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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!

Chapter 19 - Conversation with Feng Jia

Chapter 19: Conversation with Feng Jia

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Feng Jia added, “CEO Wang said that he didn’t know about this.”

She thought that was believable. At first, he was interested in her, but what happened later was entirely on the three of them.

Feng Jia helped her apply some ice on her face before taking out a tissue to wipe her hands. “I’ve asked the hotel to send the food up. Get out of bed and eat.”

Gu Chu nodded dispiritedly and got out of bed.

She had suffered so much. What was the reason? !

The soup dumplings that she loved were sent over. The two of them did not speak until Gu Chu finished eating. Then, she asked, “What agreement did you and CEO Wang come up with?”

Feng Jia raised his eyebrows. “You want to pry into the information and then intercept it?”

“I’m just asking. You don’t have to be so guarded against me.” Gu Chu looked at him. “Besides, I’ve suffered so much. It’s not too much for you to tell me this, right?”

Feng Jia chuckled.

Gu Chu’s eyes darkened. “Don’t you know that you’ve wronged me in too many ways?”

Feng Jia’s eyes suddenly became serious. “Have I?”

Gu Chu snorted. “Let’s not talk about the old ones, but just the recent ones. What did you and Gu Wan talk about that night? You just walked out of my room and hooked up with my sister. You even made her cry. Tell me, what do you want to do?”

Feng Jia replied calmly, “Nothing.”

Gu Chu chuckled. “Do you think I’m a three-year-old child?”

Feng Jia drank a mouthful of water and said, “It’s nothing. I can’t make up a lie to deceive you, right?”

Hearing that, Gu Chu’s chest kept heaving up and down. She had to stay calm!

However, she couldn’t stay calm at all. She stepped forward and grabbed his collar, yelling, “It’s been so many years and I tolerated your temperament. You should thank me, the beautiful goddess, for coming to the mortal world to save all living things!”

No matter how righteous this person was, he did know how to coax his girlfriend!

Well, did he not know how to be in love? She had never heard of him having any girlfriend before her.

However, they had been dating for two or three years, yet he still could not change his temperament!

She was really angered to death!

Feng Jia was grabbed by the collar but his expression was clam, and there was a faint sense of authority between his brows, suppressing her. After all, there were not many people in this world who could grab his collar.

He looked at her lightly. Even though he was not angry, he was like a tiger about to show its might.

Although Gu Chu was not afraid of him, she was a little scared by his stare. However, if she let go, she would lose face again.

He suddenly moved his finger, and she let go.

However, halfway through, he grabbed her. “You’re such a troublemaker. It seems that what happened last night did not scare you.”

Gu Chu straightened her neck. “I’m not that timid.”

“You’re brave and petty,” Feng Jia said as he tightened his fingers. “I told you that grandfather chose you as his granddaughter-in-law.”

Gu Chu nodded. “That’s true. But it doesn’t mean that you’re not trying to flirt with my sister while being with me.”

Feng Jia pinched her fingers and said snappily, “If I want to have an affair, I wouldn’t have waited until now.”

“That means you thought about it.” Gu Chu refused to let it go.



At this moment, his phone on the table rang. He let go of her hand and picked up the phone to go to the balcony to answer it.

The conversation ended just like that.

Gu Chu picked up the last Xiaolongbao and was about to put it in her mouth when her stomach suddenly churned. She covered her mouth and wanted to throw up.

She quickly picked up Feng Jia’s glass and drank a mouthful of water to suppress the nausea in her stomach.

Yesterday, her stomach hurt, and now she wanted to throw up. Could there be something wrong with her stomach?

She was a little annoyed. She felt that things had not been going well recently, and the swelling on her face had not subsided.

She picked up the phone and asked the waiter to take away the cutlery and bring two eggs.

The front desk was serious about service in the presidential suite. In less than five minutes, they had delivered them.

Gu Chu rubbed her face with the hot eggs. She thought to herself that she had never been slapped by anyone in her entire life.

Now, she was actually slapped by an unknown person!

Thinking of this, she felt even more stifled. She couldn’t let this go. She picked up her phone, and sent a text message.

“Lin Yu, you’ve developed in Yangcheng City before. Do you know any lawyers here?”

She would never let those three go!

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