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Chapter 26: Bicker

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Feng Jia Sheng took a bowl of soup and placed it in front of Gu Chu.

If it weren’t because of Mr. Gu watching, she wouldn’t drink this bowl of soup.

Suddenly, Gu Chu saw some steamed eggplants in front of her. With a malicious thought, she placed the dish in front of Feng Jia.

“Feng Jia, eat more eggplants. It’s good for your body.”

She didn’t know what was good about eggplants. Anyway, this was the dish Feng Jia hated the most.

Feng Jia knew that she was doing it on purpose. He just looked at her indifferently, while Gu Chu was laughing her head off.

Mr. Gu looked at their interaction and nodded with satisfaction. “Not bad. Chuchu knows how to care about people.”

“Dad, how can I not know how to care about Feng Jia?”

Gu Chu knocked on the table as she spoke, as if urging him to eat.

A minute later, Feng Jia picked up a piece and put it in his mouth without changing his expression. His Adam’s apple rolled around as he swallowed it. “Yes, Chuchu is very caring.”

Gu Chu felt a little bored when he did that. She pursed her lips and did not want to talk to him.

Of course, Gu Wan was quieter than her.

That was because she could not get a word in.

After dinner, Mr. Gu and Gu Wan went back to the company. Gu Chu wanted to go to the hospital to have her stomach checked, so she ignored Feng Jia and left.

Feng Jia stood behind her and waited for the elevator with her. Suddenly, he said, “I didn’t wrong you, but your mother seems to want me to cheat on you.”

Gu Chu narrowed her eyes and turned around to look at him.

Feng Jia was one head taller than her, so Gu Chu could only see his face when she raised her head slightly.

He brought up the matter again, and it was about what Gu Wan had been talking about before.

“Last night, when I arrived at the old mansion, your mother and your sister were already waiting there. She made a condition, and she wanted me to sign the project over to your sister.”

Gu Chu was stunned. “What condition?”

Feng Jia did not answer. He only said, “We have been engaged for so many years, but your mother has never done you such a big favor. Now, it seems that after Gu Wan came back, you have fallen out of favor.”

Fallen out of favor...

These words were like a bomb that exploded in her heart.

She had heard these words before. Lin Yin had said something similar before.

She suddenly felt a sense of panic in her heart. The events of the past few days flashed through her mind like a movie.

Her mother accused her of stealing Gu Wan’s engagement. Her father bought her favorite crab for Gu Wan. Her father made Gu Wan the vice director. Her mother went to look for Feng Jia for Gu Wan...

All of this meant one thing, and that was that she was really comparable to Gu Wan...

Gu Chu subconsciously clenched her fingers. Suddenly, she felt powerless and at a loss.

She asked coldly, “Is this the reason why you and Gu Wan are so close?”

To put it bluntly, their engagement was a contract.

The Feng family had three brothers, all of whom had the same father but different mothers. It could be seen that the struggle for power was no different than the struggle for the throne in ancient times.

The union between the Feng family and the Gu family had stabilized his position in the Feng family. He was a shrewd businessman.

So since she was not as valuable as Gu Wan now. Would he change his fiancee?

In fact, it was reasonable if he did. She couldn’t blame him.

She seemed to have found the reason why he had been going back and forth between her and Gu Wan for the past few days.

Suddenly, her breathing became heavy, and her heart felt as if it was being gripped tightly by an invisible hand. She could hardly breathe.

Feng Jia lowered his eyes, and his gaze was unfathomable. “If I really think that way, you shouldn’t quarrel with me. Instead, you should think of ways to make me marry you.”

The meaning of his words was obvious. He wanted her to please him for the sake of her precarious position in the Gu family!

She froze. This was exactly what Lin Yin had said!

She did not think too much when Lin Yin said it, but when she heard what he said, she felt embarrassed and angry, she felt her blood boil. “Don’t act as if I can’t live without you! You can marry whoever you want!”

A two-timing scumbag! And he said it so righteously!

It’s unreal!

She thought of Lin Yin’s words from yesterday and snorted coldly. “If I want to hold my position in the Gu family. You may not be the only choice. I can still marry into the Lin family!”𝑖𝑛𝗻𝐫𝗲𝙖𝐝. 𝘤૦m

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