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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 23 Cultivation

Chapter 23 Cultivation

With the establishment, they could perform their respective duties.

At present, Liu Gang"s main responsibility was to start military training for everyone on the right track. Only by becoming stronger would he be able to live longer.

A month had passed since they arrived in Qin City, and everything was fine.

At this moment, Qin An is holding Qin Xiaoyan and hiding in the watchtower to kiss me.

On the table, there was a walkie-talkie. Occasionally, the sound of the guards reporting everything was heard.

This kind of life was really like a dream. The prison in the past had become their paradise today.

Looking out from the watchtower, there would be a small number of zombies wandering around in the surrounding fields, and these zombies had already become the actual targets of the members of the various groups.

Apart from practicing shooting, everyone also had to practice killing zombies head-on with military knives. Even Liu Wenjuan and Li Chen had to experience all of this.

In the apocalypse, if he didn"t have the ability to kill zombies, how could he survive?

Qin Xiaoyan hugged Qin An"s neck and was very satisfied.

She was actually just a little woman, longing for a man who loved her and a stable life.

She didn"t get all of this before the apocalypse, but a year after the apocalypse arrived, she realized it.

A month of life in Qin City, interpreted in terms of happiness, was not an exaggeration at all.

Looking at Qin An"s thoughtful expression, Qin Xiaoyan said, "What are you thinking?"

Qin An was silent for a while and said, "I want to go out and take a look!"

Qin Xiaoyan was a little uneasy and asked, "Is it not good for us to live a peaceful life here?"

Qin An did not answer immediately. After thinking for a while, he said, "Of course it"s good. However, I always want to know if the survivors outside are as lucky as us to find a place to live."

Qin Xiaoyan smiled and said, "Do you still remember Li Ying and where she is now?"

Qin An nodded in acknowledgement, but did not say anything.

He was afraid that talking too much would hurt Qin Xiaoyan"s heart, but he didn"t want to deceive this deeply loved woman.

Qin Xiaoyan suddenly changed the topic, "The day before yesterday, I saw you looking at Liu Wenjuan"s butt?"

Qin An"s body trembled and he almost fell off the stool. His face instantly turned red.

"No!" Qin An firmly refused to admit it

Qin Xiaoyan"s face was filled with resentment as she said, "That"s right. Right now, there are only two women in this city, and Liu Wenjuan is not bad either!"

Cold sweat ran down Qin An"s forehead as he said in a low voice,

"Long live understanding, long live understanding! But you"re mistaken,

This one of me--

A proper man,

Good citizen,

Honest security,

The devout heart of the Virgin,

A good citizen from head to toe,

With a strong ambition,

A staunch atheist,

A soul as warm as the sun,

A temper as charming as spring,

A heart as pure as a glacier,

Virtue nurtured by parents since childhood,

It"s like lavender, a reassuring aura,

The man who smiled like a violet,

The absolutely fine young people nurtured in the new socialist era,

The messenger who maintained a happy and upward mood in the apocalypse,

A powerful pillar of strength that will never be corroded by evil winds and auras,

A guardian who didn"t even have the slightest bit of thought in the face of temptation,

A light body martial arts expert who had passed through the flowers but had not touched a single leaf,

A good athlete can run more than a hundred meters every ten seconds on the field,

Absolutely innocent people without any low taste, boring thoughts, obscene emotions,

He wouldn"t change his heart in junior high because of the changes in time and place,

A good young man who always pursues the all-round development of high morality, wisdom, body and labor,

In the cold winter, I can maintain a good bearing that everyone is drunk and I wake up alone,

Ten miles in the spring breeze, I will not forget that there is a nest in your home on an immortal evergreen pine tree,

"You need to take things a step further, but you need to be able to think independently..."

Qin Xiaoyan was completely killed because of Qin An"s eloquence.

I really didn"t expect that the guy who looked at him silently before the apocalypse would actually be so capable of speaking. Using so many adjectives, this was simply a literary genius!

"Forget it, I don"t care about you. If there"s a suitable girl in the future, I"ll introduce you to her. After all, the world has changed, and it"s not easy for men to control their hearts. Ah..."

Qin Xiaoyan buried her head in Qin An"s arms and said, "When I first got married, I thought, I must live a lifetime with Liu Tianyu. Even if I don"t love him that much, I must make my family happy!" But who would have thought that what he said sounded good, but he was carrying me on his back and f*cking around with a woman outside! At that time, I was really sad, thinking that I would live like that for the rest of my life. The apocalypse is coming. Fortunately, I have you! Darling, I really love you, so if you fall in love with another woman in the future, I will help you deal with her! "But you are not allowed to do it behind my back, nor do you not love me because of other women!"

Qin An felt Qin Xiaoyan"s mood at this moment, and his heart ached. He wanted to say, I will only love you in this lifetime.

But just as she opened her mouth, a small hand covered his mouth. Qin Xiaoyan"s eyes lit up as she looked at Qin An and said gently, "Husband!" Don"t swear! I believe that you love me now, but also want to say to me will only love me one person! I don"t want you to swear such an oath! All you have to do is remember to love me for the rest of your life! A man? I know better than you, there will come a day when a woman will seduce you! If you do, don"t have any regrets! "

Qin An was thoroughly moved by Qin Xiaoyan. He even felt that what kind of virtue could the heavens give him such a woman!

In the end, Qin An did not swear and only kissed Qin Xiaoyan"s lips deeply.

He really couldn"t guarantee that he would not be tempted by the beauty of other women in the future. After all, this was already the end of the world, not a peaceful civilized era.

But what he could guarantee was that he would definitely love Qin Xiaoyan for the rest of his life. As long as she didn"t leave, he wouldn"t give up!

The two of them lingered for a while, and then Qin An carried Qin Xiaoyan down from the watchtower and started their training.

Yes, they also need to train.

Qin An had always studied the special abilities of himself and Qin Xiaoyan.

This special ability was obtained because of those two swords, then could he increase his ability through cultivation?

In the past month, Qin An had been practicing crazily.

Run five kilometers in circles as fast as you can near the prison every day, then start doing body upward, push-ups, frog jumps, etc. for an hour, and then run until you"re exhausted.

There was a limit to a person"s physical strength. Qin An"s cultivation method was to squeeze himself dry and let him enter the limit state.

When he was exhausted and felt as if he was about to fall into hell, Qin An would force himself to continue forward.

This was a contest between willpower and body. When willpower was inferior to body, Qin An would often faint from exhaustion. When willpower defeated body, Qin An would be able to walk farther and longer! Then the limit of his physical strength would be raised.

In a month"s time, Qin An had broken through his physical limit five times. He discovered that every time he broke through his physical limit, his strength, speed, bouncing ability, and auditory vision would improve. Although the improvement was small, it still improved!

Since he could make himself stronger through this kind of cultivation, Qin An would naturally work hard.

Right now, he had also called Qin Xiaoyan to cultivate together, but Qin Xiaoyan was often too lazy to run before she reached the limit of her body. Qin An could only smile bitterly and had nothing to do with her.

Before they cultivated, when they were full of energy, they would choose to go out of prison and find a place that no one could see to cultivate.

At the beginning, they ran too fast. Their speed was comparable to that of cheetahs that were running all the time. This was too shocking. Qin An thought that he and Qin Xiaoyan had the ability to strengthen themselves. It was better to keep it a secret from everyone. This was also their common view.

Once they entered the fatigue period, they would return to prison. If they encountered a large number of zombies or mutated zombies during the fatigue period, it would be very dangerous.

Everyone in Qin City was very busy. Everyone was working hard to make themselves stronger.

Another day seemed to pass like this. Just as Liu Wenjuan had walked out of the administrative building and was about to call everyone for dinner, the guard captain on duty on the watchtower, Wang Zhiyuan, rang the alarm bell.

Qin An was already very tired after cultivating for a day, but when he heard the alarm bell, he did not dare to be careless. This was the first warning he had come to this prison.

Dragging his exhausted body, Qin An climbed up the watchtower. Before he could reach the top, Wang Zhiyuan"s voice sounded above his head. He said nervously, "Boss! There"s a convoy coming from the west! The smoke and dust are so thick that it"s impossible to be sure, but there are probably more than a dozen cars! They"re all big cars, it looks like they can hold quite a few people!"


Qin An was pleasantly surprised and quickened his pace. He climbed the stairs from the watchtower"s bedroom to the top of the tower.

Wang Zhiyuan was just twenty-five years old. Looking at the cars in the distance, he was equally happy. He laughed foolishly for a while and said, "Boss, I wonder if there are any women inside!"

Qin An was speechless as he glared at Wang Zhiyuan.

Wang Zhiyuan spat out a snake"s head in embarrassment.

Everyone had been together for a month, and their relationship was still very harmonious.

Qin An laughed and scolded, and then said, "If there is a woman, I will get you two forty-year-olds. I will accompany you every night, thirty like a wolf and forty like a tiger. I want to see if the two tigers can accommodate a mountain!"

Wang Zhiyuan laughed foolishly and whispered, "Actually, Sister Liu is not bad!"

Qin An was overjoyed. So this kid was also thinking about Liu Wenjuan!

As he spoke, the convoy was getting closer and closer. Qin An looked around and saw that there were no fewer than twenty consecutive large cars hundreds of meters away.

These cars had been modified and strengthened, and in the rear of the car, smoke billowed, and countless zombies had been hidden along with them.

Qin An held the walkie-talkie in his hand and said to Wang Zhiyuan, "Stay here. If you see anything, shoot. I"ll go down and open the door!"

After saying that, he ran down the watchtower and asked Wang Zhiyuan to lock the door.

Qin An used his walkie-talkie to contact the others and ordered the other three members of the guard to go up to the other three watchtowers and hold the BU gun to prevent any accidents from happening.

He took the others and held a light machine gun in his hand. He searched for a shelter and formed a small circle. In the middle of the circle, there was a large open space that allowed outsiders to park.

In a month"s time, under Liu Gang"s teaching, everyone had a preliminary grasp on the use of firearms.

Li Zichuan opens the door instead of Qin An.

After all, Qin An was the leader. If something unexpected happened and was controlled by an outsider survivor, the situation would become very bad.

Everyone was a little nervous. The door opened, waiting for outsiders to enter.

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