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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 2028 The Plot Of Flying

Chapter 2028 The Plot Of Flying

It was raining heavily outside. Qin An was lying flat on the bed. Li Ji hugged him gently like water.

"What"s wrong? Are you unhappy? You don"t want to see me?"

Qin An did not say anything.

Suddenly, a teardrop fell to Qin An"s ear.

Qin An turned his head and was shocked. It was actually Qiu Jinse.

"You … why are you crying?"

"Actually I didn"t mean to lie to you, I have never lied to you. Yan Liuxiang should have erased her and instilled new memories into me. I thought I was Qiu Jinse, but I never knew that I was actually Yan Liuxiang. "It was only after my soul poured into this body and my body began to change into this shape that I realized that everything was like this."

Seeing that Qiu Jinse was crying so sadly, he understood what she meant, and Qin An believed her.

He turned around and hugged her in his arms. He sighed and said,

"Why are you crying? I haven"t seen you for many years. Come, give me a smile."

"I"m crying for our children. The apocalyptic world disappeared, and the children disappeared."

"What are you afraid of? As long as this body can be born, it will be born in the future."

"How many of our sons will give birth to them?"

"It should be possible. We can recall how we felt when we gave birth to them."

"Then how do you recall it?"

"Try to remember. I can"t remember well today. Let"s continue tomorrow."

Qiu Jinse broke into tears and laughed, then frowned.

"Where do you have so much time? It"s inconvenient to share a body with them now."


Qin An felt strange, but he understood that it was actually much more convenient for him.

Just as she was thinking, Qiu Jinse sighed and said, "I can feel their brainwaves. I want to see you, so I"ll go first."

With that, Qiu Jinse"s appearance quickly changed in front of Qin An, turning into a blue moon in an instant.

Lan Yue raised her hand and grabbed Qin An"s ear.

This night"s experience was very special. Many female masters had become the strongest matchmaker. Qin An had not seen her all night.

Not every woman was as sensible as Qiu Jinse, and after coming out, she actually asked Qin An for help.

Although the night was quiet, there were still ninety-nine beauties lying nearby. Qin An was somewhat nervous.

However, the good man could not hold back the hooking up with the woman, so Qin An did it in the end.

One, two, three, four. Suddenly, a woman came out and startled Qin An. She was actually Jing Yi, the little girl beside Empress Dowager Ci An.

Alright, the strongest matchmaker, ah, the strongest matchmaker. If Li Ji was willing, then she could really turn all the female characters in the book into so-called fragrant avatars. This time, it was too ruthless, Qin An could not adapt at all.

Anyway, Qin An was so tired that he didn"t get up in the morning. When he woke up, he discovered that the neighborhood was already in chaos. A group of women saw a man on the bed sleeping with the daughter of Gong Ge in his arms. He hadn"t even put on his clothes yet. How could that be?

Qin An frowned and smiled bitterly. He looked at Jing Yi, who was in his arms for the first time, and said,

"It"s over. My assassination attempt failed."

"Oh, husband, then I"ll go back first. Let sister come out and ask her what she should do."

The woman in his arms changed again. Qin An had already experienced this kind of change many times, but he was still not used to it. The one who came out was Li Ji.

"I"ve lived in this world for thousands of years. Although I didn"t do it intentionally, I"ve already accumulated a lot of strength. If it weren"t for waiting for you, what could a small Lu Yao Kingdom"s Zhu Maogong do to me? If you want to take his life, I"ll help you kill him."

"Alright… You"re amazing, then you"re the Emperor of the Cloud Empire. If I were to be with you, wouldn"t that mean sleeping with my sister-in-law?"

"Qin An, you really are a hypocrite. Who did you go in and out of here several times last night? You"ve already fallen asleep. Why are you pretending to be pure?"

"Do you still have feelings for this?"

"We share a common body, but our souls are completely independent. We can choose to sleep, or we can choose to wake up. When we wake up, even if we don"t have control over the body, we still have senses. Actually, we can feel what you have done to this body."

Qin An was dumbfounded for a long time, and then he laughed foolishly, "Alright, I"m still worried about how to feed you girls. It"s a good thing that you can sweep the Spring and Autumn Period with one stick."

Li Ji narrowed her eyes and smiled.

"Rogue, the sisters are coming out to deal with you. Who do you think I should let out?"

"Anyone can do it. Come one by one. Don"t let them feel wronged. If you want to come out, come out and see me."

Qin An"s warm words caused Li Ji to sigh, but it made many female couples in her body feel grateful. In any case, regardless of whether they used to be related to Qin An or not, they were already in this body. They were destined to be unable to separate from Qin An anymore. So, everyone was naturally happy to be treated so gently by him.

Before he could even get up, a short black-clothed man ran in from outside.

"Master, according to your instructions, we have killed 863 generals in the Lu Yao Kingdom Alliance Camp, including Zhu Maogong. We have successfully recovered all the soldiers in this camp. They have surrendered."

"Mm, very good. Send out the Heavenly Order and gather all the members of the Incense Leaving Sect to tell them that the main sect is getting married. Come to the Happy Drink Bar and follow your husband to the world to settle a grudge with Wang Cheng. I know where he is."

"How many tribes do you have?"

"This world … I mean this planet is called Sedna. It is much smaller than the Sword Spirit Star, but it is 6,700 times the size of the Earth. In other words, it is still very large. There are 14 continents in the world. Our continent is actually called the Wildlands Continent. It is the most primitive. It was discovered two years ago by the explorers of the continent in the east. I have lived in this world for thousands of years and have been to many places. If there is nothing else, I will recruit some believers to set up some small factions just to protect myself. For so many years, my congregation has spread all over the world. The number of people is about 600 million, right? On this continent, there were only 70 million. "It took me more than two thousand years to set up such a small branch of seventy million yuan. Sigh, I really can"t manage it. When my husband comes, you have to help me."


This woman has 600 million little brothers?

Originally, Qin An had planned to fight against unknown enemies in the world, but now…

"Is it easy to deal with Wang Cheng?"

"It"s not difficult. I"ve already planted experts among the twelve beside him. They"re all his trusted aides now. They can take his life at any time."

"So, I basically want to get a box lunch and eat your soft meal?"

"Almost. You"re my husband and I"m your wife. From the moment you see me, whoever dares to bully you again will be beaten until he doesn"t even know his own mother!"

The strongest matchmaker was very awesome. Qin An could only laugh and cry when he saw what else she could say.

"Originally, my Military Advisor told me that he suggested that I go to the Wind Territory…"

"I"m going there. It"s the most beautiful place in the world. It"s the headquarters of our Incense Leaving Sect. It"s also the home I found for our future life. You will definitely like it. The people there are all my followers."

"Uh… I offended some swordsmen."

"Heavenly Swordsman? If you want, I can immediately have them all killed! As for the Cloud Exiting Swordsman…"

"How is it?"

""I am the founder of the Exotic Cloud Sword Sect. I have already gathered your information. I know that you have married Long Shiyu. Don"t worry, I have already slaughtered the kid who wants to snatch a woman from you. Not only will the Exotic Cloud Sword Sect not be your enemy, it will also help you defeat the world."

Petrification! !

Qin An had nothing to say.

After all, he was a man who had experienced great storms in his military life. Because he had lived for too long, he didn"t know what to do. Now that he finally had the ambition to wipe out his opponents in the world, why did the strongest woman suddenly appear to let him take the lunch box?

Easy is easy, but it doesn"t feel good?

Fucking trap, this pig"s foot!

A group of Boss in the novel world both ran to the Three Kingdoms world to die.

Now, with great difficulty, a big villain had arrived. He was actually suppressed by the strongest female ration.

What the fuck are you doing with a pig"s foot and a pig"s foot?

After leaving the camp and returning to his own camp, Qin An found Weng Lan and told her about it. Weng Lan was also dumbfounded.

"Damn! Tell me, are the two of us the most unscrupulous men and women in the world? Your appearance in the book can"t catch up with the dragon set. I"m so awesome. From beginning to end, all the villains like Wang Cheng, Cheng Gang, Chao Physique, and Sword Emperor didn"t seem to be killed by me! Now that he has finally revived Wang Cheng and jumped out with the strongest female partner, what am I? What do you think I am? "

As Qin An roared, Weng Lan, who was originally in a daze, finally came to her senses. She actually walked forward and hugged Qin An"s neck, kissing his lips forcefully.

It was a long kiss.

After parting, Qin An was a little dumbfounded.

"What"s the matter?"

"Qin An, let"s get married."

Qin An was shocked. Could it be that Weng Lan, the strongest female partner, had a sense of crisis, so she actually made such a request?

"Weng Lan, don"t worry. You know that no matter what, you are the person I care about the most. I just want to wait for us to establish our relationship."

"Establish your sister, how can a man and woman be as complicated as you think? Do you want to hear my feelings?"

"En …"

""I don"t hate you, and I"m starting to like you. You"re really my hero. Now I"m sure! Then why do you want so much? Do you know what the obstacle between us is now?"

"What? The strongest matchmaker?"

"No! It"s your job, okay? Qin An, the book begins by saying that you and Li Ying haven"t had a truly harmonious husband and wife life after seven years of marriage. I seriously suspect that you have something wrong with that. Prove it to me now. If you are fine and can satisfy me, then what are you waiting for? Then what else? Come on, let"s see if you"re a real man. If so, I"ll marry you! "

At this point, Weng Lan had already started to take off her clothes.

Qin An"s three views were shattered.

Was this his Goddess Weng Lan? Where"s the dignified, elegant, mature, and steady temperament…

This was definitely not the case. He was about to fuck a fake Weng Lan! ?

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