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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 1910 Another Dangerous City?

Chapter 1910 Another Dangerous City?

Night whirls, Gu Fenghan, dark clouds cover the moon and lock the border.

Qin An and Weng Lan stood on the broken city wall, staring blankly at the battle scene in front of them.

Weng Lan finally made up her mind to follow Qin An in. Although the altar tower must be in danger, she would regret it if she didn't come in.

After all, she really believed that she was a pig's foot, so she naturally had to advance and retreat with the male pig's foot, even though she still couldn't understand her feelings for the male pig's foot.

Pushing the door open, they walked past a small section of black fog and came out to see the scene in front of them.

What is this, so exaggerated, fighting?

Qin An stood in the corner of the city wall and looked for a while before he understood.

"The tower is an energy barrier. You can enter another world through the door."

"Another world? What does that mean?"

"The enemy is cunning, He knew I was tough to deal with, There's no way to get rid of a man like me in the Apocalyptic city world, So he's been plotting, This tower was built in the center of the altar city of the World of Spirit Medicine, It was something he had prepared for a long time, This is the entrance to a different world, "And this alien world is absolutely independent. It is already far away from the galaxy planet we used to live on. It is impossible to connect the two with time and space. It is an independent existence. And now that we are here, we have entered a new order of laws. This means that our abilities will be different from before."

"Then what should we do? Since you don't have any abilities, it won't be easy for you to get killed. After all, he's going to plot against you."

Qin An curled his lips, feeling that Weng Lan was quite stupid.

"I mean different, not without abilities. Even if this world has restrictions on abilities, I am still Qin An, not some other cat or dog."

"Then do you still have the ability to kill zombies from afar with a single large sword?"

Hearing Weng Lan's question, Qin An frowned and tried. Then, he sighed and said,


"Nothing!! Then what else can you do?"


Qin An felt it for a while before he said, "The strength of the body is still there. The muscular ability is also there. There shouldn't be any problem with the high jump and long jump. The others seem to have weakened a lot. Even the ability of super hearing can only be extended by several hundred meters."

"Heavens! High jump and long jump? What kind of ability is that? What should I do?" 𝙞𝑛𝓷𝓇𝒆a𝑑. 𝙘૦𝗺

"It doesn't matter anymore. Didn't you hear that before? Soldiers come to block it, water comes to earth to cover it, but…"

"But what?"

"My strength has decreased. I found that you are quite fleshy. It's quite heavy to hold you in my arms."

"You… hate! You have meat, then put me down!"

"Hehe, alright."

Qin An placed Weng Lan beside him. This hug had lasted long enough.

Qin An sighed to himself. He was a little conflicted because he realized something.

After all, he was a great figure who had the ability to take the initiative. Although he had been greatly weakened now, he still had a killing skill.

Although Weng Lan was the female lead in the Apocalyptic city world, she had never had any special abilities. After traveling to this world, her fantasy ability had disappeared. Basically, she didn't have any other special abilities to accompany her. She was just an ordinary little woman.

Being put down by Qin An, Weng Lan felt that half of her body was numb.

She had hugged him for too long, and even though she had returned to her normal state at this time, she wasn't used to it.

However, Weng Lan did not have time to pay attention to these things. She was staring at the surroundings with her eyes wide open. She just felt that everything in front of her was too shocking!

There were no zombies in this world, but it was still an apocalyptic awakening.

In the modern world, people had imagined 2012, imagined nuclear storms, imagined zombies.

However, people would often ignore war for various reasons. Actually, war was the most terrifying apocalypse!

The city was built on top of a precipice in the mountains. It was almost two hundred meters high from the ground. On both sides, it tilted towards the mountain wall. Its gaze grew several kilometers taller and taller, and it continued in both directions without any boundaries.

Well, in such a natural cliff, a city wall was roughly two thousand meters long. There was a terrible war going on inside and outside the city wall.

This was a cold weapon war. The people below were climbing up with all sorts of wooden siege weapons, while the soldiers above were defending with difficulty.

Logically speaking, there should be an advantage above the city wall. After all, the terrain is too strong.

However, there were too many people below. Weng Lan raised her head and looked around, unable to see the boundaries at all.

"Who are you!"

Qin An and Weng Lan stood at the corner of the city wall.

All of a sudden, the surrounding soldiers were too busy, so they ignored their appearance.

However, there would always be people who would notice a man and woman wearing strange clothes, so they would come over with weapons to interrogate them.

Weng Lan was very nervous. She could not help but retreat to Qin An's side. Qin An smiled and held her in his arms. He looked at the soldier opposite him and said,

"We're just passers-by. Don't worry about us."

As he spoke, Qin An pulled Weng Lan's hand and walked up the corridor.

This tunnel was very wide, over ten meters long. The slope was not steep, so it extended a very long distance to the flat ground.

The flat ground in the mountain was about forty to fifty meters away from the city wall. People were like ants as they transported all kinds of supplies to defend the city.

"Stop! You can't leave! Someone come!"

The soldiers who discovered Weng Lan and Qin An began to call for help. Soon, many people arrived and surrounded the two of them.

Qin An wasn't the slightest bit nervous. He was already prepared for this situation.

Since his ability had decreased, then his eternal ability should also decrease. In this space, if he wanted to kill him, he needed to rely on other methods.

For example, if he was already a high-ranking person, then he was just a white servant who had just arrived here. He could send a lot of people to beat him up.

However, there were two groups of people fighting on this side, and they didn't know which side was the Eternal ones.

Qin An suddenly thought of a possibility. Perhaps after he entered this space, he only teleported to a random spot. Eternal simply did not know where he was.

Then he should also be looking for him. As long as he finds him, he will have a way to kill him!

The laws of space and time were like this. Everyone was an outsider, and it was impossible for them to completely grasp this world.

Therefore, Eternal couldn't directly use the Laws of Space and Time to kill him.

In the end, he came here to find a fair spot.

After all, in Apocalyptic city's world, he could be considered a pig's foot.

Although he wasn't a pig's foot in the Spirit Healing World, he was a powerful space-time fantasist.

All of this had been calculated by Eternity, so he had prepared the Altar Tower to fight him here.

Who exactly was this person? I'm very curious, but I can't guess.

At this time, officers and soldiers nearby brought ropes to tie up Qin An and Weng Lan.

Of course, Qin An could not submit.

He basically lost his ability, but his kung fu was still there, and he wasn't an ordinary body technique expert.

When a group of people came up, Qin An easily kicked them to the side.

This caused a commotion. Finally, a troop of fast horses came over, surrounded Qin An and Weng Lan, and quickly dodged to the side to give them a path.

A fast horse rushed forward. On it sat a young general who seemed to be only fifteen or sixteen years old. He was very energetic.

"Hi! I am the Ancient Huajun! Who are you? What strange clothes are you wearing?"

These people's costumes were basically similar to those of the ancients, so in their eyes, Qin An and Weng Lan's modern costumes were naturally strange.

Qin An had traveled through the Great Thousand Worlds, so he had no emotions about traveling.

However, Weng Lan had not yet adapted to travel, even though she was a space-time fantasist in the world of spirit medicine.

After all, the world of Spirit Healing wasn't much different from Weng Lan's previous world.

The world in front of him was completely different. Ancient times!

Qin An looked at the young man. He looked handsome and his name was domineering. Ancient Huajun? That sounds good.

"Little boy, I'm Qin An."

"Qin An? Then where did you come from!"

"I'm from…"

Qin An frowned slightly. If this was an ancient system, would he understand if he told him about this kind of thing?

Just as Qin An was pondering, another horse came up behind the youth. On it sat an old man with a white beard. He was dressed in white and looked like a Dao Bone Immortal.

"Hua Jun, what's wrong?"

"Imperial Teacher! There are two eccentrics here! I wonder if they are spies from the enemy."

"Oh? Let me take a look."

The old man originally narrowed his eyes, but when he spoke, he only opened his eyes and looked at Qin An.

Qin An was somewhat surprised. This old man's gaze was incomparably deep. Even though Qin An had read countless people, he had never seen such calm eyes.

"Ah … what a calm person. I, Mu Nan Xiang, where did this general come from?"

'"Ah, why do you all like to ask me where I came from? Haven't you heard of it before? Don't ask where the hero came from. I can only tell you that my name is Qin An. I have no hostility towards you when I wander to this city, so long as you don't cause me any trouble."

Qin An's words were very arrogant. The Ancient Chinese Emperor was about to get angry. Mu Nan gently waved his hand to stop him.

Mu Nan Xiang seemed to have thought for a while before he said,

"Then does the general know where this place is?"

"What a hero. Don't ask where he came from. I can tell that the general is a man of great wisdom. Alright, I won't ask where you came from. I'll ask you. Do you know where this place is?"

"Haha, Old Man Whitebeard, your wisdom is also very admirable. This question has reached an important point. We don't know where this is."

"Mm, then do you need me to be your guide?"

"Alright, I'm in need of a guide, but I think you guys are at war. Do you have time?"

"This wave has lasted for more than half a month. Although there are many of them, it is precisely because of this material that they need to rest and adjust. In any case, they don't have to worry. This city is originally a desperate place."

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