the fireball fell.

Qin Xiaoyan followed behind Qin An with a kitchen knife in her hand.

Tonight, the moon was very round, and the bright moonlight shone down, leaving one"s line of sight unaffected during the night.

It has been seven months since the outbreak of the T virus. Although this is an unprecedented catastrophe for humans, it seems to be a good thing for Earth.

Without the emissions from the factory and the impact of the car exhaust, the air in this world became exceptionally good. Even the moonlight seemed to be much brighter than before.

Slowly, he approached the impact point.

A small UFO appeared in front of Qin An and the other two.

It was a three-meter tall cone. The bottom of the cone had a diameter of 1.5 meters. The strange metal shell emitted a purple light, making people feel a little mysterious.

Qin An and Qin Xiaoyan exchanged a glance. The two of them had been together for several months, and they already had a certain tacit understanding. They could see the doubt in each other"s eyes. What was this?

Qin An gestured for Qin Xiaoyan to retreat a bit, while he slowly approached the cone and gently stabbed the metal shell of the cone with the tip of his knife.

Suddenly, there was a beeping sound, scaring Qin An into pulling Qin Xiaoyan back quickly.

After the sound, the circular base of the cone emitted a dazzling purple light. The light flashed for a few seconds before slowly dissipating. The circular base also strangely disappeared!

Then, two rays of light, one red and one blue, soared into the sky and descended a hundred meters into the air before finally landing in front of Qin An and the other.

The two of them felt their heartbeats speed up a lot. They tried their best to open their eyes wide. After the red and blue light faded, under the moonlight, there were actually two sheathless swords stabbed into the ground.

That blue light was a giant sword!

The blade of the sword was 1.67 meters long and 30 centimeters wide. The shiny silver material could not tell what kind of metal it was, but the simple hilt of the sword was not huge. Ordinary people could hold it.

The red light was a small sword that looked like an ordinary sword. The sword"s body was slender and straight, and the entire body was made of a red material that could not be seen from any metal.

What happened at this time was too strange. Qin An and the other two didn"t know what to do for a moment.

After a long time, Qin An finally made a move. He walked to the side of the giant sword that was slightly glowing with blue light, hesitated for a moment, and reached out to grab the hilt of the giant sword.

Her hand was slightly cold, but her touch was extremely smooth and comfortable.

Qin Xiaoyan followed behind Qin An and imitated Qin An"s appearance. She grasped the hilt of the red sword and tried to pull it out of the ground, but she used twice of her strength and was unable to shake it at all.

The two of them looked at each other again. At this moment, Qin An suddenly felt his hand burn and the hilt of the giant sword began to heat up.

Qin An was so shocked that he wanted to let go of the hilt of the sword, but his hands were like they were stuck by the hilt of the sword with strong glue.

Immediately after, Qin Xiaoyan encountered the same encounter as Qin An.

The two of them cried out loudly in fright, and the pain in their hands was almost unbearable.

Afterwards, the two swords began to change. They began to wriggle as if they were alive, breaking apart like billions of cells that were constantly splitting apart!

In a short while, they turned into two giant pythons filled with flesh and blood but without skin. The red pieces of meat and the churning red blood made one"s heart skip a beat.

Qin Xiaoyan was so scared that she fainted.

However, Qin An"s eyes widened as he looked at the scene in front of him.

Slowly, Qin An discovered that the giant flesh python that the sword had transformed into started to slowly shrink. They seemed to be drilling into his and Qin Xiaoyan"s bodies.

As they drilled into his body, Qin An could feel his flesh and blood being bitten by countless insects. The heart-wrenching pain made him almost faint.

Time slowly passed. An hour later, the two giant flesh pythons finally completely entered Qin An and Qin Xiaoyan"s bodies, and the heart-wrenching pain slowly disappeared.

Qin An was sweating all over his body. Slowly, he lost consciousness and fell to the ground, fainting.

After an unknown amount of time, Qin An felt that someone was shouting something.

"Qin An! Honey! Wake up! Wake up!"

Slowly opening her eyes, Qin Xiaoyan"s face was very close.

Taking a long breath, Qin An sat up and looked around. This place was still in his own neighborhood. The sun was hanging high in the sky. Was it already noon?

Qin An glanced at Qin Xiaoyan and asked, "Are you alright? What happened?"

Qin Xiaoyan"s eyes were filled with tears. She shook her head and threw herself into Qin An"s embrace. She sobbed, "I don"t know. I just woke up a while ago. I saw you lying here. You didn"t wake up even after calling you for a long time! You really scared me to death!"

As she spoke, she cried even more sadly, as if she was truly frightened.

Qin An held her in his arms and stroked her hair to comfort her.

However, his eyes looked like they were looking around. It was truly too strange. There was a small pit ten meters in front of him, but the conical unknown object and the two swords he saw before fainting had already disappeared!

What exactly was going on? Could it be a dream?

He raised his right hand. This was the hand that held the giant sword. There was a strange symbol on his palm. I wonder if it was burned by the hilt of the sword yesterday.

In doubt, Qin An grabbed Qin Xiaoyan"s right hand and saw that there was a strange symbol on her palm, but it was different from his own.

Obviously, everything that happened before he fainted was not a dream.

Holding Qin Xiaoyan, Qin An stood up from the ground, waved his arms, and kicked his leg again. He found that there was nothing abnormal about his body.

He looked at Qin Xiaoyan and asked, "Are you alright? Is there anything wrong with you?"

Tears were still hanging in Qin Xiaoyan"s eyes, but she stopped crying. She also twisted her neck and shook her butt, saying, "There"s nothing wrong!"

Qin An nodded and looked at the small hole in front of him. He felt that it was extremely strange. After thinking for a while, he could only drag Qin Xiaoyan back to his eighteenth floor home.

When they returned home, they finally discovered the changes in their bodies. The two of them went up to the eighteenth floor and did not feel any exhaustion in their bodies!

This was normal for Qin An, but he didn"t expect Qin Xiaoyan"s face to be red and her heart to stop beating. She climbed 18 floors, as if she had been walking on flat ground for a while. She didn"t feel anything at all!

For the next few days, both of them were very depressed. They didn"t have the heart to do anything else. They studied and discussed the cone and the two strange swords that descended from the sky every day. What exactly were they, where did they come from, and where did they go?

However, there was no conclusion after all.

Actually, Qin An had some thoughts in his heart, because he had personally seen the two swords turn into flesh and blood and drill into his and Qin Xiaoyan"s bodies.

However, this matter was too bizarre. It was even more incomprehensible and unacceptable than the zombies of the apocalypse. Qin An was afraid that he would frighten Qin Xiaoyan, so he didn"t dare to tell her.

Just like this, the two of them continued to live a small life, and at the same time, they also felt the changes in their bodies!

Yes, after experiencing the strange things that happened that day, the bodies of the two of them underwent a noticeable change.

Qin Xiaoyan could carry a bag of 100 jin of rice in one hand and walk up and down the eighteenth floor like flying. This meant that her strength was already greater than that of an adult. What was most surprising was her speed. She seemed to be able to run without being affected by resistance and gravity! Moreover, her hearing and vision had been greatly improved. She could hear and see what was happening hundreds of meters away.

Qin An"s changes were different from Qin Xiaoyan"s. His main changes were strength and body hardness.

He could penetrate a two-layer brick wall with one punch, but his fist was not damaged in the slightest. He could jump five to six meters high, and after landing on the ground, he would smash a hole in the ground, but his feet would not be damaged in the slightest! It was a little like the hulk in the American science fiction movies!

Qin Xiaoyan was surprised by this change. She knew that it must be related to the strange incident that night. Although she couldn"t understand why, it was because she had a special ability. No matter how she thought about it, it was still a good thing!

Qin An thought more than she did, because he knew that in his and Qin Xiaoyan"s bodies, there were two strange swords fusing together!

Their changes must have been caused by those two swords!

And what exactly was that sword? Was it a Fiendgod Monster or an alien visitor?

Qin An was an atheist, so he believed that the sword must belong to an alien. Otherwise, there was no way to explain it!

After the two of them slowly adapted to their new abilities, another few days passed. Nothing strange happened again, so they could only ignore it and accept a brand new themselves!

With their special abilities, it meant that they would be easier to survive in such an apocalyptic world! This might indeed be a good thing!

Life became more comfortable. Every night, the two of them hugged and slept together. Qin An"s hands had never been honest, but he was always unwilling to take the last step.

Qin Xiaoyan had already adapted and was willing to share Qin An"s happiness. Although Qin An"s powerful hands would leave some shallow traces on her body, Qin Xiaoyan also felt that it was a seal of happiness.

During the day, the two of them went for a walk in the neighborhood, exercising and exercising, enjoying the fresher air after the apocalypse than before the apocalypse!

Their bodies had been strengthened. As December approached, Hanghai City became even colder. However, the two of them only wore thin clothes, but they did not feel a trace of coldness!

There was no need to work, no need to worry about money. Although this kind of life was good, it was a bit boring after a long time.

Therefore, they would occasionally need to find some entertainment, and that was to kill zombies!

Qin An hugged Qin Xiaoyan horizontally in his arms. He could directly jump five meters high, land on the fence of the community, and then find an open space to jump off.

The surrounding zombies immediately surrounded them when they saw their figures!

At this moment, these zombies had become even stronger, and their strength and speed had greatly increased compared to before. If it was an ordinary person, they would definitely be able to easily tear them into pieces.

Qin An and Qin Xiaoyan were no longer ordinary people!

Qin Xiaoyan"s weapon was the Japanese saber that Qin An had used previously. After charging into the group of corpses, she turned into a phantom that could instantly decapitate and kill dozens of zombies.

Qin An"s weapons were replaced with two huge machetes, each weighing 30 jin and one meter long. They were just suitable for Qin An"s strength type.

Whenever he slashed down, any zombie that approached him would be dismembered!

This kind of battle had already been carried out several times. It seemed that Qin An and the other two were extremely valiant and had an invincible momentum. However, in the end, they were the ones who failed to escape.

Because there were too many zombies! There was simply no way he could kill them all. On the contrary, he killed more and more people, so in the end, he could only carry Qin Xiaoyan and return to the community!

After a month, the whole week of the community was already filled with zombies. Some zombies were even able to step on the zombies" corpses and climb over the walls to enter the community.

Facing such a situation, Qin An and the other two felt bitter in their hearts, but they didn"t know what to do.

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