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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 17 Supermarket Night Talk

Chapter 17 Supermarket Night Talk

Being recognized by Wang Cheng, Qin An did not hesitate, nor did he say anything!

He didn"t want to denounce Wang Cheng. He didn"t want to cry like a woman about how much he hated Wang Cheng for insulting him yesterday! He didn"t want to know whether what Wang Cheng said yesterday was true or false. The only thing he had to do now was kill him! Chop him into pieces!

There was no howl of slaughter, only ruthless action. Qin An threw the flashlight on the four of them, then borrowed the swaying light beam and rushed forward a few steps.

Slash after slash, mercilessly hacking down.

Every time he slashed down, he could hear four people shouting at the same time! I don"t know who it was.

Every time he slashed down, a bloody scar would splatter on Qin An"s face, arms, and clothes!

He didn"t know how many slashes he had made, but Qin An almost collapsed.

His entire body was covered in blood.

Finally, the world was quiet. The four people in front of them could no longer make any noise. Outside the changing room, Li Zichuan"s group did not make any noise. They were all frightened.

Qin An turned around and leaned against the wall, letting his body slowly slide to the ground. He couldn"t open his eyes, as if blood splashed into his eyes.

Raising his hand, he wanted to wipe it with his sleeve, only to discover that the cuffs were also stained with blood.

Taking a long breath, Qin An felt his heart beating fast!

He had killed more than forty people in a single breath, causing him to almost collapse.

Only now did he wake up. Why did he kill these people? Did these people really have to die?

Qin An"s heart was a little messed up.

Closing their eyes, the scene from yesterday appeared in front of them. That white-robed woman lying on the ground, and the man lying on their bodies laughing happily!

Yes! He wasn"t wrong, these people should be killed! The so-called Grimoire of Chaos, since no one cared about the restraint of morality on people, he was willing to stand out and rebuild a society with laws!

He never felt like a savior.

Before the apocalypse, he was just a little security guard. He was just a kind and honest man who was somewhat innocent and somewhat stupid!

He yearns for beauty, he loathes sin!

He didn"t want to see the stain of human nature burst out in front of his eyes.

Even though he himself had many dark aspects of human nature, he still wanted to live hypocritically!

Isn"t it? Sometimes, only by being a little hypocritical can the world be quieter!

At this moment, Qin An felt that his mentality had completely changed. Perhaps he had killed dozens of people in a row, causing his temperament to distort. He wanted more. He wanted to use his own hands to create a new world.

After gasping for breath for a while, Qin An stood up with his watermelon knife and staggered outside.

Across the shelf, when his figure appeared in the eyes of Li Zichuan"s group, these people couldn"t help but take a few steps back. They felt their hearts beating rapidly.

The dark clouds in the sky had dissipated, and a ray of moonlight shone on Qin An through the window.

What a cruel slaughter!

In the eyes of the people, they saw a man wrapped in blood. They could not see his appearance clearly. In the dark night, only a pair of bright eyes were looking at them mercilessly.

Those eyes were the same color as his body, and they were filled with coldness and indifference.

Li Zichuan"s body trembled unnaturally. Looking at Qin An, it took him a long time to find his voice. He stuttered a little and tried his best to say, "Who are you? What are you doing? There are so many of us who are not afraid of you!"

There was no expression on Qin An"s face. The slaughter made him heartless and fearless!

Looking at Li Zichuan, Qin An said, "I won"t kill you! You didn"t commit too many wrongs and have no reason to die! But if you don"t get rid of evil, if you don"t save the weak, you"re not a good person!"

Hearing Qin An"s words, Li Zichuan lowered his head in shame, and the people behind him were in the same mood.

In the end, it was Li Zichuan who spoke on their behalf, "How can we save them? The government is gone, and there are zombies outside. We don"t know if we can live until tomorrow, but what else do we have in mind to care about others?"

Li Zichuan"s voice was a little excited, but Qin An was slightly stunned by his words.

Qin An"s mind regained a trace of clarity and rationality. He laughed bitterly at himself. Yes, he had lost his ability to strengthen himself now. Even he himself did not know if he could live until tomorrow, but he still wanted to save others. How ridiculous.

After being confused for a while, Qin An shook his head again. His head was really dizzy, and the blood energy around him made his mind still messy.

Perhaps he could not save others, but he could at least save himself, save his soul! He doesn"t want to be corrupt, he doesn"t want to give up humanity!

After a long silence, Qin An said, "I will kill all the people that should be killed! You should do it yourself!"

With that, he took a step forward and prepared to leave.

At this moment, Li Zichuan suddenly said, "Wait!"

Qin An stopped and looked at Li Zichuan with a puzzled gaze.

Li Zichuan hesitated for a moment, then gathered his courage and said, "I think you are a capable person!" We"ve been trapped here for a year. No one has ever left this place, and no one has ever come in from outside! Except for you now! I recognize you. You are the person that Wang Cheng caught with the Ecstasy yesterday. I saw you when you ran away. You were released by that child and knocked out a person who escaped with the mother and son! Including Liu Dong, Wang Cheng and all of us, after knowing that you escaped from the supermarket, we all thought that you would be eaten by the zombies outside! I didn"t expect you to come back and kill all of Li Dong"s people! You are so bold! "

Qin An frowned slightly and interrupted him, "What do you want to say?"

Li Zichuan said, "I know that I am not a qualified leader. I was trapped in this supermarket for a year. Although I tried my best to protect the people around me, I was unable to bring them out of their current predicament." I wonder if you"re willing to stay and be our leader? In this chaotic world, the rescue we are waiting for seems to be far away. It is impossible for us to arrive. Previously, I heard from the radio that the world is already the world of zombies. We don"t know how to survive! What about you? Do you have the confidence to live? "

Qin An was a little stunned by Li Zichuan"s question, but he still replied without any thought, "Of course! Of course we have to live!"

The woman named Li Ying appeared in his heart. He must find her and ask her something personally.

Li Zichuan was very excited about Qin An"s answer. He said, "Then can you be our leader and bring us to live together? We can completely listen to any arrangement with you, okay?"

Li Zichuan had no choice but to do so.

Although he was the head of this group of people in name, now he was even insensitive every day. He could not see tomorrow at all. He was almost suffocated by his sense of responsibility as the leader of this group of people, and he wanted to be relieved.

This strange man in front of him, although he looked a little scary, gave Li Zichuan hope. At least, he felt that this guy who killed people like numb flesh should be a kind person, and most importantly, he was very capable! He could arrive at the supermarket from outside, where zombies were everywhere, and return at midnight, killing all those he wanted to kill.

How decisive! If we follow him, we might live longer and go straight to hell, right? No matter what, Li Zichuan wanted to gamble!

Qin An fell into deep thought. The apocalypse was coming. What was the meaning of living?

Do you want to live in the cracks of death, or do you want to build the world you want?

The answer to this question had already been in Qin An"s heart. Of course, it was the latter.

Qin An"s gaze swept over everyone here. His heart gradually calmed down and his mind became clearer. In the darkness, he couldn"t see their appearances clearly, but he could tell from their nervous breathing that they had a strong desire to survive!

Qin An smiled and said to Li Zichuan, "Do you think I can be your leader?"

Li Zichuan nodded forcefully.

Qin An added, "Are these people thinking the same as you?"

The people beside Li Zichuan also nodded their heads one after another. Their movements were different, but their attitudes seemed to be very sincere. They were all a group of people who could not see the future. If someone was willing to take them out to live, then this person was their hope!

Qin An finally let out a long sigh of relief and said to Li Zichuan, "Is there a bathroom here?"

Li Zichuan hurriedly ran around the long shelf and came to Qin"an"s side. "Follow me. There"s a water pipe on the second floor to take a bath. It connects with the underground water, but the water is a little cold."

Qin An nodded and looked at the corpses on the ground beside him. "Tell someone to tidy up the corpses and release all the women who are locked up. Find some clothes for them to wear. Tomorrow morning, we will talk about the problems between us!"

As soon as he finished speaking, those people took the initiative to act. Qin An"s killing image was already indelible in their hearts. They were already frightened birds in this apocalypse, and Qin An"s strength made them afraid.

Qin An followed Li Zichuan to the second floor and washed the blood off his body. Li Zichuan also found a clean set of clothes from the clothes shelves of the supermarket and put them on for Qin An.

When Qin An packed himself up, the night was already really late. Qin An let Li Zichuan leave by himself, while he found a corner on the second floor and slowly fell asleep!

In his sleep, he dreamed of Li Ying, Qin Xiaoyan, countless corpses lying in front of him, and blood that covered his vision! Perhaps such a dream would always haunt him and become an indelible nightmare!

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