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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 29 Dangerous Hangzhou City

Chapter 29 Dangerous Hangzhou City

Qin An wanted to leave Qin City, but he had already thought about it for many days.

He has three things to do.

First, return home and bring Li Ying"s photo. The reason he wanted Li Ying"s photo was not because he missed that woman. Right now, he only hated Li Ying, hated her for hurting him and betraying him. Therefore, he wanted to bring Li Ying"s photo with him. In the future, he could ask people if anyone knew where this woman was. He wanted to find her and personally ask her in front of her why she hurt him so badly.

Secondly, he really needed to do some scouting to see what kind of situation was happening nearby. If there was a day when the corpses surrounded the city, where could they run to? Now, he really wanted to live well. Sometimes, he even felt that the apocalypse was not an unfortunate thing for him, but a kind of luck that allowed him to have a good woman like Qin Xiaoyan.

Thirdly, he wanted to see the warmth and coldness of the true apocalypse and find out the meaning of his existence. He believed that his special ability was definitely not something he could use to hide in a corner. His thoughts were actually the same. He didn"t want to be the savior, but if he could follow his own thoughts and create a city that belonged to him, then why not?

When he came out of Qin City, it was midnight. Qin An didn"t bring much with him.

He wore tattered jeans, a short-sleeved black military vest on his upper body, and a strap on his upper body. On his back, he wore a large lawn cutter that was more than a meter long. On his waist, he wore a small waist bag containing a 54 pistol and 40 rounds of bullets.

The blade of grass was used to kill zombies, while the May 4th pistol was used to deal with people.

Running wildly, Qin An"s first destination was his own home. The reason he chose to come out at night was because the zombies at night were much gentler than during the day.

Actually, there was a distance between the prison and Qin An"s home, forty dozen kilometers.

However, for Qin An, it took him over forty kilometers and an hour to get there. However, after entering the city, there were more and more zombies. Qin An would choose to take a detour to avoid them.

Along the way, if he could hide, he would hide, but if he couldn"t, he would kill. In Hangzhou City, Qin An roamed around in the dark night with a large number of zombies. After making many turns, he finally returned to his home, the 18-storey apartment, at around 3 o"clock in the middle of the night.

After a while, the apartment was already dusty. Qin An looked around sadly and found a few photos of Li Ying. He wrapped them in plastic bags and put them in his pants pocket. He sighed slightly. Qin An decided to sleep in his house for the last time.

Will he have a chance to return to this place in the future?

Thinking about his past with Li Ying and the joy, quarrel and coldness he had with Li Ying in this room, Qin An slowly slept until 10 o"clock the next morning.

After getting up, Qin An cleaned up and made himself some food before leaving home and rushing out of the city.

Actually, Qin An was really a little complacent. He felt that he was lucky, because he was not like the protagonists in those zombie works in the apocalypse. At the beginning, he was forced to death and was chased around by the zombies.

He had been hiding at home for a year, accompanied by a beautiful woman like Qin Xiaoyan. He had obtained extraordinary abilities downstairs in the community, and then he found a very good shelter as soon as he fled. Moreover, he had his own organization and team casually. How relaxed and comfortable was life?

If he wrote his own story into a novel, no one would read it!

Qin An thought as he ran forward. Seeing a large number of zombies ahead, Qin An ran to the left. There was an Agricultural Bank there. It could leave the city after five miles of running. When there were fewer zombies outside the city, he could fly freely!

The turning intersection was right in front of him. Just as Qin An was about to move, a gust of wind broke out in front of him!

This shocked Qin An into a cold sweat. Someone attacked?

Without much time to think, Qin An raised his right foot and kicked on the wall beside him, allowing his body to fly out with the force of the kick, forcefully stopping him from moving forward.

After flying seven to eight meters, Qin An landed on the ground and looked at the place where he was just about to go. He saw that there was already a big pit on the ground where he was about to go.

The next second, a terrifying monster flashed out from the corner of the street.

It was about two meters tall, and its upper body was surrounded by black-gray bones. The bones protected its body like a piece of metal armor.

The monster"s arms were very long. They actually hung down to its knees. It did not have any hands. Its hands had already turned into two drum hammers the size of a human head.

The monster had no bones attached to its legs. Its legs were very thick and covered in black and red muscles. Its muscles were covered in red and yellow mucus. It looked terrifying and disgusting.

Qin An took a cold breath. Could this be the so-called skull zombie?

No, it shouldn"t be a simple skull zombie. The skull zombie mentioned on the apocalypse radio was just its head wrapped in bones, and the zombie in front of it was even wrapped in bones!

Could it be a level 2 mutated skull zombie?

Qin An"s heart beat violently!

Run? Or battle?

After a slight hesitation, Qin An took down his grass cutter from behind. He decided to give it a try and see how his strength was compared to that of a Level 2 mutated zombie.

Right after he took off the grass cutter in his hand, the rank two skull zombie roared and pounced towards him.

To Qin An"s surprise, the way the skull zombies attacked was very creative. It almost didn"t need to bend down. Its two long arms could make the drum hammer touch the ground. Then, its two strong lower limbs pushed hard on the ground. Then, its front arms pushed back at the same time. Then, the skull zombie"s body actually spun and flew towards Qin An. Its speed was so fast that Qin An couldn"t dodge it!

Qin An had no choice but to kick the skull zombie.

Qin An felt a strong force on his feet as he kicked the skull zombie"s sternum. Then, he flew backwards.

The skull zombie landed on the ground.

Such a powerful force, such a fast speed!

Qin An, who flew out and fell to the ground, did not dare to neglect him at all. He almost immediately stood up and watched carefully as the level 2 mutated skull died.

The skull zombie wasn"t slow at all. It was still moving just now. Then, it rolled and its entire body flew over.

Qin An was well prepared this time, He intended to dodge and cut the skull zombie, but what he never expected was that the skull zombie that flew halfway suddenly raised its head in midair. Then, in the spot where the skull was originally at the mouth, a tongue that was several meters long actually stuck out from a small gap, and the tongue was covered with sharp barbs that shot straight at Qin An.

Qin An was so scared that he almost peed!

Previously, he had thought that the zombie"s head had been preserved by the bones, so how could he eat? He didn"t expect that it had evolved into such a long tongue!

In the blink of an eye, Qin An was unable to dodge the lightning flint. He could only raise the blade of grass in his hand and roll it towards his tongue.

Something unexpected happened again.

Just as the blade of the grass cutter was about to collide with the flying tongue, the long tongue actually turned around and flew around the grass cutter, continuing to shoot Qin An"s head.

This time, Qin An was really scared.

He used almost all of his strength to step on the ground and retreat.

After landing on the ground, he no longer had any hesitation. He randomly found a direction where the zombies were few and directly escaped without looking back!

Damn it! That"s horrible! This fellow"s strength is so strong. Could it be that he is a Level 3 and 4 mutated zombie?

Qin An had never seen a skull zombie before, so he naturally didn"t know the mutation process of the skull zombie. However, Qin An really didn"t want to touch that monster again.

As he ran, a trace of decadence arose in Qin An"s heart. Originally, he thought that with his enhanced physique, he should be able to live well in this world, but now, facing the mutated zombie, he could only escape.

Thinking about it, it was also true. There were countless weapons that could be attacked by zombies in the gathering place of ten thousand people. Not to mention, he was a person with a slight special ability.

In an instant, Qin An"s confidence was severely damaged. Although it did not collapse, it did not dare to be arrogant anymore.

Then, he remembered what happened to Wang Cheng!

That"s right! Be careful, this is the end of the world! He couldn"t be complacent just because he had a little special ability.

As Qin An woke up, he thought of something else.

He didn"t have much hatred for the zombie, so he shouldn"t be laughed at if he couldn"t beat him, right?

Inadvertently, Qin An had already run out two or three miles. Occasionally, he would look back and see a zombie behind him, but he didn"t see the skull zombie, so he felt a little relieved.

No, we have to leave the city quickly. This city is too dangerous. If we encounter that level 2 mutated jumping zombie, Qin An really doesn"t know if he can escape the attack of the level 2 mutated jumping zombie with his own speed.

After running for a while, Qin An finally ran out of the city and rushed into the field through the highway.

His current position was still in the north of Hanghai City, but he did not run in the direction of Qin City. Instead, he turned to the side and walked all the way. He wanted to see what kind of situation Qin City had in the past week!

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