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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 19 Ability Regression

Chapter 19 Ability Regression

Qin Xiaoyan"s current strength was much greater than that of an adult man.

However, the night of slaughter had almost exhausted her strength!

Last night, she hid in the shop alone and cried for more than two o"clock.

Qin Xiaoyan and Qin An were not the same kind of people. She was a realist, and Qin An was more idealistic.

Realists are easy to come by, not concerned about what they want, but about whether what they get is enough for them to be satisfied.

It could be said that this year"s life with Qin An made Qin Xiaoyan very satisfied.

Qin An had never said that he loved her, but Qin Xiaoyan knew that she really fell in love with that man.

Love his simplicity, love his sadness, love his kindness, also love his rudeness in bed at night, she can not do without him!

This kind of love was very wonderful. She clearly shouldn"t have loved him so deeply, but she had fallen in love with him deeply.

Therefore, Qin Xiaoyan, who had been hiding in the shop, finally chose to rush out.

As Qin An observed, the zombies at night were numb and clumsy. After they had consciousness, they also needed to let their brains rest.

This allowed Qin Xiaoyan to smoothly bypass some zombies at the beginning.

However, hundreds of meters away, there were more and more zombies, there was no way to take a detour.

When Qin Xiaoyan approached a few meters away from the zombie, the zombie"s keen sense of smell could detect her existence. She recovered from her numb and clumsy state of rest and pounced towards Qin Xiaoyan one after another.

Qin Xiaoyan could only wield her saber and use her speed to fight amongst the zombies.

The zombie"s meat splashed onto her body, and her face was extremely disgusting.

She should have been very scared, but Qin Xiaoyan had already set her goal! She wanted to find Qin An, even if she died, she would die with that man!

With such determination and purpose, she became fearless, like a valiant and invincible war goddess!

She did not know how many zombies she had killed, nor did she know whether she was heading in the direction Qin An was heading in. Qin Xiaoyan simply chopped down the zombies that were heading towards her. When she was unable to chop down, she used her speed to run in the direction of the zombies.

He continued to kill until the giant monster appeared at an unknown corner of the street.

Giant zombies!

When Qin Xiaoyan saw the zombie appear, her heart was tightened. The zombie looked too terrifying and powerful. Qin Xiaoyan did not have the confidence to fight with it.

As a result, she turned around and fled. In her escape, she continued to chop down the zombies that were approaching her.

Just like this, she escaped and fought all the way. In the end, she didn"t know how many paths she had spared, but she was finally chased to this Century Lianhua supermarket.

Facing the countless zombies behind her, Qin Xiaoyan was almost in despair.

Fortunately, she found an iron ladder on the side of the supermarket that could climb up to the roof.

When she climbed onto the roof and looked at the endless sea of corpses downstairs, she could not help but cry again. No matter what, she was still a woman!

At this moment, her strong hearing allowed her to hear the noises in the supermarket.

She was slightly stunned. She was overjoyed in her heart and hurriedly searched around. Finally, she found a skylight installed on the roof. When she looked down from the window, she saw Qin An standing there in a daze.

This was simply too pleasantly surprised. She hurriedly searched around and found that there was a fire hose installed on the roof. So she ran over and pulled the hose and broke the glass of the skylight. Only then did she save Qin An.

When she saw Qin An standing in front of her unscathed, Qin Xiaoyan"s eyes were filled with tears, but she laughed loudly. She ran and threw herself into Qin An"s arms, shouting, "Darling, I finally found you! I"m scared to death, and you won"t come back! Darling! Darling!"

She desperately squeezed her mature and full body into Qin An"s embrace, completely forgetting the boundless sea of corpses downstairs.

Qin An hugged Qin Xiaoyan with some emotion. He never knew that this woman was actually so cute!

The fate of people is really inexplicable. A few years ago, two people who looked like strangers had become each other"s favorite.

Qin Xiaoyan hugged Qin Xiaoyan tightly and felt her enthusiasm. Qin Xiaoyan also climbed onto Qin An"s body and kissed him warmly.

Time seemed to freeze. After an unknown amount of time, Qin An suddenly realized that Qin Xiaoyan seemed to be much lighter. Carrying her was like holding a small doll.

Qin An was slightly stunned. Then, he focused on feeling it. Immediately, many noises were amplified. Qin An hurriedly carried Qin Xiaoyan to the side of the building and looked into the distance. He could clearly see the ugly faces of the zombies hundreds of meters away!

Could it be that his strengthening ability had recovered?

Qin An almost couldn"t believe it, but Qin Xiaoyan didn"t know what Qin An"s reaction meant. She looked at him doubtfully!

Qin An laughed loudly. He held Qin Xiaoyan"s butt with both hands and pinched her twice, causing her to cry out, "Ah! Darling, what are you doing?"

Qin An gently kissed Qin Xiaoyan"s lips and laughed loudly, "Honey! I found out that you really are my lucky goddess! I swear that I will love you well in the future!"

Qin Xiaoyan was stunned. Did this man say that he wanted to love her well? Happiness came so suddenly!

At this time, more than a dozen people had already appeared on the top floor of the supermarket. They were escapees who had climbed up from below.

When Qin An saw them, he hurriedly put Qin Xiaoyan on the ground and ran to the sky window where he had just climbed up. He saw that there were zombies all over the place. Apart from the dozen people standing on the roof, the zombies had already eaten all the people below.

Qin An"s face turned pale, and a sense of decadence rose up in his heart, not dissipating for a long time.

At this time, Qin Xiaoyan walked over and leaned into Qin An"s embrace. She said with a trace of fatigue, "Darling, hold me! I don"t have any strength left. I started fighting yesterday at two o"clock and I didn"t see you until this morning. I feel like I"m going to faint!"

Qin An hurriedly stood up and picked Qin Xiaoyan up. Only then did he realize that her face was crimson and her eyes were blurry. She was actually about to faint.

Killed all night to find yourself? Qin An was moved again. So this woman was so worthy of deep love!

Li Zichuan was one of the few people who escaped. He also saw Qin An and was so scared that he wanted to come over, but he didn"t dare.

He looked down from the window in a daze. What he saw was a room full of zombies and cries for help. In the end, the cries for help disappeared, leaving behind only the roars and chewing sounds of the zombies.

In the end, he powerlessly knelt on the ground in pain. Like the few people beside him, he also knelt on the ground and began to cry.

They climbed up on their companions" faces. They abandoned their wives, abandoned their friends, and finally survived. Their nature was kind, but in the face of death, they gave up their nature.

Right now, they were still alive, but they felt even more uncomfortable than if they were dead!

Qin An looked at them and sighed deeply. What could he say? Even though he didn"t retreat cowardly when facing death, wasn"t there nothing he could do?

He could not accuse them, because these people had paid a lot to survive, and what they could get was regret and regret that they would never be able to get out of their lives.

Looking around at the group of corpses that couldn"t be seen at all, Qin An only had one thought. He had to try his best to escape, and he definitely couldn"t let Qin Xiaoyan die with him!

After observing for a while, Qin An found a path. It was more than ten meters away from the roof of the supermarket. It was a bungalow area. As long as he could jump to the roof of the bungalow area, he would be able to escape. But the problem was, where would he escape to?

Qin An thought for a moment and suddenly remembered something.

His home was located in the northern part of Hanghai City. It was already close to the suburbs. Sixty kilometers north of Hanghai City, there was a huge prison for felons. There were ten meters tall walls and solid iron gates.

Most importantly, it had already left the city, so there probably wouldn"t be so many zombies in the city!

Qin An didn"t want to go back to his previous home for two reasons. Firstly, the situation was surrounded by zombies. There was only one escape route in the bungalow area. He had no choice. Second, his family was still in the city, and there were too many zombies around him. Once they were trapped, it would be very difficult to escape. Now that the zombies were getting smarter and smarter, and the giant zombies appeared, if they stayed in the city, they would definitely face more and more problems in the future.

Thinking of this, Qin An no longer hesitated. He held Qin Xiaoyan and walked to Li Zichuan"s side, looked at them, and said, "Wait here now. I can only bring one person at a time. I will try my best to come back and pick you up. If there are any problems on the way back, don"t blame me!"

After Qin An finished speaking, he ignored them and hugged Qin Xiaoyan who had already fallen asleep. He sprinted off the top floor of the supermarket and jumped more than ten meters before landing on the bungalow opposite him!

When Li Zichuan and the others saw Qin An"s movements, their eyes were filled with shock. They could not believe that an ordinary person could jump so far. Could it be that he had been an athlete before?

Qin An ignored what Li Zichuan and the others were thinking and landed on the roof of the first bungalow. Without hesitation, he continued forward and jumped onto the roof of the second bungalow.

Just like this, one after another, Qin An dodged the group of corpses and left Hanghai City, heading towards the prison in the north of the city.

After leaving the city, he ran along the high speed. The zombies he encountered on the road became rare. Qin An did not entangle himself with the zombies, but kept running at his fastest speed.

Finally, they got off the path at the end of the highway and ran across a large field. Finally, the prison in the north of the city appeared in front of them.

The prison in the north of the city was very large. There were thousands of prisoners here, and they were all serious criminals. Many of them had their death sentences suspended.

Qin An remembered watching the news. A few days before the outbreak of the T virus, the society was in turmoil. In order to maintain stability, many felons in this prison had been shot to death!

I hope there aren"t too many zombies inside!

Behind the prison was Jiulong Mountain, and the Nine Links Mountain continued to surround half of Hanghai City.

This was really a good place. Even if they were surrounded by zombies in the future, they could still escape from the mountains. Zombies would definitely run very slowly on the mountains.

Qin An circled around the prison and found that there were only two doors in the prison. One was a door, and the other was a small door behind it. Both doors were closed, and it was very difficult to open the solid iron door from the outside.

He raised his head and looked at the wall. It was ten meters tall, and there was a power grid at the end of the wall. With Qin An"s ability, he could not jump up.

What should we do?

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