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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!

Chapter 23 - Gu Wan Signed the Contract

Chapter 23: Gu Wan Signed the Contract

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Oh, so it was two colleagues gossiping in secret.

It was said that the pantry was the best place for gossip besides the bathroom, and it was true.

“Hey, have you heard? The new Vice Director is also the daughter of the chairman.”

“But isn’t the director an only child? Why is there another daughter?”

“I’m not sure. She looks a few years older than Director Gu. Do you think she’s an adopted daughter or an illegitimate daughter?”

Gu Chu glanced at Gu Wan. Seeing her dazed expression, she stood at the door, somewhat at a loss.

“It can’t be an adopted daughter, right? She was the Vice Director the moment she came in. Her status is almost on par with Director Gu. She should be an illegitimate daughter, right?” 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

“Yes, yes, she should be an illegitimate daughter!”

Gu Chu chuckled and walked in. “Gu Wan is my biological sister.”

The two female colleagues were startled. When they turned around, they saw the person they were discussing just now, and they were both shocked.

Gu Chu nonchalantly took the water and said, “We lost her when we were young, and we only found her recently. Do you guys have so much free time? Why analyze these things that have nothing to do with your job?”

“No, no.” The two of them immediately shook their heads and walked out of the pantry.

When Gu Chu walked out, he glanced at Gu Wan. “The next time you hear these words, you can explain yourself. It’s not true. Do you have to stand outside and suffer?”

Gu Wan pursed her lips. “Thank you, Chuchu.”

“I’m not helping you. I just don’t want to see them make up a story about mom and dad.”

“Yeah, I know. You’re the kind of person who talks tough but has a soft heart. We’re biological sisters.” Then, she added, “Chuchu, don’t be sad that you didn’t get the project. Dad won’t be angry with you. Besides, I’ll protect you.”

Gu Chu felt a bit bitter when she heard this. She really didn’t want her protection.

She was too lazy to say anything else and walked out.

Just as she returned to her office, the secretary looked at her sympathetically. “The chairman is looking for you.”

Is that necessary?

Mr. Gu was the chairman of the Gu Corporation. His office was on the top floor of the building.

Gu Chu knocked on the door and entered. “Dad.”

Mr. Gu looked up at her. It wasn’t a dark expression, but a smile.

“Chuchu, I’ve seen the document you sent me this morning. I’ve thought about the Sky Garden project before, but the Lin Corporation wants 70%. I didn’t think it was worth it so I didn’t cooperate. I didn’t expect you to be able to convince them to do 40-60% .”

The project that Lin Yu gave her yesterday was the Sky Garden project.

Gu Chu smiled. “I’m making up for failing to take down Yangchang project. Are you not punishing me?”

“I won’t punish you. Besides, this project has been returned to our hands,” Mr. Gu said with a smile.

“Ah?” Gu Chu was shocked.

At this moment, Mr Gu’s secretary called from the inner line. “Chairman, CEO Feng is here.”

Gu Chu frowned. What was Feng Jia doing here?

Mr. Gu looked very happy. He patted her shoulder and said, “Come, let’s go to the meeting room. I asked him to come.”

Gu Chu followed him to the meeting room, not knowing what was going on. Sure enough, she saw Feng Jia sitting on the chair. Mr. Gu called out, “Feng Jia.”

Feng Jia stood up and called out politely, “Uncle Gu.”

Father Gu patted his shoulder and said, “I wanted to send someone to your place to sign the contract, but the more I thought about it, the happier I became. So, I called you over to have a meal. I’m not disturbing you, right?”

“Not at all, but it should be my treat instead,” Feng Jia said with a smile.

Mr. Gu’s eyes were full of admiration. “Our two families are in-laws, so we have to work together more in the future. You’re handling things more and more steadily now. It’s good that you invested in Wang Tai Group and protect the rights of the three families.”

Gu Chu didn’t quite understand what they meant. What did they mean by protecting the three families? She couldn’t help but interject, “Invest in the Wang Tai Group?”

Mr. Gu smiled and said, “Chuchu doesn’t know yet, right? The Feng family invested in the Wang Tai Group, and now it’s the majority shareholder of the. Feng Jia is in charge, so he wants us to join the Yangchang project as well.”

Gu Chu had just sorted it out when another person walked into the office. It was Gu Wan. She held a document in her hand and said, “Dad, CEO Feng, the contract has been drafted. Take a look.”

Gu Chu took the contract first. After skimming through the terms and conditions, she finally saw the signature at the bottom. She looked up and asked, “This project was negotiated by Gu Wan?”

Gu Wan nodded. “Yes, last night.”

Didn’t Feng Jia have dinner at the Feng family’s old mansion last night? Why did he see Gu Wan? Gu Chu glanced at Feng Jia and put down the contract expressionlessly.

Feng Jia had already seen the electronic version of the contract, so he signed it directly.

Mr. Gu said with great satisfaction, “Together with the Sky Garden Project, today is a double celebration. Let’s have lunch together as a family to celebrate.”

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