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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 2 Delicious Food

Chapter 2 Delicious Food

"We really don"t have any food, we haven"t eaten anything since yesterday! My husband and I have been worrying about food all afternoon after our argument today.

Later on, there was really nothing I could do. I suggested going out to see if there was anyone else in the neighbourhood. Perhaps I could find some food!

Just like that, we walked out of the house together. When we came out, we found that the door to the old Wang"s house was open, so we went in to look for food.

The living room was very safe, but when they opened the kitchen door, they didn"t expect Old Wang to rush out. He had already turned into a zombie.

My husband and I were so scared that we ran out of the old Wang"s house. I held the key and wanted to open the door of my house, but because we were too anxious, the key fell to the ground and I didn"t know where to kick it.

After Old Wang chased me out, he directly threw my husband down. I was extremely scared, but I didn"t dare to run downstairs. I don"t know if there were any other zombies in the corridor! "

Qin Xiaoyan said while crying.

Hearing her say this, Qin An frowned and asked, "Why did you lock the door of your house when you went out to find food? Are you afraid of being stolen?"

Qin Xiaoyan only cried even more fiercely. In fact, she did not know why she locked her door. Perhaps it was because she was too nervous and afraid.

Time slowly passed, and Qin Xiaoyan"s crying finally became much quieter. Qin An looked at the clock on the wall by the moonlight from outside the window. It was already past two in the morning.

He stood up and said to Qin Xiaoyan, who was kneeling on the ground, "You should sleep on the sofa tonight. Get up early tomorrow morning and hurry back to your own home!"

After saying that, he picked up the key and walked to the door, locking the door from the inside.

Qin An was afraid that this silly woman would sneak out to bring in the zombies at night.

Such worries were actually unnecessary. Now that Qin Xiaoyan had become a frightened bird, she didn"t dare to go out even if she had the courage to do so.

This was the reality. Normally, when one watched a large number of zombies eat people downstairs from upstairs, one"s heart would palpitate as well. However, as an audience, one would not be afraid of going anywhere.

However, when facing these monsters head-on, that deep helplessness and fear would break a person"s will, let alone a little woman like Qin Xiaoyan who wasn"t brave enough.

Qin An ignored Qin Xiaoyan. He walked back to his room and went to sleep again. He didn"t get up until after ten o"clock the next morning.

In July, Hanghai City was sultry. Qin An picked up a pair of underwear and put it on before walking out of the bedroom to the bathroom. Perhaps he did not wake up and had forgotten that there should be a woman at home at this time.

The bathroom door was closed, and Qin An pushed it open. The scene in front of him made him stunned.

On the toilet seat in the bathroom was a woman, Qin Xiaoyan.

Qin Xiaoyan was wearing a tight black vest, which completely exposed Qin Xiaoyan"s waist. Her smooth skin was as white as jade, and her waists that she grasped looked very tempting.

She was wearing a pair of white shorts and was taking them off and hanging on her knees.

Qin Xiaoyan was one of those second-rate beauties. She was actually very tasty. She looked more and more beautiful. However, in the past, Qin An did not look at her like a man looked at a woman. In Qin An"s heart, Qin Xiaoyan was nothing more than a disgusting neighbor who did not like her.

However, facing the scene in front of him, Qin An was frightened.

Qin Xiaoyan was also frightened. Her face flushed red and she almost didn"t dare to look at Qin An. However, the distance between the two of them was only a few meters, and the naked gaze Qin An shot at her made it impossible for her to avoid it.

In her eyes, Qin An had always been a sloppy fat man, but at this moment, this fat man was different from what she usually saw.

Qin Xiaoyan had never thought that Qin An, who had taken off her clothes, would be so strong. Her slightly bulging chest muscles, strong arms, stomach with abdominal muscles, and straight legs.

Whether she was afraid or ashamed, Qin Xiaoyan could hear the trembling in her words.

"Qin An, the lock on your bathroom is broken. I can"t lock it. Can you go out first?"

Qin Xiaoyan"s voice was very soft, as if she was afraid that if she spoke loudly, she would provoke Qin An.

Qin An finally reacted. His face turned slightly red, mocking him for having feelings for this annoying female neighbor in front of him.

In order to prove that he did not care about the desire Qin Xiaoyan gave him, Qin An did not retreat. Instead, he went to the sink and took the kettle and poured some water into the washbasin. He began to wash his face. After washing his face, he coldly said to Qin Xiaoyan, "Don"t you know that there is no water left? You actually used the toilet bowl?"

Qin Xiaoyan said awkwardly, "I see your toilet is still clean..."

Qin An said disdainfully, "I got it on paper and threw it downstairs!" After saying that, he walked out of the bathroom and closed the door, leaving only Qin Xiaoyan who was embarrassed and uneasy.

When Qin An sat on the sofa, the scene of Qin Xiaoyan sitting on the toilet would still appear in front of him. That scene could not dissipate for a long time.

After a few minutes, Qin Xiaoyan walked out of the bathroom. She was at a loss. She leaned against the wall and looked at Qin An, who was sitting on the sofa wearing only one pair of underwear. She said embarrassedly, "Aren"t you going to put on some clothes?"

When Qin An was reminded by Qin Xiaoyan, he remembered that he was wearing only a pair of underwear. He couldn"t help but blush a little. At the same time, he felt a little angry and said, "This is my home. I can wear whatever I want!"

After saying that, she glared at Qin Xiaoyan, who was very uneasy, and said, "You can leave now!"

Qin Xiaoyan"s head was a little dizzy. She hadn"t eaten for two days. Last night, she slept on the sofa of Qin An"s house and cried all night. The scene of Liu Tianyu being eaten by Old Wang next door also tortured her like a nightmare. At this moment, she was helpless to the extreme.

Want to go home? Not to mention that she didn"t dare to go out right now, even if she went out, there was no food left in her home. Without her husband and food, how could she survive as a woman?

Slowly sliding down the wall, Qin Xiaoyan started crying softly.

Qin An naturally knew Qin Xiaoyan"s current thoughts and situation. He sighed slightly. He walked to the kitchen and cooked some rice with gas. Then he scrambled vegetables, scrambled eggs with onions, dried cauliflower and ground three delicacies.

In order to preserve these vegetables, Li Ying pickled them with salt when she left. Later, Qin An simply soaked them in salt and did not do anything wrong. It was already summer, and if she did not do so, she would not be able to preserve them.

As for the eggs, they were already stinky. Normal people wouldn"t eat them at all, afraid of being poisoned.

After all, Qin An used to be a soldier. That year when the north was flooded, they went to fight against the flood. Some families in the northern countryside especially liked rotten eggs and scrambled chili peppers. The taste was a little strange, but the more they ate, the better they tasted. It was like stinky tofu.

After that, Qin An knew that rotten eggs were edible!

After finishing it, Qin An brought them all to the dining table in the living room. Then, he looked at Qin Xiaoyan who was still squatting on the ground and said, "Come over and eat first!"

Actually, Qin Xiaoyan had already smelled the fragrance of rice and fried vegetables. She felt as if her saliva was about to flow out.

After being trapped at home for three months, their family did not have much reserves. This month, they had been eating instant noodles. Now, they had not eaten for another two days. Now, they could smell the fragrance of the food. This was an irresistible temptation.

Qin Xiaoyan supported herself and stood up from the ground. She slowly walked to the dining table and sat down. Seeing the three fried dishes and delicious rice on the table, she almost couldn"t control herself and started eating.

At first, he was still worried about the way Qin An looked at her. He ate very slowly, but it didn"t take long for him to turn into a wolf swallow.

In a few minutes, a large bowl of rice was eaten by Qin Xiaoyan. She never thought that the food cooked by Qin An would be so delicious. She even felt that this was the most delicious meal she had ever eaten in her life.

After putting the last grain of rice in her bowl into her mouth with her chopsticks, Qin Xiaoyan looked at Qin An timidly.

Qin An lowered his head. He had only eaten one-third of the rice in the bowl. He could feel the way Qin Xiaoyan looked at him and felt that it was funny in his heart.

This woman was usually arrogant, but now, she was as vulgar as a beggar.

Qin An pointed to the kitchen and said, "There is still rice in the kitchen. Go and eat it yourself."

Qin Xiaoyan hurriedly stood at the beginning and thanked him, just like walking to the kitchen.

Qin An secretly looked at Qin Xiaoyan"s back. Looking at her curved buttocks, he recalled the scene in the bathroom for no reason. His originally calm body became hot again.

In his heart, he looked down on himself and secretly said, "Men are indeed simple-minded animals, and he can"t be exempt from the world!" Moreover, he had been a monk for several months!

Depressed, Qin An stood up from his chair and returned to his room. He wore a pair of white sports shorts and a black vest to cover his body"s reaction.

When he returned to the dining table in the living room and looked at Qin Xiaoyan, who was already sitting there continuing to eat, he realized awkwardly that the two of them were dressed like lovers.

After dinner, Qin Xiaoyan took the initiative to clean up the dining table. After getting it washed in the kitchen, she returned to the living room and leaned against the wall at a loss.

Qin An sat on the sofa and looked coldly at Qin Xiaoyan. He knew that this woman must be very helpless at this time.

He had read some books on psychology before and knew that it was a sign of insecurity if a person always liked to lean against a wall.

What should we do with her? Could it be that he really kicked her out and ignored her life and death?

After thinking for a long time, he didn"t know what to do. Qin An became a little irritated. Forget it, he didn"t think about things he couldn"t understand for the time being!

With this undecided decision, Qin An ignored Qin Xiaoyan and started all kinds of exercises that she had to do every day. Qin Xiaoyan had been hiding by the wall, looking at Qin An who was jumping around in the living room and doing all kinds of exercises, a trace of surprise and relief arose in her eyes.

No wonder he felt that Qin An had lost weight and was much stronger. It turned out that he would exercise every day!

Time slowly passed. It was more than five o"clock in the afternoon when Qin An stopped and sat back on the sofa exhausted.

Qin Xiaoyan, on the other hand, was like a stone statue, leaning against the wall without moving.

Qin An panted slightly and wiped the sweat off his forehead with a towel. After looking at Qin Xiaoyan for a while, he asked, "Do you want to stay?"

Qin Xiaoyan seemed to have grabbed onto a life-saving straw. A trace of joy flashed in her eyes and she nodded forcefully.

Qin An smiled and said, "Alright, then let"s talk about the conditions."

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