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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 20 Chengbei Prison

Chapter 20 Chengbei Prison

At this moment, Qin Xiaoyan woke up.

She narrowed her eyes and looked around. She asked doubtfully, "Honey, where is this?"

Qin An said, "North City Prison."

Qin Xiaoyan was puzzled and asked, "Are we not going home?"

Qin An nodded and said, "I can"t go back. The way home is full of zombies. It"s sealed off. And in this situation, it"s not safe to continue to stay in the city!"

Qin Xiaoyan nodded, "Yes, I noticed it when I left home. Our neighborhood stinks now. The corpses of the zombies we killed are all piled up near the neighborhood. The stench of their decay is too bad!"

Qin An smiled and said, "Yes!"

Qin Xiaoyan recovered her strength. She jumped from Qin An"s body to the ground and looked around. She raised her head and asked Qin An, "How can we get in?"

Qin An smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Qin Xiaoyan tilted her head and thought for a moment before suddenly saying, "Why don"t you throw me up? Do you have that much strength?"

Qin An was slightly stunned as he watched Qin Xiaoyan remain silent for a long time.

Qin Xiaoyan stuck out her tongue and said, "I"m just saying it casually."

Qin An thought for a moment, then said, "Actually, I can try. I"m afraid that if I fail, I"ll hurt you!"

Qin Xiaoyan said indifferently, "Then let"s give it a try. It"s better than not being able to do anything under this wall!"

Qin An nodded and said, "Alright, let"s do some experiments first!"

After saying that, he squatted down, folded his hands together, and said to Qin Xiaoyan, "You come and stand in my hand first!"

Qin Xiaoyan was actually a little scared, but seeing Qin An"s encouraging gaze, she dared to stand up.

Qin An said, "Are you ready?"

Qin Xiaoyan held Qin An"s shoulder and gasped, "Alright, throw it away!"

Qin An used both of his hands to throw Qin Xiaoyan up. Qin Xiaoya"s body rose more than seven meters upright and finally landed, scaring Qin Xiaoyan into howling in midair.

Qin An did not dare to make a sound. He opened his arms and steadily caught Qin Xiaoyan in his arms. Then, he nervously asked, "Xiaoyan, are you alright?"

Qin Xiaoyan"s face was somewhat pale. She used her hand to support her chest, then lightly hammered Qin An with her other hand and said, "You didn"t throw me anywhere, you almost hit the wall!"

Qin An chuckled and said, "I"m not using my full strength. I"m just trying my best first. Do you think this method will work? Do you want to try again?"

Qin Xiaoyan calmed her breathing and got down from Qin An"s body. Then, she took the initiative to say, "Squat down and come again!"

Qin An obediently put on a good posture, and Qin Xiaoyan stood in Qin An"s hand again.

Qin An said, "Your current strength is even stronger than an ordinary strong man. Don"t be scared later. See if you can catch hold of the power grid and try to succeed once!"

Qin Xiaoyan nervously raised her head and stared at the target. Then, she said, "Alright!"

Qin An used both of his hands again to throw Qin Xiaoyan up. This time, he used just the right amount of strength to directly send Qin Xiaoyan into the sky ten meters high.

Qin Xiaoyan was also very confident. When her body reached its peak, she grabbed the electric net in front of her and stepped onto the prison wall!

Qin An was overjoyed, but Qin Xiaoyan, who was standing high up, howled again, as if she was frightened.

Qin An raised his head and looked up at Qin Xiaoyan. He didn"t say anything loud, "Honey, quickly think of a way to get in. Open the door inside. Are there many zombies inside?"

Hearing Qin An"s words, Qin Xiaoyan"s mood stabilized a little. She stepped on the thick fence and supported the power grid to look inside.

This prison was really big. There were more than a dozen buildings with different heights. The huge playground had a runway and a court. However, because there was no one to take care of it for too long, it looked a little depressed. Disorderly hay could be seen everywhere, and fresh grass could be seen everywhere.

Hundreds of zombies moved back and forth on the playground.

Qin Xiaoyan looked around and found that there were watchtowers on all four legs of the prison, and the watchtowers were still very close to the wall. Thus, she began to support the power grid, moving like a corner, while Qin An nervously followed her below, worried that if she fell, she could catch her.

It took about ten minutes for Qin Xiaoyan to move to the corner, then she crossed the power grid and stepped on the wall of the watchtower.

The watchtower was round, and there were bulletproof windows that could be opened. Qin Xiaoyan jumped in from an open window and found that there was no one inside. There were only two sniper steps of unknown type placed there. When Qin Xiaoyan saw the gun, she happily picked it up and touched it a few times.

She had been in the shooting squad of the sports school for a few years, so her shooting skills were not bad. It was just that she hadn"t touched a gun for many years.

At this time, Qin An"s voice came from outside, "Darling, what"s going on inside? Can you think of a way to open the small door? I"m standing outside waiting for you right now."

Qin Xiaoyan whispered, "Alright, I"ll go down and take a look!"

The advantage of having a strong sense of hearing was that the two of them were dozens of meters away from each other. They could hear each other whispering to each other.

Qin Xiaoyan came down from the watchtower and walked towards the small door, sticking to the wall.

When she first came up, she gave Qin An her weapons and two kitchen knives. Now that she didn"t have any weapons in her hands, Qin Xiaoyan didn"t want to have any intimate contact with the zombies.

Fortunately, the zombies were mostly swimming in the middle of the prison playground, allowing Qin Xiaoyan to safely arrive at the small door.

Unexpectedly, the small door was simply locked inside, and Qin Xiaoyan could easily open it.

After opening the door, Qin An quickly flashed in and hugged Qin Xiaoyan in his arms. He lightly kissed her and said, "Darling, you"re really capable!"

Qin Xiaoyan was a little embarrassed by Qin An"s kiss, but she clearly felt that Qin An had changed, becoming more active, becoming more enthusiastic towards her, which made her extremely happy.

Looking at the zombies walking in the courtyard, Qin An shook his head and said, "With such a good protective wall, I really don"t know why these people turned into zombies?"

Qin Xiaoyan said, "The arrival of the apocalypse is already very wonderful. The apocalypse radio once said that only when a zombie bites it will be infected by the virus and become a zombie. Don"t you think this is very strange?" I remember that at the beginning, a large number of people in the city were infected. Their body temperature rose and their breathing became rapid, but they did not immediately turn into zombies and bite people everywhere. Some people were admitted to the hospital, and some people were recuperated at home after the hospital was filled. Although everyone was afraid of this infection, they did not take it seriously. It wasn"t until a few days later that the first infected person turned into a zombie and began to bite. The person he bit would turn into a zombie in a few minutes, which was completely different from the initial batch of infected people! For example, we have lived among zombies for a year and killed many zombies at close range, but they didn"t bite us. This means that the way the virus is transmitted has become single! "These people must have been infected a year ago when the T virus first appeared. After the outbreak of the T virus, they bit one by one and naturally turned into zombies!"

Qin An nodded and smiled, "You know quite a lot! But I"m surprised. Since these zombies turned into zombies a year ago, how did they survive when they were trapped here for a year and didn"t eat people?"

Qin Xiaoyan said, "If they don"t eat people, they can eat other things!"

Qin An was slightly stunned. Then, he discovered that Qin Xiaoyan was pointing ahead. Qin An followed Qin Xiaoyan"s finger and looked over. Dozens of meters away, a zombie was lying on the ground, eating the soil on the ground!

Qin An was shocked. He didn"t know that zombies would eat dirt!

Seeing Qin An"s surprised expression, Qin Xiaoyan said proudly, "When you went out to clean up the zombies in the community, I heard on Doomsday Radio that these zombies have a completely different digestive system from humans. They can get minerals from the soil and make their skin and fingernails harder after absorbing them!"

Qin An nodded, but a trace of coldness rose in his heart. These creatures were too powerful, would humans have a tomorrow?

Qin An shook his head and cleared up all the negative emotions. "Wife, you rest at the side. Watch your husband and I will clean up all these zombies!"

After saying that, he picked up the two kitchen knives in his hand and rushed towards the zombie closest to him. He put away the knife and cut the zombie in half!

The slaughter had begun. Qin An felt his speed and strength. He had lost his body for a short period of time, but now he had regained it. Naturally, it was extremely precious.

While killing the zombies, Qin An thought to himself, in the future, you must not eat randomly, especially medicine. If you lose your ability to strengthen yourself again, then as an ordinary person in this apocalyptic world, your chances of surviving will be pitiful!

After killing for more than an hour, Qin An sprinted around the prison square until the last zombie was split in half by him.

Qin An gasped for breath. He felt exceptionally relaxed. This kind of relaxation swept away the depression caused by what he had experienced in the past two days.

He turned around and looked for Qin Xiaoyan. She was cleaning up the battlefield and piling up the corpses of the zombies.

Qin An quickly ran to Qin Xiaoyan"s side. Before he could say anything, Qin Xiaoyan first said, "I found some gasoline in the garage over there. These corpses can"t be thrown away casually. Otherwise, they will rot and smell like corpses. It"s better to burn them down with a fire!"

Qin An nodded and agreed with Qin Xiaoyan.

Suddenly, he realized something and asked loudly, "Is there a garage here?"

Qin Xiaoyan pointed at a building in the south and said, "It"s over there. There are still quite a few cars!"

Hearing this, Qin An was overjoyed and ran over!

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