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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 1907 I Am The Law

Chapter 1907 I Am The Law

The world of Spirit Medicine was shocked. The appearance of a rank eight Demonic Spirit Stone Territory had already attracted the attention of the crowd. Who would have thought that in the same area, there would be stiffness again!

Moreover, two-thirds of the people within a radius of several thousand kilometers were zombified overnight. This was truly unheard of and unseen. Could it be that the other party was also a rank eight demonic spirit stiff? Created a zombie territory?

But rank eight demon spirits are stiff. What the hell is this? I've never heard of it before. This kind of spirit resentment has never evolved to rank eight.

In just one night, the news spread throughout the entire region.

However, in the early morning of the night, Qin An and Weng Lan had just woken up from their beds and knew nothing about the situation outside. When they opened their eyes, they saw each other's eyes.


Weng Lan screamed miserably, scaring Qin An to the point that his body trembled.

"You … what did you do to me?"

"Oh …"

"What the hell is'oh '!"

'"What did you ask me to do to you?" I said, "Oh," in a definite tone, "what did I do to you?" You fell from the sky, and I caught you. I wanted to send you to your room to sleep, but you put your long legs round my waist and didn't let me go. I couldn't help but kiss you when I saw that your lips were near. "

"Rogue! You rascal! I'm going to kill you!"

Weng Lan was very angry and rushed towards Qin An with open teeth and claws.

Qin An was still lying on the bed. When he saw Weng Lan coming over, he directly reached out and pulled her into his arms. Then, he raised his hand to touch her acupoints.

Qin An had lived in many worlds for so many years, and he had learned all sorts of skills.

He massaged Weng Lan's acupoints at top speed to make her limbs weak, lest she activate her fantasy ability to hit him.

For Qin An, even if Weng Lan's ability was very powerful, he still had hundreds of ways to quickly subdue her. This was the difference between the two of them.

Weng Lan, whose body had become weak, directly pulled her into her embrace. Qin An had completely thought it through. It was useless to hesitate so much.

Regardless of whether she would fall in love with someone like him in the novel world, he wanted her to be his woman now.

Qin An held Weng Lan tightly and kissed her a few times. Then, he closed his eyes and said, "Don't call her Little Lady. It's useless to call her Little Lady by her throat."

Weng Lan was so angry, Qin An actually acted as a bully in front of her, teasing a beautiful woman like her!

However, Weng Lan realized that she did not have the strength to resist and was about to cry in anger.

At this moment, the door of the room was pushed open and Qin Yue ran in.

"Not good! A very powerful stiffness has appeared. Outside … Ah!"

Seeing the two people hugging each other on the bed, Qin Yue cried out in fright.

Something's wrong. Qin An was clearly alone. Why did he suddenly get a woman in bed? Was it Yuanji?

Qin Yue couldn't help but take a few more curious glances before recognizing that it was Weng Lan who was being held by Qin An.

"Stiff? What is it?"

"It's a kind of spiritual grudge that can spread the zombie virus in a large area. The city is in chaos! Qi Hao is leading the Yuan Family to inspect the courtyard walls to prevent zombies from entering."

'"Zombies … I haven't seen them for many years …" En, it's time to go back. Tell Yuan Ji to help me and Weng Lan prepare our clothes. We'll go find the stiff and giant boulders and kill our way back to our own world. "

Qin Yue's eyes were wide open. She felt that Qin An was really crazy. She still needed to find the giant rocks and stiffness. Not to mention the outside, even this altar city couldn't get out, right? The streets were now filled with zombies!

However, Qin Yue was puzzled, but she didn't waste any time. After all, these two people were space-time fantasists, and their abilities didn't have any boundaries. If she hadn't seen them before, she wouldn't know how powerful they were.

He turned around and ran outside to find Yuan Ji. Yuan Ji took out two sets of clothes for Qin An.

Qin An carried the powerless Weng Lan to the bathroom, washed her face, mended her clothes, and put on her clothes.

"You didn't wear makeup in the past. Actually, you're not the kind of beauty that is amazing. However, your natural beauty and temperament are excellent, so it's actually better to not wear makeup."

"Qin An, I will not let you off. I will definitely seek revenge on you!"

Weng Lan spoke with tears in her eyes. Qin An gently touched Weng Lan's face and then pinched her.

"Rika with rain looks so cute. Why are tears rolling down your eyes instead of flowing down? Cry, I want to see you cry."

"You're abnormal!"

Weng Lan wanted to cry, but Qin An's relaxed appearance was too irritating. If she cried at this time, wouldn't that be equivalent to admitting defeat?

Therefore, Weng Lan held back her tears. Because she was angry, her other emotions dimmed a lot.

Qin An hugged Weng Lan in his arms. His strength was estimated to be as light as lightweight, so holding Weng Lan with one hand was like holding a bean.

Weng Lan lay powerlessly on Qin An's body, and she could no longer use her fantasy ability. She did not know what was going on with Qin An.

Sigh, my head is still a little dizzy. I drank too much wine with a handsome guy called Eternal yesterday.

How could things be like this? Shouldn't she be in the arms of eternity? Why is he here with Qin An?

She didn't want to move anymore. She didn't have the strength anyway, so Weng Lan lay unwillingly in Qin An's arms. She wanted to see what he wanted to do.

Not long after, Qin An, Yuan Ji, Qi Hao, and the others gathered in the courtyard. Yuan Ji's face turned pale as he said, "It should be rank eight Devil Corpse, because many rank five Spirit Doctors in the Colossal Stone Territory have directly turned into corpses. Grade seven Spirit Doctors have appeared. There are battlefields everywhere within a radius of several hundred kilometers. The United Nations is mobilizing troops. This is a great crisis."

Qin An nodded and said, "Since you've become a space-time fantasist, then it's time for me to do something. I came here for this woman. Now, I've already figured out that I don't want to stay any longer. Yuan Ji, bring people with me. Kill the zombies in the city first, and then kill that boulder."

Qin An was very calm. Everyone else thought he was weird when they saw him. How many zombies were there outside? As the saying goes, even if he had some ability, how could he deal with so many zombies?

Yuan Ji naturally suspected it as well, but she was Qin An's time and space guide. Of course, she had to listen to his words. So, she asked her parents to hide in the room and wait for her to return. She asked the family to temporarily protect their parents and then left with Qin An. Qi Hao and Qin Yue were accompanying her.

Qi Hao looked down on Qin An. There were so many zombies outside. If he stood up and didn't fight back, would it take him a few months to kill them all?

Qin An looked as if no one else was around. He didn't seem to have woken up too much. As he walked, he exhaled heavily. At the same time, he was still talking to Weng Lan.

'"Apocalyptic city" is the world of zombies, at least for many years at the beginning. I remember that I wasn't very capable at that time. I was trapped in some enclosed buildings with some people. The outside was surrounded by zombies. In order for everyone to survive, I decided to divert the zombie tide and take advantage of their willingness to follow the giant zombies. "That's the truth. I'm floating alone in the boundless sea of zombies. I could be eaten at any time."

Apocalyptic city's story was very long. Although Qin An had told Weng Lan twice, he had picked up the line and told her about it. He had never told her the specific experience.

After Weng Lan heard this, she snorted coldly, "Why didn't I eat you?"

Qin An smiled and said, "Who did you eat to be your husband?"

Weng Lan snorted repeatedly, too lazy to pay attention to Qin An. The few of them walked out of the Yuan Clan, and a few cars rushed over at the entrance.

The car door opened and a group of black-clothed people got down, surrounded by a handsome man in a white suit.

At this time, there were many zombies surrounding the outer circle. Those bodyguards guarded the white-clothed man's side and picked up their guns to scatter towards the zombies.

As they fought, they retreated to Qin An and the others' side. The handsome white-clothed man seemed to be very nervous as he shouted, "Quickly retreat and close the door. There are zombies outside. I am the City Lord Eternal!" "

Actually, when Eternal appeared, Weng Lan recognized him, feeling extremely ashamed.

Eternity was Weng Lan's favorite type. Last night, she chatted very well. What kind of image did she have when she met Qin An today? What would Eternity think if she was hugged by the hateful Qin An?

Yongheng also noticed Weng Lan and said with a surprised expression,

"It's you. Why are you here?"


Weng Lan didn't know what to say, so she couldn't explain.

Qin An frowned and interrupted, "Do you know each other?"

Eternal said, "Yesterday we ate together. Brother, hurry up and call someone into the courtyard. This is not the place to talk! … Over there, over there! Fire over there, zombies are coming!"

Eternal didn't even look at Qin An, but he was still seriously organizing his bodyguards to beat up the zombies.

Qin An raised his eyebrows and smiled. He turned to Weng Lan and said, "So he entered your room yesterday? If you hadn't pushed him out, would you have lived together?"

Weng Lan shut up and didn't say anything. This was indeed the case.

Qin An smiled more and sighed, "Do you feel that I haven't been pestering you for the past few days? Do you know why?"

Of course, Weng Lan would not answer Qin An's words, so Qin An continued, "Whether you believe it or not, the truth is the same. We are just the pig feet of the same book, but we seem to love each other deeply. You have really given birth to many children for me." But after the world changed, we met again, "The feeling you gave me was so different. I went to the original author to seek an answer. I realized that it was impossible for a woman like you to fall in love with a man like me back then. A little security guard with some Holy Virgin's heart would use your money to buy a house. It can be said that you have no ability to accomplish anything. How can an outstanding woman like you fall in love with me?"

"Nonsense! I'm not a person who loves to be rich and poor, but you're not my type."

Weng Lan finally couldn't help but retort.

"Yeah, maybe. Because it's not your type, when no one dominates our storyline, you don't have a good attitude towards me and are destined not to marry me … However, you simply can't imagine how many years I have lived. In such a long time, I am no longer the Qin An that Apocalyptic city first opened. '"That Qin An is reasonable, obedient, and restrained. But now, I have been a Master God for many years. In the blink of an eye, I can kill people. So, in my world, I am already a law. I can accommodate the world, but I can't accommodate a man who wants to beat you up. So … this man called Eternal, can I kill him?"

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