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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 18 Puzzlement

Chapter 18 Puzzlement

"Leader, leader!"

Qin An was woken up by the cry in his ear. He stood up abruptly and the watermelon saber in his hand stood in front of him.

Li Zichuan was so scared by Qin An"s actions that he took two steps back and directly fell to the ground.

Qin An frowned. He had experienced too much last night. He had actually fallen asleep in such a place that he could not completely control. It was too dangerous!

Looking at Li Zichuan lying on the ground with a face full of malice, Qin An could not feel his malice.

Putting away the watermelon saber, he took two steps forward and reached out to pull Li Zichuan off the ground. Qin An casually asked, "What time is it now?"

Li Zichuan was a little timid. In fact, he was not a coward. It was just that Qin An"s slaughter last night was too shocking.

"It"s over eight in the morning. Everyone is already gathered up there, waiting for the leader to go up and meet everyone!"

Qin An nodded and waved his hand, letting Li Zichuan walk in front, while he followed behind Li Zichuan. He held the watermelon saber tightly in his hand and walked towards the third floor.

Are you really going to be some shit leader? Qin An asked himself.

His head was swollen, and he had slept all night, seemingly unable to free himself from the slaughter last night.

He killed more than forty people in one breath! How could he forget so easily? Therefore, his mind at this moment could not be considered completely clear-headed.

On the third floor, there were more than a hundred people gathered.

Qin An frowned as he looked around. Among the hundred plus people, there were still two parts. One part was forty to fifty women. They should be the women that Liu Dong had imprisoned and played with before.

Their faces were deathly pale, and their footsteps were empty as they surrounded each other, somewhat at a loss for what to do.

On the other hand, Li Zichuan had deployed more than forty men and forty women. These women did not know where they were hiding, but now that Liu Dong and the others were dead, they dared to come out openly.

At this time, they were cooking with their husbands.

The tools for cooking were all kinds of pots of different sizes. They were leaning against the windows and lit a fire with plastic waste paper and wood on the ground. There were plenty of rice and bacon in the pots. The food in the supermarket seemed to be complete and well preserved, and even some vegetables could be seen inside.

Seeing Qin An and Li Zichuan come up, everyone hurriedly put down what they were doing and hurriedly walked over to stand in line, like a primary school student.

Li Zichuan said to Qin An, "There are eighty-three women and forty-two men here! Chief, introduce yourself to us and make rules! In this apocalypse, we don"t need to talk about human rights or anything. In short, you will be our boss in the future. As long as you can let us live, we will listen to you!"

Li Zichuan"s tone was a bit excited. He didn"t care that his leadership was going to be handed over to someone else. So many people wanted to eat, drink, and live. To a kind-natured man, this was actually a burden and burden.

Qin An glanced at the crowd and sighed in his heart. Did he really want to form Li Zichuan"s leadership?

Do you have the qualifications to do so?

Looking at the cowardly and hopeful gazes of the crowd, Qin An"s heart finally became firm.

What"s there? Isn"t it just living together? He had killed thousands of zombies! Take these men and women and live in this city full of zombies. Even if it"s hard, wouldn"t it be good to try your best?

After coughing gently, Qin An said, "Hello everyone!" My name is Qin An. Before the outbreak of the T virus, I was a security captain in a company. I believe that many of you here have higher status than me. However, this was the apocalypse, a world filled with zombies and dangers. Therefore, before the end of the world, all of your identities and positions have been cleared. I will not look down on you, nor will I care about your previous identities! Li Zichuan wants me to be everyone"s leader, I am willing to accept. Because I feel that I am more capable than you when facing zombies! "I have killed thousands of zombies in this year. This is the source of my confidence. Have any of you killed zombies?"

After saying this, more than a hundred men and women widened their mouths in shock, not daring to believe it!

The man-eating monsters outside had actually been killed by thousands of men in front of them. This was too shocking! None of them dared to speak, nor did they dare to question him.

Qin An could not help but feel a little complacent when he saw the astonished and admired gazes of everyone in front of him.

Actually, he didn"t want to brag about himself, but he knew that if he wanted to control people, he had to use some methods, either to make them afraid or to make them respect him. He had to firmly grasp these points, so that he could perform well in front of everyone, so that he could truly become the leader of these people.

Qin An had already thought of the path he would take in the future.

He had to bring these people back to the neighborhood where he lived, and then search for more survivors. Only when everyone gathered together would they be able to gain more strength.

He even fantasized that one day, he would be able to establish a kingdom of his own.

This may be the dark side of human nature, when people feel that they are very important to others, they may forget themselves.

Just as Qin An was about to continue his speech, a loud noise came from downstairs, causing everyone to panic.

Qin An was also shocked. He hurriedly ran downstairs while Li Zichuan followed closely behind him. The others also followed them.

He ran down the first floor and was stunned when Qin An looked at the entrance of the supermarket!

The four-meter tall and three-meter wide metal shutter door had actually been knocked open.

A huge monster was crawling inside.

It was six to seven meters tall, and its gigantic head was the size of six to seven normal human heads.

It had no skin, and the meat on its body was stuck to its body. When it moved, the black and red meat would squirm back and forth, looking exceptionally disgusting.

The monster had no hair, and more than a dozen ears grew above its head.

The edges of those ears and heads were covered in black and red blood, as if they had been sewn with needles, and they were arranged in an irregular manner.

The monster"s mouth was very big. When it opened, yellow juice would stay at the corner of its mouth. The sharp teeth in that mouth looked exceptionally terrifying!

Qin An was completely stunned. What was this?

Suddenly, he remembered the apocalypse radio broadcast.

Could this be the giant zombie amongst the mutated zombies?

"Roar!" The monster roared angrily, shaking the shelves in the hall on the first floor.

When the people behind Qin An saw such a terrifying monster, they cried out in shock. Some of them fell to the ground, while many others hurriedly ran backwards!

Li Zichuan, who was closest to Qin An, trembled. He suddenly reached out and grabbed Qin An"s arm, letting out a hoarse roar, "Chief! Didn"t you kill thousands of zombies? You must save us! You must stop the zombies!"

After he finished speaking, he hurriedly chased after the crowd and ran towards the third floor.

Qin An stood there dumbly. He suddenly felt that it was very ironic, and he also felt that he was very laughable.

As the giant zombie drilled into the supermarket, more zombies rushed in from behind him.

They were like a group of children who discovered a fairy tale world that they had never set foot in. They quickly poured into the supermarket and continued.

Qin An grasped the watermelon saber in his hand and finally didn"t have the courage to rush forward to fight the group of corpses. In the end, he could only turn around and run to the third floor.

On the third floor, Qin An couldn"t accept what was happening in front of him. Was the group of people in front of him the cowardly humans who had just lined up in front of him?

At this moment, they were scrambling for the ladder to climb to the ventilation window on the roof. They wanted to climb to the roof.

The most pitiful ones were those women. No one cared about their lives at all. As for those men who had wives, most of them had abandoned their wives. They were just climbing up on their own to survive. Only a few couples collapsed on the ground, hugging and crying together, as if awaiting the judgment of the god of death.

Qin An turned his gaze and saw Li Zichuan. He had already climbed halfway up the ladder. At this moment, a woman following him grabbed his foot.

Li Zichuan lowered his head, his face filled with fear.

The woman raised her head and cried, "Manager Li, give me a hand. My legs are weak!"

However, Li Zichuan did not stretch out his hand and continued to climb up forcefully, shouting, "Let go of me! Quickly let go of me!" He shouted a few times, but the woman didn"t let go. Li Zichuan was really forced to be anxious in the end. He suddenly stepped on the woman"s face with all his strength, and even stepped on her two feet in succession, directly kicking her to the ground.

This scene made Qin An stupid!

So the so-called kind people, in the face of fear, in the face of death, the real human nature is actually like this? He had always thought that Li Zichuan was a good person, a person with a sense of responsibility! In the end, it was nothing more than this.

What about him? Just a few minutes ago, he was boasting about bringing such a group of people to live!

Qin An smiled bitterly. He really began to look down on himself. No wonder Li Ying chose to leave him. So he was really a very bad man.

He slowly turned around and looked at the long stairs leading to the third floor.

There was already a zombie with its head exposed, and more zombies slowly appeared behind it.

Qin An suddenly felt that it was really difficult to live in such a world. He had experienced too much in the past two days.

Being humiliated by a colleague who used to think that he was a good young man, and experiencing first-hand that Liu Wenjuan, the elite of the company, was willing to use her body as an exchange for money in order to survive, and seeing with her own eyes a man who thought that he was kind and responsible, risking everything to survive, was this the end of the world? It turned out that he hadn"t been able to recognize the true face of this apocalyptic world after hiding at home for a year!

The zombie had already rushed halfway up the stairs, and the scene of him killing last night appeared in front of Qin An"s eyes. His eyes were full of blood.

Suddenly, he didn"t want to escape. He wanted to rush down and fight with those zombies. Let him die in the end!

At this moment, the skylight on the roof was shattered and a long fire hose fell down.

Qin An looked up and saw a woman"s face at the sky window.

Her face was dirty and her hair was messy, but Qin An could still recognize that the woman was Qin Xiaoyan at a glance.

"Husband! Hurry up!" Qin Xiaoyan"s voice carried a trace of crying!

Seeing Qin Xiaoyan, Qin An suddenly wanted to cry. He wanted to pounce into that woman"s arms and tell her that he had killed many people. Now, he was really scared, afraid of himself, afraid of this bloody apocalypse!

He subconsciously reached out and grabbed the fire hose.

Meanwhile, Qin Xiaoyan was upstairs, using all her life force to pull her back!

Qin An could no longer see Qin Xiaoyan"s figure downstairs!

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