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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 16 Supermarket Killing Night

Chapter 16 Supermarket Killing Night

The clock points to nine o"clock.

Tonight, the sky was a little dark. Qin Xiaoyan lay on the balcony and looked out. The zombies wandered around the community. Her enhanced ability allowed her to see at night.

Her eyebrows were tightly knitted, and her heart was tormented in the midst of waiting.

Why hasn"t Qin An returned yet? Could it be that he was in danger?

Thinking of this, Qin Xiaoyan could not wait any longer.

She turned around and returned to her room. She put on a pair of sneakers, leather pants on her legs, and a short black leather coat over her tight black vest. Then, she held two kitchen knives in her hands and opened the door. She went downstairs and left the unit, feeling her way in the direction where Qin An left. There were many zombies in the community at this time. Qin Xiaoyan wanted to avoid them, but there were too many of them. After discovering Qin Xiaoyan"s figure, they frantically surrounded her.

Qin Xiaoyan had no choice but to use the saber in her hand to kill the zombies one by one.

At this time, there were already many zombie corpses on the ground of the community. The smell of decay was everywhere in the community, and it was pungent and unpleasant to smell.

Thousands of zombie corpses had already rotted, and mosquitoes were everywhere, and they were in a depressed state.

While killing, she usually ran. Half an hour later, Qin Xiaoyan finally crossed the fence and ran out of the community.

Outside the community, there were even more zombies.

Without Qin An"s muscles, she could not jump up the nearby buildings to avoid the large area of zombies. She could only rely on her speed and run while fighting.

Time slowly passed. Facing the endless zombies, Qin Xiaoyan"s breathing became hurried and solemn. Her fear slowly climbed into her heart.

She was a little afraid. These monsters could not be completely killed, and her stamina was limited. She wanted to return to her home on the eighteenth floor of the community, but a belief made her not turn around, but continued to charge forward!

She wanted to find Qin An, but now she finally understood her intentions.

She had fallen deeply in love with that man. Without him, she would not be able to live.

Another half an hour later, Qin Xiaoyan was exhausted. However, she had only just run a few hundred meters when she had already killed over a hundred zombies.

No! She no longer had the ability to move forward!

Qin Xiaoyan quickly looked around. The door of a shop was open nearby.

Qin Xiaoyan quickly rushed in and locked the door.

In the shop, the two zombies were slowly moving. Qin Xiaoyan put away her saber and cut off the heads of the two zombies. Then, she powerlessly lowered her saber and cried out in pain.

Outside the door, the sound of zombies knocking on the door came, accompanied by their howls, tormenting Qin Xiaoyan"s heart.

Qin Xiaoyan knelt on the ground and climbed a few times. She used her body to block the door and cried out in pain, "Qin An, where the hell are you?"


Qin An was already asleep, completely unaware of what had happened to Qin Xiaoyan.

Three hours later, at one o"clock in the morning, Qin An suddenly got out of bed.

On the other side of the bed, Liu Wenjuan was sleeping soundly with Li Chen in her arms.

Qin An got out of bed gently and walked out of the bedroom. He did not take off his clothes when he was sleeping and held the watermelon saber in his hand. Qin An"s eyes flashed coldly. Tonight was destined to be a night filled with slaughter!

When they reached the first floor, they jumped out of the window. There was no moon, and the night was very dark. Everything was quiet.

Actually, Qin An had already discovered something. After midnight, these zombies would become quiet, as if they had entered a state of rest.

This was different from the zombies who got up early. The zombies who got up early were unconscious and naturally did not understand how to rest.

As the T virus mutated, the T virus was changing the structure of the zombies" bodies, giving them a certain level of consciousness. Since they had consciousness, it meant that the zombies" brains would function non-stop, so they needed to rest.

Therefore, after midnight, even if the zombies entered a period of rest, their movements and reactions would become sluggish, just like those zombies whose limbs were stiff when the T virus first broke out. They were weak and did not have much offensive power.

Qin An slowly moved forward step by step, trying his best to avoid the zombies nearby. If he couldn"t avoid them, he quickly raised his saber and cut off the zombies" heads.

Finally, he crossed the street and returned to the supermarket!

After circling the supermarket for a while, Qin An found a small window two meters away from the ground. He jumped and used his hand to climb onto the windowsill. Then, he broke the window glass and climbed through the window.

The first floor of the supermarket was completely dark!

Faintly, Qin An heard footsteps coming this way. He hurriedly hid himself behind a container.

A few minutes later, a voice sounded.

"Who"s over there?" A man asked in a low voice. He held a flashlight in his hand and looked around. He did not notice anything unusual.

Another man"s voice sounded, "Let"s go, who else! I"m sick of patrolling every night! All the exits are blocked, and the zombies can"t get in. Let"s go back to the third floor to monitor Li Zichuan"s gang. Boss said that those people are our real enemies! Kill them sooner or later, and then bring the women they protect over to play!"

The man who spoke first chuckled and then said doubtfully, "It"s better to be careful. I clearly heard the sound of glass shattering just now."

After he finished speaking, he took the flashlight and looked around. Finally, he turned around boring and wanted to leave.

From their conversation, Qin An had already determined that they were Liu Dongwang Cheng"s group.

Gritting his teeth, Qin An said to himself in his heart, "Let go of it!" These people were even more terrifying demons than zombies! Kill them! Don"t treat them like human beings!

Encouraging himself, Qin An gently spared him from behind the container.

His hands broke out in cold sweat. He held onto the hilt of the watermelon saber tightly, then slowly moved forward. After that, he accelerated and rushed behind the two of them at his fastest speed.

Without the slightest hesitation, Qin An put away his saber and used all his strength to chop at a person"s neck!

This watermelon saber was very fast. With a single slash, the blade cut into half of his neck and directly cut him to death.

Without any hesitation, Qin An flew up and kicked the corpse away. Then, he brandished his saber and chopped at another person. His action was too decisive. The person holding the flashlight did not even react and was sliced head-on by Qin An"s saber.

Qin An had killed thousands of zombies, so how could he be so lucky with this kind of hacking and assassination?

After hacking down with a knife, he raised his leg and kicked the man down, then rushed forward and stepped on his mouth with his foot!

That person originally wanted to shout because of the pain, but Qin An used the sole of his shoe to cover his mouth.

Qin An slashed down with his saber and finally cut his throat, killing him!

Sweat slowly dripped from his forehead. This was the first time he killed a zombie. Qin An was even more nervous than the first time he killed a zombie. He even felt a little fear in his heart!

This was a completely different feeling. Killing someone!

After stabilizing his breath for a while, Qin An slowly searched for the stairs leading to the second floor. After climbing up the second floor, Qin An searched everywhere. He did not find any vigil guards, so he continued to the third floor.

When he reached the staircase on the third floor, Qin An looked inside. At this moment, the dark clouds dispersed and moonlight shot in through the small window on the roof. He could vaguely see dozens of men sleeping on the ground a few meters away.

They seemed to have fallen asleep. Perhaps it was because they had expended too much energy on women during the day!

Slowly walking forward, Qin An gripped the hilt of the saber tightly.

He reached out to the nearest person and took out a dagger from his bosom. This was the weapon Li Ying had prepared for Qin An before he left.

The dagger was very sharp, but because it was too short, it was not suitable for killing zombies. It had never been used before, but at this moment, it could be of great use.

Qin An put the dagger close to the throat of the person closest to him. Then, he placed the watermelon saber on the ground with his other hand. After that, he quickly covered the person"s mouth with his hand. The dagger sliced forward and killed the person without making a sound!

Qin An was a former soldier. The assassination technique he had learned in the army was now of use!

Just like that, Qin An rushed over one by one. When he killed more than 30 men, he finally made a mistake. He didn"t cover the mouth of the person he was going to kill and let him shout!

"Ah!" After the mournful scream, everyone was awakened!

Including Li Zichuan"s people on the other side of the container and Liu Dong"s people on this side, they were all woken up.

Without waiting for them to react, Qin An threw the dagger aside, held the watermelon saber in both hands, and began to truly kill!

He was too skilled in chopping people. He even felt that chopping people was no different from chopping zombies!

Every saber was aimed at the vital points, and every saber was trying its best to cut off the other party"s head, as if it was killing a zombie!

After a series of terrified screams, Qin An cut down more than a dozen people in a row, almost all of them dying in one slash.

The four Li Dongwang brothers who were sleeping in the innermost part of the room immediately ran away after waking up. They could only hear painful shouts. They thought it was a zombie.

Almost at the same time, the four of them entered a dressing room not far behind them and locked the door tightly.

On the other hand, Li Zichuan was a little quieter. Li Zichuan could vaguely see that the murderer was not a zombie, but a living person holding a saber by the moonlight!

Even so, facing such a bloody scene, Li Zichuan"s heart palpitated.

After killing everyone outside, Qin An did not intend to let go of the culprit.

He was carrying a watermelon saber stained with blood, and at this moment, his body was already filled with killing intent!

He felt that his mind was not clear and his head was buzzing with headaches.

Killing dozens of living people in one breath, as long as it was a normal person, they would be corroded by the demons in their hearts.

Wang Cheng! I can"t let you go!

Qin An strode towards the dressing room and forcefully pushed the door open with his feet!

That door was only a small wooden door, not very strong. Qin An kicked a few times, and the wooden door had already loosened!

The four people in the sect finally realized that the murderer demon that appeared at midnight was not a zombie.

Liu Dong shouted in a trembling voice, his voice somewhat hoarse, "Who are you? Is that Li Zichuan? Quickly leave, please don"t kill us!"

There was no longer any logic in his words. After anyone woke up from their slumber, they would not calm down in the face of such a scene of slaughter!


Qin An used his greatest strength to kick the small wooden door open. There was some darkness in the room, but the four of them were scared out of their wits. They hugged each other like women, trembling all over. Looking at the black shadow of the door"s premise blade, they did not dare to make a sound, as if it was a god of death.

Actually, if they fought desperately now, it wasn"t necessarily that they didn"t have a chance to live. After all, Qin An was only one person.

However, Qin An had killed dozens of people in a row, and the smell of killing intent and blood on his body had already made Liu Dongwang and Wang Cheng lose their courage to resist.

Unable to see what was happening inside, Qin An turned around and took the flashlight from the round table. He turned on the switch and could use it.

Returning to the dressing room, he took a few glances inside. Seeing the four people hugging each other, he sneered coldly and walked in with a knife in one hand.

The four of them pushed each other and shouted in horror.

Wang Cheng, who was similarly frightened and afraid, inadvertently saw the face of the man holding the knife and couldn"t help but exclaim, "Qin An!"

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