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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 24 Outsider

Chapter 24 Outsider

The prison in front of them was like a small city. The tall city walls and the vast space they occupied caused everyone on the carriage to be both shocked and delighted.

Li Na sat in the first car and looked at the open door in front of her. She waved her hand and ordered the convoy to stop.

The girl driving the car was called Liu Dan. She said eagerly, "Teacher, aren"t we going in? The zombies chasing after them probably won"t be able to pull them far."

Of course, Li Na knew the predicament they were facing at this moment. However, she, who had already moved to the three survivors" gathering places, knew how chaotic the gathering place was right now, and there was a prison in front of her. Li Na was not sure what kind of person was inside. If it was a criminal, if it was an extremely vicious person, then wouldn"t it be the same as leaving the wolf nest and entering the tiger"s den?

Beside her sat a man in his thirties. He had no hair and was bald. His skin was very dark and his appearance was very fierce. There is also a very beautiful woman in his arms. (This chapter inserts an advertisement: Describe the feeling of being glanced at by a peerless sister on the street. You can leave a message in the book review area. The feeling of a panda is: I"m going to have a haircut! ~)

Seeing that the convoy had stopped, the bald man said discontentedly, "Why aren"t you leaving? Do you want to be eaten by the zombies behind you? If you want, I"ll throw you down now!"

Li Na frowned and sighed deeply. Now that she was in a sorry state, what was there to be afraid of? Stop and face the zombies, you can only die, and there is still a chance of survival if you enter!

"Drive!" Li Na gave Liu Dan the order!

Under her leadership, the convoy entered the prison in an orderly manner and lined up on the open space.

Li Na nervously leaned on the car window and looked out. She saw that the playground in the prison was extremely spacious. She had never seen such a large prison before.

Right at this moment, she noticed that behind some of the bunkers around her, someone was holding a machine gun and aiming at the convoy. Li Na"s heart became even more nervous.

After all the cars entered the prison, Li Zichuan locked the prison gate and circled in front of the convoy, waiting for the person in charge of the convoy to come down to meet him.

The bald man in the car also noticed that there were people aiming machine guns at the convoy. He was also nervous for a moment, because apart from a few BU guns and pistols, they didn"t have any more firearms.

Evidently, in terms of equipment, he was more than one level behind them.

The bald man pushed the woman away and looked at her from the window like Li Na. He didn"t see many people. There seemed to be only a dozen or so of them, but each of them held a machine gun in their hands. This kind of deterrence was too powerful.

Seeing Li Zichuan in front of him, The baldy realized that it might be the other party"s leader, After thinking for a while, he turned around and kicked Li Na"s butt. Then, he said, "Go down and take a look. Tell them to lend us a place to rest. We can give them women and vegetable seeds in exchange. You are telling them that we also have a lot of guns, so they don"t want to eat us!"

Li Na revealed a somewhat disgusted look. She wore a pair of white tight jeans. After being kicked by the baldy, an ugly footprint was left on her butt.

Li Na had no choice. She opened the car door and walked towards Li Zichuan. As she walked, she sized up the middle-aged man and judged his preferences and good and evil.

Li Zichuan was very calm, but when he saw the woman who got off the car, he was stunned. This woman was around thirty years old, with long hair and shoulders. Her skin was white and tender, and she was actually very beautiful.

When Li Na walked closer to Li Zichuan, Li Zichuan regained his senses and cleared his throat, "Tell me about your situation. How many men, how many women, how many weapons, where they came from, where they are going, and are you the leader of this team?"

Qin An and the others had already thought of these words. In this apocalypse, sometimes people were even more terrifying than zombies. Therefore, for outsiders entering Qin City, they had to be checked strictly before they could finally decide whether to leave or stay.

Li Na tried her best to make her smile amiable and said, "Hello!" We"re from Panan County. There were originally more than 10,000 survivors gathered there, but a few days ago, the zombies broke through their defenses and fell! We all fled all the way here. We have twenty-two converted vehicles, There were more than a hundred men in the car, More than three hundred women, "There are dozens of BU guns and some handguns. Our leader is Tian Hu. I"m Li Na in the car. I"m the current second in command of this team. We just fled here to seek refuge. If you agree to let us stay and fix it, we have women, vegetable seeds and some food to exchange with you."

Li Zichuan was slightly stunned when he heard this.

Qin An and Qin Xiaoyan hid in a bunker made of dirt bags. Ever since Li Na got off the car, Qin An"s eyes had never left her.

Qin Xiaoyan noticed that Qin An was unusual. Looking at the beautiful woman, Qin Xiaoyan was a little jealous. However, she still leaned into Qin An"s ear and said to him, "What"s wrong? You"ve taken a fancy to this woman?"

Qin An shook his head and said to Qin Xiaoyan, "Do you remember what I told you about being called a fool Qin when I was in junior high school?"

Qin Xiaoyan nodded her head and suddenly said in shock, "The female classmate you said you were betting on eating caterpillars, could it be her?"

Qin An smiled and said, "Who else could it be if it wasn"t her? She is one of the two women I hate the most in my life!"

Qin Xiaoyan asked doubtfully, "Who else is it? Is it Li Ying or me?"

Qin An shook his head and said, "There"s another one called Tang Yu, the general manager of our company!"

After saying that, he stood up and threw the weapon in his hand to Qin Xiaoyan. Then, he strode out of the bunker and walked to Li Zichuan"s side. He looked at Li Na and said, "Can your women be exchanged like goods? Are you going to exchange them?"

Li Na was slightly stunned when she saw the man who suddenly walked out. This man looked familiar, but he was very unfamiliar, causing Li Na to be speechless for a moment.

After a while, she finally reacted. Her face was a little pale, but her expression was very calm.

Seeing that this man was very casual, it seemed that his status in this prison should not be low. Perhaps he was the real leader.

Li Na gritted her lips with her teeth and nodded, "Sure! All the women in our team, except the 63 seventeen or eighteen-year-old female students, can be exchanged. You provide us with protection, and we give you happiness!"

As she spoke, she smiled hard. She smiled charmingly, smiled sweetly, and smiled beautifully.

Qin An was stunned. It had been ten years since he had seen Li Na. Was this the tomboy he remembered? Had she already changed, or had she experienced too much in the year of the apocalypse?

Qin An frowned and shook his head, saying, "You don"t have the qualifications to exchange with me. Right now, you only have two options. First, accept our supervision and investigation. Those who meet the conditions can stay, while those who don"t will be imprisoned." Second, get in the car and leave immediately. Your life and death have nothing to do with me. "As you can see, our firepower is very strong. There are still snipers in the four-legged watchtower of the prison. You don"t have any ability to resist. Where do you go from here? It"s within your grasp!"

The smile on Li Na"s face disappeared. After thinking for a while, she said, "I want to ask our leader!"

Qin An nodded in agreement.

Li Na returned to the car and told Qin An"s request to the baldy, the man called Tian Hu.

Tian Hu frowned. He wasn"t the kind of person who was smarter. He relied on his strong martial power and rough style to become the leader of this team. He didn"t know what to do in the face of the current situation.

There were zombies outside, and if they wanted to resist, they couldn"t compare to them, what should they do?

Tian Hu looked at Li Na and asked. The reason Li Na was able to become the second-in-command of this team was because she had good organizational leadership ability and was regarded as a military advisor by Tian Hu.

Li Na pondered for a moment and said to Tian Hu, "I think we should listen to them. Right now, there is no choice! Even if we are imprisoned, it is better than going out to die!"

Tian Hu was very depressed and scolded, "Damn it! Then let"s do this first! I must snatch their guns and kill them all!"

Li Na ignored Tian Hu"s words and got off the car again, agreeing to Qin An"s request.

Qin An nodded and waved his hand behind him. Liu Gang walked over with four people carrying a bag.

When they arrived at Qin An"s side, they threw the bag away and made the sound of metal colliding.

Qin An walked over, opened the bag, took out a pair of handcuffs, and then turned around to handcuff Li Na.

Li Na was shocked and wanted to resist, but Liu Gang had already pointed a light submachine gun at Li Na"s head. Li Na was so frightened that she immediately stopped all her movements.

Qin An circled around Li Na for a while, then stretched out his hand to feel Li Na"s body up and down.

Li Na"s body trembled, but she didn"t say a word, allowing Qin An to move freely.

Finally, at Li Na"s waist, Qin An found a dagger and threw it on the ground. Then, he put his mouth next to Li Na"s ear and whispered, "You are mine!"

Li Na"s body trembled even more fiercely, but she was powerless to resist. This was not the first time she had experienced such a scene.

The apocalypse might only be death for men, but it was a terrifying hell for women!

Then, Liu Gang commanded his subordinates to let the people of the convoy out of the car one by one, then search their bodies, dismount their weapons, and then be escorted to Block C"s prison by the team members.

Some of these people were afraid, some were numb, and they didn"t know what awaited them in the future.

After imprisoning everyone, the alert was lifted and everyone from Qin City walked out of their respective defensive positions.

Qin An pulled Li Na"s arm and returned to the administrative building with everyone else. Liu Wenjuan had already prepared dinner and the sky was getting dark.

Qin An uncuffed Li Na"s hand, pushed a serving of instant noodles in front of Li Na and said, "Eat!"

Li Na was very puzzled, not knowing why she was brought here by Qin An alone!

As for Qin Xiaoyan, she kept looking at Li Na with her eyes. Her expression became darker and darker, as if she remembered something.

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