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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 13 Meet An Old Friend

Chapter 13 Meet An Old Friend

When the man heard Qin An"s voice, he laughed loudly. Then, he quickly ran. He grabbed Qin An"s hand and shouted happily, "Heavens! Brother Qin, I"m not dreaming, am I? Haha, you"re actually still alive!"

Qin An was also excited. He was truly happy. This kind of happiness distracted him, and he actually ignored the faint cry of the woman from afar.

When his attention was not focused enough, Qin An"s hearing could not hear very far away.

The man in front of him was called Wang Cheng. He was a former colleague of Qin An. He was a handsome young man, six years younger than Qin An. He was only twenty-four this year.

He had just joined the work two years ago. At that time, Qin An liked this young man very much and took good care of him in his work and life. Because he came to Hanghai City to work alone, Qin An often invited him to eat at home!

Seeing his acquaintance before the apocalypse, Qin An was naturally extremely happy.

Wang Cheng enthusiastically pulled Qin An to the eastern area. As he walked, Qin An looked at the shelf with some doubts. The people there no longer paid attention to the arrival of this newcomer. What were they supposed to do there?

As for the people in the eastern region, when Qin An passed by them, he smelled a pungent smell. Perhaps it was because they hadn"t bathed for a long time.

Some of these people would raise their heads and look at him coldly, and then turn their gazes away without any emotion in their eyes.

Qin An"s heart was filled with doubt. What had happened to them this year, making them so numb!

Walking past the area where dozens of people were, a large round table appeared behind them. Wang Cheng pulled Qin An"s hand and let him sit on a round chair next to the round table!

There were thermos bottles and disposable cups on the round table. The imperial city gave Qin An a full glass of water and then sat beside him. Qin An was flattered by his enthusiastic attitude.

In his memory, Wang Cheng was a little introverted!

After taking a sip of water, Qin An couldn"t help but ask, "Wang Cheng, have you been in the supermarket all year?"

Wang Cheng stroked his hair. Qin An found that his face was clean and tidy. It was obvious that he was much more hygienic than the others on the ground.

The young man had a warm smile on his face, which made Qin An feel warm in his heart.

"Brother Qin, you don"t know that I was shopping in the supermarket on the day when the T virus broke out in all directions a year ago, but there were zombies biting people on the streets!

At that time, everyone ran out and wanted to go home. Brother was timid and hid in a small room in the supermarket.

The manager of the supermarket was a very decisive person. He saw the chaotic situation outside and immediately decided to close all the doors of the supermarket. Then, he found something heavy to block the door from inside. Just like that, I was trapped in the supermarket for a year! Ai, I originally wanted to wait for rescue, but unfortunately, the rescue is far away. It is estimated that the whole country is in a state of anarchy now! Right now, there are zombies all over the place. If you want to get out and can"t get out, you can only be trapped here! "

Wang Cheng picked up a thermos bottle and poured himself a glass of water. He took a big sip and continued, "Brother Qin, how did you get in? I see that you have a Japanese spear on your back. How did you behave like a Ninja Human? How did you get here this year?"

Qin An smiled and replied, "Your sister-in-law prepared a lot of food for me at home. I hid at home this year. Now that I"m running out of food, I came out of the house to try my luck and see if I can find some supplies."

Qin An briefly introduced his own situation, but he didn"t mention Qin Xiaoyan and his own physique strengthening.

Wang Cheng asked doubtfully, "Brother Qin, is your home a few kilometers away from this supermarket? The streets are full of zombies. How did you get here?"

Qin An was slightly stunned. After thinking for a while, he decided to preserve the matter of strengthening his physique. He said, "Be bold and careful. I hid from the zombies all the way here! Sigh, I can"t do anything about it. If I don"t come out, I won"t be able to eat! I"m also very lucky, so this journey is considered to be a thrilling one!"

Wang Cheng laughed heartily and said, "Then Brother Qin, your luck is really great! Oh right, where"s sister-in-law? Is sister-in-law still at home?"

Qin An"s expression suddenly became somewhat gloomy as he whispered, "I divorced your sister-in-law more than a year ago. Before the outbreak of the T virus, she left Hanghai City. Now, I don"t know where she is anymore!"

Wang Cheng felt Qin An"s disappointment and patted his shoulder to comfort him. After that, he stood up and picked up the thermos and shook it. He smiled and said, "Brother Qin, there"s no hot water left. Wait for me to fill it up. There"s a small boiler boiling water behind the supermarket!"

With that, he turned around and left. He opened the door of a room and walked in.

Qin An saw his acquaintance, and after he reminded him, he remembered the woman who was deeply hidden in his heart. Li Ying, where are you now? Life or death? If he was alive, how would he be?

A few minutes later, Wang Cheng walked out of the room. He held a pot of hot water and filled another cup for Qin An. Then, he continued to chat about the interesting things the two of them had been together. He was very talkative. He was actually much more cheerful than a year ago.

As Qin An listened to his words, he also entered his memories. He was the saddest one year ago.

When working in the company, he had to face his colleagues with a forced smile, but when he returned home, he had to face Li Ying, who was increasingly indifferent to him. That kind of feeling of being worried about the gains and losses made people feel chest tightness when they thought about it.

Forget it, I don"t want to. Wasn"t I very happy with Qin Xiaoyan this year?

Time slowly passed. Half an hour later, Qin An had already drank half a bottle of boiling water. Wang Cheng"s mouth felt dry and he spoke less and less.

Qin An finally found an opportunity to ask his own question.

"Wang Cheng, why are you all men here? Where are all the women? I think I just heard a woman crying."

Wang Cheng was slightly stunned and asked, "Can you hear a woman crying?"

Qin An nodded and listened attentively. There really was a woman crying, and she didn"t seem to be the same.

He wanted to continue asking Wang Cheng what was going on, but he suddenly felt his head sink, as if he was drunk.

Qin An hurriedly stood up, but his footsteps were unsteady. He actually retreated, almost falling to the ground. Fortunately, Wang Cheng hurriedly caught up with him and asked, "Brother Qin, what"s wrong with you?"

Qin An shook his head. When he raised his head to look at Wang Cheng, he discovered that he saw Wang Cheng"s double figure and his concerned expression.

Qin An said apologetically, "It"s fine, I don"t know why I"m a little dizzy, you don"t need to worry!"

After saying that, Qin An felt even more dizzy. Very quickly, his body was useless. He was actually unable to stand steadily. In the end, he fell to the ground and fainted.

Before he completely lost consciousness, Qin An could hear Wang Cheng"s concerned voice, "Brother Qin! Brother Qin, what"s wrong with you?"

After an unknown amount of time, Qin An slowly woke up from his coma.

His entire body ached and he didn"t have the slightest bit of strength.

He wanted to stand up, but he suddenly realized that he was tied up!

Qin An was shocked. He opened his eyes and discovered that he was really tied to a wooden chair. Not far from him, Wang Cheng was drinking with three men around a round table.

Seeing that Qin An had woken up, Wang Cheng walked over to Qin An with a glass of wine in his hand. He patted Qin An"s shoulder and laughed, "Old Qin, you said that you"ve been hiding at home for a year. Why didn"t you continue hiding? Why didn"t you run here and fall into Yours Truly"s hands?"

Qin An looked at Wang Cheng, who was laughing wildly. He frowned and asked, "Wang Cheng, what are you doing?"

Wang Cheng raised his hand and slapped Qin An heavily on the face, but Qin An only felt pain on his face.

What"s going on? His skin and muscles were very strong after strengthening. Why did Wang Cheng hurt him so much when he hit them?

Qin An tried his best to push open the rope that bound him, but he found that he really did not have any strength in his body.

In an instant, Qin An felt a little desperate. Could it be that his strengthening ability had disappeared?

Wang Cheng"s cold laughter sounded, and his tone was as cold as his laughter.

"Hmph! You don"t know the surname Qin, do you? When we worked together, I fucking hated you the most!

Always pretending to be a good person and taking care of me. Do you think you"re my parents? Does this daddy need you to care? Bah! "

He spat on Qin An"s face, then sat back at the round table and continued drinking with the three men.

The three men were all naked. The oldest man in his thirties asked, "Fourth, do you think this man"s wife is pretty?"

Wang Cheng, the fourth elder in his mouth, laughed out loud and said, "That"s quite beautiful!" This brat"s name is Qin An. We used to be in the same company. He worked for a few years longer than me and always cared about me. He"s so annoying! The only thing was that his wife was pretty! This kid is a complete idiot, he used to take me to his house for dinner. He probably doesn"t know yet. I"ve had sex with his wife twice. "

When Qin An heard this, he was stunned for a moment, and then he shouted angrily, "Wang Cheng! What the fuck are you talking about!"

Wang Cheng looked at Qin An who was howling. He sneered and said with a trace of disdain in his eyes, "Qin An, I"m not lying to you. Is there a mole on your wife"s butt? Haha, look at your expression. Am I right? Do you think I"ll lie to you? I"m too lazy to lie to you!"

The eyes of the man called Boss lit up and he asked, "What? You actually have such an experience. How awesome!"

Wang Cheng shook his head and said, "Without a boss, I was actually very surprised. Didn"t I say that her wife seduced me? I didn"t expect so many things to happen."

The four men laughed loudly.

However, Qin An, who was tied up in a chair, was stunned. He really couldn"t believe that Li Ying and Wang Cheng would have such a thing!

However, what Wang Cheng said was correct, making Qin An believe it.

Li Ying! Why are you doing this to me! Why?

Qin An wanted to shout, but he couldn"t. Two rows of tears rolled down his eyes.

Wang Cheng looked at Qin An who was crying bitterly and laughed even more proudly. He told the boss how he came into contact with Li Ying, how he finally got into bed, and all kinds of details on the bed. Everything that he heard pierced deeply into Qin An"s heart!

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