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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 12 Survivors Found

Chapter 12 Survivors Found

It was another sunny morning.

Qin An quietly got up and looked at the sleeping woman on the bed. A smile appeared on his face.

Yesterday was truly too crazy. They were tossing and turning from midday to midnight. The temperature inside was originally quite low, but sweat still wet the bedding. The only thing left was the heat.

This had never happened between Li Ying and him before.

Qin An was dumbfounded on the bed. After a long time, he got up and got out of bed. He felt dizzy. He didn"t know if it was because he slept under the blanket after sweating yesterday.

Walking into the living room, he opened a corner of the curtains and looked out. There were many zombies in the community. After observing for a while, he did not find any mutated zombies. Only then did Qin An open the balcony door and jump onto the sofa bed. He picked up a cigarette at the bedside and lit it up. He took a deep breath.

This cigarette could be considered as a reminder of the seven years of marriage that had passed away!

Qin An thought to himself. He closed his eyes and all sorts of disorderly sounds came from beside his ears.


Qin An opened his eyes again and looked into the distance. He suddenly realized that he could see a few hundred meters away. At the intersection, a group of zombies were wandering back and forth. He could even clearly see the faces of each zombie. He even recognized one of the zombies as a neighbor of the same unit downstairs!

What was going on? Why did his vision and hearing become so sharp overnight?

Could it be that he could really absorb Qin Xiaoyan"s special abilities through close contact with her?

Qin An was surprised. He hurriedly returned to his room, put on his clothes, and jumped from the balcony on the 18th floor with the Japanese knife to the ground.

Looking at the zombies coming around, Qin An did not hesitate and rushed over!

With a single step, his body actually flew more than ten meters away, as if it had teleported out. This was even more terrifying than Qin Xiaoyan"s speed!

In the past, his speed wasn"t slow either, and he could leap a few meters by relying on the explosive strength of his muscles.

But now, this feeling was completely different. Qin An knew that this was a special ability. When he moved, his body seemed to have lost the gravity of the earth without any obstruction. In this situation, the strong explosive force of his muscles allowed him to reach a limit. This limit was far beyond the speed of a human!

Most importantly, when he moved quickly, he could clearly pounce on the zombies around him. It was as if they had entered a slow-motion world. They slowly raised their hands and slowly used their sharp claws to attack him.

Qin An brandished his saber and cut the zombie in half!

Then, he passed through the zombie corpses that were divided into two halves!

This kind of feeling was simply too great! Qin An was sure that if he were to encounter the jumping zombie from yesterday, he would definitely be able to kill it with a single blade!

Perfect combination of strength and speed, coupled with the combination of hearing, vision, and physical strength, Qin An"s strength had once again greatly improved!

After killing all the zombies in the community, Qin An returned to the balcony on the 18th floor.

She sat on the sofa chair, panting heavily, but still couldn"t calm down.

Why, why could he obtain Qin Xiaoyan"s special ability? Could it be because of what the two of them did yesterday?

This not only reminded him of some of the magical kung fu displayed in martial arts novels, such as the Yin Gathering, Yang Nourishing, and Spirit Absorbing Skills?

After pondering for a long time, there was no answer. Qin An returned to his room and picked up the sleeping Qin Xiaoyan, letting her see if her strength had also increased and if she had also absorbed her special ability.

Qin Xiaoyan was tossed around by Qin An yesterday and didn"t have the slightest bit of strength. Under Qin An"s efforts to persuade her, she barely made a few attempts.

Using her fist to hit the wall, Qin Xiaoyan"s pink and tender hand was directly torn apart.

He jumped up vertically and only jumped half a meter high.

In other words, Qin Xiaoyan"s muscular strength and body strength did not improve at all.

After dealing with Qin An, Qin Xiaoyan immediately returned to bed and fell asleep again.

Only Qin An didn"t know what the crux of the problem was.


Life returned to normal again. Qin An narrowed his range of activities. He only moved within the unit and rarely went out. He was afraid that it would attract more powerful mutated zombies. After all, everything outside was unknown.

Qin Xiaoyan finally found her own pleasure in life. She got all the plants in the apartment to the eighteenth floor and began to enjoy playing with flowers and plants.

The two of them also had a healthy husband-and-wife life. Perhaps due to physical strengthening, the two of them basically had to do it every night, and each time it lasted at least an hour.

Such a day made Qin Xiaoyan very satisfied.

Winter passed and spring came. The sun and moon shuttled like shuttles. When the time came into April, a year had passed since the outbreak of the T virus!

Qin An and Qin Xiaoyan were like hibernating animals, hiding in the room on the 18th floor.

During this period of time, Qin An did not receive any more apocalypse radio broadcasts. In other words, all news about the outside world was interrupted.

Actually, after a year, the two of them had completely adapted to their current lifestyle. Although they couldn"t go out and could only hide in a small space, accompanying each other wasn"t boring, and their relationship deepened day by day. If not for Qin Xiaoyan occasionally mentioning such a few words, Qin An would not even remember Li Ying"s name. In fact, he did not forget that woman, but he had already hidden her deeply in his heart.

Right now, they still had a lot of reserves and food, but there wasn"t much water. If it was just food, it would still be enough for them to use for half a year, but they had to take a bath.

Seeing Qin Xiaoyan sigh for less and less water every day, Qin An was a little restless. He decided to go out of the community and search for more resources.

When he told Qin Xiaoyan this idea, Qin Xiaoyan had a worried expression on her face, but she did not object!

It was the same saying. When there were supplies, this house was a safe haven. When there were no supplies, it would become a cage. Without going out, one would not be able to live for too long.

Thus, after discussion, the two of them decided to let Qin An go out alone to explore the road first.

Qin Xiaoyan already knew Qin An"s current strength, speed, strength, defense, and abnormal hearing and vision. In the face of ordinary dangers, it shouldn"t be a problem to be unable to escape.

Since that was the case, then there was no point in her following him. She might as well wait at home.

After making a decision, he naturally had to act immediately. The next day, Qin An woke up early in the morning. After packing everything up, he took the Japanese saber and left the house under Qin Xiaoyan"s advice.

The purpose of this time was to explore the path, so Qin An did not fight with the zombies. Now, his speed was very fast, and he could basically walk around the zombies normally.

He could also jump into nearby buildings to avoid danger when he encountered a horde of zombies that could not be bypassed.

Just like that, after leaving the community, Qin An ran south. He remembered that a few kilometers south of the community was a large supermarket! Perhaps he could obtain quite a few harvests by going there!

The journey went very smoothly, bypassing the layers of ordinary zombies and finally arriving at their destination.

Qin An felt a little sad. There were actually so many zombies on this street. Hanghai City used to have a population of 16,000,000. I wonder how many people are still alive now?

The supermarket is a chain supermarket of Shiji Lianhua. It has three floors. In the past, Qin An often came to the supermarket. The first floor and second floor of the supermarket sold food while the third floor sold all kinds of household appliances. At this time, the front door of the supermarket was locked.


Qin An was slightly stunned. He listened attentively and found that there seemed to be someone talking in the supermarket! Moreover, he wasn"t alone!

Actually, those voices were really soft. Normal people could not hear them from outside, but Qin An was not a normal person.


Qin An was excited. He circled around the supermarket. Sure enough, several of the supermarket"s doors were locked from inside.

With the Japanese knife in his hand behind him, Qin An jumped to the roof of the supermarket and found an open ventilation window. He entered the supermarket through the ventilation window and arrived at the third floor of the supermarket.

The moment he landed, the scene in front of him stunned Qin An!

This place was completely different from a year ago. The three floors of the huge supermarket were split into two by people using connected shelves, turning into two areas.

In each region, there were 50 to 60 men.

There were all kinds of bedding on the ground. Some of the men were lying down and sleeping, some were gathered together to play cards, some were sitting there in a daze.

They all looked dirty, as if it had been a long time since they had taken a bath, as if they were beggars that they usually saw on the streets.

Most of these men were young and middle-aged. Qin An looked for a long time before he saw a boy about ten years old in the eastern half of the area. He was squatting there, holding a brush in his hand, drawing something on the ground.

Are these the survivors of the apocalypse? After being trapped in the supermarket for a year, it seems like they have had a hard time!

Suddenly, Qin An frowned and felt that something was wrong. Why was there no woman?

At this time, the people in the supermarket also found Qin An jumping in through the ventilation window.

The gazes of more than a hundred people were all focused on Qin An, and they all revealed expressions of disbelief.

Qin An was a little scared by these people. It had been a year since he had come into contact with outsiders. Facing the gazes of so many people, he naturally felt very uncomfortable.

Just like that, after a stalemate between the two sides for a while, a person suddenly stood up from the eastern region and walked towards Qin An.

The distance between the two of them was about fifty meters. As he approached Qin An, he discovered that this man actually looked a little familiar.

"Brother Qin? Is that you?" The man asked in disbelief.

Qin An finally linked that face to a name he hadn"t seen for a long time.

"Wang Cheng? Are you still alive?"

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