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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 1905 The Last City

Chapter 1905 The Last City

When a person was young, it was easy to produce stories. However, when they were old, there were basically no stories to tell. This was because people at this age were already very realistic. Their hearts were like stagnant water. There were no more ripples that could ripple to make the water move slightly.

Qin An followed Yuan Ji by the lake. Yuan Ji was lively, cute, and lively. She was a good woman.

Qin An thought that she was quite beautiful. He was also a very healthy man, but he did not have any thoughts of her. This was because Qin An was old enough. His psychological age made him have no interest in most things. He had experienced everything before, so what joy and sorrow was there to speak of?

Qin An remembered reading a fantasy novel called Coiling Dragon. The author's name was very interesting. He had forgotten about tomatoes.

The pig feet inside had lived for an unknown number of years. After that long time, he was still pursuing a stronger path. Was it really interesting?

He did not have much spare time. He only lived for the sake of being strong. Perhaps he could bring him to his own era and let him watch a few dog-blood dramas, or read a novel with dog-blood like "Apocalyptic city". Perhaps he would vomit blood directly and his primordial spirit would be shattered.

After a long stroll, dusk finally arrived.

Qin An called the couple back and followed Yuan Ji back to her home.

Yuan Ji's top-grade parents had already prepared a large table of dishes and prepared a lot of wine.

When Qin An saw the wine, he finally saw his relatives and began to drink with Qi Hao and Yuan Ji's father.

The three women also drank a little wine. Everyone was very happy.

The wine table on this side was very happy. Actually, Weng Lan was drinking in a restaurant inside the Altar City. She was also drinking happily.

It wasn't a coincidence.

After Ye Tian reported Qin An's formidable ability, she heard that there was a time and space arrangement for Qin An to receive people, and she also found out who it was and their movements.

When she went back to find Weng Lan, Ye Tian told her about it.

Actually, there was a small fluctuation in Weng Lan's heart.

Previously, Qin An always circled around her, but why did he seem to have deliberately left her these past two days? What happened?

Weng Lan only felt that Qin An's contrast was too great, so she was puzzled.

Weng Lan subconsciously said, "I have a heart. There is still a war here, but he runs to play."

'"Hehe, it's normal. Space-time fantasists aren't people from this space-time world. They're just here to help fight. Our coalition government will naturally give space-time fantasists enough preferential treatment."

"Oh … is that altar city far from here?"

"Very close. Let me show you around. I have a few friends there."

"I'm not going."

Weng Lan actually wanted to go, but after saying that Qin An didn't fight and ran away to play, if she wanted to play at this time, it wouldn't be a slap in the face.

Ye Tian, this best friend of hers, understood Weng Lan and could tell what she was thinking, so she smiled and dragged her out the door.

Just like that, Qin An and the others arrived at the Altar City. Weng Lan and the others arrived not long after. Ye Tian took her around the city first, and then found her friend to drink wine with.

Originally, Weng Lan did not think that drinking was a happy thing, but on this table, there was a man who was very happy.

His name is Eternal.

Of course, this name was unique and magnificent. How could anyone have a surname of Yong?

Weng Lan rarely saw anything strange. After the other party took out her ID card and showed it to her, she was finally certain that he was really called Eternal.

Yongheng was a very handsome man, and he looked very imposing. He was calm and steady, and his voice was very pleasant to hear. When he looked at people, his eyes seemed to know how to speak.

Later, they arranged for him to be next to Weng Lan.

He always politely served food to Weng Lan, but he didn't pour wine.

Unlike the other men on the table, they had been pouring wine for Weng Lan and then toasting her non-stop.

Originally, Weng Lan would not be happy to be poured wine like this, but Eternal would occasionally ask softly, "Are you alright? Do you want me to help you drink some?"

Weng Lan didn't know what was going on, but hearing his voice made her feel at ease. Thus, she had the strength to fight. She refused his good intentions and drank it herself. As she drank, she felt a little overwhelmed.

Ye Tian also drank a lot of wine. Her alcohol capacity was obviously not as good as Weng Lan's, and she was already unconscious.

After the banquet ended, Yongheng took the initiative to take care of Weng Lan and helped her to the guest room upstairs.

"Thank you, but you can leave now."

Weng Lan smiled and lay lazily on the bed. She watched as the man took off his shoes for her.

Eternal raised his head. His face was still so handsome, and the smile on it made people feel comfortable.

"Are you sure you want me to leave? I can't bear to leave you alone."

"Hehe, what's there to endure? I… Who am I?"

"You are Weng Lan, a beautiful woman."

"That's right! I'm Weng Lan. I didn't drink too much. I can take care of myself. Don't try to take advantage of me."

"How can I bear to part with a beautiful woman like you?"



"What are you reluctant to part with?"

"I'm not willing to let you sleep alone after getting drunk."

"Haha, you're seducing me."

"Yes, can I have the honor to lie beside you and talk to you?"

To be honest, in Weng Lan's eyes, eternity was the type she liked. She liked it very much.

If it was in the past, she would probably continue to put on some water and pretend to be drunk. She was not young anymore. She had never talked about any boyfriends before, so she did not mind meeting a top-quality man and doing something that adults would do in an unexpected drunken situation.

However, when Weng Lan had this thought, another man popped into her mind.

That's Qin An! He kept talking.

"You are my woman!"

"We had quadruplets! Three boys and one girl!"

"You can't sleep with other men!"

After these things appeared in Weng Lan's mind, she became unhappy and lost interest.

She stood up and pushed the man who wanted to go to bed outwards, swaying slowly.

"Get out! Get out!"

"Weng Lan, do you really not want me to stay?"

"No, at least not now! You should go out!"

"Alright then. Since we've already met, there's no need to be anxious. We can actually come slowly, alright?"

Weng Lan's face was red. She did not answer this question. She pushed Eternal out, locked the door, and leaned against it to catch her breath.

Qin An continued to play a role in her mind.

This kid actually called her a lesbian?

Sigh, it seems that she has been single for too long. As a single mother, it's time for her to find a man.

It was all Qin An's fault. If he hadn't remembered him, Yongheng and I would definitely have had a beautiful night. If not, we might have solved a lifelong problem.

No, no, Eternal is a person from this world. In the end, he still has to return to his own world. After that, he can't come over at any time. If it's just a long-distance relationship, then forget it. If it's a long-distance relationship, then it would be a bit unpleasant.

Weng Lan sighed and jumped onto the bed. She felt that the world was spinning, but she couldn't sleep.

People do something special when they're drunk.

Weng Lan, who was supposed to be lying on the bed, slowly got up and walked to the window to open it.

"Hehe, what a beautiful star. I want to see the stars."

As she finished speaking, Weng Lan climbed up the windowsill with great effort, and then seemed to have used all her strength to jump out.

This was the 23rd floor. If they fell to the ground, most people would die on the spot. They would probably fall out of their brains.

However, Weng Lan was not an ordinary person. She was a space-time fantasist, and she possessed a special ability to walk through the air.

Everyone was eager to fly, so Weng Lan fantasized about this ability the first time she traveled through space and time.

Unfortunately, this ability was very tricky, but it did not increase one's combat strength by much. It could only be used to play in the sky when there was nothing else to do.

Weng Lan walked towards the sky step by step like she was climbing a mountain.

She did not know how far she had walked, but she lowered her head and saw that there were only sparks left below.

"Hehe, it's falling."

Weng Lan herself was a little naughty. She closed her eyes and withdrew her fantasy power. Afterwards, she began to descend at a very fast speed.

Weng Lan had never thought of activating her fantasy ability again. At this time, she had no time to think about these things. She just imagined herself as a bird and then soared freely.

Finally, Weng Lan was about to crash into the ground at high speed. It was estimated that she was still three to four hundred meters away.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew up, hindering Weng Lan's speed of descent.

Immediately after, a figure appeared, hugging Weng Lan's body in midair and descending with her.

Finally, their speed decreased drastically. When they fell to the ground, it was as if the leaves were falling without any sound.

Weng Lan opened her eyes and looked at the man in her arms. Her eyebrows furrowed and her mouth rose. She reached out and pinched the man's lips.

"Hateful bastard, what are you doing here again? Are you telling me that I gave birth to a child for you again? Dream on!"

At this time, Qin Anzheng was speechless.

He had only gone for a walk in the courtyard after dinner when he saw Weng Lan descend from the sky!

It was just that he had heard that Sister Lin could fall from the sky, but he didn't expect that Sister Weng Lan would fall as well.

Ah, luckily, she took action in time. Otherwise, if she fell to the ground, the consequences would be unimaginable.

When Qin An was still feeling lucky, Weng Lan suddenly made a move and grabbed Qin An's lips, pinching him in pain.

Qin An frowned and smelled the strong smell of alcohol from her body.

Hey, who did this girl drink so much wine with?

After staring blankly for a while, Qin An shook his head and carried the drunken woman into the room, intending to let her sleep well.

The night was already dark.

On the roof of a building a hundred meters away from the Yuan Ji Clan, a man in black looked down at the courtyard of the Yuan Ji Clan.

"Hmph! Fate is finally about to start rotating again! Qin An, this altar city is the graveyard I have prepared for you!"

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