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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 2030 Qin Wen

Chapter 2030 Qin Wen

What is this?

If a woman and a man lived together, they would be pregnant. This was the normal behavior.

It"s just…

The belly of the First Wife and Super Girl had yet to react, which naturally made the two women angry.

The two women were unwilling to talk to Qin An for several days.

Qin An could only continue to accompany Xia Rina.

When the two concubines heard that Xia Rina was pregnant, they became enthusiastic and took the initiative to take care of her. Sure enough, she was a much more virtuous ancient woman.

A few days later, the forty-nine Divine Swordsmen finally arrived. Qin An received them with mixed feelings.

Originally, he wanted to travel around the world with the forty-nine Divine Swordsmen, but now, it was useless.

He gave a decent and impassioned speech, Qin An lost interest. Get them out of the island and stay here, As he left, he said, "My wedding is about to begin. You are the reincarnation of the Forty-Nine Sword Gods. You have an inextricable fate with me, Qin An. You will also be together in the future. Drink a few more drinks during the wedding. We will slowly get along. There is no need to call me master. It"s good to call each other brothers. Bye."

Qin An walked away somewhat dejectedly.

Thinking that he was an unscrupulous pig, his mood wasn"t too good.

Of course, the so-called displeasure was just an emotion. Li Ji asked Qin An.

"Do you want to duel with Wang Cheng?"

"Am I S.B.? Is there no need to find a fight? Didn"t you arrange for someone? Let them do it."

A few days later, the unlucky bosses who controlled the chaotic times under the heavens had their heads chopped off and their corpses were said to have been chopped into eight-and-a-half pieces.

Afterwards, Wang Cheng"s trusted aides took over this great power.

And this trusted aide was actually Li Ji"s younger brother, everything was so easy and perfect.

When Qin An heard that Wang Cheng was dead again, he sighed disappointedly and said, "I hope he can still be revived."

To Qin An, Wang Cheng"s death meant that he had already received the lunch box.

There was no longer any goal in life. In the future, he would have to spend his life in wood, rice, oil and salt. No matter how chaotic things were in this world, Qin An would not be able to lift his spirits.

As for the Haikou that he praised with the Emperor of the Cloud Empire, what do you believe me for? I"ll go and make a call for you. This kind of thing has long been forgotten by Qin An. It"s fine to brag about it. Who hasn"t gotten up early yet?

Three months later, Qin An married Weng Lan and Li Ji.

This was not Qin An"s first marriage, but Qin An knew that there would be no more weddings like this in the future.

Xia Rina did not attend the wedding. She had already married Qin An in the world. She was a legitimate matchmaker. Besides, she had a child in her belly. Of course, she did not like this Western wedding.

Qin An finally felt happy when he kissed the two brides.

He had already experienced everything in his life. Although he didn"t seem to have become an Eternal God Devil like the other novels" male pig feet in the end, he still managed to find peace of mind and reason.

However, there was a problem with the kissing process. She gave Weng Lan a kiss, but when she kissed Li Ji, she kissed her countless times.

At first, Qin An hugged Li Ji and kissed her. After a kiss, Li Ji pulled Qin An to kiss her again.

"It"s a change! I"m Li Na"s soul!"

"It"s a change, I"m Rong Rong!"

"It"s a change. I"m Wang Yunzhi."

"It"s a change …!"

Alright, I"ve been changing people, and I"ve been kissing. In the end, Qin An doesn"t know who the person who changed is anymore.

There were many relatives and friends who came to this wedding, of course, most of them were Li Ji"s friends.

The people on Qin An"s side were also forty-nine Immortal Swordsmen.

Qin An and the others were extremely happy to push their cups and change glasses. They were drunk with a single drink, and Weng Lan had drunk too much when she and Weng Lan sent them to the wedding room.

Afterwards, people asked Weng Lan, "Why do you drink so much?"

Weng Lan didn"t say anything at first, but only told everyone a few years later.

"At that time, seeing Qin An and Li Ji drinking non-stop, I looked angry! So I drank a lot."

The crowd burst into laughter when they heard this.

Time really passed. In the blink of an eye, a few years had passed.

Qin An"s symbiotic ability was still there, but the range was much smaller. Only when Qin An personally selected it would he be able to live forever.

Qin An did not randomly use this ability, but he did not want to create a population crisis.

Xia Rina"s child was already five years old. She was a little girl and her name was Qin Yue.

Xia Rina often said that this Qin Yue was Qin Yue from another world. She looked exactly the same as her, and her personality was also similar.

Xia Rina liked this daughter very much. She often hugged her and laughed and cried. She laughed because she liked her daughter. Crying was naturally a child who missed another world.

Qin An wasn"t that sentimental, he just held his daughter in his hand.

It was a sunny day. Qin An was teasing his child in the garden when someone suddenly hugged his eyes behind him.

"Guess who I am!"

"Huh? This voice sounds familiar, Wang Hui?"


"Gong Xue?"

"No, no!"

"Who is that? I can"t guess."

Qin An grabbed the soft hand and touched it again and again. He really had no idea.

Qin An slowly pulled his small hand back, and then a gentle smile appeared in front of him. Qin An"s body froze when he saw it.

"Wu Wu Wu …"

"What? You stuttered? You don"t know me, Wu Yan?"

How could Qin An not recognize her? This is the wife of the old man Liu Yuanchao, Wu Yan! That somewhat beautiful and intelligent woman was once Liu Dongfeng"s ex-wife, Wang Yunzhi"s love rival, one of the Thirteen Wolf Cavalry, Qin An"s life"s best friend!

"You, you, you…"

""Ah, what"s there to be surprised about? The strongest matchmaker. All the female characters are in this body. However, the ones who have come out these past few years are all women related to you. We are a little embarrassed to come out, and we don"t know how to face you."


Qin An blushed. This bastard couldn"t face it!

All female characters share the same body and also have feelings.

Doesn"t that mean that she and Wu Yan have been married for several years?

Wu Yan saw that Qin An"s face was red and purple, and laughed out loud.

"Alright, hubby! Don"t be shy. Why do you care so much? Anyway, it"s this person. No matter how he changes, no matter who he becomes, she"s still your woman. Don"t you know?"

"I know… but I"m not mentally prepared. Tell me, who else can I become?"

"Almost all the women in Doomsday City that you can remember!"


"You should know that in Li Ji"s mind, there is only one female lead. All the other women are avatars of Fragrant Shadow, so they actually include the real Li Ying and Weng Die. These two Weng Lan"s sisters are also in this body, but they are embarrassed to come out to see her, so they have not come out, but one day they will come out."

"But …"

"Husband, I"ve actually thought of it for a few years. It"s just that I don"t like seeing other women. But you know my personality. I"m a little crazy and don"t care about other people"s opinions. That"s why I came out today. I"m giving those female condoms that aren"t even supporting actors a head start. You"re lucky."


"Let"s go. Let others take care of Yue Yue. Let"s go to the room."


"What do you say?"

Damn it!

Qin An felt that this story could not be written anymore. The dog blood was getting more and more ridiculous!

He raised his middle finger towards the heavens and thought to himself,

If there is any unknown author writing this book now, I will curse your next book, Supergod. Fans will send you red envelopes every day to buy delicious food, and then you will die of fat, shameless dick!

No matter how reluctant Qin An was, he was still swallowed by the wolf-like old driver.

Life continued like this, exceptionally beautiful.

Shortly after, Weng Lan was finally pregnant and became Qin An"s focus.

Weng Lan was also very nervous. She had been married to Qin An for several years, but there had been no news. Could it be that, like the novel The Doomsday Danger City opened, the two of them were not pregnant for seven years? That would be disappointing!

Just like that, she was busy protecting Weng Lan"s fetus. Four months later, Weng Lan"s stomach had already bulged into a ball. Qin An was scared to see it.

Why is this stomach so big? Could it be quadruplets?

Because he was nervous and uneasy, Qin An went to a very far place to invite a famous doctor to treat Weng Lan.

This famous doctor was also a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. He was very awesome. He asked Qin An to wait outside and let Weng Lan see him for more than an hour in the bedroom.

Finally, Qin An heard Weng Lan crying from inside and couldn"t help but rush in.

"Darling! Are you alright?"

"Husband… Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!"

"F*ck! Are you anxious to kill me? Doctor, what"s wrong? "

The old doctor stroked his beard and thought for a moment before frowning.

"This old man can"t be mistaken. Madam is pregnant with…"

Seeing the old man hesitate, Qin An was really anxious and shouted,

"Doctor, hurry up and tell me, even if I"m pregnant with a congenital defect, I can accept it!"

"Mr. Qin, don"t be anxious. The madam and the fetus are both very healthy, but…"


"Madam is pregnant with Seventh Guarantee!"


Qin An was dumbfounded. He looked at Weng Lan for a long time and was speechless.

Is this woman a pig? Seven at once?

"Darling, do you think they will become seven dwarves?"

Weng Lan whispered.

Qin An hurriedly smiled and said,

"No, Master"s child must be seven gourds, haha!"

"I don"t want it. Don"t tell me you"re born with a gourd on your head?"

Next up was the couple"s boudoir. Qin An invited the doctor out and continued to comfort Weng Lan.

Weng Lan continued to complain.

"It"s all your fault. You drank so much on your wedding night and didn"t even get married. How unlucky is this? That"s why I haven"t been pregnant for so many years. This is great. I like it all at once."

""Hehe, wedding night? What"s so round? Didn"t it all happen before? But I drank too much that day, but don"t think that I really did. I know you took off my clothes, climbed into my bed, and played with me four or five times. That initiative was really unbearable."

"Nonsense, how is that possible? I also drank a lot that night."

"Ah? Really? Then maybe I remember wrongly?"

Seeing that Weng Lan was serious, Qin An hurriedly changed the topic and continued to talk about her stomach. Weng Lan did not care.

After leaving Weng Lan"s room, Qin An went to ask the other women if they had climbed onto their beds during their wedding.

Several women shook their heads. They all said that he was in Weng Lan"s room that day. Who would go?

Qin An asked in frustration.

Strange. I clearly remember who I had a good time with that night. Was there a mistake?

Ten years later, there was a city in the Antarctic called the Altar.

The city was very large, made of ice. However, there were only two people living in the city. Apart from the icy walls, there were also white bones that could be seen everywhere in the city.

If Qin An were to arrive at this place, he would definitely sigh with admiration. This really looked like a dangerous city in the apocalypse.

A group of people came in from the dangerous city. They were probably over a hundred. All of them were holding onto their fellows, their temples bulging. They were all experts at first glance.

"Hmph, this city is indeed filled with dead people!"

"Altar City is indeed worthy of its reputation."

"Is there really an ice soul in the city?"

"Yes, I heard so, but there are also Ice Soul Guardians here!"

Ice Soul is a kind of treasure. Legend has it that eating one ice soul can increase one"s stamina by ten times. However, it will take ten years to digest this ice soul energy. After that, eating a second ice soul can increase one"s stamina by a hundredfold, and so on.

This thing is not common. In recent years, news has spread in Jianghu that ten ice souls have appeared in the Arctic. This is definitely a super treasure trove.

Many people wanted to try their luck, but there was no return. Someone saw the city where the dead entered, so they called it the altar!

A gust of wind blew by, and at some unknown time, a youth stood among the group of Jianghu guests.

"Who are you?"

"Are you also here to look for Frost Soul?"

"No, he"s too young, isn"t he? "

"Mm, doesn"t it look like it?"

Everyone was discussing when the youth suddenly moved, and his body was like a lightning wind shadow, rapidly shuttling through the crowd.

It took him forty seconds to return to his original position. He didn"t seem to have done anything, but the transparent sheathless ice sword on his waist was swaying back and forth without a trace of blood on it.

At this time, a middle-aged woman came from afar. When the youth saw her, he hurriedly rushed over.

"Mother, why did you come out? It"s cold outside. Hurry up and go back, okay?"

"Killed everyone?"

As soon as the middle-aged woman finished speaking, those people fell to the ground one after another, their corpses separated.


"Your swordsmanship is getting better and better. Looks like Ice Soul is really useful."

"Yes, Mother. I feel that the speed of absorbing ice souls is getting faster and faster recently. I think I can already swallow the fourth one."

"The fourth pill? Forget it. It"s only been a few years since you swallowed the third pill. Mother doesn"t want you to be strong now. I just want you to be safe."

The middle-aged woman touched the youth"s head. The youth smiled, revealing his little tiger fangs and a handsome and resolute face.

"Er, what"s your name?"

"Heavenly Question!"

"Who are your enemies?"

"Qin An!"

"Do you remember what mother told you before?"

"Remember, we need to cut him into ten thousand pieces!"

"En … my son, forget all about this."

"Forgot? Why? Isn"t he the enemy who killed my brother?"

The middle-aged woman shook her head and sighed,

"Mother lied to you."


"Ah, actually he didn"t kill your brother. Your brother was killed by his subordinates. It was normal for the two countries to fight. I hated him to the bone many years ago because he killed my brother later. But now I can"t afford to. In the duel, my brother"s skills are inferior to others. So what if he dies? Who could be blamed? If you must blame me, then blame me. I let my brother stand out and let him die. "

"Mother …"

"Child, listen to me. My name is Ze Tianyue, and you shouldn"t call me Ze Tianwen. In the future, you should call me Qin Wen. The person I"ve wanted you to kill all these years is actually your own father."

"What? Why?"

"Well, he killed my child, and I sneaked into the bridal chamber when he got married, and I wanted to steal his child and kill him too. So that night, while he was drunk, I did it with him, and then you. I was going to strangle you to death when I gave birth to you in October, but how could mother bear it? Afterwards, I planned to let you kill Qin An and kill your father and son! But now, I see that your kung fu is getting more and more powerful. It"s indescribably powerful. I just think that you might be able to kill Qin An … hey, you are my favorite son and only relative. How can I watch you kill your biological father? "

"Mother …"

Hearing this, Qin Wen shed tears and knelt on the ground.

""Qin Wen, it"s time for us to leave this place. I want to live in seclusion somewhere else, so that no one will disturb us. This is a natural genius. Your grandfather discovered it back then and told me this secret. That"s how you can do it. If you have the chance in the future, come back and worship. This is where you"ve made your fortune."

"Yes! Mother, I will obey your instructions."

"En, when you leave and find a place to settle me down, you go find Qin An. I don"t want you to kill him. Cut off a strand of his hair as revenge for your half-brother. Then let him come pick me up. I don"t want you to lose your father"s teachings, nor do I want you to be separated from your mother and son, so the family will always be together."


Qin Wen smiled honestly.

Ze Tian Yue frowned. After looking at her son for a while, she finally smiled and reached out to pinch Qin Wen"s face.

"I"ve taught you for nothing all these years. I heard that Qin An is your biological father. Looking at your yearning, you already want to find a father, don"t you?"

"No, no, no, no, mother."

"Alright, alright. Let"s go now. Leave this altar and leave this dangerous city that looks like the end of the world. It"s cold here, isn"t it? Your father"s place is the territory of the wind. The scenery is beautiful and the seasons are not cold."


"Little White-eyed Wolf, look at you … Let"s go, it"s really cold …"

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