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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 14 Escape From The Supermarket

Chapter 14 Escape From The Supermarket

Wang Cheng and the three men chatted and laughed for a while before realizing that Qin An was silent. He stood up and walked in front of Qin An. He saw that Qin An"s face was pale, his expression was dull, his eyes were bloody red, but he was lifeless. It was as if he was stupid.

The boss shouted, "Fourth, what are you keeping him for? Kill him."

Wang Cheng returned to his seat and chuckled, "I drank so much water from the ecstasy bubble before. I"m probably stupid! Wait and see if I"ll wake up. I haven"t played enough with him yet. If he"s really stupid, I"ll throw him out tomorrow and feed him to the zombies!"

The boss nodded and said to another man, "Second Brother, get the women out. I heard Fourth Brother say that it made my heart itch!"

The man called Second Brother chuckled and stood up as he walked, "Boss, what do you envy? Don"t we also have a lot of our own beauties now? Hahaha!"

After he finished speaking, Renyi Jing walked down the third floor.

In a room on the second floor, it used to be a supermarket storage room. Opening the door, there was a room full of women. They were only in their thirties, and the younger ones were only in their teens. They all looked pretty good.

All of these women were tied to their wrists by a long rope. They were connected together and had no ability to resist at all.

The second brother laughed heartily, pulled the rope and pulled the women out of the room, dragging them up to the third floor.

Those men who were originally idle on the east side of the third floor of the supermarket stood up when they saw these women with different appearances, their eyes glittering with fire.

The men on the other side of the shelf frowned when they saw this scene.

The leader of them was Li Zichuan, the department manager of the supermarket in the past.

"Liu Dong! I think we should talk! Aren"t you afraid of retribution if you do something worse than a beast?" Li Zichuan shouted angrily from the shelf to the man who claimed to be the boss.

Liu Dong, who was also the boss, sneered. He stood up and removed a woman in her thirties from the rope, pulled her into his arms, and picked up the wine glass on the table for her to drink. .

The woman did not dare to resist at all. She could only drink the large glass of wine and cough hard at the same time.

As Liu Dong teased the woman, he said to Li Zichuan, "Manager Li, haven"t you gotten used to watching for half a year? I already said, either you come over or you don"t care about my affairs!"

With that, he ignored Li Zichuan, kissed the woman on his cheek, and then laughed heartily, ignoring the fact that many people in the hall were still looking at him.

He looked dirty and ugly, but in this apocalypse, when all the restrictions of the Laws had disappeared, who could restrain him?

Li Zichuan shook his head helplessly. He returned to his own people and sighed deeply!

The other men in the west were also suppressing their hearts.

Facing the situation in the east, it was not easy for every man to defend his heart.

Qin An"s eyes were expressionless, as if nothing had happened to him.

His heart had already been shattered, and once again, it was ruthlessly torn apart by the woman who had already been hidden in his heart.

Suddenly, someone pulled at the corner of his clothes.

Qin An unconsciously tilted his head and saw a little boy standing beside him.

This little boy was the boy who Qin An saw drawing on the ground with a brush.

The boy"s little face was dirty, but he had a pair of large and pure eyes. His black pupils emitted tenderness, causing people to feel pity for him after seeing them.

Looking at the boy, Qin An"s heart gradually became less painful, and his numb brain gradually had thoughts.

The boy smiled sweetly. He looked around. All the men in the eastern region were busy. Beneath each of them was a naked woman. No one paid attention to him.

Shooting his hand into his bosom, the boy actually took out a fruit knife that wasn"t too long.

He slowly used his fruit knife to cut the rope around Qin An.

Qin An watched the boy"s movements and did not react for a moment until the boy cut the rope.

Qin An finally regained consciousness!

His heart was still in pain because of Li Ying!

However, he knew that he could not die here because of Qin Xiaoyan!

Qin An suddenly realized that Qin Xiaoyan was so important to him. If he hadn"t lived happily and comfortably with Qin Xiaoyan for the past few months, he might have really gone crazy!

Qin An gently made a move. His special ability seemed to have disappeared. He was now an ordinary person.

Could it be that the medicinal properties of the mysterious drug had suppressed the special ability that the strange giant sword in his body had brought him?

At this time, he had no time to think too much. Qin An slowly stood up, pulled the little boy and slowly walked towards the stairs on the second floor.

The men on the ground were completely immersed in their boundless desires. They didn"t even notice the two people who were sticking to the wall and preparing to flee.

At the staircase on the second floor, Qin An was just about to carry the little boy and run out.

Unexpectedly, the little boy held his hand tightly and pointed at a woman who was pressed down by a man. His eyes were filled with tears as he said softly, "Save my mother!"

Qin An"s heart twitched. He looked around and saw that it was a thirty-seven or eighteen year old woman. Upon closer inspection, he actually recognized this woman!

Liu Wenjuan? Former sales manager of Datang Company?

And Qin An was a security guard of the Great Tang Company!

Qin An"s heart skipped a beat. He bit his lower lip with his teeth and saw a steel pipe on the ground beside him. He quietly bent down and picked up the steel pipe. Then, he used all his strength to hit the back of the head of the man who was lying on Liu Wenjuan"s body.

After a muffled sound, the man fainted on the ground.

Qin Anta took a step forward and grabbed Liu Wenjuan"s hand, while the other hand grabbed the little boy and quickly ran to the second floor.

This group of men were too immersed, they actually didn"t notice Qin An"s departure!

Qin An ran to the first floor of the supermarket and found a way to escape from the fire. Without hesitation, he opened the small door and pulled Liu Wenjuan and the little boy out of the supermarket.

There weren"t many zombies outside, but Qin An, who had lost his ability to strengthen himself, couldn"t run back to his home no matter what.

After a moment of hesitation, Qin An closed the small door to the arson passageway. He hated Wang Cheng very much, but he still didn"t want everyone inside to die. If he didn"t close the small door, there would definitely be zombies going in.

After observing the surroundings, a few dozen meters away from the supermarket, there was a small three-story building that used to be a bathtub.

Qin An remembered that before the outbreak of the T virus, the bathtub seemed to have been closed. The owner and his family seemed to have left the country, and the house had always been empty. He believed that there was no one inside!

Taking a deep breath, Qin An pulled the two of them and rushed towards the small building.

On the way, there were zombies surrounding him.

Even though he had lost his ability to strengthen himself, Qin An still didn"t have any fear when facing ordinary zombies.

He lifted the steel pipe in his hand and pierced the heads of the approaching zombies.

One, two, three...

After killing a total of nine zombies along the way, they finally arrived at the three-storey building.

Qin An used a steel pipe to break the glass of the small building, and then used his clothes to clean up the glass fragments on the window frame. He first drilled in, and then pulled Liu Wenjuan and her son in from outside.

When he hugged Liu Wenjuan, who was completely naked, he didn"t have any evil thoughts in his heart. All he had was hatred. He never knew that hating someone could make him so calm.

The person he hated was not Wang Cheng or Li Ying, but himself!

After entering the room, Qin An carefully began to search to see if there were any zombies.

This kind of behavior had already become a habit of his. In a year, Qin An had killed thousands of zombies, so in the eyes of ordinary people, these terrifying monsters were not terrifying to Qin An!

The first and second floors were filled with bathrooms, while the third floor was the home of the head of the household. Qin An carefully checked to make sure that there was no danger before bringing Liu Wenjuan and her son to the bedroom on the third floor.

Finally, it was safe for the time being. Qin An sat down on the bed somewhat dispiritedly, while Liu Wenjuan hugged her son and cried bitterly.

Qin An"s heart suddenly missed Qin Xiaoyan very much!

Perhaps, the relationship between him and Qin Xiaoyan was not love! However, after accompanying each other for so long, that woman was already a good healing medicine for him. With her presence, he could temporarily forget Li Ying"s woman!

Li Ying, where are you now? Are you still with Cheng Gang?

Qin An secretly made a decision. He wanted to find that woman! Find her and ask her personally, why did she treat her so cruelly? Wasn"t it because they loved each other that they got together?

Could it be that love is really so fragile in the face of reality?

Closing his eyes, the intense movement just now made Qin An"s breathing a little heavy.

Actually, he was still stronger than ordinary people. He could kill nine ordinary zombies in one breath.

However, he was still depressed that he didn"t have the ability to strengthen himself. All of this was because of Wang Cheng!

Why is this happening? Perhaps Wang Chenglai was such a person, but in the real world, people were hiding themselves.

When the apocalypse came, there was no restraint, no moral restraint, after the human nature was exposed, most of them would be ugly!

Is this human nature?

Only today did Qin An finally realize the cruelty of the apocalypse!

In a small supermarket, more than a hundred people had been isolated for a year, and their humanity had fallen like this. Qin An could imagine that other places where survivors gathered might not be any better.

Fortunately, there were still some people who could maintain their original hearts. Otherwise, the world would be too cruel.

After more than ten minutes, Qin An"s aura finally stabilized. He looked at Liu Wenjuan holding her son and said, "Manager Liu, do you still know me?"

Liu Wenjuan was only sobbing in a low voice. Hearing someone call her Manager Liu, Liu Wenjuan was slightly stunned. She raised her head and looked at Qin An with tears rolling down her eyes.

A hint of doubt flashed through his eyes and he said uncertainly, "Are you the security guard of the Great Tang Company?"

Qin An nodded and said, "Yes, my name is Qin An. You probably don"t know my name, do you? I remember meeting you all the time. You were very nice and would often joke with us at that time."

Liu Wenjuan remembered Qin An. She said, "You"ve lost a lot of weight. You used to be quite fat, so you don"t dare to admit it anymore!"

Qin An nodded and said, "Tell me about what happened in the supermarket."

Liu Wenjuan"s gaze froze, and more tears gushed out of her eyes. It had been a year, and the life of a region had made her extremely miserable.

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