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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 4 Face The Zombies

Chapter 4 Face The Zombies

There are zombies everywhere outside!

Although the water and electricity were cut off now, the water reserves in the room could still keep them alive for another month. It could be said that they had not entered a desperate situation yet.

What kind of courage was that for this seemingly incompetent man to dare to walk out of here and face the infinite dangers outside?

Qin Xiaoyan could not understand.

Qin An checked his clothes for the last time without any problems.

He looked up at Qin Xiaoyan and said, "Go wash the underwear I just changed!"

Qin Xiaoyan was slightly stunned. She wanted to say something, but she didn"t know what she should say at this moment. Was she trying to persuade Qin An not to go out? Qin Xiaoyan mocked herself slightly. She knew that her words were not worth a penny to Qin An now. Qin An would not listen to her at all.

Helplessly, Qin Xiaoyan could only walk into Qin An"s room and hold the pair of four-legged underpants on the bed in her hand.

Knowing that the truth had changed, she actually wanted to wash Qin An"s underwear?

Qin Xiaoyan looked at her underwear for a long time, still in a daze, and felt that it was inconceivable.

And Qin An, without any hesitation, opened the security door and looked out!

There was plenty of sunlight in the afternoon and it shot in through the window of the corridor.

On the corridor, a walking corpse was walking back and forth. Blood stains and dried and rotting limbs were all over the ground.

When Qin An opened the security door, the corpse rushed over and lay on the fence outside, roaring like a bloodthirsty beast.

His eyes had already bulged out, but his other eye was completely black. It was the state in which dried blood wrapped around his eyes. His facial features had basically twisted, but he could still tell that the walking corpse was Old Wang next door.

Qin An held the Japanese saber in his hand and slightly adjusted his breathing.

Facing a zombie directly required not only a strong body, but also courage and courage.

This kind of creature with stiff limbs was actually not frightening. The only thing they relied on was their teeth that had already turned black and gray. As long as they were gritted by those teeth, they would immediately be infected.

The apocalypse radio broadcast every day how the weaknesses of these zombies had killed them.

Simply put, it was to destroy the brain. Doomsday Radio said that the reason was that the brain was the parasitic site of the T virus. If the brain was destroyed and air entered, the T virus would be paralyzed by the rich oxygen contained in the air, causing them to enter a dormant state. The walking corpse would lose its ability to move, and the T virus would die by itself in a few hours.

After a few short minutes, Qin An"s breathing became stable. He had overcome the fear of facing the zombies head-on.

Lifting the Japanese saber, Qin An grasped the hilt of the saber with both hands and stabbed the saber into the head of the walking corpse. Then, he stirred the blade in the head of the walking corpse a few times before pulling out the saber.

In almost a dozen seconds, the zombie waved its stiff arm a few times and slowly fell back.

The moment its body collided with the ground, Qin An let out a long breath. At the same time, a desire arose in his heart. Yes, he wanted to live!

He took out a pair of rubber gloves for washing dishes from his pocket and put them on his hands. Qin An opened the fence door.

After leaving the house, Qin An turned around and saw that Qin Xiaoyan was looking at him with a pale face.

Qin An smiled and ignored her.

Without any fear, he walked to the dead walking corpse, reached out and grabbed him. Then, he dragged him to the corridor window, opened the window, and threw him out.

The stench of rotting corpses in the corridor was very pungent.

Qin An frowned slightly and returned home. He took a broom and a dustpan to clean up the broken limbs on the ground.

Qin Xiaoyan leaned against the wall trembling as she watched Qin An"s movements.

She had never known that this man was so bold.

Slowly, tears filled her eyes. She knew that the remnant limbs Qin An was cleaning right now belonged to her husband, Liu Tianyu.

After cleaning up the corridor, Qin An carefully entered Old Wang"s house with the hilt in his hand and searched through all the rooms. No other walking corpses were found.

In the kitchen, some rice, eggs and other food were found. In a small bedroom, barrels of mineral water were found. Qin An moved them back to his home.

There were three occupants on each floor of this apartment building, and Qin An"s goal was to search every single one of the apartments from today onwards.

Qin An has an interest in unlocking.

In the past, such a skill could give him a certain amount of extra income,

In this apocalyptic world, this skill had already been upgraded to a survival skill that was essential for searching for materials.

Qin An took out the lock-unlocking tool from his backpack and opened the door of Qin Xiaoyan"s house in just a minute.

Qin An turned around and looked at Qin Xiaoyan who was still trembling at home. "Do you want to come back and get some clothes you"re wearing?"

Qin Xiaoyan was wearing Li Ying"s clothes.

The figures of the two women were actually very good, but there were always some differences in subtlety.

With courage, Qin Xiaoyan hovers at the door and looks out.

The corridor had been cleaned clean by Qin An. Although there was a large amount of blood on the ground, it had already dried up.

Qin An frowned. He said impatiently, "I have checked the old Wang Clan and have not lost it. This floor is safe."

Qin Xiaoyan nodded nervously. Then, she flashed out of Qin An"s house at almost the speed of a hundred meters race and rushed into her home.

Qin An shook his head helplessly and followed.

Qin Xiaoyan"s house was more than thirty square meters bigger than Qin An"s, with three rooms, two halls, and two guards.

This apartment was bought by Liu Tianyu"s parents, so Qin Xiaoyan and her husband did not have the pressure to repay the mortgage in the past.

Qin Xiaoyan was deeply touched when she returned to her home where she had left for two months. Within the huge room, it felt gloomy and devoid of popularity.

Walking back to her bedroom, Qin Xiaoyan took a large trolley case and stuffed all the clothes she wore into it.

She chose clothes that were tight and suitable for running, but she didn"t take any of those beautiful and tedious clothes. In this apocalyptic world, who would wear these beautiful clothes?

Qin An searched around the room and moved everything he thought was useful back to his home.

Finally, he came to Qin Xiaoyan"s room and saw that Qin Xiaoyan was struggling to zip up the zipper of the trolley case. Her entire body was pressed against the trolley case, while her hand was groping for the zipper of the trolley case.

At this moment, Qin Xiaoyan was wearing Li Ying"s white tight nylon trousers.

Qin An stepped forward and raised his hand to slap Qin Xiaoyan"s butt heavily.

"Ah!" Qin Xiaoyan cried out in alarm. She turned around, stood up, and retreated. Finally, she leaned against the wall. She looked at Qin An with a blushing face, while her hands were behind her back, covering her butt.

Ignoring Qin Xiaoyan, Qin An calmed himself down, raised his hand to press the trolley case flat, and then easily zipped up the zipper.

Inadvertently, Qin An turned to look in the wardrobe and saw a few beautiful clothes hanging inside.

After a slight pause, Qin An stood up, held all the clothes in his hand, and threw them to Qin Xiaoyan.

Qin Xiaoyan subconsciously took it. She looked at Qin An uneasily and asked, "What are you doing with these things?"

Qin An"s heart skipped a beat. Then, he didn"t look at Qin Xiaoyan. He picked up the trolley case and walked out. As he walked, he said, "Of course, clothes are for wearing!"


Qin Xiaoyan did not react for a moment and was stunned.

Qin An"s voice, which had already left, came from outside, "Aren"t you leaving? If you don"t leave, I will directly go back to my home and lock you up outside!"

Hearing this, Qin Xiaoyan"s body trembled in fear and she had no time to think. She trotted after him and returned to Qin An"s home.

He took out a bucket of mineral water from his small bedroom, opened the lid of the bucket, and poured the water into the washbasin.

Qin An washed himself in the bathroom with his upper body bare.

At some unknown time, he was already sweating profusely.

After killing a zombie and carrying some things, logically speaking, he wouldn"t sweat so much. Looks like he"s still too nervous!

Qin Xiaoyan held a clean towel and looked at Qin An with her bare upper body. Her face turned red.

Qin Xiaoyan"s gaze fell on the mineral water bucket that was already one-third less. She said timidly, "There isn"t much water left. Shouldn"t we use it sparingly in the future?"

Qin An washed her face, took the towel in Qin Xiaoyan"s hand, soaked it, and began to wipe her upper body. She did not look at Qin Xiaoyan and said, "It is to save money! In the future, you are not allowed to wash your face without my permission. Also, if you want to go to the bathroom, you can"t flush the toilet. Don"t make the house smell bad!"

At this stage, Qin An would sometimes turn a blind eye to the fact that Qin Xiaoyan would secretly use the toilet bowl. In any case, there was some dirty water that he had used, but now it was different. Water was already a big problem they faced.

Qin Xiaoyan"s face turned even redder, but she still insisted on saying, "Get out? I don"t dare."

Qin An said, "I will slowly clean up every room in our unit. Whether it is a living person or a zombie, then our space will be much larger and we can collect more materials."

After saying that, Qin An also cleaned himself up and casually threw the towel into the washbasin.

He glanced at Qin Xiaoyan and suddenly thought of something. Then, he smiled evilly and said, "If you don"t dare to go to the bathroom by yourself, you can ask me to accompany you! But now, nothing can be obtained in vain! You need to use what you have in exchange!"

Qin Xiaoyan was slightly stunned for a moment before she asked in confusion, "What do you want in exchange?"

Qin An said, "Now that I"m providing you with food and protection, and you"re cooking and washing clothes for me, this is an exchange. If you want me to do other things for you, you naturally need to provide other services in exchange!"

Qin Xiaoyan still didn"t understand and repeated, "Other services?"

Suddenly, she thought of something and her face turned even redder. Her teeth also gently gritted her lips.

She did not continue to ask, turned around and left the bathroom, entered the kitchen, and prepared dinner.

Qin An looked at Qin Xiaoyan"s back. After looking at it for a long time, he suddenly laughed self-deprecatingly. He thought to himself, "Humans have lost their moral restraints. In the final analysis, they are just like wild beasts."

And what is beast nature?

Competition, survival, slaughter, continuation...

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