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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 1893 Strange Weng Lan

Chapter 1893 Strange Weng Lan

Actually, for Weng Lan, her story in Hanghai had already begun for some time.

After finding her younger sister Li Ying, she asked Weng Die to help and arranged for Li Ying to go to rehab. After coming here this time, she first reunited with Li Ying and told her to give up drugs properly, while her life was saved by herself.

Weng Lan held Li Ying's identity certificate. She told herself that she would be Li Ying in the future. She wanted to create a good living environment and circle for Li Ying. When Li Ying came out of the drug rehabilitation center, she would give her everything she had built. From now on, that would be Li Ying's life.

After seeing Tian Tao off, Weng Lan took a long breath and walked towards the entrance of the community.

As she walked, she frowned slightly. She turned her head and saw that there was a man sitting on the flower bed. He was indeed looking at her.

When faced with such a situation, most people would be rather embarrassed, and then quickly turn their gazes away.

Weng Lan was also like this. She was wondering in her heart, why did this person look at me like this? Is it because I look good?

Weng Lan was very confident in her appearance.

She quickly took a step forward. Weng Lan did not look at the man again, nor did she notice his appearance. It was just a person she had met by chance. The exchange of gazes did not represent any profound meaning.

Qin An watched as Weng Lan left. He thought for a moment and then left. He did not intend to see Weng Lan immediately. He wanted to start from a third perspective to understand this woman and see what kind of soul she was other than Weng Lan.

People were so complicated, and their appearances were very different from the inner world. Qin An had experienced it many times in the apocalypse.

Early the next morning, Qin An ran to the talent market to find a job. It was not the talent market that he met Weng Lan at that time, so he did not meet Weng Lan this time.

Now that Qin An's abilities were extraordinary and his memories were still there, it meant that he was an encyclopedia that could speak all the languages of the world. There was nothing he could not understand.

In just half a day, Qin An found a job as an assistant president with a base salary of 6,000 yuan and a monthly bonus.

In the next two months, Qin An started his life in Hanghai. Not counting his work, he used his spare time to monitor Weng Lan. After the first month of salary, Qin An found an opportunity to sneak into Weng Lan's house and set up many cameras in her home.

Fortunately, he had not lost his ability to pick the lock, so it was very easy to enter and exit Weng Lan's residence without the key.

After two months of surveillance, Qin An was not calm anymore.

The space he had set up back then was exactly the same as the space before the apocalypse erupted!

Therefore, there was Tang Yu, Qin Xiaoyan, Lan Yue, Liu Xia, and everyone else in this world. This was the world they lived in before the apocalypse erupted.

But why was this Weng Lan so different from the woman she had married and lived with for seven years?

"Director Wang, the pharmaceutical meeting is about to start. Our company's medicine is the most effective and reasonable among the same products. You must vote for us."

"Haha, Xiao Ying, don't worry! I know what to do."

In front of the office of the director of cardiology, the chubby owner sent Weng Lan out under the alias of Li Ying and patted Weng Lan on the shoulder as he spoke.

The man watching from the end of the corridor was so angry that he almost rushed over to hit someone.

However, Weng Lan didn't need him to stand out at all. Without any trace, she moved Director Wang's hand, which she wanted to continue groping down her shoulder. Weng Lan smiled and said, "Director Wang, then I'll leave. I told you to call Sister-in-law to pick her up in a car and then pick her up together. It just so happens that I'm on my way home."

When Director Wang heard Li Ying mention his wife and children, he immediately restrained his smile and nodded solemnly before returning to the director's office.

The smile on Weng Lan's face also disappeared after Director Wang closed the door. She twisted her little butt and left the hospital corridor with a look of disdain.

In Qin An's impression, Weng Lan was as shy as a small family. Although she did well as a medical representative at that time, Li Ying never mentioned anything about her work when she went home, so Qin An did not know how Weng Lan worked.

Now that he saw it, this f*cking thing was simply the flower of the workplace! Shuttling around the middle-aged man who was overflowing with desire was like a fish in water. Anyone who wanted to take advantage of her would be able to be resolved by her. How could it be a small family?

After leaving the hospital, Weng Lan directly drove away. This car was supplied by her company. Weng Lan occasionally drove to her home, and even the license plate number was the same as before.

Qin An quickly got into the car and followed. As expected, Weng Lan went to pick up the wife and children of the director and sent them all home before leaving.

It was already around five o'clock in the evening.

According to Weng Lan's habit, she was going to eat near the community, right? Qin An changed a taxi and continued to follow. After the meeting, he found that the route was wrong. Could it be that Weng Lan had other appointments today?

Suddenly, the red light on the monitor lit up. This meant that Weng Lan had a phone call. Qin An hurriedly put on his headphones and turned on the monitor.

"Lan Lan, I'm home. When are you coming?"

"We're driving over now. We'll be there in five minutes."

"Alright, the information is ready. I'll wait for you to get it."

After saying these three words, he hung up the phone. The other party was a woman, but Qin An could not tell who it was.

Five minutes later, Weng Lan walked into a residential area. After Qin An left the taxi, he entered a nearby coffee shop and turned on the listening device.

During this period of time, he had placed several listening devices on Weng Lan's body. Qin An had basically used the two months' salary to buy these things.

What's going on? Are you also going to see friends? However, this neighborhood had been married to Weng Lan for seven years, and Qin An did not know that Weng Lan had a female friend who lived here.

A few minutes later, the answer was finally revealed. Although the image could not be seen, Qin An could tell from the sound that Weng Lan was indeed living with a female friend in a family in this neighborhood. Moreover, her relationship sounded very good.

"My Hao Lan Lan, why did you come to live in Hanghai? I have to move too. It's really troublesome."

"Senior Sister, you are my guide. If I come, you naturally have to come as well. Otherwise, it would be troublesome to contact me by email every day."

"Alright, little darling, I have no choice but to come this time!"

"Oh? Something unexpected happened?"

"Assemble order, summon everyone to gather. We have found its location to deal with a big fellow."

"Hehe, my blood has been boiling. When and where should I go?"

"Tonight at twelve o'clock, I searched for the energy fluctuation. It should be near Zhendong Garden."

"Alright, let's drive there tonight. Let's enjoy the delicacies now, shall we?"

At this point, the two women laughed and began to prepare dinner together.

Qin An was dumbfounded. What did this mean? Senior sister? Guide? Assembly order? Energy fluctuations?

Could it be that Weng Lan had joined some sort of cult before she met him? How strange!

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