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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!

Chapter 30 - When Will You Get Married

Chapter 30: When Will You Get Married

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Gu Chu kept nagging while Feng Jia listened to her own questions and answers.

The Feng family’s old mansion was a chinese-style building. It emphasized on the surroundings and the central courtyard. Walking from the main entrance to the house required walking through two or three doors. It was not easy to walk on slippery roads on rainy days, so Feng Jia carried Gu Chu and walked for a full ten minutes before reaching the main entrance.

Before they entered the house, Gu Chu heard Grandpa Feng mumbling, “Why isn’t Chuchu here yet? Did Feng Jia pick her up? Go out and take a look.”

Feng Pei answered, “Then I’ll make a call and ask.”

Then, she said, “I just said that I’ll call someone to pick her up, but you insisted that my brother go. It’s raining so hard outside.”

Grandpa Feng said confidently, “Since Feng Jia is here, of course he should?pick her up. After all, Chuchu is his wife.”

Gu Chu jumped down from Feng Jia and handed the umbrella to him. Then, she walked into the house and called out, “Grandpa!”

Grandpa Feng immediately stood up from the sofa. “Ah, Chuchu, I thought Feng Jia didn’t pick you up.”

The maid quickly took the umbrella from Feng Jia and handed him a dry towel. Feng Jia wiped the raindrops off his coat while Gu Chu changed into her shoes and ran to Old Master Feng.

Old Master Feng sounded concerned. “Did you get caught in the rain?”

Then, he instructed the maid, “Go and cook a bowl of ginger tea for Chuchu.”

“I didn’t get caught in the rain. If you don’t believe me, you can hug me and see if I’m wet.” Gu Chu smiled and went forward to hug Old Master Feng.

He was delighted by her coaxing. “It’s good that you didn’t get wet.”

Feng Pei couldn’t stand her pretentious behavior and rolled her eyes. “Tsk.”

Gu Chu also liked this old man who treated her as his granddaughter from the bottom of his heart. She said, “Grandpa, how’s your health recently? Is your blood pressure normal?”

“Yes. Everything is normal.”

“That’s good.”

Gu Chu held a cup of ginger tea with a smile on his face.

At this time, old man Feng looked at Gu Chu and said, “Chuchu, look at you. You’re too skinny. I think you should hurry up and have a wedding with Feng Jia, right?”

Gu Chu was confused. Was there any causal relationship between her being skinny and having a wedding?

Grandpa Feng continued, “After that the two of you should go on a honeymoon and enjoy for a while.” 𝒾𝒏n𝗿𝒆а𝑑. 𝘤𝘰m

Gu Chu couldn’t get a word in.

Old Master Feng added, “Maybe when you come back, I’ll be able to have a great-grandchild too.”

Gu Chu quickly said, “No, Grandpa, we...”

Old Master Feng interrupted her, “Chuchu, do you like boys or girls? I like girls because girls will be like you.”

Seeing that Old Master Feng’s words were getting more and more ridiculous, Gu Chu was speechless. She quickly looked at Feng Jia for help and signaled him with her eyes, “Hurry up and say something!”

Feng Jia didn’t say anything and only smiled at her.

Gu Chu: “...”

What are you laughing at?!

What’s so funny?!

She had told Feng Jia that she wouldn’t marry him until he figured out the relationship between him and Gu Wan.

However, she didn’t dare to tell Old Master Feng that she had no intention of getting married.

This was because once this thought was revealed, Grandpa Feng would definitely tell his parents, his parents might take the opportunity to say, “Then we’ll respect Chuchu’s wishes. Since she’s not willing to marry Feng Jia, what do you think of Gu Wan? Gu Wan and Feng Jia are very compatible.”

At that time, she would have nowhere to cry.

Gu Chu acted coquettishly towards Grandpa Feng. “Grandpa, I’m still young. I don’t want to get married yet.”

Her tone was very soft.

Feng Jia looked at her with a dark gaze.

Feng Pei looked at her with disdain. Was this b * tch sick? She actually acted coquettishly towards an old man?

Grandpa Feng’s gaze was surprised as he said, “Chuchu, you’re not young at twenty-five. In our era, people at twenty-five have children who are old enough to work.”

“That was in your era. Now, it’s considered early for us to get married before the age of thirty!”

When Grandpa Feng heard her words, he misinterpreted what she meant. “Then do you plan to get married at the age of 30?”

Gu Chu blinked. “I, I mean...”

“Aiya, grandpa, don’t you understand? She just doesn’t want to get married to big brother.”

Feng Pei finally took the opportunity to stab her in the back. She had had enough of Gu Chu tonight.

Hearing that, Old Master Feng quickly looked at Gu Chu.

Gu Chu touched her hair. “Oh, Grandpa, it’s not like that either. When two people are together, the sweetest time is when they are dating. It will definitely change after marriage. I still want to enjoy this time. I’ll get married after I’ve had enough fun.”

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