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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 15 Inside The Supermarket

Chapter 15 Inside The Supermarket

Her voice was depressed and low as she recounted her experiences in the supermarket over the past year.

"My son Li Chen and I were trapped in the supermarket when the T virus broke out!

At the beginning, it was good. Li Zichuan and Liu Dong, the two department managers of the supermarket, organized everyone to seal all entrances to the supermarket. There was also a lot of food in the supermarket. We were waiting for rescue.

A few months later, the rescue still hadn"t arrived.

As for the 400 to 500 people trapped in the supermarket, they had to eat and drink every day. As a result, supplies were dwindling and contradictions arose.

Liu Dong gathered some of the employees in the supermarket and wanted to kick out those of us who didn"t belong in the supermarket, so that the materials in the supermarket could make them live longer.

However, Li Zichuan did not agree with him. He thought that doing so was too inhumane. At that time, there were already monsters eating people outside. If he went out, he would be dead!

Thus, the two groups quarreled in the supermarket first, and then Liu Dong took the initiative to make a move. That chaotic battle finally ended with Liu Dong"s victory!

Li Zichuan did not fail completely. He gathered forty to fifty people who had the same opinion as him and divided the forces in the supermarket. He said that if Liu Dong wanted to kill them all, they would fight!

Liu Dong also didn"t want to get caught in the net. He was willing to divide forces with Li Zichuan, and they didn"t know each other"s boundaries. The food in the supermarket was also distributed according to the ratio of 60 to 40, with Liu Dong accounting for 60% and Li Zichuan accounting for 40%.

Most of the people on Li Zichuan"s side were husband and wife. The reason why they were willing to stay in Li Zichuan"s sphere of influence was because Li Zichuan could be considered a normal person. They could rely on him to protect their wives.

As for a weak woman like me with only one child, there is no one to protect her.

Liu Dong and Li Zichuan agreed that women like me, who don"t have men, should be under Liu Dong"s management!

At that time, I already knew his purpose!

The two months after the division of powers are also good. I can get a small amount of food, and then occasionally be taken advantage of by Li Zichuan"s people.

But slowly, the rescue was unlimited, and Liu Dong"s actions became more and more cold!

He first demarcated some of the insiders, then ordered the insiders to control all the young women and lock them in a room.

Afterwards, he asked some old people and boys to go to the first floor. That day, my son Li Chen hid in a corner of the third floor to play. He was actually not discovered by their insiders and avoided a calamity.

On the first floor, Liu Dong drove out of the supermarket with his insiders, nearly 200 elderly people and children who didn"t have much strength to resist!

In his words, keeping these people was useless. They could only occupy resources and waste food!

Afterwards, they discovered Li Chen and wanted to drive him out as well.

I went to beg them. I knelt on the ground in front of Liu Dong and kept kowtowing, begging him to let go of my son!

Amidst Liu Dong"s laughter, you should be able to think of what will happen later. Sometimes, it"s like a dream to me. I want to forget those sins, but I can always think of them. When I think about them, I feel that it"s actually nothing. Isn"t it because my son can live... "

After saying this, Liu Wenjuan started crying again. After crying for a long time, she continued,

"Later, they decided to let my son go. It was Wang Cheng who suggested it. At that time, I thought maybe he should read some old love stories. After all, he used to be a colleague of a company, and I was really nice to him at that time!

However, it was only later that I discovered that Wang Chengcheng was a pervert!

He was a person that Liu Dong trusted, and they even swore four brothers, leaders of Liu Dong"s group.

It wasn"t until I fell into Wang Cheng"s hands that I realized how miserable it was to be an evil woman. I couldn"t imagine that Wang Cheng was someone I knew in the past. How could he become so bad, so dirty, so shameless, so hateful!

After that, none of the women had any ability to defend themselves.

Li Zichuan and the others looked at him and thought of stopping him a few times, but under Liu Dong"s tough attitude, he retreated timidly.

He is not Liu Dongruo, because Liu Dong is lonely, and Li Zichuan side of the people with families, they only want to protect themselves, no longer have the mood to care about us women!

The life of hell, day after day, seemed to be far away, as if it was far away... "

After saying that, Liu Wenjuan"s voice became lower and lower, but the tears in her eyes became more and more turbulent.

Qin An, who had been listening, almost broke the steel pipe in his hand!

He not only laughed coldly at himself! It seemed that he still hadn"t seen clearly what human nature was! To think that he could be so evil!

Wang Cheng!

Qin An had never thought that he would kill someone one day, but now, his heart was filled with killing intent! He wanted to kill all of them, all of those humans who had lost their humanity!

Qin An stood up from the bed and searched the room. He found a set of clothes for women and threw it to Liu Wenjuan. Then he said, "Now you have escaped. Manager Liu, you are a very cheerful person. Your nightmare is over. Live well!"

Liu Wenjuan woke up from her blurry consciousness. Yes, she wanted to live. She still had her son to take care of. Wasn"t this the reason why she didn"t choose to commit suicide after persisting for so long? Live! For my son.

Although Little Li Chen was only ten years old now, this year"s experience had made him mature a lot.

He also knew that he was out of danger. He cried while comforting his mother. When he was in the supermarket, he didn"t even dare to cry because as long as he cried, he would get a beating from Wang Cheng!

Qin An found a half-meter long watermelon knife in the kitchen and held it in his hand. It was a little lighter, but it was quite handy.

Qin An sighed. He missed his Strengthening Ability. If he still had the Strengthening Ability, he could rush into the supermarket without hesitation and kill all the people he wanted to kill!

She lay on the window and looked at the sun outside. It should be four or five o"clock in the afternoon. She didn"t know if Qin Xiaoyan would be worried if she hadn"t returned yet.

He knew that although Qin Xiaoyan also had a special ability and had extremely fast movement speed, it should be very dangerous for her to rush through the layers of corpses and arrive a few kilometers away from home!

Xiaoyan, don"t leave the house and wait for me to return!

Qin An thought to himself.

After searching the other rooms again, Qin An found nothing useful and returned to his bedroom.

Inside, Liu Wenjuan was dressed neatly.

Liu Wenjuan, who wore a pink tights jacket on her upper body and white tights on her lower body, looked much more energetic.

As a 38-year-old woman, Liu Wenjuan"s figure was not bad. She did not have much extra flesh on her stomach, her calves were slender, her buttocks were curvy, and she had the charm of a mature woman.

She used to be the manager of the business department of the Great Tang Company, so she had to contact different customers every day, so she naturally had a good skin on her face.

Qin An was friendly to her memories.

At that time, every time she met Liu Wenjuan in the company, she would take the initiative to say hello to Qin An, "Little security guard, do you have my package?"

Qin An was always nervous about answering her questions. After all, she was a big shot in the company, the general manager of a department.

But now, things had changed.

Liu Wenjuan had also adjusted her condition.

Her personality was actually very cheerful and optimistic, and her ability to resist pressure was also extremely strong. Otherwise, she wouldn"t be able to become the manager of the business department.

This title of hers was something that she had worked diligently in the Great Tang Company, relying on her strength bit by bit. She didn"t have any water mixed in at all.

Looking at Qin An who walked in, Liu Wenjuan was a little nervous. Just now, Qin An had seen and touched her body. However, it didn"t matter anymore. A year of living in hell had made her look down on men and women. She just didn"t know how Qin An would treat them and what their future would be like.

Qin An lay on the bed casually. He needed to rest and think about his next plan!

He guessed that Wang Cheng had put something like a drug in the water he drank, and it was precisely these things that suppressed his strengthening ability. But now that the effects of the medicine had passed, he had also awakened, but his strengthening ability had not recovered. Why was this?

After thinking for a while, Qin An raised his head and looked at Liu Wenjuan, who was standing quietly in the corner of the room with her son in her arms.

If it was in the past, he wouldn"t have dared to be so casual in front of Liu Wenjuan.

Qin An smiled and patted the bed. "Manager Liu, sit down. Don"t be nervous!" He said to Liu Wenjuan.

Liu Wenjuan nodded and tidied her hair. She pulled her son to a corner of the bed and looked at Qin An embarrassedly, "Don"t call him Manager Liu. The Great Tang Company no longer exists. Please call me Sister Liu!" Right now, this city is full of zombies. We are orphans and widows. If we want to survive, we need your help in the future. I can give myself to you if you don"t want to leave us behind! "

Liu Wenjuan said plainly, but Qin An was stunned. He did not expect this woman to be so direct. It seemed that she understood reality better than him in this year, and understood the apocalypse of humanity.

She didn"t feel that she could protect them without paying, so she chose to show her cards directly just to survive.

Qin An remained silent for a long time and said, "Sister Liu, I won"t call you manager. As a man, you can act recklessly against a beautiful mature woman without being judged. This is naturally a temptation! But I don"t want to do this. Don"t worry, I will try my best to protect you. Who told me to be your little security guard?"

Hearing Qin An"s words, Liu Wenjuan was somewhat shocked and moved. A year ago, in her eyes, this man would never interact with her. A year later, in her eyes, this man seemed to have become a legendary person.

After experiencing the slaughter of humanity, could she still believe him? Liu Wenjuan did not know.

The two of them were speechless, and Li Chen obediently didn"t make a sound. He just lay in his mother"s arms.

The room was quiet. Occasionally, the roars of zombies could be heard from outside.

Time slowly passed, and the night gradually darkened, causing Qin An to feel a little uneasy.

What was Qin Xiaoyan doing at home? Do you miss yourself?

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