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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 1908 The Last Villain

Chapter 1908 The Last Villain

Qin An really did what he said and raised his hand to hit Eternal's back.

This palm strike didn't use much strength, but if it was an ordinary person, they would probably be killed.

In fact, Qin An did not know why he was so decisive. In any case, he just wanted to take action against this brat. It seemed that it wasn't just because he had hooked up with his wife, Weng Lan, but also because of a faint but thick hostility.

"You …!"

Weng Lan was a little anxious. She knew how powerful Qin An was. That Eternal didn't seem to be too strong. If this palm really hit him, would it kill him?

Although she was anxious, Weng Lan had no choice. She could not stop the unreasonable Qin An.

However, Qin An's palm did not hit Yongheng. His bodyguard raised his hand and clashed with Qin An. With a cracking sound, the security guard's arm was directly broken.

Yongheng suddenly turned his head, his expression shocked, his gaze met Qin An's.

Qin An's expression was calm as he smiled and sighed,

"You know me."

"How could I know you? What are you doing? Why did you kill me the first time you met me?"

"Hmph, this is the first time we've met? Although I don't know your face, I'm sure it's not the first time you've seen me. There's a trace of tyrannical hatred in your eyes. Although you can hide it, you can't hide it from my eyes."

"What exactly are you talking about?"

'"Actually, this palm strike is most likely a test. You're acting like an ordinary person without any special abilities. Just now, you were facing me with your back. My palm strike was stopped by your bodyguard, and you immediately turned around. This proves that you are definitely someone with some abilities, yet you pretended to be so. Why?"

Yongheng did not say anything. Qin An continued, "Your face is filled with shock. There are actually many kinds of shock. I have seen countless images in my life, and I can roughly read people's thoughts. I can see that the reason why you are shocked is not because I hit you, but because you didn't expect me to do so." Hmph, this also means that you know me, and even boast that you know me, so you can't believe that I'm so ruthless, because you drank too much of Weng Lan and dealt with you … So, you also know Weng Lan? Hehe, I'll give you a chance to tell the truth. Who are you? Tell me, I can let you have a complete corpse, but no matter what, I will kill you! "

Eternal looked at Qin An's calm and cold eyes and suddenly smiled.

"Hahaha, Qin An, it seems that you are much more excited than before, but what's the use of this? We are destined to be your burial ground. Do you know why it is called the Altar City? This is the grave I prepared for you."

"Oh? Altar City has existed for decades. I heard it was called this name from the time it was built. You said it was specially prepared for me, so you knew me a few decades ago? But I just came to this space-time. Could it be that you are a person from the Apocalyptic city world? You still have a grudge against me, who is it?"

Yongheng laughed loudly and said, "Our enmity is indeed sworn. Qin An, it's not time to be honest with you. Since you don't want to play the game and want to directly seek death, oh, I can completely fulfill your wish!"

Qin An finally frowned and raised his hand to shoot out a sweeping army broadcast, killing all the bodyguards in front of him.

However, the Eternal had disappeared before the wave of light swept past them.

Qin An sighed. What a powerful teleportation ability. He released soul fluctuations to track him in time. He didn't know what he was thinking.

Qin An activated his enhanced Heaven Scrying Spiritual Sense and discovered that the zombies of the entire city were rushing over. From this, it seemed that eternity had something to do with these zombies. inn𝘳e𝑎𝘥. co𝐦

Turning around, Qin An said to Qi Hao and his wife, "You guys go back to the courtyard with Yuan Ji first. I don't have that much time to take care of many people. I don't need you to go with me anymore. I'll go kill all these things."

After saying that, Qin An carried Weng Lan and continued walking forward.

Yuan Ji was still hesitating, but Qi Hao was decisive. He directly pulled his wife Qin Yue's hand, then pulled Yuan Ji back into the courtyard and closed the door.

As Qin An walked, the Profound Heaven Sword appeared in his palm. He glanced at Weng Lan and smiled, "I'll let you experience the world of Apocalyptic city. Darling, now you know that Eternal is not a good person! He must be my enemy in the world of Apocalyptic city. It's definitely not good to approach your goal."

Weng Lan pouted, his expression not too good.

She wasn't saying that she was stupid, but of course she understood the cause and effect.

It seems that he really lives in a novel world. That Eternal is Qin An's enemy. If he is Qin An's wife in the novel world, then Eternal's purpose for him is not simple.

Thinking about last night was horrible.

No wonder that group of people wanted to let him drink. Perhaps it would be an eternal gain. After all, he was the city lord here.

"What are you doing?"

Weng Lan couldn't help but ask.

"Didn't you say? Kill them all."

"You're the only one?"

"I'm the protagonist, and I'm protected by the Pig's Foot Aura."

"By the way, what about the novel you gave me about Apocalyptic city?"

"I put it in your backpack. If you want to see it, you can go and see it."

"Am I the mistress of this book?"


"Then who is the villain in the book?"

"A lot, Emperor, Duo Physique … but they're all dead."

"I'm talking about the biggest villain."

"The biggest villain?"

Qin An was stunned for a moment. He frowned and pondered for a moment. Then, he said very slowly, "At first, I thought it was an Emperor, but it wasn't very similar. They lost their abilities after traveling to the Three Kingdoms. I easily killed them. It wasn't difficult at all."

"Isn't a book supposed to have the biggest villain? The protagonist can only kill him in the end, and then a book is finished."

"That's right… So after Emperor died, Apocalyptic city's novel ended. I started my own life."

"According to what you said, the end of Apocalyptic city's novel is really dog blood. There isn't even a villain who can compete with you."

Weng Lan was just casually complaining, but Qin An started to think deeply and felt that what Weng Lan said was very reasonable.

At this time, the zombies rushed over, the number uncountable.

Qin An raised the Profound Heaven Sword and swept out. A blue light rippled, and the half-round zombies within a few kilometers were cut off by his lazy waist. This lethality was truly exaggerated.

Qin An still wanted to continue walking forward, but Weng Lan tried her best to move her body and said, "Don't go, it's all corpses, I'm afraid!"

Qin An smiled and said, "Alright then, we will stand here and wait for them to arrive. As long as they rush over one after another, I will be able to kill them all. Do you believe me?"

"Believe it or not, I never thought I would marry you!"

In another world, Apocalyptic city's original author, Little Weng Lan, is hugging her husband and acting coquettish in bed.

The handsome young man smiled and said,

"Yeah, I didn't expect to marry you either, but I swear once again that I really, really loved you in school."

"Bad guy, you were Qin An's only friend back then."

"Ah, actually, I was only familiar with Qin An at first. Later on, I discovered that he had a girlfriend like you. That's why I became a brother with him. The purpose is to get close to you."

"Necrotic, why are you close to me? Do you want to sleep with a friend's girlfriend?"

'"No, I didn't have the guts. I didn't think about what to do. I just wanted to get closer to you. Every time I went out to eat with you and Qin An, it was my greatest happiness, even though I was a light bulb."

Little Weng Lan gave the man a deep kiss, and then said coquettishly, "Darling, you are so kind!"

The man chuckled and kissed Little Weng Lan back. The two of them wrapped themselves around the bed.

After being busy, the two of them hugged each other naked and talked about writing books back then.

Little Weng Lan sighed and said, "Darling, I feel so sorry for you."


"At that time, this book used my name as the number one female lead, Qin An's name as the male lead, and then I used your name as the number one villain."

"Haha, what's there to this? I'm very happy to be a bad guy."

"Hey, honey, I just feel sorry."

"There's no need to feel sorry. Speaking of becoming a villain, I still have to thank you for this."

"Thank you for what?"

"Didn't you write me to death after writing a few chapters? At that time, I often went to find you and asked you to revive me. Hehe, that's when I became really familiar with you."

"Yes, that's right."

Weng Lan smiled happily for a while, then sighed, "Later, I wrote you down. I intended to let you live until you become a big boss. But those two days, my period was unwell. Qin An continued to write. He actually wrote you down again, making me very angry. Afterwards, I've been thinking about how to bring you back to life." But later on, when I quarreled with Qin An, I didn't write much about Apocalyptic city. "

"Hehe, that's why I have to thank this villain. Oh right, you said you wanted to revive me. Tell me, what did you think at that time?"

'"It's nothing much. Didn't Qin An use the Soul Extermination Curse after killing you in the novel? I thought that I would destroy your soul as well. I thought that I would be able to allow your soul to cross into another world before being eliminated. When the time comes, I will revive and gather strength to recruit troops and horses in the dark, waiting for a decisive battle with Qin An."

"Hehe, darling, your brain is really big. I think it's good to write like this."

"Is that so? Honey, I also feel that my brain is very big. It has always been very big!"

Little Weng Lan was already a young woman. Of course, she knew how to show off and make her husband satisfied.

As a result, the two of them were once again moved, and the man once again pressed down on Little Weng Lan.

Just as he was halfway through his work, the phone beside him rang. The man took the phone and took a look before frowning.

"Darling, who is it?"

"Our boss, he probably wants to talk about his business trip tomorrow."

"Oh, then hurry up and pick it up."

The man was helpless, but after picking up the phone, he let out a fake laugh.

"Hehe, President Li."

"En, Wang Cheng, prepare to sign the supply and marketing contract. Take it with you on a business trip tomorrow."

"Alright, President Li."

"Alright, it's been hard. What are you doing? Sounds like you're gasping for breath."

"Yes, I was in the room just now."

"Alright, young man, exercise well and keep your body healthy. If you have a future, then that's it. Hang up."

Wang Cheng put down the phone and smiled at Little Weng Lan, "Darling, let's continue."

"No, no, no, scoundrel."

"… Mm-hmm, my little baby …"

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