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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 1909 Fighting Monsters, Talking About Love

Chapter 1909 Fighting Monsters, Talking About Love

Weng Lan was deeply shocked.

Qin An stood there, holding a huge sword in his hand, and casually sweeping it, he killed many zombies.

The zombie corpses shattered. Blood splattered everywhere. Blood mist flew everywhere. The surrounding space became scarlet red. Moreover, the surrounding corpses were piling up higher and higher. The corpses were centered around the two of them. The corpses were already piled up within a radius of about three kilometers.

Weng Lan was a little afraid, so she hugged Qin An's neck even harder.

She did not realize that her strength had actually recovered a little. Qin An's control was weakening.

"I remember fighting with the Night Watch in Zangxi that year against the zombie army from India. Hehe, that was how I felt when I killed the zombies. However, my methods are much more powerful now."

"How did you manage to kill all the zombies in the distance without touching the courtyard behind you?"

Weng Lan was referring to the Yuan Clan. The Yuan Clan's house was right behind them, but Qin An had killed the zombies in the distance, but the sword energy would not affect the house.

"This originated in Sword God Force. Sword Qi can kill monsters nearby, and it can also kill distant creatures from afar!" 𝐢n𝑛rℯ𝒶𝚍. 𝑐o𝘮

Qin An's words were very gentle and indifferent.

This Qin An was naturally different from Qin An at the beginning of Apocalyptic city. After experiencing so many things, he was no longer a diaosi, but a very imposing, magnanimous, and charming man.

At this moment, he was like a war god, sweeping through all the ashes, as if he wanted to kill all the demons and devils in the world. The so-called Altar City was nothing more than this to him.

It was really easy for Qin An to kill these ordinary zombies. At the same time, he summoned flames to ignite the pile of zombies to prevent them from piling up too high and falling onto people.

Because the temperature of the flames rose, Qin An activated the ability to control the weather, causing the temperature nearby to drop to the most comfortable level for the human body.

Weng Lan felt that it was even more bizarre. A creature like a woman longed for excitement and a sense of security. When a man could satisfy her two needs, he could basically stimulate a woman's emotional impulses, giving her an ambiguous feeling.

Moreover, the current Weng Lan and Qin An's postures were really very ambiguous. How could they not be ambiguous when hugging each other so tightly?

"In the third year of our marriage, we went climbing once. You sprained your foot at the foot of the mountain, and I carried you up the mountain. You acted so heartache at that time, wiping away my sweat and whispering in my ear, 'Come on, husband, come to the farmhouse on the top of the mountain. I'll give you a reward tonight!'" "That should be the most active love words you've ever said to me. Every time you think of me, your bloodline will open up. Now that you think about it, it's still very warm."

Weng Lan did not say anything. She did not know how to reply. If it was before, she might have snorted coldly. But now, she did not feel that the man in front of her was teasing him. There was a trace of sadness in his eyes.

"What's wrong with you?"

Weng Lan couldn't help but ask.

"Ah, it's nothing. It's just that I'm feeling a little complicated."


"Yes, I think you might be a dream of mine."

"Meng, why did you say that?"

"I've always loved you, and I still love you. However, I understand a truth, if it is in reality, we can not love each other. I'm such a dick, I don't have the courage to pursue such an outstanding you, and you're so outstanding, it's impossible for you to marry such a dick like me. So it's illogical for us to be together. But Apocalyptic city, for so many years, I've been stuck with you, I've never forgotten you, I feel like I love you so much, this may… "

"Perhaps what?"

"Perhaps it's all fake, I don't love you, but the novel made me fall in love with you. So you and I may not be in love at all. When I saw you today, I was not your type of person who hated me very much. And I think I like you, isn't that a habit? "It comes from the plot of the novel. If that's the case, it means that I don't really love you."

Weng Lan frowned and began to understand the meaning of Qin An's words.

According to him, Apocalyptic city's novels are over and their destinies are no longer at their mercy. So when they have a completely independent life, he realizes that he doesn't love them anymore?


Just now, he had made it very clear that he loved himself in the book. However, outside the book, meeting such a stranger was nothing more than a complete stranger to her. Even if she loved Weng Lan, she still loved the one in the book, not herself.

After thinking about this, Weng Lan took a deep breath for some reason.

Is that relief? Maybe this man won't pester her in the future?

Is that a pity? In the future, this man would not pester her!

Just as Weng Lan was pondering this question, Qin An said,

"Ah, actually, I've been thinking about this question before, and now I've thought it through. I have been tied to you for so many years. Even if you are the real you, and I am not who I was back then, how can we let you go? I will work hard to love you now, this should be very easy for me, after all, there is such a long period of love based on. Weng Lan, I'll give you some time. You'd better fall in love with me too. Otherwise, we might take the initiative to be a couple of idiots in this lifetime. I won't let go of me. No matter where you are in this space, you are destined to be my Qin An's woman! If you do not love me, I will not let you leave even if I tie you to my side with a rope. "

Weng Lan's face turned red when she heard this, and she couldn't help but whisper two words.


Although she seemed to be very angry, Weng Lan was actually more shy.

Lying in Qin An's arms, Weng Lan began to carefully examine Qin An's facial features.

Of course, this was a handsome guy, and after experiencing countless years, Qin An actually had a kind of temperament.

Previously, Weng Lan thought that Qin An was a vagrant and a psychopath, but now, she was more and more detailed about what Qin An said.

If there was a novel world in which he and he were once husband and wife and had children, then all of his performance towards him would be normal, right?

Ai, it's a pity that I don't have as many memories as before.

She subconsciously took off a hand and placed it in her backpack. Weng Lan touched the thick book. This was Apocalyptic city.

You must read it sometime. Perhaps only by reading this book can you understand what kind of person Qin An is.

Qin An's slaughter was somewhat shocking. After killing for more than three hours, the number of zombies that had died was estimated to have exceeded ten million. This was equivalent to him killing many people in the Altar City.

Perhaps the so-called altar was in this sense. Blood must have flowed into a river here.

Finally, the nearby zombies did not rush over. It was not that there were no zombies, but they knew how powerful Qin An was, so they refused to come up.

This must be eternal control.

Qin An still couldn't figure out who Eternal was, but he knew that he had to kill this person, as if he was his own natural enemy.

Who was it? Were there any villains left in Doomsday City that he hadn't killed?

I don't think so. Even if I do, it's still a dragon set. It's not important.

"Alright, I guess that's all for now. Since they don't come looking for me, why don't we go look for Eternal?"

Without waiting for Weng Lan to agree, Qin An immediately flapped his wings and soared into the sky.

Weng Lan looked at it with envy. She was also a space-time fantasist, but she did not have so much ability from Qin An. She was indeed a pig's foot. She was truly formidable.

Wasn't he also a pig's foot? Why wasn't he so powerful?

Oh, Apocalyptic city is a male frequency novel, so the male lead is more powerful. The female lead is used to be flirted with by the male lead.

Weng Lan was a little impatient, more like to see the specific content of this novel, very curious about the specific story.

However, there was no time right now.

Qin An flew into the sky and circled over the city. This place was already in ruins, Eternal was clearly formidable. He had already arranged this altar city many years ago, which meant that he had some kind of ability to predict the future. He knew that he would come to this place one day, so he was prepared to fight him. Perhaps the zombie crisis would begin, and a more severe crisis would await him.

It doesn't matter anymore. Bing Lai will block the water and cover the earth. He has been depressed and lonely as the Master God for all these years. Now, someone wants to fight with him. Qin An really wants it. Let's fight. Who is afraid of who?

After flying for a while, Qin An saw a group of seven-story black towers that were 100 meters tall. On the first floor, there was a plaque hanging on the door of the tower. There were a few words written on the plaque-Qin An Buried Bones!

The corner of Qin An's mouth curled into a cold smile as he descended to the ground and put away his wings.

Weng Lan turned her head to look at the plaque on the tower gate and frowned.

"This is a trap."

"Yes, it's a trap."

As he spoke, Qin An raised his hand and slashed out with his sword. The colorful sword energy flew out and landed on the tower. It did not move at all.

Weng Lan had seen how powerful Qin An was, and she didn't want to hit this tower so sturdy, so she said,

"If it's a trap, don't go in, right?"

"Didn't you see those words? I have to bury my bones. This is a challenge to me. How can I not enter?"

"Why not?"

"I have lived for many years, seen through many things, and can see many things that have not yet happened, so I know that I am not allowed to get rid of this man called Eternal, or else it will be a problem for us in the end. If he ascends to heaven, then I will step on the clouds and ascend. If he descends to the sea, then I will go to the sea to search. If he goes to hell, I will even tear down the Yama Palace and kill him. So I can 't back down. "

"Alright, but you're not invincible. You can't even break this tower."

"Because it is not a real tower, but a spatial barrier. There should be a spatial world inside the tower. If we go to the tower, we will be entering another world. The altar tower in the altar city. It is not easy to bury me with this thing. "However, as you said, I do not have absolute confidence. Then, Weng Lan, are you willing to follow me into the tower? Whether I live or die inside is not something I can control."

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