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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 3 Unequal Treaty

Chapter 3 Unequal Treaty

"Conditions?" Qin Xiaoyan replied nervously.

Qin An nodded and said, "You know, we don"t like each other. We"ve been neighbors for a few years, so I"m afraid we won"t say more than a hundred words, right?"

Qin Xiaoyan nodded uneasily. Indeed, she greeted her neighbor politely a few times when she had just become a neighbor. After that, she seemed to have become a stranger. When it came to the reason, it was all because of her husband, Liu Tianyu.

Liu Tianyu was a man who liked to talk about right and wrong. He would often say to Qin Xiaoyan, Li Ying married Qin An, it was really a flower stuck in cow dung!

Li Ying is a capable woman. She graduated from university and works in a state-owned pharmaceutical company. She earns more than 10,000 yuan a month.

After Qin An graduated from high school, a security guard"s salary was only 2,000 yuan a month. The 180-square-meter apartment they provided was almost entirely dependent on Li Ying"s ability to maintain it. This made Liu Tianyu feel like he couldn"t eat grapes and said that the grapes were sour.

Therefore, in Liu Tianyu"s mouth, Qin An was worthless, and Li Ying was extremely wronged because she married Qin An.

In fact, Qin Xiaoyan herself understood a little. It wasn"t that she didn"t really like Qin An, but she was jealous of Li Ying. She was also a woman. She didn"t earn as much as Li Ying, so she could only rely on her husband to live.

And her husband, Liu Tianyu, whispered in her ears about Li Ying"s kindness day by day. This made her slowly turn her jealousy towards Li Ying into hatred, even hatred.

However, this kind of hatred was buried in her heart. She did not dare to express it, but she did not have so much scruple about Qin An because her husband, Liu Tianyu, did not like Qin An either.

Saying bad things about Qin An behind Liu Tianyu"s back had become an emotional transfer.

However, there was one thing that Qin Xiaoyan, as a woman, could not ignore. She found that her husband seemed to think Li Ying was getting better and better. She even found that Liu Tianyu had once had a meal with Li Ying alone in the restaurant downstairs!

This was unacceptable to her no matter what.

Therefore, she introduced Qin Xiaoyan to her boss, Cheng Gang.

As expected, the handsome young and golden Cheng Gang did not disappoint her. In just half a year, he had already obtained Li Ying. This gave Qin Xiaoyan a trace of the pleasure of revenge.

She knew more about Cheng Gang. They were colleagues who had been together for several years. She knew what kind of man Cheng Gang was. She could even foresee Li Ying"s future. It must be tragic.

Cheng Gang was a bastard who only knew how to play with women. After being a colleague for a few years, Qin Xiaoyan had seen countless women being deceived by Cheng Gang"s appearance.

When Cheng Gang and Li Ying walked together, she even thought in her heart, Cheng Gang, you must work hard to make Li Ying fall in love with you deeply! And then abandon her mercilessly! Let that annoying woman go to hell!

Dot of memories arose in Qin Xiaoyan"s heart, and her face flushed with anger.

Qin An kept looking at Qin Xiaoyan. He didn"t know what this woman was thinking. He coughed slightly and said, "What are you thinking?"

Qin Xiaoyan was shouted by Qin An and was slightly stunned. Then, she tidied up her thoughts and tried her best to calm her voice. She said, "No, I didn"t think of anything!"

Qin An nodded and continued, "Since we don"t like each other, there will definitely be many things that will remain unchanged when we get together. But now, I can"t let you go home by yourself, starve to death or be eaten by those walking corpses. After all, I"m not a cold-blooded person. If I let you stay, then I must agree on the principles of our relationship."

Qin Xiaoyan smiled bitterly and nodded. Right now, the initiative was in Qin An"s hands. If she wanted to survive, what bargaining chip did she have with him? He could only bear it silently!

Looking at Qin Xiaoyan"s obedient appearance, Qin An suddenly felt a hint of pleasure in his heart. He said, "If you want to stay, you have to listen to me from now on! Be responsible for cleaning at home, washing clothes for me, and cooking. You can"t contradict me with anything I say, do you agree?"

Qin Xiaoyan did not say anything and only nodded.

Qin An was really in a good mood. Looking at the time, it was almost six o"clock. He said, "Alright, go and cook. After cooking, go to my room and clean my clothes. Don"t use laundry detergent when washing clothes. The used water can also be used to scrub my body."

Qin Xiaoyan was slightly stunned. A trace of dissatisfaction arose in her heart. She wanted to resist, but she felt that there was really no point in resisting.

With a slight sigh, Qin Xiaoyan Momo accepted all of this. She knew that if she wanted to live, she could only obey the man in front of her unconditionally.

Just like that, an unequal treaty was formed, and the two of them began to live together. There was a woman in the room, which made Qin An suddenly feel that life seemed to be a little better.

He had spent three months alone. Now, there was finally someone accompanying him. Although he did not like this person, she was still a living and pretty woman!

Time passed like a drop of water on a sponge. In the blink of an eye, another two months had passed.

Now, Qin An had become even stronger. He hadn"t stopped exercising his body for two months. With Qin Xiaoyan doing housework, he had plenty of time. He stretched out his hands and ate and lived a life that he had never enjoyed before.

Economic conditions determined the status of husband and wife in the family, and Qin An was considered a housewife in the past.

All the housework was done by Qin An. His colleagues laughed at him because he was afraid of his wife and he didn"t care about it.

He thought that he and Li Ying had come together because of love, so since they had a family, what was there to say that they were afraid of their wives?

Li Ying earned more money and was also under a lot of pressure to do sales work. Compared to his job as a security guard, he was naturally a bit tired, so he should take on more housework.

He didn"t feel embarrassed until Li Ying left him.

In front of reality, love is so insignificant. So the husband and wife were really just birds of the forest, and they could really fly separately in the face of a great calamity!

Every time he thought of this, Qin An felt his heart hurt.

It had been five months since the large-scale outbreak of the T virus in the city. There were people rushing out every day from the nearby apartment floors. They should be residents trapped in their homes. Perhaps they had to come out because they were out of food.

But in the end, they all died. Some of them were eaten to the bones, while others turned into walking corpses. I wonder if this can be considered lucky or not!

Every day, Qin An would be on the balcony, observing the situation downstairs with binoculars. The rescue seemed to shake endlessly. The once prosperous Hanghai City had truly turned into a dead city!

In the past few days, there really weren"t any living people appearing. It seemed that the damned one had almost died.

Thinking of this, Qin An had no choice but to think of Li Ying. If Li Ying hadn"t prepared enough supplies for him, perhaps he would be dead now, right?

Qin An was holding a small radio in his hand. It was the only tool that could know the situation in the outside world.

It was twelve o"clock at noon. Turn on the radio. After a piece of music, a beautiful female voice sounded.

"Good afternoon, dear listeners. This is Doomsday Radio. I"m Xu Tianjiao.

Now, I want to report the situation in the whole country to everyone!

It has been five months since the outbreak of the T virus. Doomsday has truly arrived. Our camp is currently in Cloud Dance Mountain. This is the tenth survivor gathering place set up by the government. We have gathered around 4,000 survivors here.

Now that we have lost contact with other gathering places, the situation is getting worse and worse! The resources in the assembly area are gradually decreasing. To us, the most terrifying thing is not the zombies, but the food!

The garrison here will go out every day to search for supplies, and every time we go out, people will die. This is really frustrating!

Life became difficult, and there was no hope!

Even so, I hope that the survivors do not give up the courage to live, life, living we can know what will happen tomorrow!

There"s also some bad news. Our researchers found that the T virus is continuing to mutate. Now, those unconscious zombies have become somewhat smarter and stronger!


A beautiful voice rang in his ears, but the news was all negative, which made Qin An"s mood depressed.

An hour later, after the apocalypse radio finished broadcasting, Qin An turned off the radio and looked downstairs, feeling a little irritated.

""Qin An" Qin Xiaoyan"s voice sounded from behind.

Qin An turned around and looked at Qin Xiaoyan. He noticed that her expression was a little unnatural.

After two months together, they had already adapted to each other"s existence. Therefore, Qin An was a little puzzled by Qin Xiaoyan"s expression and asked, "What"s wrong?"

Qin Xiaoyan"s tone was slightly trembling as she said, "There isn"t much water left!"

Qin An"s heart sank. He knew that life would become more difficult.

After a moment of silence, he asked, "How much mineral water do we have?"

Qin Xiaoyan said, "There are still more than ten barrels. They are all piled up in the small bedroom. There may be a hundred bottles. However, these bottles will probably not take a few days. What should we do in the future?"

Yes! What should we do in the future? Qin An frowned.

Even the gathering place of the government was already in a difficult situation. As an ordinary nobody, how could he survive in this apocalyptic world?

After thinking for a long time, Qin An already had his own answer and walked out!

If he wanted to continue living, he had to leave this house.

The current home could still be considered a refuge, but when all the resources were used up, this place would become a cage!

If he wanted to survive in this apocalyptic world filled with walking corpses, the most important factor was his ability to kill those walking corpses.

Offense is often the best defense!

Thinking of this, Qin An raised his head and looked at Qin Xiaoyan. Without saying anything, he left the balcony, entered the living room, and then entered the small bedroom. Qin Xiaoyan followed behind him.

The bedroom was filled with mineral water. On the dressing table at the side, there were also a few short knives and a Japanese knife.

These were all prepared by Li Ying for Qin An. When Li Ying left, the T virus had not completely erupted. The first symptoms of infection were only a rise in body temperature and shortness of breath.

But at that time, the city was already in chaos. Thieves often happened. Li Ying prepared these weapons for Qin An. Originally, she wanted him to guard against thieves for self-defense, but she didn"t expect that they would be of great use now.

He picked up the Japanese saber and returned to the living room, waving it a few times.

Qin An himself was a veteran. After graduating from high school, he became a security guard for three years. In fact, his skills were pretty good.

These past few months of crazy training had allowed his body"s strength, agility, and toughness to reach a peak state.

Returning to his bedroom, Qin An took out the camouflage clothes he had worn as a soldier from his wardrobe and put them on. Then, he changed into a pair of sneakers.

Qin Xiaoyan was puzzled when she saw that Qin An was dressed neatly. She asked, "What are you doing?"

Qin An ignored her and got a small schoolbag. Then, he put some unlocking tools and other things that he thought he could use inside. Finally, he carried the handbag on his back and held the Japanese saber in his hand.

Qin Xiaoyan"s heart skipped a beat. She asked uncertainly, "Are you going out?"

Qin An was almost done cleaning up. Finally, he turned around to look at Qin Xiaoyan and said, "En!"

Qin Xiaoyan hurriedly covered her mouth and almost cried out in alarm.

After spending two months with Qin An, Qin Xiaoyan felt that this man she had known for several years was really too unfamiliar.

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