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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 28 Qin An’s Retaliation

Chapter 28 Qin An"s Retaliation

Li Na was sitting on the bed in a daze. Through the window, she could see the female students practicing on the playground.

However, at this moment, her heart was not on the female student. She was thinking about the man from last night.

Why did he give her a familiar feeling? Could it be that he had seen it somewhere before?

Just as he was thinking, the door to the room was opened from the outside.

Li Na quickly straightened her body and sat upright.

She was wearing a pair of white jeans. They were a little dirty, but they did not affect her curvaceous beauty. Her slender buttocks and long thighs were all men"s favorite.

She was wearing a long-sleeved gray autumn robe, which did not fit her well. The collar of the round collar exposed a snow white underneath her neck, and the rough front let her move a little, and she could see the traces of the bra worn underneath.

Similarly, this autumn robe was also a little dirty. There were also a few greasy hand prints on it, which made people want to see Feifei.

Qin An walked into the bedroom with a set of clothes in his hand, glanced at Li Na, and then threw the clothes on the bed.

Qin An"s eyes were a little cold as he said to Li Na, "Change!"

Li Na took the clothes and hesitated for a moment. After realizing that Qin An had no intention of leaving, she took a deep breath.

This room was a single dormitory with a queen bed in the middle. There was a dressing cabinet in front of the window and a TV cabinet in the corner. There was a computer desk. There was a computer and a TV. Unfortunately, there was no electricity.

On the left side of the door was a bathroom. Because the water and gas in the prison were separate plumbing systems, the bathroom could still be used, and could even take a hot bath.

Qin An took a step forward and walked to the bedside. He lay unscrupulously on the bed. He put his hands behind his head and crossed his legs. He watched calmly as Li Na began to change her clothes.

This year, Li Na"s life was not good. She no longer had any shame. She had already seen through things between men and women, so she no longer cared about them.

But at this moment, facing Qin An"s gaze, she felt very uneasy.

Qin An"s back was facing Qin An. When he took off his autumn clothes, Qin An suddenly said, "Turn around!"

Li Na hesitated for a moment and did not refuse. She turned around and placed her hand behind her back, revealing her body in front of Qin An. As a woman who liked sports, even though the year of the apocalypse had been very vicissitudes, Li Na still had a graceful posture that she could be proud of. At the very least, people would want to join Feifei after seeing her.

Qin An was like this, but at this moment, he was very calm. This had nothing to do with Xiangyan. It was just revenge, revenge for Li Na finding a few hooligans to treat him like that back then.

Li Na bit her lips and slowly retreated from her tight white trousers.

When she stood in front of Qin An calmly, Qin An was completely attracted by her body.

Qin An"s original revenge mentality slowly faded, but he felt a little curious.

Qin An still remembered Li Na"s flat body back then, but compared to Li Na back then, the woman at this time was completely different.

He almost couldn"t wait to wave his hand and let Li Na come over and lie down beside him.

Li Na did not hesitate at all. She obediently walked to the bedside, then lay flat on her back, closed her eyes, and waited for the coming storm. She was used to it, so it didn"t matter anymore.

Waiting seemed to be a long time.

Li Na waited for a long time, but she did not wait for the storm, not even the drizzle. It was as if the man had already left, and there was no movement in the room.

Finally, Li Na can"t wait any longer. She opens her eyes curiously. Her face, which is so close to her, startles her and makes her face flush red.

The man"s eyes were very deep. These eyes seemed familiar, but they were extremely unfamiliar.

Li Na recalled whether she had ever seen such a pair of eyes in her life. After thinking for a long time, she still did not have any answer.

Seeing Li Na frowning, Qin An felt a trace of pleasure in his heart.

His expression was calm, as if he hadn"t done anything. He just watched Li Na"s expression change.

After a long time, Qin An put on an evil smile and said to Li Na, "How do you feel?"

Li Na frowned even more tightly.

Qin An asked again, "Speak? How do you feel?"

Li Na didn"t know what she felt in her heart at this moment. She was a little strange, a little hateful, a little sad, and a little angry.

She looked straight into Qin An"s eyes and said in a trembling voice, "Have we met? I feel that you hate me very much!"

Qin An laughed happily.

Then, without saying a word, he stood up and left.

The moment Qin An walked out of the room, Li Na looked at Qin An"s back and helplessly smiled bitterly.

She stood up, rushed into the bathroom and washed her body. Qin An"s demonic hand was still in her mind. This man gave her a wonderful feeling that she couldn"t explain.

After Qin An left Li Na"s room, his heart beat non-stop!

He suddenly realized that he did not recognize himself.

Why did he become like this? When he was with Li Ying, he was an honest man.

Could it be that his interaction with Qin Xiaoyan had tempered him out?

Qin An looked around uneasily and did not find Qin Xiaoyan"s figure. At this moment, he was really a little nervous.

After taking a deep breath, Qin An returned to the conference room and used his walkie-talkie to contact all the management personnel of Qin Chao, asking them to gather in the conference room.

Ten minutes later, everyone arrived at the conference room. Everyone was puzzled. Didn"t they just have a meeting this morning?

Qin An looked at the crowd and said, "I want to tell everyone something! Actually, I"ve been thinking about it for the past few days, but I haven"t made up my mind. It wasn"t until just now that I made up my mind."

He sneaked a glance at Qin Xiaoyan and thought to himself, "Why do I look like a child who made a mistake and is about to run away from home?"

Everyone looked at Qin An with serious eyes.

"Actually, we don"t know much about the apocalypse, because we"ve been hiding for the past year and haven"t been outside, which is very bad for us," Qin An said.

These two months, you must organize people to train properly. Apart from training your physical strength, you must also kill zombies in actual combat and practice your courage and cooperation. Liu Gang will be in charge of this. After all, he is a soldier.

"I plan to leave Qin City for a while and go to the vicinity to see if there are any large-scale zombies nearby and see if there are any other gathering places nearby. In short, it"s just a big scout."

Qin An said. Everyone was stunned. They looked at each other and did not say anything.

Qin Xiaoyan wanted to speak, but was stopped by Qin An with her eyes.

Qin An glanced at the crowd and said, "After I leave, Li Zichuan is in charge of managing Qin City. If anything unexpected or important happens, discuss it with Qin Xiaoyan! Perhaps you have not seen her martial arts and methods. She has killed no fewer zombies than me!"

Everyone was shocked. Everyone had seen Qin An"s ability. He was an expert who walked on the floor like he was walking on flat ground. When they were cleaning up the prison, everyone had seen Qin An kill zombies. It was as easy as killing a chicken when he raised his saber.

They still didn"t know that Qin An"s woman, Qin Xiaoyan, had the same ability as Qin An?

Yes, Qin Xiaoyan is the only person who has been recruited into the elite team by Qin An!

Everyone nodded in agreement with Qin An"s arrangement.

Qin An dismissed everyone and left Qin Xiaoyan alone.

After everyone left, Qin Xiaoyan immediately got into Qin An"s arms and said coquettishly, "Darling, can I go with you too?"

Qin An shook his head and said, "This prison is a rare refuge. There are also a large number of destructive weapons here, which are very useful to us! After I leave, you have to go to great lengths to completely suppress them and obey our leadership."

Li Zichuan and the others have been together for some time. I think they are reliable and should be trustworthy.

As for the newcomers, take your time to observe. Don"t give them weapons, and the watchtower will always be guarded by our men. I think they won"t cause any trouble.

That Tian Hu should temporarily stay in prison, as well as his former brothers. We need to investigate for a longer time, so don"t let him out so easily.

My family will depend on you when I go out this time!

"Actually, I originally wanted to go out a few months later, but now that the zombies are evolving more and more powerful, I think it"s better to go out for a while, scout and prevent them from getting hurt. In short, there"s no need for you to worry. I"ll be back in a month at most. With my current abilities, even if I can"t beat a zombie, there shouldn"t be any problem escaping, right?"

Qin Xiaoyan reluctantly negotiated with Qin An for a while, but in the end, she ended the discussion with Qin An"s victory.

Finally, Qin Xiaoyan held Qin An"s face and said affectionately, "Husband!" Remember, in fact, I really am a little woman. I only hope to live with you for the rest of my life! I don"t want you to be a great hero in the apocalypse, the savior! I don"t want you to be the protagonist of the story. I just want you to be mine, I want you to be yours, I just want you to die after me, I just want you to be able to hold me in your arms when I need you! "

Qin An"s nose ached. He really had the urge not to go out. It was good that he stayed here and accompanied Qin Xiaoyan!

This woman, ah, never knew that her words of affection were so sweet, never knew that she was such a cute person!

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