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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 22 Super Prison

Chapter 22 Super Prison

The so-called arsenal took up a large area and was six floors tall. The gate to the arsenal was locked. Qin An found some suitable tools to unlock it. It took him seven or eight minutes to open the gate to the arsenal.

After the three of them entered, they were all stunned. Even Liu Gang felt dizzy because he had never entered this arsenal before.

At this moment, the three of them felt the same way. Was this the equipment that a prison should have?

When they entered the armory, the most conspicuous ones were the four tanks!

After being stunned for a long time, Liu Gang was the first to charge forward and shouted in surprise, "Type 99 Main Battle Tank!" This is the most advanced tank in our country. It can be equipped with 125mm laser beam riding cannon. Projectiles. Each tank is equipped with 4 projectiles with a maximum range of 5.2 kilometers. Its main weapon is a 125mm high-bore pressure slippery-bore tank cannon with a caliber of 50 times the caliber. The auxiliary weapon is an 86-type 7.62 mm side-by-side machine gun, remotely controlled electric firing, ammunition chain feeding, 250 rounds in each ammunition chain, total ammunition reserve is 2000 rounds! A QJC88 type 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun is mounted on the command tower. The turret is manually operated outside the manned turret and is aimed with a single-fold collimating scope. 300 rounds of ammunition are prepared and loaded into 5 ammunition chains. A total of 6,000 rounds! My mother! "

Liu Gang excitedly jumped a few times on the ground, then circled around the tank several times, searched around the tank, and then exclaimed, "The ammunition is actually so complete! This is too exaggerated!" After laughing loudly for a while, he continued to examine the other weapons.

""Damn it! Six Type 54 heavy machine guns!" "Mom! Eight Type 85 12.7 mm anti-aircraft guns!" "Oh my God! Twelve Type 77 12.7 mm anti-aircraft guns! Type 95 military BU guns! Type 88 BU guns!" "There"s still a hand grenade here!"

Standing at the door, Qin An and the other two were already completely unconscious. Although Qin An had been a soldier, he did not come into contact with many weapons at that time. Simple steps. When guns were fired live, he did not come into contact with other firearms. He was not interested in firearms either. No one had stipulated that those who joined the army must understand guns, and he did not want to be a soldier for the rest of his life. Moreover, he had been discharged from the army for many years, and even if he had known about it before, he had forgotten about it.

Half an hour later, Liu rushed back frantically and said, "Leader! I"ve seen the weapons in this arsenal. They can equip a thousand troops! Our warden is really a lunatic, he"s too awesome! This isn"t an arsenal, this is a military weapons museum!"

Qin An laughed foolishly and shouted, "Liu Gang!"

Liu Gang was stunned for a moment, and then he reacted. He immediately gave a standard military salute and said, "Arrive! Please instruct!"

Qin An said, "In the future, you will be the director of our arsenal. Take care of these weapons. This is our life saving capital!"

Liu Gang was pleasantly surprised and repeatedly said that he was really excited. With these equipment, he could go kill those monsters that ate people, and he could avenge his dead wife!

Behind the crazy joy was a broken heart.

After looking at the arsenal, Qin An took the two of them to the Material Building.

This building occupied an area larger than the arsenal. It was divided into several areas. During the exploration, it encountered dozens of ordinary zombies, which were easily killed by Qin An.

Inside the Material Building, there were food, clothing, knives, ropes, construction tools, and so on. The three of them were staring straight at each other.

Qin An and Qin Xiaoyan came out of the Material Building and searched the three dormitory buildings in turn. They worked together to remove all the zombies in the building. At this time, it was already noon, and the three of them didn"t feel hungry at all! Today"s harvest was too big, even Qin Xiaoyan was extremely excited.

When they came out of the dormitory building, Li Zichuan was standing in front of the door of the dormitory building and said pitifully, "Chief, let"s get something to eat first!"

Only after he reminded them did they feel a little hungry. As a result, they went to the Administrative Complex, which was also full of offices, single dormitories for prison leaders, and independent canteens and kitchens.

After cleaning up dozens of zombies and finding the kitchen, he discovered that there was also a lot of food inside.

The water and natural gas in this prison were all independent pipelines, so there was neither a water cut nor a gas cut.

Liu Wenjuan took the initiative to act as a cook and cooked a sumptuous lunch for everyone.

Rice, ham sausage, instant noodles and mustard!

The few of them wolfed down their food and ate their stomachs and waist.

After lunch, Qin An arranged a job and ordered everyone to start cleaning up the buildings that had been cleaned up by the zombies. The most important thing was to move the zombies" corpses to the playground and burn them down with fire.

Qin An continued to show Qin Xiaoyan and Liu Gang around the prison.

The Prisoners" Activity Complex had all kinds of fitness equipment, entertainment facilities, libraries and so on. The luxury here made Qin An speechless.

After carefully searching and killing more than ten zombies, Qin An threw the zombies out of the window.

Then there was the reform-through-labour factory. The so-called reform-through-labour factory was actually a garment factory. There were all kinds of packaged garments and all kinds of garment processing equipment inside.

Finally, there were three places of detention for prisoners. These three buildings occupied the largest area, had the most floors, and were also the most difficult to clean.

At dusk, they barely managed to clean up the C Prisoner"s Building.

This night, everyone slept soundly and was really tired.

The next day, they continued to clean up the A and B criminal buildings. It took them another morning to completely clean up all the zombies.

While the others were cleaning, Qin An checked all the floors on his own, making sure that there was no danger before he was completely relieved!

At night, the afterglow of the setting sun was scattered on the ground. Everyone was present in the meeting room of the Administration Building. Qin An sat in the main seat and looked at the crowd. He was filled with emotions. If all the survivors in the supermarket were to be rescued, wouldn"t it be even more lively now?

Everyone else was sitting in their chairs in the meeting room, their expressions gloomy. They were all men who had abandoned their wives. At this moment, they felt extremely guilty in their hearts.

Qin An seemed to be able to see through their hearts. He sighed slightly and said, "Alright, you don"t have to be sad! After all, if you survive, then you should continue to work hard to live in this apocalypse for the sake of the dead! In the future, we might get along for a while, so I won"t be modest anymore. From today onwards, I will be your leader. Do you agree?"

Everyone nodded. They had witnessed Qin An"s ability to kill zombies. At this moment, it was a blessing to have such a person as their leader!

Qin An smiled faintly and said, "Since we are a small group, we should have the appearance of a group. I want to set up five squads, logistics squads, guard squads, battle squads, security squads and elite squads first!"

The logistics team was naturally responsible for all the logistics work, managing supplies, food, cleaning and washing clothes. Liu Wenjuan would be the leader of the logistics team, while Liu Gang would be the deputy leader, specifically responsible for arms and training!

The guard is in charge of the security of the prison, standing guard and scouting for the enemy.

The combat team was responsible for searching for supplies and survivors, that was to say, killing zombies!

The security team is responsible for the security of the prison. If we find any survivors in the future, the security team will supervise them. Only when we are sure that they can join us can we let them join us!

The mission of the elite team is also to kill zombies, but only those with strong combat strength can join. The captain of the elite team should be Qin Xiaoyan!

What do you think of my arrangement? "

Hearing Qin An"s words, everyone became excited. People were usually like this. When they were alone, they were not lively. With organizations and teams, they would feel that life had gained a trace of vitality. Everyone agreed.

Qin An nodded and said, "Introduce yourselves and tell me which team you want to join."

Everyone stood up enthusiastically and introduced themselves.

Qin An listened carefully.

Finally, among these people, there was a university teacher named Liu Ming, who taught psychological courses in university and was appointed captain of the security forces by Qin An,

A policeman named Sun Dehai offered to be the captain of the combat team.

A sports school athlete named Wang Zhiyuan was appointed captain of the guard.

Li Zichuan was appointed deputy leader.

The remaining people also chose the teams they wanted to join.

The final result was.

Logistics team, captain Liu Wenjuan, deputy captain Liu Gang, only Liu Wenjuan"s son, Li Chen.

Guards, Captain Wang Zhiyuan, and three other members.

The combat squad, captain Sun Dehai, and five members.

The security squad, captain Liu Ming, and five members.

Elite team, Captain Qin Xiaoyan, no team member.

Just like that, a small group of twenty-two people took shape, and Qin An was naturally the leader of this small group.

Under the strong demands of everyone, this group had a name, Qin Chao!

The prison was also renamed Qin Cheng.

From now on, they will be living here together for a period of time!

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