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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 30 He Was Hit Again

Chapter 30 He Was Hit Again

Qin An stopped running all the way. From noon to night, he walked more than 130 kilometers. He estimated that his speed should be more than double that of ordinary humans.

Along the way, he didn"t see any living people, zombies, or desolation.

Walk a dozen kilometers further and you will arrive at Fuyao Town, which is surrounded by mountains on three sides.

Fuyao Town is a small town under Hanghai City. Because of its geographical location around mountains, it used to be a scenic tourist resort.

Of course, that was before the apocalypse.

Qin An once brought Li Ying to this place.

Fuyao town into the mountain three kilometers, there is a small village, known as the village of three miles.

That place was a folk culture village. To put it bluntly, it was to get some houses with local characteristics, and then sell some local delicacies and specialties around the houses, so as to attract tourists from other places.

The year Qin An went, it was just in time for May Day. Three Miles Village was a sea of people. The shabby old house cost two hundred yuan a night, which was even more expensive than the standard rooms of the chain hotels in the city.

Qin An and Li Ying slept in such an ancient room for one night. On that night, in the rooms next door, women"s whispers could be heard from time to time, and the sound of their skin colliding with each other could be heard.

Qin An was not calm that night. He held Li Ying"s hand and wanted to do something to Li Ying, but Li Ying did not react at all. Li Ying had always been an active person. Now that Qin An knew, this kind of woman was called Dull Sao!

If he could unscrupulously suppress Li Ying that night and kill her, I wonder if Li Ying would not cheat on her? I wonder if Li Ying will not leave him?

Perhaps he really had a responsibility!

Thinking about it, Qin An had already arrived at the entrance of Fuyao Town.

From afar, with the help of the dim light of dusk, one could see the small city that wasn"t very large.

Qin An narrowed his eyes and looked carefully. There were no zombies on the streets of the city. In other words, there might be living people here!

He took a step forward and just as he entered the town entrance, a woman"s voice came from a three-story building more than ten meters away from him, "Don"t move, stand there!"

Qin An was slightly stunned. He had just thought about a lot of things, but he did not pay attention to the sounds around him. Therefore, he did not notice that someone was monitoring him.

Qin An stopped and turned his head slightly. He found a girl around twenty years old holding a gun and aiming at him at the window on the third floor of the small building.

Qin An concentrated his attention and listened carefully for a while. He discovered that there was no one else around.

He raised his hands and looked at the girl without saying anything.

The girl also looked at him and waved her hand, signaling Qin An to walk over.

Qin An was very obedient and obediently walked downstairs to the three-storey building. He stood still a few meters away from the building and raised his head to look at the girl.

The girl held the gun nervously and said, "Do you have any weapons on you?"

Qin An thought for a moment and decided to tell the truth to see what this little girl was up to.

"Yes, I have a 54 pistol and a grass cutter behind me! I escaped from a concentration camp in Hanghai City!"

The little girl didn"t expect Qin An to be so honest and confess the fact that he had a weapon.

After thinking for a while, he said, "What"s wrong with your gathering place? Are you alone?"

Qin An nodded and said, "The gathering place was broken by the zombies, and my companions and I also ran away!"

The little girl seemed to be very innocent. She nodded to express her belief and put away the BU gun in her hand. She said to Qin An, "Alright, stranger, welcome to Fuyao Town. Our villagers are hiding behind us. You can come up and register first. We can take you in, but you have to hand over your weapon to me!"

Qin An was a little surprised. He didn"t expect this girl to be so easy to talk to.

He looked at the open door of the building and hesitated for a moment. However, he thought that the other party was just a little girl. Moreover, he had a special physique now, so there shouldn"t be any danger, right?

As he thought about it, his men had already entered the room.

The room was dimly lit. Clearly, this room was often taken care of. There was no dust on the tables and chairs in the hall. There was also a pot of bright flowers on the table. The indoor air contained the fragrance of flowers, which made Qin An"s mood much more comfortable.

He climbed the stairs and arrived at a bedroom on the third floor. The little girl was waiting for him.

There were simple furniture and daily necessities in the bedroom, tables and chairs near the window, and a mosquito coil on the table.

At this moment, the little girl picked up her gun and said to Qin An, "Hand over your weapon first!"

Qin An hesitated for a moment. He felt that a little girl holding a gun should not be able to hurt him, so he took off the bag with a 54 pistol on her waist and threw it to the girl.

The girl took the satchel and opened it. She was overjoyed.

She seemed to be in a better mood. She even walked over and pulled Qin An"s arm. She pressed Qin An down on the chair and took out a self-made form from the table.

It was a headache for Qin An to read the information about his age, place of origin, original address, previous work unit, post-apocalyptic experience, and so on.

The girl handed a pen to Qin An and said, "Write it down, write it in detail!"

After saying that, he walked to the side and sat back on the bed. He looked at the town entrance and occasionally used the corner of his eyes to look at Qin An.

Qin An saw a walkie-talkie on the bed. It was probably to contact the people in the town. Was this a gathering place?

Qin An started to fill out the registration form with curiosity.

There were really many items inside. Qin An wrote them down one by one. Of course, apart from some basic information, most of them were lies.

After writing for more than ten minutes, the girl picked up the kettle on the ground, found a disposable cup, poured a cup of water for Qin An, and handed it over.

Qin An looked at the glass of water and felt a little anxious. Previously, there was something about Wang Cheng, but now he didn"t dare to drink the water from strangers even if he was beaten to death, so he refused politely.

The girl seemed to have seen through his thoughts and sneered with contempt. Then, she drank the glass of water in a big mouthful.

It made Qin An a little embarrassed, but he relaxed his vigilance a little, because after listening carefully, he found that there was still no one else"s voice within a few hundred meters.

He didn"t believe what the little girl could do to him.

After writing for a few minutes, he finally finished writing the registration form. There were too many contents on this registration form. As for the experience after the apocalypse, he had to write a thousand words! Qin An wanted to break his head, so he wrote his own experience to the point where he could gather enough words.

The girl took the registration form and looked at it again and again.

At this moment, Qin An suddenly felt his head dizzy.

He was so shocked that he hurriedly wanted to stand up and control the girl, but he found that his legs did not have the strength to stand up!

Gradually, his eyelids grew darker and darker, and he was about to be unable to open them.

Seeing Qin An"s appearance, the little girl smiled and stood up. She picked up the mosquito incense from the table and gave it to Qin An. She smiled and said, "This is our family"s ancestral ecstasy incense!" Normally, after sniffing for more than ten minutes, a person would immediately explode, his entire body powerless, and he would fall into a faint! Your stamina is excellent. It took you so long to work! Humph, Xiao Yan, you"re still on guard against me! "Don"t drink my water!"

After the girl finished speaking, she turned around and picked up the walkie-talkie. After turning on the walkie-talkie, she shouted to the inside, "I"m Liu Jia. I caught a man at the town entrance scouting point and brought a rope to trap him!"

At this moment, Qin An even had the heart to die! Since the apocalypse, he had gone out alone twice. Why was this the end result?

After that, he could no longer control himself and lost consciousness!

Inside Qin City, Qin Xiaoyan had already begun to miss Qin An, who had left for a day.

Sometimes, she couldn"t understand her feelings for Qin An.

Without any vows, she inadvertently fell in love with him.

The Comprehensive Administration Building has six floors, and the sixth floor of the Comprehensive Administration Building belongs to private space. According to Liu Gang, this used to be a place that only the warden and his women could come to.

The layout of the entire six floors was simple. It was a large bedroom of more than a hundred square meters. The interior of the bedroom was extremely luxuriously decorated. The bedroom had a large circular bed on one foot. This bed was four meters in diameter, so it wouldn"t be a problem for four or five people to sleep on it.

The study room outside the bedroom, the recreation room, the chess room, the card room, the private kitchen, the bathroom and so on are all available.

After Qin An left, Qin Xiaoyan moved here.

After lying in bed alone for a while, Qin Xiaoyan suddenly remembered Li Na.

She ran downstairs to the singleton dormitory on the fifth floor, opened Li Na"s door and looked inside.

The room was very dark. It was six o"clock in the afternoon. There was no electricity in the world. The night came very early, making people feel depressed.

Li Na could vaguely see the beautiful woman standing in front of the door by the moonlight from outside.

She stood up nervously, not knowing who this woman was, why did she come looking for her?

Qin Xiaoyan walked forward and did not say anything. She held Li Na"s hand and pulled Li Na out of the single room. Then, she took Li Na up to the sixth floor and entered the huge bedroom.

Li Na looked at the big bedroom and was slightly stunned. The exquisite carpet, luxurious lighting, and unique furniture all made people feel noble and cold.

Qin Xiaoyan walked to the sofa and casually took off her coat and trousers. She changed into a cool and thin dress, revealing her figure completely.

Looking at Li Na standing at the door, Qin Xiaoyan smiles and says, "Come and do it. We"ll sleep together in the future!"

Li Na was slightly stunned. She hesitated for a moment and walked to Qin Xiaoyan"s side. After looking at Qin Xiaoyan"s face for a long time, she revealed a shocked expression and said in a small voice, "You … You look like a former classmate of mine! Her name is Qin Xiaoyan, but she is much fatter than you."

The corner of Qin Xiaoyan"s mouth curled up even more.

She laughed out loud and suddenly rushed up to press Li Na on the sofa.

Li Na was shocked by her and wanted to resist.

However, compared to Qin Xiaoyan, her strength was much smaller.

After Qin Xiaoyan had strengthened her physique, her strength was even greater than that of an ordinary man.

Looking at Li Na with a complicated expression, Qin Xiaoyan stretches out her hand and pinches Li Na"s smooth face, saying, "Sister Na! Who would have thought that we would meet again?"

Li Na"s heart was a little bitter. She knew that Qin Xiaoyan hated her, and the woman in front of her was actually Qin Xiaoyan"s true self! He had just said that he was fat!

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