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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 6 Relax One’s Relationship

Chapter 6 Relax One"s Relationship

At twelve o"clock at noon, Qin An woke up from his deep sleep.

Her embrace was warm. Looking at the woman whose spring light had suddenly dissipated, her body felt a burst of heat.

Inadvertently, he discovered the bite marks on Qin Xiaoyan"s lower lip and the dried blood at the corner of her mouth.

He frowned slightly as he pondered and recalled, was this caused by himself? It seems that he didn"t kiss this woman last night!

The woman slept soundly. Qin An stood up gently and put on his clothes and walked out of the bedroom.

Recalling what happened last night made Qin An feel very uneasy. He always thought of himself as a dedicated man. How could he be bathed in flames after being separated from Li Ying for more than five months?

Ever since Qin Xiaoyan arrived, Qin An had not cooked for herself for two months.

Look in the bigger bedroom. Other than rice, noodles, instant noodles and all kinds of pickles, there are still about ten kilograms of eggs inside. Hiding there will give off a stinky smell.

Qin An scoured some rice, steamed it on the gas and scrambled four rotten eggs. He put a few pickles in a small bowl and put them in the living room.

At this time, Qin Xiaoyan walked out of Qin An"s room.

She was wearing a white silk shirt from Qin An.

The fat shirt completely covered her tall and elegant figure, but it made her two long legs look even more prominent.

Qin Xiaoyan slept soundly this night. It could even be said to be the sweetest night she had slept since the outbreak of the T virus in Navigation City five months ago.

Even when her husband, Liu Tianyu, was still alive, she had never slept so peacefully in Liu Tianyu"s arms!

Walking to Qin An"s side, Qin Xiaoyan narrowed her eyes and looked at the man in front of her.

However, Qin An avoided her gaze and said, "Get up, let"s eat!"

Qin Xiaoyan suddenly realized that the man in front of her was actually very simple, so simple that he was somewhat cute.

She had been trembling for two months, but after listening to the simple love story between Qin An and Li Ying last night, she suddenly wasn"t afraid of Qin An.

Qin An was a little uncomfortable when she was seen by Qin Xiaoyan. She put on a stern face and pretended to be very fierce as she said coldly, "Why are you looking at me? Aren"t you going to eat?"

Facing Qin An"s fierce look, Qin Xiaoyan actually felt like laughing. She rolled her eyes and said timidly, "Master, can I wear your shirt? It feels a little cold!"

Qin An was stunned by Qin Xiaoyan"s address. It took him a long time to react and said, "You, what did you call me?"

Qin Xiaoyan smiled and said, "Master! You made me wear only underwear yesterday, but wearing only underwear makes me feel uncomfortable. Can I wear your shirt? If you don"t agree, I"ll take it off!"

After she finished speaking, she actually raised her hand and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. The shadows that were so crowded that they were exposed in front of Qin An without any cover.

Qin An was almost frightened, damn it! This woman was actually seducing him! ?

Qin An was very unhappy. He really didn"t know why Qin Xiaoyan suddenly wasn"t afraid of him!

She tried her best to control her eyes and not look at Qin Xiaoyan"s sexy body. She pulled up her chair and sat down. Qin An picked up her rice bowl and said, "Wear whatever you like!" His tone was very gentle.

The smile on Qin Xiaoyan"s face became even brighter. She bent down and hugged Qin An"s neck. Then, she heavily kissed Qin An"s face and said, "Thank you, Master!"

After saying that, he smiled and sat beside Qin An. He picked up his chopsticks and put a large piece of egg into Qin An"s bowl. He said, "Master, eat more!"

Qin An"s scalp was numb from Qin Xiaoyan"s call. He took a dull bite of his meal and said, "Don"t call me master! You"re such a cheap woman!"

Qin Xiaoyan almost laughed out loud.

She was even more certain that Qin An was really a simple man!

He"s kind of like the hero of Forrest Gump!

In the pursuit of his beloved woman, he could wait at the woman"s door sooner or later, persist for a year, buy breakfast for the woman every day and deliver a bottle of water at night!

Persevering in such a simple task was actually a very difficult task!

Doomsday approached. He could exercise at home for five to six hours a day, but he could persist for five months. This was a seemingly simple but difficult task to accomplish!

In the final analysis, the so-called hardship is to do the same thing over and over again every day!

In such a flashy and realistic society, this kind of quality could not be said to be good or bad, it could only be said to be too rare!

Qin Xiaoyan decided to seize the delicate relationship between the two of them and make a beautiful comeback! She did not want to be as obedient as before when facing Qin An.

In a very strange atmosphere, the two of them finished their lunch.

Looking at the plates and chopsticks on the table, Qin An was stunned for a moment, and then said dejectedly, "Aren"t you going to clean them up?"

He slightly tilted his head and found Qin Xiaoyan staring at him.

Qin An"s heart was a little anxious when she saw it.

Qin Xiaoyan"s gaze met Qin An"s. She smiled and said, "We"ve been neighbors for several years!" I always thought you were a loser, fatty! And during these two months of living together, I suddenly felt that I didn"t understand you. I felt that you were like a lion that could easily get angry! As for Li Ying, I have offended you before, so I am afraid of you, afraid that you will eat me up! Until last night, I was suddenly not afraid of you at all. Do you know why? "

This was precisely what Qin An was puzzled about. He shook his head.

Qin Xiaoyan smiled and said, "Because I found that you are not complicated, and you are very simple!" You"re just an ordinary person, you found a woman you love! You are already satisfied. In fact, you are not stupid these few years. Perhaps in your eyes, being able to live with Li Ying is your greatest happiness! However, Li Ying obviously wants more. In her world, life is not just about being happy with you! So you and her are not the same kind of people. It"s hard to imagine that you two have lived together for so many years. I suddenly feel that I actually did a good deed! After introducing Li Ying to Cheng Gang and letting her leave you, you will know the true meaning of life! "People, especially men, don"t live for just one woman!"

Qin An frowned slightly when he heard what Qin Xiaoyan said. Then, anger hung on his face and he said, "A self-righteous woman!"

Qin Xiaoyan still smiled and continued, "When you carried me into your room yesterday, I was really scared!" But now, I"m really not afraid anymore! My man is dead! And you are also a divorcee, so what can you do to me if a lone man and a lone woman are trapped in this room? You are a kind-hearted man by nature. You can"t kill me because of our little feud earlier! So most of all, is to possess me! Qin An, I don"t really like you, but last night, I suddenly understood that in this apocalyptic world, I can give myself to you unconditionally! Because you"re the one who kept me alive! I should treat you with gratitude, not fear! "

Qin An was stunned by Qin Xiaoyan"s words. He could not understand the woman in front of him.

After a long time, he said, "Your husband has just died for two months, can you be with other men?"

Qin Xiaoyan nodded sadly and said, "Sometimes, even we don"t understand the life we want!" Liu Tianyu and I had only known each other for a few days when he drank and took our bodies. Afterwards, he knelt down and begged me to forgive him, saying that he would marry me! At that time, I had no choice but to marry him! After marriage, his life is considered comfortable. His family conditions are quite good, and his income is not bad. We have been living very calmly! But after a year of marriage, I found out that he was having an affair with someone else. He had also had a fight, but in the end, I silently accepted it and continued to live with him! And he and the women outside are always connected. I have been living with one eye closed and the other numb for so many years! In the past two years, his attitude towards me has become even worse. If he wants to hit me, he can hit me. If he wants to scold me, he can scold me! I know that he has thirty-one flowers for men now, but in his eyes, I am nothing but tofu! He can divorce me and marry a random girl, but I can"t. Even if I divorce her, I won"t necessarily find a better person to marry! Originally, he thought that his entire life would go on like this, but he didn"t expect that he would encounter such an apocalyptic calamity! That"s why things in the world are like this. If there"s a good side, there"s naturally a bad side. Right now, I seem to have lost everything, but at least I"m still alive! It was as if he had obtained a rebirth! Perhaps it"s a good thing that I can follow a path that I couldn"t even imagine before. "

Qin An stared blankly at the woman in front of him, her eyes shining with a light that Qin An had never seen before!

Is this his annoying female neighbor? Was this the woman who had lived with him for the past two months and feared him like a tiger?

After looking at it for a long time, Qin An said, "You are still pretty, not tofu scum!"

Qin Xiaoyan smiled. It was a smile that was truly happy from the bottom of her heart!

She suddenly stood up, her white silk shirt dancing along with her movements.

A pair of jade legs unrestrainedly appeared in front of Qin An, causing his heart to beat.

"I"m going to clean up. Are you still going out today?"

Qin An tidied up his mood and secretly laughed at himself for being useless. Why did he suddenly seem to make this woman turn over?

He was so angry that he didn"t say anything. Instead, he put on his equipment from yesterday, directly opened the door, and walked out!

Qin Xiaoyan quickly put the bowls and chopsticks into the kitchen and washed them with water. Then, she ran into the room and changed into a set of tights that were suitable for sports. Holding a kitchen knife, she stood at the door and carefully looked out.

Outside, there was no longer Qin An"s figure!

He went downstairs?

Qin Xiaoyan walked out of the room uneasily, supported the stairs, and slowly walked down. She saw Qin An on the seventeenth floor, using a lock-unlocking tool to open a door!

Qin Xiaoyan said softly, "Be careful!"

Qin An did not look at him and said, "Stand there! If you are in danger, quickly go home!"

Qin Xiaoyan felt a warmth in her heart, and a strange change suddenly started in her heart.

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