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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 27 They’re All Fat

Chapter 27 They"re All Fat

Qin Xiaoyan sighed and told Qin An about the past.

"Didn"t I tell you that I learned how to shoot? I was in the same school as Li Na. She was my senior sister, a grade older than me.

She was very active and famous in school, and I met her by chance.

I like her character very much. She is like a heroine. Back then, I admired her very much. She ran behind her butt every day, just like her little fan.

She treated me well and took good care of me. If someone bullied me, she would help me out.

We spent a year like this, and I thought she would be my lifelong friend.

Afterwards, I met Liu Tianyu through her.

Although Liu Tianyu had a job at that time, he was still playing outside all day, like a young man in society.

When they first met, they hadn"t seen each other, so they weren"t familiar with each other.

Once, Li Na took me and a group of girls to KTV to sing and drink wine. That day, I came to my period. I originally didn"t want to drink wine, but at Li Na"s urging, I only drank a glass of wine.

Perhaps you have already guessed what will happen after that, right?

I once told you that Liu Tianyu and I had only known each other for a few days when we were drunk and stolen by him. Actually, the truth is that Li Na drugged my wine.

After a glass of wine that day, I fainted.

When I woke up, I was naked, and Liu Tianyu was pressing down on my body!

Afterwards, I asked Li Na why she treated me like that. She told me that Liu Tianyu liked me, so she did him a favor and said it was for my own good!

At that time, I wore myopic glasses and was fat. After puberty, my face was full of scars left by acne. It was really ugly.

She said that I"m so ugly, so I"ll just marry Liu Tianyu!

At that time, Liu Tianyu was actually unwilling to marry me, but Li Na found him and said that I was her little fan, so he couldn"t just throw me away after playing. That"s why Liu Tianyu married me!

Li Na thinks that she has helped me a lot, but she doesn"t know that this marriage has always been an indelible pain to me!

Ever since then, I have hated Li Na very much. I no longer continue to be her follower, nor do I worship her, and I have also tried to deliberately alienate her! After that, I went to different shooting teams with her, and we barely met.

Actually, in her eyes, I"m worthless. She never thought of me as a friend. After I alienated her, she never came looking for me again! "

Qin An was completely dumbfounded. After a long time, he asked, "Xiaoyan, did you have a facelift?"

Qin Xiaoyan glared at Qin An discontentedly and said, "Hateful!" You"re the one with the plastic surgery! I lost weight and lost weight a few years after I got married. As for those beans on my face, I"ve also taken some Chinese medicine to treat them. In the past, I always had a big eye, but now I have a special ability, so I don"t even need to take invisibility with me! "I"m a natural beauty, okay? I haven"t had a facelift before. Even my eyelids are born!"

Qin An stroked his chest with his hand, looking relieved.

Angry, Qin Xiaoyan raised her small fist and hammered Qin An"s chest twice before continuing, "I didn"t recognize Li Na when I first saw her today. It wasn"t until dinner that I realized it was her!" Actually, she had also changed a lot. Her face was much rounder, and her figure had matured a lot. She was not as thin as before, nor was she like a chick! She probably didn"t recognize me either! "After all, my changes are truly great!"

Qin An nodded in relief. After a while, he said, "So you used to be a fat man."

Qin Xiaoyan buried her head on Qin An"s neck, her face flushed red. Then, she rubbed her head against Qin An"s chin and said coquettishly, "Don"t say anything! Don"t say anything!"

Qin An thought for a while and discovered that Qin Xiaoyan was really a spoiled little woman.

The two of them played on the bed for a while before stopping.

Qin An thought for a long time before he finally made up his mind to tell Qin Xiaoyan about his grudge with Li Na.

After hearing this, Qin Xiaoyan"s face turned red and white. She was completely frightened.

After a long time, he hugged Qin An and sighed, "Darling, compared to me, you are much more pitiful! So your first time was to give her a hand!"

Qin An"s face turned red from Qin Xiaoyan"s words, and he felt very uncomfortable. If he had known earlier, he wouldn"t have told her these details.

The two of them lay on the bed, hugging each other silently. After a long time, Qin Xiaoyan suddenly stood up and looked at Qin An"s face. "Darling! This is the will of heaven. Since Li Na has fallen into our hands, we can"t let her go easily!"

Qin An looked at Qin Xiaoyan"s vicious and resentful expression and said worriedly, "Xiaoyan, actually, after meeting her this time, I found that I don"t hate her as much as I imagined. I"m saying that it was all in my youth. What do you want to do to her?"

Qin Xiaoyan smiled strangely. She narrowed her eyes and said, "I want to torture her! I want to threaten her! Darling, you must help me and let me let out that breath!"

Qin An said awkwardly, "What do you want to do?"

Qin Xiaoyan said, "I haven"t thought about it yet. No matter what I do, I can"t let her feel better! We must avenge her. She humiliated us back then, and now we must humiliate her fiercely! Darling, let her be your pet and your little slave in the future! I"ll help you train her!"

Qin An"s forehead was sweating from Qin Xiaoyan"s words. A strange emotion arose in his heart, but he said, "Doing this isn"t good, is it?"

Qin Xiaoyan did not seem to hear what Qin An said. She was completely immersed in her fantasy world and said, "Right! Just do it! You must take revenge!"


The next morning, all of Qin Chao"s management gathered in the conference room of the Administration Building.

Summarize the interrogation of the outsider last night.

As Qin Chao"s number two figure, Li Zichuan was the first to speak.

There were five hundred and thirty of them, one hundred and fourteen men and three hundred and nine women.

It can be divided into three parts according to its composition.

The first was Li Na and her 63 students. Li Na seemed to be a good person. Her students were very worried about Li Na"s safety, which confirmed that these students had been able to live until now with the help of Li Na, several other teachers and some people"s liberation army. Moreover, the people who were alive did not suffer too much harm.

The second was Tian Hu, his subordinates, and the women attached to them. Tian Hu"s heart didn"t seem to be bad, his eyes were straight, but he was a lecherous person. However, this was normal. According to them, in the gathering place, there was no bad lust among people with some influence, because those women would take the initiative to exchange their bodies for food and resources. All transactions were equal.

The third was the subordinates of the other forces in the gathering place. However, when they escaped, they ran away with their own people and followed Tian Hu. They were considered to have joined Tian Hu in the past few days.

I think so. Let those students out first. They are all learning how to shoot. Give them some weapons and let them receive some military training. They should be good helpers in guarding the city.

As for the others, I intend for them to expose each other, and see if they have done any heinous deeds in the past, and teach them how to make small mistakes, and let them out. As for those who have made big mistakes, they shall be put in prison first. "

Qin An listened to Li Zichuan"s words and nodded. He felt that it was good to do so.

The others also expressed some of their views.

At the end of the meeting, several men began to discuss the new women.

Sun Dehai said, "Leader, there"s something that needs to be settled. Look, this is the end of the world. Are we practicing monogamy or polygamy here? Right now, the male-female ratio here is clearly out of balance!"

After he finished speaking, all the men laughed, and their laughter was very strange, including Qin An.

Qin Xiaoyan glanced at everyone present and said disdainfully, "A bunch of smelly hooligans!"

But Liu Wenjuan did not say anything. She just lowered her head and smiled gently.

Qin An thought for a moment and said, "There are many people now. There are some rules and regulations to be worked out. We can"t sit idly by. The combat team also needs to go out to search for resources. It will be training for two months. After two months, the combat team will start to go out of the city to carry out missions!" "As for those outsiders, once you confirm it, ask them if they are willing to join us. If they are willing to join, stay behind. If they are not willing to join, just let them go!"

Hearing Qin An"s words, Sun Dehai laughed and said, "Why would there be any unwillingness? Our city wall is made of reinforced concrete. It is ten meters tall and strong. It is extremely safe. With such a safe nest, who wouldn"t want to stay in this apocalyptic world?"

After he finished speaking, a few men began to talk about those women again. They said that they were pretty, and who was the prettiest. Qin An was a little excited to hear that. He wanted to run to the prison and see those so-called beautiful women.

After breakfast, Qin Xiaoyan first released the 63 female students.

Bring them to a prison facility with lots of clothes.

Qin Xiaoyan had already discovered that there were clothes that she liked. They were black tight leather pants and a black tight T-shirt.

Take these things out and let every girl put them on.

Qin Xiaoyan was a little drunk when she saw the group of seventeen or eighteen year old girls wearing uniform clothes and showing off their pure and energetic figures.

When she brought these girls out of the reform-through-labour factory, Qin Chao"s men were completely dumbfounded.

When Qin An, who was cultivating in the plaza, saw this, his eyes lit up and his imagination was wild.

Qin Xiaoyan smiled as she walked to Qin An"s side and whispered, "Darling, there are so many tender grass!"

Qin An swallowed his saliva, frowned, and shook his head, "Ai, we got married early!"

Qin Xiaoyan chuckled and said, "In the future, these girls will belong to me and join the elite squad! No, no, no, in the future, they will be a branch of the elite squad, called the Meimei Sniper Squad! Haha!"

Qin An looked at Qin Xiaoyan"s complacent expression and was very happy in his heart. He said, "Whatever you want!"

Qin Xiaoyan ran away happily, as if she had regained her youth. She personally brought the little girls to drill in an open space on the plaza. The end was complete.

The 63 female students felt a little more at ease.

This gathering place seemed to be different from other gathering places they had visited. Although they had been imprisoned as soon as they entered, they had not been harmed or threatened in any way.

Although the gazes of the men who looked at them were also very hot, their actions were not extreme at all.

Perhaps, this was a good place. The only thing that worried them was their teacher. Where did Li Na go?

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