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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 8 Extracosmic Foreign Body

Chapter 8 Extracosmic Foreign Body

The next day, Qin An and Qin Xiaoyan woke up exceptionally early.

Qin An slept comfortably last night and had a sweet dream.

However, Qin Xiaoyan clearly did not sleep well. She wore two black circles under her eyes and looked at Qin An with resentment in her eyes!

She really suspected that there was something wrong with Qin An"s body. She slept in the same bed as him for one night, and she acted as gentle as water, but nothing happened to them.

How did she know that Qin An was actually enjoying it? She felt that it was really a special thing to stay in bed comfortably and hug a woman that she no longer hated.

After breakfast, Qin Xiaoyan began to exercise indoors to exercise her body.

Meanwhile, Qin An was dressed neatly and started his own cleaning work!

With yesterday"s experience, today"s speed is much faster than yesterday"s.

In a day"s time, Qin An cleaned up all the rooms in the unit, killing 30 zombies. At the same time, he cleaned up 11 dead people who did not turn into zombies but starved to death in the room.

In short, regardless of whether it was zombies or corpses of dead people, they would all open the windows and throw them outside!

Make sure that only Qin Xiaoyan and Qin Xiaoyan are alive in the entire unit!

The two of them continued to live like this.

After cleaning up the entire unit, Qin An began to clean up the zombies outside.

Cleaning up the zombies outside was completely different from cleaning up the zombies in the room!

Qin An"s method was to open the unit door and attract a few zombies outside. Then, he drilled into the room and killed the zombies one by one through the fence gate!

Qin An discovered that these zombies were different from the zombies he had observed upstairs a few months ago!

They were moving faster, their hands and feet were more flexible and not stiff, and they could already climb the stairs.

The zombies" fingernails grew very fast. Their long nails were hard and sharp, making them a more effective means of attack than their teeth.

However, if the zombie"s fingernails caught him, would he be infected?

Although there was such a question, Qin An did not dare to try it!

He searched all the materials in the room of the unit. These materials were placed together with the materials in Qin An"s original home, allowing the two of them to hide in the room for four to five months!

Actually, there was a lot of food. The main reason was that the source of water was a big problem!

As time passed, Qin An became more and more proficient in killing zombies. He no longer needed to introduce zombies into the unit and kill them through the fence gate.

Now, he could truly face the zombies, quickly cut off their heads, and kill them in one shot.

A month later, all the zombies in the community, including all the houses, were cleaned up by Qin An!

This residential area was originally a high-end residential area. The residential area was not big. There were only five 18-storey high-rise buildings, and each of them was a large family with an indoor area of more than 150 square meters.

The residential area was surrounded by a five-meter-tall fence with three gates. Qin An locked all three doors to ensure that the zombies outside could not enter the community.

After searching the homes of all the residents in the five buildings, he moved all the materials he could use back to the unit he lived in and spent another month.

This time, they had actually accumulated enough resources to allow Qin An and the other two to live for three to four years!

It seemed that before the outbreak of the T virus, every single one of them had stockpiles!

However, some of them might have left Hanghai City early, so the room was full of food and water for An Yang.

Qin Xiaoyan was the happiest to have enough supplies.

She even luxuriously used ten buckets of mineral water, heated them up, poured them into the bathtub, and soaked them in a hot bath.

In two months, Qin An and Qin Xiaoyan"s relationship had completely entered the honeymoon stage.

Qin Xiaoyan now completely regarded herself as Qin An"s wife.

The title of Qin"an changed from Qin"an, Old Qin, and Little An"an to husband.

Qin An also tacitly agreed to this address.

In November, the temperature in Hanghai City had already dropped, and the temperature at night was only seven or eight degrees above zero.

At this moment, Qin An was lying on his balcony.

When he was searching for supplies, he found a nice sofa bed in a family"s house. It could be placed on the balcony, so Qin An brought it back. Occasionally, he would lie on the balcony and look outside with binoculars in his hands.

The bell rang, and it was exactly ten o"clock at night.

After finishing her grooming, Qin Xiaoyan put on a thick down jacket, opened the balcony door, jumped onto the sofa bed, and squeezed into Qin An"s arms.

He exhaled a mouthful of white gas and said to Qin An, "Darling, what are you still looking at in the middle of the night? Isn"t it cold?"

Qin An also naturally placed his hand on Qin Xiaoyan"s shoulder. There was also a cigarette between his fingers, but his other hand was holding a night vision telescope and looking out.

"Do you think there are any other living people in Hanghai City?" Qin An"s words were a little melancholy.

Qin Xiaoyan frowned slightly and said, "There are 8 million local people and 8 million outsiders in Hanghai City. Now that seven months have passed since the outbreak of the T virus, I think there should be no one left, right?"

Qin An sighed and said, "Yes! There"s not even a doomsday radio broadcast these days. Looks like the situation is getting worse and worse!"

Qin Xiaoyan put her hand into An Yang"s clothes and placed it on An Yang"s stomach.

The cold little hand made An Yang tremble slightly, but he didn"t stop her from moving.

Qin Xiaoyan was very satisfied and said, "Hanghai City is the first city where the T virus broke out in China. Within ten days of the outbreak, many people had already left this place!" Later, the government organized troops to isolate them, but in just a few days, the quarantine order was lifted, because the T-virus had erupted all over the country! The situation was already out of control! Liu Tianyu and I are both from Hangzhou City. My parents are both abroad. At that time, we wanted to evacuate as well! "However, I don"t know where to evacuate it. It would be better to wait at home. It would be good to wait until the virus is under control. What I didn"t expect was that the virus would simply be uncontrollable!"

Qin Xiaoyan"s words did not carry a trace of sadness. She smiled and continued, "Fortunately, I did not retreat. Otherwise, how could I meet you?"

Qin An exhaled a mouthful of white gas. This balcony was connected to the outdoors. The temperature was estimated to be a few degrees above zero. He threw the cigarette butt in his hand downstairs. Qin An smiled and said, "What do you mean you met me? You"ve known me for several years!"

Qin Xiaoyan struggled out of Qin An"s embrace and looked up at him. "Actually, I really feel like I"ve known you for a lifetime! But it seems like we only know each other for four months! Are you right?"

Qin An smiled and nodded. Qin Xiaoyan"s tone became gentle. She gently rubbed Qin An"s lips with her face and said, "Darling! When did you want me? I"m afraid you"re hesitating. What if we die one day? Are you not ready? Can"t you forget Li Ying?"

Qin An smiled bitterly and lit a cigarette again. He took a deep breath but didn"t say anything.

Silence. After a long time, Qin Xiaoyan struggled out of her disappointment. She tried to squeeze out a smile and said, "Darling, why are you so bold? Aren"t you afraid of those zombies? They look so terrifying. You really aren"t a normal person!"

Qin An said, "Actually, I am not a normal person. When I was in junior high school, I had a nickname. My classmates call me Idiot Qin!"

Qin Xiaoyan was slightly stunned and asked casually, "Fool Qin? Why do you call me that? Honey, tell me about it."

Qin An said, "I remember that it was probably the first day of the first year!" My deskmate is a girl named Li Na. Her personality is like a tomboy. She is very naughty and always bullies me! At that time, my personality was quite introverted, so I was bullied by her for a while! One day, she caught a caterpillar and threw it into my clothes! That time really pissed me off, so I quarreled with her and even beat her up. When she saw that I was going to hit her, she scolded me for being stingy, saying that I was not a man when I hit a woman! I didn"t beat her up like she said, but I couldn"t let out a sigh of relief if I didn"t! Later, I took the initiative to bet with her that I would eat that caterpillar. If I dared to eat it, she would kneel down and call for my father. If I didn"t dare, I would kneel down and kowtow to her. I would let her bully me in the future! "

Qin Xiaoyan"s mouth was wide open. She almost couldn"t believe that someone would stop her. She subconsciously asked, "Did you really eat that caterpillar?"

Qin An nodded with a smile on his face. I took out my lighter from my pocket, burned the caterpillar, and ate it while it was still squirming back and forth! As a result, many students in my class vomited! And that Li Na, after vomiting, really knelt down and called me father! Since then, my classmates have treated me like a monster, and Fool Qin"s nickname has come out. Li Na is even more scared of me. She took the initiative to ask her teacher not to share a table with me, and she will hide far away from me in the future! "

Qin Xiaoyan"s face was full of black lines. She was slow for a long time before she said, "Darling, you"re not stupid. You"re really disgusting!"

Qin An said, "Haha, actually I"m not stupid!"

Qin Xiaoyan stared blankly at Qin An. A trace of emotion arose in her heart. Being able to be with such a man was actually quite good.

"Darling, I"m a little cold!" Qin Xiaoyan put her cold little face on Qin An"s face.

Qin An nodded and said, "Alright, let"s go inside!"

The two of them held hands. Just as they were about to return to the living room, a flame suddenly shot out from the sky. It was like a falling star with a long purple comet tail. In the end, it smashed into the residential area!

The impact force was too great. Qin An could feel the ground trembling.

The two of them exchanged a glance and were extremely shocked. What was that? A meteor? Or a satellite falling from the sky?

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