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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 11 A Disappearing Radio Wave

Chapter 11 A Disappearing Radio Wave

After returning home, the first thing Qin An did was to close all the curtains of his house.

The mutated zombie clearly had a certain level of thinking ability. Qin An was not only a little afraid, if he knew how to sneak attack, then it was not impossible for him to jump onto his own balcony at night and then enter the room to kill and eat Qin Xiaoyan and himself.

Qin Xiaoyan looked at Qin An"s nervous expression and felt a little uneasy in her heart. She asked, "Honey, can"t we go for a walk in the yard in the future?"

Qin An smiled at her comfortably and said, "It"s not that I can"t. Just be careful in the future. Not only are these monsters getting stronger and stronger, they seem to be getting smarter and smarter. They can"t find out where our nest is!"

Qin Xiaoyan was comforted by Qin An"s smile and nodded happily! Then he stretched out his hands and said, "Darling, quickly come and hug me! I was scared by that mutated zombie just now!"

Qin An helplessly walked to Qin Xiaoyan"s side and carried her back to her bedroom. This woman was too spoiled. Li Ying had never interacted with him like this before!

Qin Xiaoyan lay in Qin An"s arms and asked worriedly, "Darling, you said those zombies are getting smarter and smarter. What should we do in the future?"

Qin An"s hand habitually hugged Qin Xiaoyan"s waist on the eve of the first day. Originally, he frowned, but now he stretched out and smiled, "There"s nothing to be afraid of! Hide it! If we can"t hide it, we"ll run! Now that we all have special abilities, if we still need to worry, what should an ordinary person do?"

Qin Xiaoyan nodded without saying anything.

The two of them hugged quietly for a while. Qin An raised his hand, picked up the radio and turned on the switch!

Qin Xiaoyan said, "It"s been a long time since anyone broadcasted it. Why are you still listening to it?"

Qin An sighed and said, "Perhaps the 10th survivor gathering place set up by the Cloud Drifting Mountain government has already been occupied by zombies! It is more than 200 kilometers away from us, and I was thinking that maybe we could go join them!"

Qin Xiaoyan said, "I don"t want to go. I just want to be with you!"

Qin An smiled happily. Li Ying had never said such affectionate words to him before. The relationship between people was really wonderful. How did he have such a close relationship with the woman in his arms?

Suddenly, a long-lost female voice appeared on the radio.

"Good afternoon, dear listeners. This is Doomsday Radio. I"m Xu Tianjiao.

It seems like it"s been a long time since I"ve sent a message to everyone!

It"s unfortunate to tell you that the Cloud Swaying Mountain"s gathering place has fallen. After countless zombies rushed into the camp, I was very lucky to be able to survive! Bless myself and express my deepest recollection for those who have died! "

Qin Xiaoyan and Qin An exchanged glances, their eyes filled with surprise.

Qin An hurriedly sat up and turned up the volume of the radio. At this time, Qin Xiaoyan, who originally felt uneasy because of Qin An"s embrace, also calmed down.

The two of them leaned against the bed and listened quietly.

"My current location, is jianghai city, this is now called Wangyou City!

There were about 20,000 people in the city. This was not a gathering place for survivors set up by the government! "This place is already in a state of anarchy!"

Xu Tianjiao"s words contained an indelible sadness.

"No matter what, those who survive, cherish your lives!

Now tell us the latest information about zombies. I hope the survivors can hear it to increase their chances of surviving.

The T virus is out of control. There is no antidote. At the very least, I don"t know of any research team that is studying how to remove the threat of the T virus.

As the T virus mutated, a large number of mutated zombies appeared! At present, we have a few types of information in our possession.

Giant zombies, also known as abnormal eaters! Their appetite was extremely large, and they ate everything. Of course, the ones they liked the most were humans with flesh and blood! The two giant zombies we"ve seen are over six meters tall. Their strength is extraordinary, and their defenses are extremely strong. Ordinary bullets can"t kill them. The weakness of these zombies is that they move slowly, so we must immediately flee when we see them! In addition, their hearing was exceptionally good. They could fuse human ears with their own cells. It was very strange.

Beast-shaped zombies, This kind of zombie had different forms, They"re zombies of animals infected with the T virus, We have encountered zombie dogs and zombie pigs before. They are also omnivorous. Unconsciously, whatever is close to them, they will bite. This kind of beast zombie is relatively less dangerous to humans, so we only need to stay away from them. After encountering it, we can lure it to the side of an ordinary zombie. They will treat ordinary zombies as food! Similarly, ordinary zombies would attack them. The mutated species of zombies were very powerful. Those who had seen the mutated species were all dead, so they didn"t have any specific information. However, all sorts of signs indicated that there must be a mutated species of zombies.

Jumping zombies. These zombies were terrifying. They were the smartest of all mutated zombies. Their strength had evolved steadily and they were humanity"s greatest enemy. They were good at jumping, their bodies were very agile, they could be killed with guns, but it was very difficult to hit them. It was really difficult for them to have a chance to survive if they encountered such zombies. The Cloud Dance Mountain"s gathering place was first attacked by the jumping zombies, resulting in a gap in their defenses before they were finally breached. They were extremely terrifying, and they also knew how to cooperate with each other in battle! Be careful!

Skull zombies. These zombies didn"t have a high IQ, but they were the most evolved zombies. Their body sizes were similar to ordinary zombies. The only difference was that their skulls grew outside. The rigid skulls wrapped around their brains, making it difficult to attack them. The skull zombies" skin was also very hard. Ordinary bullets could not penetrate their bodies. Their defenses were stronger than the giant zombies".

At present, there are only these four mutated zombies we have encountered, but I believe that there will definitely not be only these four mutated zombies.

The T virus was truly too terrifying. It was like a devil that had been handed down from generation to generation, creating a large number of new creatures!

These creatures have completely different body structures and circulatory systems from humans. They are even different from each other!

The only thing all zombies had in common was that they were ferocious, liked to kill, and fed on humans!

Actually, even if the zombies didn"t eat for a long time, they wouldn"t die, but even so, they were still unwilling to let go of any chance to eat humans! This might be the punishment of the heavens!

I hope that the survivors of Radio Doomsday will cherish your lives!

If you just want to live, I suggest you come to Wangyou City! To the people of the apocalypse, this place was both heaven and hell!

If you want to live like humans, I suggest that you don"t come! This was because this place was only hell for people in the real sense of the word! There is no heaven! "

As she said this, Xu Tianjiao"s voice carried a trace of crying. At first, it was still suppressed, and she gradually choked with tears.

Qin An and Qin Xiaoyan listened quietly. They had never seen Xu Tianjiao before, and they did not know what had happened to make Xu Tianjiao cry so sadly.

After a while, Xu Tianjiao calmed down and finally said, "Alright, survivors of the apocalypse! This may be the last time I broadcast to everyone! I hope all of you can survive! If you really don"t want to live, dying is actually a kind of happiness!"

After saying this, the sound came from the radio and the signal was interrupted.

Is it also a kind of happiness to die?

Qin An didn"t know what kind of story was behind such a sad and poetic name, Forgotten Worry City? Why did Xu Tianjiao say that it was both heaven and hell?

Qin Xiaoyan gently supported Qin An"s face with her small hand. Her eyes shone brightly as she looked at Qin An and asked, "Darling, what are we going to do in the future? What are you thinking?"

Qin An gently kissed Qin Xiaoyan and said, "I was thinking that the zombie we encountered today should be a leaping zombie, right? Its strength is really not ordinary!"

Qin Xiaoyan smiled and said, "Didn"t you kill me with my help?"

Qin An laughed loudly and said, "Yes! You are the best!"

After saying that, he took off Qin Xiaoyan"s clothes.

Qin Xiaoyan was so amused by his actions that she shouted, "Darling, you"re naughty again!"

When she saw Qin An"s fiery gaze at her, her heart trembled slightly and she asked, "Darling, what are you doing?"

Qin An"s hand did not stop moving!

"This apocalypse is too dangerous! I think I should eat you up sooner! Otherwise, what a waste if I really die one day!"

"Darling, what you said is true!"

"Be quiet! Don"t talk!"

Inside the room, there was a spring scenery, as if everything had been thrown away by the couple!

In this apocalypse, what does this countless zombies have to do with them?

An hour later, a voice sounded, "Darling! Do you think we"ll die soon? When do you think the apocalypse will end? Tell me..."

After a long time, the two people on the bed were finally quiet. Qin Xiaoyan lay on Qin An"s chest, her fingers drawing back and forth on the heart-shaped scar on Qin An"s chest.

Qin An leaned against the bed and lit a cigarette.

Qin Xiaoyan had already seen the heart-shaped mark on Qin An"s chest that was burned with a cigarette butt. However, in the past, she had endured it and did not ask. But now, the two of them were truly married. So, after seeing Qin An spit out a cigarette ring, Qin Xiaoyan asked, "Darling, did you burn this heart-shaped scar on your chest yourself? It must be very painful after burning so much."

Qin An"s body trembled slightly, and then he said, "Young, not sensible!"

After saying that, he extinguished the cigarette butt in his hand.

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