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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 25 A Humiliating Experience

Chapter 25 A Humiliating Experience

Everyone quietly finished their meal and began the interrogation work. They asked these outsiders about their experiences over the past year. This was an interesting matter for the people of Qin City. Even Qin Xiaoyan temporarily ignored Qin An and Li Na and ran to C prisons to play the interrogation game. She did not know the past of Qin An and Li Na, so she asked Qin An to face Li Na directly and slowly organize their past.

At this time, Qin An brought Li Na to the conference room. The two of them sat face to face, but did not say anything.

Qin An placed his hand on his chest, his thoughts flying as he recalled the dusty past.

Qin An and Li Na"s hometown was 500 kilometers away from Hanghai City, which was a county called Yunhai.

Yunhai County was located in the mountains, surrounded by mountains, and the small city in the mountains was the most prosperous county in the city.

The two had known each other since junior high school. At that time, Li Na had short hair. The little girl was thirteen or fourteen years old, and she was still young. She was as naughty as a boy with a flat body.

As Li Na"s deskmate, Qin An was bullied by this little girl almost every day.

It wasn"t until the third year of the New Year, when caterpillar eating happened, that the war between the two of them stopped temporarily.

After high school, coincidentally, they were in the same class and were assigned to the same table.

The relationship between the two of them was really bad, but in those years, they had the most contact with each other because of their table-to-table relationship.

After high school, Li Na began to develop. This kind of change in the girl"s body was very miraculous. From ignorance to the beginning, her weight gradually increased. Her complexion became redder and redder, her skin became whiter and whiter, her legs grew longer and longer, her facial features became clearer and clearer, and her figure became more and more concave and convex.

However, her personality did not change. She was still a tomboy. At that time, she was doing very well in and out of school. She addressed a group of hooligans in society as brothers, and even worshipped them. In Jianghu, she was referred to as Sister Na.

Since she had already become a big sister, Li Na was naturally boastful. The so-called revenge and complaint was that in junior high school, she had knelt down for Qin An and called for his father. Now that she had a relationship in Jianghu, she would naturally not let Qin An off.

Often, when school was over, he would find a few hooligans to stop Qin An at the school gate, search him for money, and finally kick him.

Being kicked by a girl, actually Qin An wouldn"t feel much pain, but that kind of humiliation made him almost go crazy.

Li Na did not listen to the lecture very often. She even threw the homework left behind by her teacher to Qin An and asked him to help her finish it. If she did not finish it well, she would inevitably find someone to stop Qin An at the school gate. Then, she personally stretched out her hand to beat Qin An up.

When he was in the third year of high school, Qin An finally couldn"t bear it. It was a PE class. The teacher announced the dissolution of free activities. Li Na took her two little sisters and hid in the public toilet in the school to smoke.

Qin An had been staring at her. In front of the public toilet door, Qin An rushed up and grabbed Li Na"s hair and beat her up, venting his suppressed hatred for a long time.

The situation at that time was too violent, scaring Li Na"s little sisters. When Qin An beat Li Na until her nose was blue and her face was swollen, they reacted and rushed forward, scratching and scratching. However, Qin An still did not stop attacking Li Na while the girl was scratching. His fists and feet landed on Li Na"s body, ignoring the other girls.

After that, Li Na asked for a week off. When she went to school again, her bruised face still hadn"t dissipated.

She did not look for a teacher, nor did she look for trouble with Qin An. Until the summer after high school.

Just as Qin An was about to leave school and go home, he was kidnapped by Li Na and brought to a small inn.

It was the first time Li Na had her little brothers make a move and put Qin An on the bed. Six or seven hooligans punched and kicked him for half an hour, almost knocking him unconscious.

Li Na also showed mercy. When the few of them attacked, she shouted not to hit the vital parts and kicked her butt!

After the fight, the hooligans took off Qin An"s clothes and tied him to the bed.

Li Na lit a cigarette and sat down by the bed. She puked a cigarette ring at Qin An and then said contemptuously, "Hmph, you actually hit a woman! Do you really think that sister can"t get rid of you? What do you think? How do you feel about being trapped here? Call Grandma quickly, I"ll let you off if you hand it over to your aunt. Otherwise, I will definitely make you suffer."

Qin An"s entire body trembled on the bed and he shouted, "Who told you to always bully me! You kill me, or I"ll kill you sooner or later!"

Li Na laughed coldly. She suddenly pressed the cigarette butt on Qin An"s chest.

Qin An almost fainted from the heat and cried out in pain.

When the hooligans saw Li Na"s methods, they felt that they were a little scary. They greeted Li Na one after another and let Li Na play on her own.

Li Na and Qin An were the only two people left in the inn.

Li Na lit the cigarette again, then smiled and looked at Qin An.

Qin An would never forget Li Na"s expression at that time, like that of a witch.

Li Na burned the cigarette butt on Qin An"s chest again, and Qin An screamed miserably again. A strange blush appeared on her face at that time, as if she enjoyed the process very much.

Next, she kept repeating, lit the cigarette, and then extinguished it on Qin An"s chest.

He lit a total of six cigarettes and burned a heart-shaped mark on Qin An"s chest.

At this moment, Qin An had already fainted from the pain.

After an unknown amount of time, Qin An woke up to find Li Na still sitting beside him, thoughtful.

Qin An"s throat was already hoarse. He whispered, "Bitch! I will definitely kill you!"

Li Na saw that Qin An had woken up and her face was slightly red. She suddenly climbed to Qin An"s chest, and her contact made Qin An"s chest burn again, causing him to sweat profusely.

Li Na pinched Qin An"s face with one hand and said, "Actually, if you didn"t hit me, I wouldn"t do anything to you! It"s just that I"ve known you for so many years, and I"m used to bullying you! Look at me looking for someone to rob you at the school gate, I"ve never let anyone hit you! You actually don"t know what"s good for you, and beat me so miserably!"

As she spoke, she actually did something very strange with Qianqian"s jade hands.

Qin An"s body trembled, but he was unable to speak.

A few minutes later, Qin An finally couldn"t bear it. It felt strange, shameful and comfortable. He had never experienced such a thing in his life. It was very serious, very serious, very exaggerated, very incredible, very thought-provoking, very bottomless. In short, it was indescribable. !

At that time, he shed tears. He felt that he had suffered the greatest torment in his life.

Looking at Qin An, who was covered in tears, Li Na seemed to be frightened. She had bullied Qin An for several years, but she had never seen Qin An cry.

Without knowing what to do, Li Na used a fruit knife to cut open the rope tied to Qin An, and then quickly ran away! When she ran to the door, she stopped and said, "I will leave tomorrow. My family has arranged for me to go to the provincial sports school to learn shooting. We will never meet again. Bye-bye!"


It was indeed the last time Qin An and Li Na met. Qin An had been depressed at home for a long time and hated Li Na.

Afterwards, he chose to join the army. Because of the heart-shaped wound on his chest left by Li Na, his family dragged on a lot of connections to let him join the army.

It could be said that Li Na was someone he would never forget for the rest of his life.

He even went to the provincial sports school to seek revenge for Li Na after three years of hard training and retirement, but he couldn"t find her.

The year he was discharged from the army, Qin An"s parents had a car accident and passed away. The injured Qin An finally chose to leave his hometown and start a new life in the big city of the neighboring province, Hanghai City.

It"s been so many years!

Qin An fantasized more than once about what would happen if he met Li Na again.

But now, it was in the apocalypse.

At this moment, Li Na, who was sitting opposite Qin An, was very uneasy.

She found that the man was looking at her with a fierce gaze that was filled with hatred that she could not understand.

In her memories, she did not know such a man!

With a height of nearly 1.8 meters, a strong physique, and Fang Zheng"s face, he looked very comfortable, but why did he look at him like this?

Qin An sneered in his heart. He knew that Li Na definitely didn"t recognize him.

When he was at school, he was a little fatty, his round face especially prominent.

The army had made him lose weight and become strong in three years, but now, he had become even stronger after cultivating for the last year of Doomsday.

When he went to school, he was very short, and the three years he had been in the army had allowed him to grow rapidly, and his height had straightened to his current state.

Only he knew how much he had changed. Taking out the photos from junior high school and comparing them, he couldn"t find a trace of the same flavor.

Most importantly, this year"s apocalyptic life gave him a different aura. He had killed thousands of zombies, experienced the pain of divorce and betrayal by Li Ying, and now he was more mature and deep.

He put his hand into his pocket, took out a cigarette and threw it to Li Na.

Qin An lit his cigarette, took a puff at his mouth, and then threw the lighter to Li Na.

Li Na hesitantly picked up the cigarette and lighter and paused for a moment before saying, "I don"t smoke."

Qin An curled his lips and almost shouted, "Whoosh!"

Li Na was shocked by Qin An"s excitement. Under Qin An"s murderous gaze, she helplessly lit a cigarette and took a sip.

At this time, the sun had set and the room had already turned dark. Qin An walked to the side, took the candle and lit it. He placed it in the middle of the table, sat down on the chair again and looked at Li Na. Then, he said, "Tell me everything you"ve experienced in the past ten years!"

Li Na was slightly stunned. Ten years? This is too far away!

Under the dim candlelight, she could not see Qin An"s expression clearly, but she knew that this man did not seem to be in a good mood.

Forget it, he"s under the eaves, how can he not lower his head! In the end, she chose not to resist and slowly entered her memories.

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