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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 1918 Soldiers Traveling Under Heaven

Chapter 1918 Soldiers Traveling Under Heaven

When Long Shiyu put on her makeup, she looked at the white hair at the corner of her ear and was lost in thought.

"Princess, you are only in your twenties. How can your hair be white? I heard that the imperial physician had a prescription for hair dye. Why don't we ask Little Guizi to get it? I will dye your hair."

"So what if it is dyed? It is fake."

"Princess, it doesn't matter whether it is real or fake. Anyway, we can just look good."

"Girl, don't tell me that we don't look good like this?"

Changting stuck out his tongue and realized that he had said something wrong.

He raised his head and looked at Long Shiyu in the mirror. She was known as the number one beauty in the continent. Of course, she looked good at any time.

When she was twelve years old, she was already so beautiful that she was devastatingly beautiful. Now that she was sixteen years old, she looked like a celestial paradise.


Changting sighed. Shiyu turned her head and looked at the maid who was two years younger than her. She smiled and said,

"Yo, yo, you even know how to sigh. What are you thinking about? Why are you sighing?"

"Princess, you are already sixteen years old. You look eighteen, and you are going to get married. If you become a woman who hates to get married, even if you are a Princess, you still can't."

"Hey, Princess, don't be anxious. Isn't there still two more years? What are you anxious about?"

"Of course I have to be anxious. I have to find someone I like and then let the Emperor decide the marriage."

Looking at the anxious look of Changting, Long Shiyu smiled, but there was a trace of worry on her face.

Her marriage was not so simple. Even her royal brother, Long Junfeng, could not make the decision.

Sigh, in the end, it didn't matter anymore.

Thinking about the fate of her marriage, Long Shiyu was a little unhappy. She didn't say anything and continued to look at the mirror. She looked at the white hair on her ears and felt that it was an eyesore.

"Why is this square white? Is it the white of lovesickness or the white of worry?"

After pondering for a while, Long Shiyu also couldn't understand. At this moment, another girl ran in, panting.

Shiyu tilted her head and looked at her. She smiled and said,

"Fenglin, what's wrong? If you have something to say, say it slowly. Don't worry."


"Don't stutter."

"Oh, Princess, you, you, you were bestowed a marriage!"


Shi Yu and Chang Ting both stood up in shock.

What was the Emperor thinking? He actually bestowed the Princess a marriage?

And that person was really bold, actually daring to accept such a marriage?

Long Shiyu frowned and asked,

"Who is he?"

"He is called Qin An. It is said that he has been conferred the title of Grand Marshal of our court and has replaced the position of Ancient Blue Flower General. Moreover, the Emperor bestowed the marriage of Princess and the Ancient Blue Flower General to him together! Moreover, it was to become his concubine. I heard that there is a legitimate wife in his family, a fierce shrew. This morning, she even got up and roared. Everyone within a few hundred meters heard her shout."

Weng Lan did not know that she had already become a shrew in this city.

In fact, this could not be completely blamed on her. In the morning, she shouted at Qin An because she was reading a novel. Although her voice was a bit loud, it would not spread very far on normal days.

However, the terrain there was the mountain wall. Moreover, the mountain was very high, so the sound was basically transmitted in one direction. It undoubtedly made the volume a bit louder, and it spread further and more people heard it.

Shiyu was really petrified. She was still thinking about the question just now. Who was he? Her brother was definitely not a fool. He would not marry her to any man easily unless he was a strange guy!


Qin An had a headache. Long Junfeng had invited him for a drink. The wine was really delicious, so Qin An drank quite a bit, but it wasn't too much.

However, he still agreed to the two families in the end.

In fact, it wasn't considered a promise. He had agreed with Long Junfeng that it was just a fake marriage.

The two women both had a reason for marriage. The blue flower was because it hated to marry a woman, while Shi Yu was because it was beautiful.

Sigh, forget it, it was fake, why would he care so much?

In the words of Long Junfeng, he treated them as sisters. One day, when he reached a place far away, he would find someone more suitable and marry them off.

Of course, according to Long Junfeng, it was fine for Qin An to marry all of them, as long as Qin An was willing.

Of course, Qin An was unwilling. For him, no matter how beautiful a woman was, he had no interest in them. Right now, he just wanted to be safe and sound with Weng Lan. After a few years of fulfilling and passionate days, it was just this simple, but it was his extravagant hope.

After returning from Long Junfeng, Qin An began to build a car.

After finally creating a framework, Qin An was a little upset. There were too few tools, and the industrial facilities were too incomplete. There were no large tires, no suitable driving devices. Most importantly, there might not be a road for the car to be evenly spread in the future.

Was it still necessary to build a small carriage? How uncomfortable it was to sit there.

Qin An hesitated for a long time and finally decided to build a recreational vehicle!

At this time, the servants sent by Mu Xiangnan to Qin An also arrived.

Qin An directed them to start buying basic equipment and then built it in front of the small wooden house.

Weng Lan did not get up until the afternoon. At that time, Qin An had already built a recreational frame.

It was almost seven meters long and three and a half meters wide.

This was not big, but at least a bed could be placed inside, some wardrobe, tables, and chairs, and a small bathroom.

As for the kitchen, it was fine. This was an ancient ecological world, so naturally, they would go wherever they went to eat wild game. Moreover, there were chefs in the army, so they could just have a small stove.

After sleeping for a while, Weng Lan was no longer that angry. When he saw the RV shelf, he casually asked,

"Is this a house built by you? Why is it not compatible with the foundation?"

"Sigh, it can only be said that there will be problems in the near future. The foundation is no longer needed. I originally wanted to wait for someone to come find me, but now it seems that there is no way to retreat. Then let's go out and go. We will fight while walking. This house is for you, so that you can live here peacefully."

"I didn't say that I want to go with you."

"Weng Lan, you are my person. In this world, I am also your only person. What else do you want to do if you don't follow me?"


Weng Lan pursed her lips and snorted. She did not speak again and found a place to freshenup.

In fact, there was no need to find them at all. A few nimble girls had already gathered around Weng Lan to serve him.

Weng Lan was still not used to it, but with these seemingly simple and delicate little girls accompanying her, she was quite happy. She could always talk to them and also come to this world.

Qin An was busy for the next two days and finally finished the RV.

This car still had to be driven by horses. In fact, there was nothing special about it. The only thing that took Qin An a lot of time was the shock reducing device.

In order to design this shock reducing device, Qin An had lost a lot of brain cells.

The modern shock reducing device was actually not a high-tech thing, but in the ancient era where there was nothing, it could still create a good shock reducing effect. It had to be said that Qin An was a knowledgeable and knowledgeable person.

Weng Lan had entered the car as a little white mouse and lived in it. It was very comfortable, provided that the road could not be too steep.

Qin An was already the Grand Marshal of the Army, so he naturally had bodyguards. The Emperor was also worried about many new recruits.

In addition to the ancient blue flower, the troops that Mu Xiangnan had taken with him, a total of four hundred thousand people would participate in this operation.

The Emperor delayed the date of Qin An leaving the city for another day, only saying that the Empress missed her younger sister, Long Shiyu, and wanted her to accompany her more.

This time, Qin An is not from the Gu family, so we have to bring a large group of family members.

Even Mu Nanxiang, the ancient green flower, had to follow him. Qin An almost took away the strongest force in the country, but only left a group of old and weak women and children for Long Junfeng.

In other words, if Qin An failed, Long Junfeng would be doomed.

Of course, Long Junfeng could not trust Qin An so much. If his master believed in the imperial advisor Mu Nanxiang.

Just like this, he delayed for another day, and Qin An continued to perfect his little caravan.

There were two pieces of furniture, bedding, clothes, bathtubs, and toilets, but the bed did not seem to be enough to sleep. Weng Lan still did not allow Qin An to sleep on the bed.

Qin An was very smart and directly went to the floor. Anyway, they were all templates. There were still twenty-four wheels below. If they did not touch the ground directly, the floor would not be cold.

Speaking of this rolling, Qin An also felt sad. Qin An did not find the proper tires. It was not easy to find the size of the twenty-fourth brother. The thickness was also good. The tires were about the same size, so he simply installed them under the car.

There were four groups in total. Each group had eight tires. They could be used alternately to make it convenient for the RV to turn around. In some special terrain, they could use the tires to rise and increase the shock reduction function.

Finally, at ten in the morning the next day, Qin An led the army out of the city.

Weng Lan felt that Qin An was a little indecisive. He had previously said that he would settle down here, but now he was going out again.

Weng Lan did not accept what he said. The reason why this brat was willing to go out was probably because he wanted to pretend.

After all, he was a very powerful person. How could he be at ease to stay in this corner?

Weng Lan did not have the ability to gather information on her own, so it was impossible for her to know some things.

Therefore, when Weng Lan found out that Qin An was bestowed a marriage by the Emperor, Long Shiyu had already been sent to her.

It was estimated that at noon, the RV was still in the midst of traveling. There was a scary person who sent lunch to Weng Lan. It was very sumptuous.

A little girl named Yu'er was chosen by Weng Lan to be a personal maid.

Seeing that little Yu'er was busy carrying a large group of plates into the room, Weng Lan frowned and walked over.

"Yu'er, I can't eat so much by myself. Isn't General Qin leading the troops ahead? Is he coming over to eat with me?"

"No, Madam, the Duke is here to see you."

"Princess? What does she want to see me for?"

"You still don't know?"

"What do you know?"

"The Princess has already been bestowed a marriage to Grand Marshal Qin An. She is now his concubine. The one who was bestowed a marriage is also the Ancient Blue Flower General. She is the concubine with the lowest position. And you are the wife of the original wife. This concubine and concubine will come to kowtow and pay their respects to you. But the Ancient Blue Flower General is still at the forefront, so only Princess Qian has come. Her name is Long Shiyu."

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