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Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 1 Trapped At Home

Chapter 1 Trapped At Home

Qin An was thirty years old this year and was lying on the bed like a dead man.

There was a woman standing beside the bed. She was wearing a black female professional suit. Her upper body was covered in a white T-shirt. She wore light makeup on her face. She looked lean and indifferent.

This woman is Qin An"s ex-wife and her name is Li Ying.

""The situation in the city is getting worse and worse. The Internet says that the T virus is global and has spread in many countries. Our country is not spared either. A friend of the government secretly told me that Hanghai City is going to become a quarantine zone soon. I plan to evacuate this place..."

Li Ying paused for a moment before sighing slightly and saying,

"I admit that I am a woman who worships money, and I can"t keep going with you!

I"m tired of worrying about mortgages every month, eating a bowl of beef noodles, and thinking about adding an egg! Sigh, a bowl of beef noodle costs eight yuan and an egg costs two yuan. Actually, our family doesn"t lack these two yuan. But thinking about the monthly mortgage, I"m bored with the car loan.

Isn"t the sadness of two dollars really sad?

So now I have to choose a better life.

Compared to you, Cheng Gang has too many advantages. He is rich, handsome, young, and responsible. He can give me everything I want. Most importantly, he also loves me very much!

That"s why I chose to leave you. Maybe it"s my fault, isn"t it?

Who knows! Perhaps life is like this, perhaps I am not a good woman in your eyes, but even a woman like me can live a better life! "

Qin An"s body trembled slightly.

Li Ying did not stop but continued,

"I suggest you also leave Hangzhou city, this suggestion is very sincere!

However, based on my understanding of you, you should not be able to accept the blow caused by our divorce for a while.

So I don"t think you"re going to take my advice. You"re probably going to stay at home.

I have prepared a lot of things for you, rice, vegetables, water, medicine, candles, cigarettes, a few full gas cans and some defensive weapons!

Every day, there are incidents of vandalism and robbery, The police, the hospitals and even the Armed Police Force are already in a state of turmoil, If you don"t want to leave, just hide in your room and don"t go out. This food will be enough for you to live here for a year. I hope that all of this will be over by then. I pickled all the vegetables and bought a lot of plastic foods. The shelf life is two years. This is the last thing I did for you. Qin An, forget about me. After this crisis is over, find a good woman to start a new life … I"m leaving! "

After saying this, Li Ying no longer lingered, turned around and left, and a tear fell from the corner of her eyes.

As for Qin An, who was lying on the bed, he had been covering his head with a quilt. At this moment, tears had already flowed down his face like a spring.

With the arrival of the apocalyptic crisis, seven years of emotion also left like flowing water.


Three months later, the once bustling Hanghai City had turned into a dead city.

The streets here were filled with zombies.

This strange creature was not strange in Qin An"s eyes, because it was no different from the zombies in many apocalyptic works he had seen before.

His hands and feet were stiff, bloodthirsty and savage, and he had no soul.

Qin An"s home was on the 18th floor of the apartment. He was lying on the balcony, looking at the zombies on the street downstairs with binoculars.

Most of them were eaten as food by these zombies, and some were trapped at home like themselves.

Qin An counted the things Li Ying had prepared for her. There were really a lot of them. They had everything. They were piled up with two bedrooms that had a total area of more than 70 square meters.

Not to mention a year, it was estimated that two to three years of staying at home was enough for him to eat.

Right now, the entire city had no power, no network, no water, no natural gas!

Fortunately, Li Ying prepared a gas tank for Qin An and piled up barrels of mineral water in a bedroom. With this, Qin An could survive.

After the outbreak of the T virus, zombies slowly appeared. At first, people thought that all of this would pass. However, the end result was that more and more people escaped from the city, and the ones left behind slowly turned into zombies or broken bones.

The calm and lonely life can erase people"s sadness. Qin An is like this. Although the trauma caused by Li Ying"s departure has not completely disappeared, it has already been hidden in his heart.

In three months, he had recovered from his illness. At the very least, he was currently thinking about how he should survive!

Suddenly, a sound came from the balcony next door. Qin An casually rolled his eyes and saw a man and a woman walk out of the room.

They are Qin An"s neighbors. They are a couple. The male is called Liu Tianyu and the female is called Qin Xiaoyan.

There was a distance of more than four meters between the two balconies. It was not far. Liu Tianyu waved his hand and greeted Qin An.

Qin An sneered and ignored them.

Li Ying"s cheating had a direct relationship with the couple. The man named Cheng Gang was the boss of Qin Xiaoyan Company. He was a golden bachelor under the age of 30. It was with Qin Xiaoyan"s help that he and Li Ying walked together and made Li Ying choose to abandon him in the end.

Qin Xiaoyan and her husband looked down on Qin An in the past, so even though they were neighbors before the apocalypse, they almost didn"t greet each other. On the contrary, both of them were close to Li Ying, and they also thought that Qin An, who looked ordinary, was not worthy of Li Ying, who had a good face.

Now that the world had changed, people would naturally change as well.

The only reason why Liu Tianyu took the initiative to greet Qin An was because the couple no longer had any food.

Liu Tianyu"s face was somewhat pale. He looked at Qin An with a disgusting smile on his face and said flatteringly,

"Brother, did you listen to the radio today? There are hundreds of millions of people in the country who are infected. As long as they are bitten by a zombie, they will become zombies. Don"t you think this is too scary?"

Qin An ignored him and continued to lean against the balcony to look downstairs.

""I don"t know when this disaster will pass. We are inferior to Xiao Ying in this aspect. I saw that she bought you a lot of food when she left. I didn"t understand at that time. I didn"t expect her to be so prescient! You also know that our food is almost out of stock. Do you think you can sell me some of the food prepared by your family?"

Qin An smiled coldly and said,

"Alright, a bag of instant noodles is worth 500,000 yuan. Can I have the money?"

Liu Tianyu"s face became even paler, and the smile that he had finally disguised disappeared.

Qin Xiaoyan, who was beside him, was so angry that her face turned red. She suddenly said,

"Although I introduced Xiao Ying to Cheng Gang, it was her own choice to cheat. If you don"t have the ability to keep your wife, why are you angry with us?"

Qin An"s body trembled as he suddenly turned around and glared at Qin Xiaoyan.

Liu Tianyu hurriedly covered Qin Xiaoyan"s mouth and said,

"Qin An, don"t be angry with her. Look at the current situation. At least we are neighbors. Sharing some of our food is for saving our lives!"

Qin An didn"t want to say more. He stared at the other side for a long time and said coldly, "You guys, wait for starvation to die!"

After saying that, he turned around and walked into the room. Liu Tianyu"s shout sounded in his ears,

"Hey, Brother Qin An, don"t leave!"

Qin Xiaoyan seemed exceptionally backbone. She was just saying,

"Darling, don"t beg him! At worst, let"s rush out!"


There was a crisp sound, as if the hand was in contact with the face.

Then came Liu Tianyu"s furious roar,

"You short-haired woman, do you really want to starve to death? Didn"t you see what happened to those people who rushed out and tried to escape? They were all eaten alive by those zombies!"

Qin An slowly closed the door. The noise outside became quiet. Liu Tianyu seemed to be cursing Qin Xiaoyan, while Qin Xiaoyan was crying softly.

Qin An closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Actually, he did not have so much hatred in his heart. All he had was sorrow.

Forget it, let it slowly pass over time.

Qin An made some food and looked at his watch. It was twelve o"clock at noon.

Lonely life tortured people"s hearts, Qin An began to toss himself, making him sweat, making him tired, making him have no strength to think.

He began to do various exercises in the living room.

Push-ups, sit-ups, jog, frog jumps.

Qin An had been doing indoor exercises for hours every day for the past three months, which made his body stronger day by day.

He was nearly 1.8 meters tall and weighed 140 kilograms, 40 kilograms thinner than three months ago.

In the past, he was a slightly fat old man, but now, he could only be described as a robust and powerful young man.

Qin An knew that he had to make himself strong, because perhaps one day he would have to go out to face the zombies outside.

When the needle pointed at six o"clock, Qin An finally collapsed on the ground. He was so tired that he couldn"t move a muscle. In the end, he couldn"t even open his eyes and fell asleep exhaustively.

In a midnight dream,

No matter how many years had passed, Qin An could not forget that scene.

That year, he had just retired from the army and arrived in an unfamiliar city like Hangzhou. He began a new chapter in his life. When he was looking for a job in the market, he met Li Ying for the first time. The dream was so real. Qin An could see all the expressions on Li Ying"s face clearly, cold, stubborn and arrogant.

Suddenly, a burst of hurried knocks on the door and shouts woke Qin An up.

Qin An suddenly stood up from the ground. He felt that his face was cold. He raised his hand to wipe it. He actually cried in his dream.

Then, the knock on the door became even more urgent. At the same time, it was accompanied by the woman"s shout, "Qin An, open the door. I beg you, open the door and save me! Liu Tianyu is dead! He was bitten to death by the old wang next door!"

Qin An was slightly stunned, then almost subconsciously rushed to the door and opened the security door to look outside.

At this moment, Qin Xiaoyan was trying her best to stick her body to the metal fence door outside, her face full of tears!

When she saw Qin An, her eyes, which were already crying, suddenly lit up. She shouted, "Open the door! Qin An, please open the door!"

Qin An frowned slightly. His gaze circled around Qin Xiaoyan and looked behind her. A trace of moonlight shot into the corridor. In the corridor, Liu Tianyu fell to the ground while a walking corpse was lying on his body and biting. Blood flowed all over the ground.

Turning her gaze back to Qin Xiaoyan, when she saw her frightened and helpless expression, Qin An sighed slightly. He did not hesitate and opened the metal fence door. Qin Xiaoyan almost crawled into the room, and Qin An quickly closed the door.

Turning around, she saw Qin Xiaoyan kneeling on the ground, crying loudly.

Qin An ignored her, turned around and sat on the sofa. He picked up a bottle of mineral water, opened it and took a sip. His muscles felt sour.

Qin An turned his gaze back to Qin Xiaoyan. He sneered and said, "Tell me, what"s going on?"

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