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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 2027 The Strongest Girl

Chapter 2027 The Strongest Girl

Thus, Li Ji stayed here to observe, wanting to see who Zhen Yang was.

Slowly, Qin An fell in love with a woman called Weng Lan, while Pang Tian met Miao Cuihua, the avatar of Liuxiang.

One day, Qin An decided to write an apocalypse zombie novel. Pig"s feet were called Qin An, and the female lead was called Weng Lan.

Actually, when the novel first started, there was no intention of opening a harem. It was to write a pure love story.

However, after the novel was uploaded, the girls in Weng Lan"s dormitory knew and requested to be matched.

Weng Lan was afraid that her interpersonal relationship would turn bad, so she could only agree helplessly.

Although she seemed to be very close to her sisters in the dormitory, Weng Lan"s real best friend was Miao Cuihua.

At that time, Miao Cuihua"s soul and Li Ji"s soul were one, with Li Ji"s soul as the main body.

Hearing Weng Lan"s sorrow, Li Ji came up with an idea.

"Actually, you can dig a hole for these women."

"What pit?"

"For example, I … I mean, I was also full of fantasies. When I was a child, I had fantasized about a planet that was incomparably huge. It was relatively static in the universe. There were many creatures on it that had cultivated in the form of artifacts. The most commonly cultivated artifacts were swords. There were forty-nine Sword Gods on the planet that had lived for many years! "I think that this apocalyptic novel of yours can be written in such a way that the Forty-Nine Sword Gods descend on Earth to violate the Earth."

"Oh, so?"

"That"s right. I"ll explain it to you later. Among the 49 Sword Gods, there is a very mysterious person. Of course, this is what I imagined. In short, her clone can spread to different space-time worlds. Hehe, just write that Yan Liuxiang came to this world a long time ago and fell in love with Qin An when she was young. For example, at the end, it was written like this. When she was six years old, Yan Liuxiang met Qin An, and the two of them had a very happy time together. However, when they separated after getting older, Qin An even forgot about Yan Liuxiang. Yan Liuxiang and Qin An met again. She did not expect Qin An to be married! So… you wrote a woman called Qin Xiaoyan at the beginning of this book, didn"t you? Good! Just write that the first woman behind Yan Liuxiang"s avatar is Qin Xiaoyan. She lurks beside Qin An and wants to accompany him. "The reason why I always look for him is because I"m jealous. After that, Tang Yu, Lan Yue, and anyway, all of the mates are Yan Liuxiang"s avatars."

""Ah? Aren"t you going to be scolded to death by the readers? All the mates are written as one person? What if some like Lan Yue, some like Tang Yu, some like Qin Xiaoyan, and some like the female characters that appear in the later stages?"

""It"s fine, they"re alone, not alone!" Think about it, I think that Qin An"s diaosi is studying the female lead recently. There are more than ten women on the list, and there might be more in the later stages. How are you going to end up? A man with dozens of wives? That"s too unrealistic. Two wives a day won"t be enough to serve him. "

"Oh … that"s right."

"So let them become Yan Liuxiang"s avatars, so that by the end, all women can be one. At that time, they will be both Yan Liuxiang and Qin Xiaoyan, Blue Moon, Tang Yu, and any other female companion that appeared beside Qin An. This change was not just a change in appearance. Each avatar was an independent individual. They deliberately arrived beside Qin An and then had different ambiguities and stories with him. They could not fuse into one person, but only shared a body. When they wanted to change, their appearances changed and different souls ran out to control these bodies. In other words, in the end, there were only two women beside Qin An. The first female lead, Weng Lan, and the strongest female companion, Yan Liuxiang, gathered together and gave her another name, Li Ji"s number, right? "

"Can this be?"

"Of course!"

That night, Weng Lan called Qin An over and discussed the matter of the Sword Spirit Star with Li Ji.

At that time, Qin An had just started writing The Doomsday Danger City, and he was very excited to hear Li Ji"s words.

"That"s right. My book started casually. I didn"t even think of a golden finger. I think I can bring the story of the Sword Spirit Planet into the apocalyptic world. But how do I insert it?"

Li Ji smiled and said, "This isn"t simple. Two big swords descended from the sky. One for the pig feet and one for the second female. Wasn"t Superman falling down like this? Wasn"t Sister Lin falling down like this? Wasn"t the pie falling down like this? So it"s definitely a super classic descending from the sky."

Under Li Ji"s deception, Qin An in the novel obtained the Profound Sky Great Sword that descended from the sky.

Li Ji designed the image of the Fragrant Shadow Sword God outside the novel.

Afterwards, the author Qin An Weng Lan quarreled, and the novel could not be written anymore.

Li Ji understood that Pang Tiantian was the real Yang of Fragrance. The author, Qin An, only looked very similar to him.

This made Li Ji unhappy. The design of Qin An in Doomsday Danger City should at least be the Yang of Fragrance in Li Ji"s heart. Now, it did not conform to this reality and lacked a sense of substitution.

Thus, Li Ji left this space-time and returned to her own inherent space-time.

Suddenly, she realized something. She was the most primitive ancestor, Yan Liuxiang. Furthermore, she had lived in this space-time for many years. Why didn"t she encounter the Fragrant Sun? Could it be because of his seclusion?

Something"s wrong. In other spacetime, Yan Liuxiang and Yang met unexpectedly. Why didn"t he meet them?

Thus, Li Ji was annoyed and began to search for Yang!

After many years, she had traveled all over the inherent world of the Great Jiangnan Compet. I.tion, but she had not discovered the shadow of the sun at all.

Just as Li Ji was feeling very disappointed, she started her avatar again.

This kind of avatar was a common occurrence for her. She would not see the avatar behind the avatar, because the avatar would leave the inherent world and go to another space-time.

What surprised Li Ji was that it was different this time. Her avatar was left in her inherent world, but her body had gone to another space-time.

And this space-time was the apocalyptic dangerous city world!

As a result, Li Ji"s alias was Huo Qilan. She named her progenitor Yan Liuxiang and began to approach Qin An in the novel.

The moment the two of them were together, all the memories of Yan Liuxiang"s avatar in this world began to merge into Li Ji"s heart.

There were Qin Xiaoyan, Lan Yue, Tang Yu, and the Wuma sisters.

Li Ji felt the love of these women for Qin An. This love made Li Ji tremble. Li Ji also remembered that she had actually participated in the character design of Doomsday Danger City many years ago. She had designed a character, and this character was called a matchmaker!

Yes, the first female lead in this book is Weng Lan. It is destined that no matter how powerful the other women are with the protagonist, they are all female matches. And all female matches are Yan Liuxiang. How powerful is this kind of love when fused together?

Li Ji suddenly knew why she couldn"t find her own Yang, because when she started to help Weng Lan conceive all kinds of mates, her heart was already leaning towards Qin An in the book, imagining him as the man she loved deeply.

Therefore, her Yang Cai was not born in the inherent world, but appeared in the apocalyptic novel world.

Later, Qin An actually escaped from the novel world, which caused the energy system of the novel world to collapse.

Li Ji actually returned to her original world and squeezed out a clone of Yan Liuxiang from her original world, allowing her to travel through other spacetime.

In the inherent world, Li Ji was extremely anxious. She wanted to retrieve her Yang, but she really didn"t know what to do. She originally thought that this was fate"s arrangement.

Until one day, she saw a person and recognized him as Wang Cheng at a glance!

Wang Chengcheng was the real husband of the later author Weng Lan, but he was the biggest villain in the book.

Wang Cheng, whom Li Ji met, was not Weng Lan"s husband in the author"s world, but a companion who had transmigrated from the novella world!

How did he do that? This Li Ji did not know, because this was the plot that Weng Lan was thinking about in her heart, and it was not made public.

Regardless of how Wang Cheng transmigrated, he began to stir up trouble and spread his influence, and invited many divine masters to know his fate.

Li Ji has been in this world for many, many years, He managed some of his own forces, so he secretly spied on Wang Cheng. Later, he discovered a secret. Wang Cheng had actually opened a path to a different world and built an entrance there. It was said that he could wait for his mortal enemy Qin An at that entrance. He wanted to bring Qin An into the current world to fight to the death.

Li Ji was immediately excited. She believed that fate was rotating. In this world, her sun was finally about to appear. That was Qin An, who was about to cross over!

Therefore, she also invited many divine masters to see how she could meet Qin An at the fastest possible time.

Master God-Diviner pointed her in the direction of becoming the Empress of the Cloud Empire. The wheels of fate were about to rotate.

Thus, Li Ji did this. The Gear of Fate had indeed rotated until today.

Lying on the bed, Li Ji told Qin An this story.

After the story was finished, Li Ji smiled and said,

"You can"t go back to the apocalyptic dangerous city world now. Ever since you and Weng Lan left together, that world has actually ceased to exist. It has lost its motivation to support itself. Without the feet of a male and female pig, the world collapsed and collapsed. Now you are not in the novel world, you are in my world, I am Li Ji, is your Qin An Yin. And you are Qin An, the Yang of my Li Ji! We are destined to be together. Other women will be like grass to you. This is fate. No matter where we are in space and time, we are all together. Qin An, I am your Xiaoyan, your Blue Moon, your Tang Yu, your Qiu Jin Se, your Wang Fang, your Princess Ling Hua, your Yao"er, your Xiao Ru … "

Qin An was completely petrified. This man, who had lived for many years and had been Sun Wukong, the Jade Emperor, and the Master God, felt that he was going crazy.

He had been a pig"s foot in the apocalypse and was a novel character, which had already made him very conflicted.

Now he was Li Ji"s Yang again?

According to Li Ji, it turned out that the Sword Spirit Star really existed, and it wasn"t just an imagination in the plot of the novel.

After the Three Kingdoms World, Qin An thought that he could express his destiny, but he still hadn"t escaped from the original author"s design.

And who is the original author of this book?

Qin An began to write. Weng Lan later added that Li Ji was the ruler of all the structure of the novel. She had made herself the strongest mating. She was waiting for this day to snatch him from the female lead!

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