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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!

Chapter 18 - She Felt so Wronged

Chapter 18: She Felt so Wronged

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Feng Jia stepped forward and grabbed the man’s head, throwing it to the ground like a rubber ball!

The man screamed again.

Feng Jia’s voice was very low and deep. “Why did you take her?”

The man answered with a trembling voice, “Because she destroyed our business opportunity, so… so we are taking her to CEO Wang. This way, there’s still hope...”

Feng Jia’s secretary appeared with the police. He left the men behind and walked to Gu Chu. “Can you walk?”

Gu Chu nodded weakly, but Feng Jia still went forward and picked her up.

Gu Chu could barely walk. She was light-headed and could not walk more than a few steps. After being picked up, her head was dizzy. She thought of something, she whispered into Feng Jia’s ear, “There’s still one of their accomplices who hasn’t appeared.”

Feng Jia’s eyes were dark and unclear. He replied with an “Hmm”.

Only then did Gu Chu pass out with relief.

The secretary came to Feng Jia’s side. “CEO Feng, we’ve caught all of them.”

Feng Jia said coldly, “Follow them to the police station and take good care of them.”


Gu Chu slept rather soundly and didn’t have any strange dreams.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself on the bed in the hotel.

She turned her head and saw Feng Jia sitting on the sofa at the side with a tablet in his hand. He was probably sending work emails.

He frowned slightly and turned his head to ask immediately “You’re awake?”

Gu Chu supported herself up and asked, “Have you caught all three of them? How are they now?”

He answered, “They were all taken away by the police. There are surveillance cameras in the garage, so you don’t have to worry. They will rot in prison.”

Gu Chu knocked her head and said angrily, “Are they bandits? There are gains and losses when it comes to business, they are committing a crime just for a business opportunity. What’s wrong with them?”

Gu Chu asked again, “What’s their background?”

“No background.” Feng Jia’s tone was very indifferent, “They are from the same development team. They also have their eyes on Yangchang project and want to get a share of it, but CEO Wang did not agree. So, they came up with this stupid idea. They also said that they would take a photo of you so that you wouldn’t dare to call the police.”

So that was the case. No wonder they were so bold. If an ordinary woman had a photo taken, she would definitely give in.

However, was she an ordinary woman? She gritted her teeth. “They’re dreaming! I’ll definitely fight to the death!”

She, Gu Chu, would take anything, but she would not suffer any losses!

She would not accept this grievance no matter what!

Feng Jia snorted coldly. “I won’t let them off.”

His eyes were like ice that was emitting a chilling light.

He looked up at Gu Chu and asked again, “Are you still dizzy? Do you want me to call ad?”

“No, not necessary for now.” Gu Chu gritted her teeth. “I’m here for the Yangchang project. I encountered this incident before I even finished the deal. Wang Tai Group would be embarrassed not to cooperate with me, right?”

Feng Jia did not reply.

Gu Chu asked him again, “Why are you here?”

Then, she thought of something and asked in surprise, “You’re not here for the Yangchang Project, are you?”


“Then have you signed the contract?”

“Not yet,” Feng Jia said, “But, I will.”

What did he mean by he will? There was no definitive conclusion yet. What right did he have to be so certain?

Wait a minute, she suddenly felt blessed. Could it be?

She said, “When I saw CEO Wang yesterday, I felt that his attitude was a little strange. Gu Corporation is not some ferocious beast, so why would he avoid us? Does he have other matters to attend to?”

Seeing that her mind was spinning so quickly, Feng Jia’s heart stirred slightly, and he listened quietly.

Gu Chu continued, “They initially were firm about the fact that they would not cooperate with third parties and that they had the ability to complete the entire project. But now, they want to cooperate with you. Could it be that they have no money?”

When Feng Jia heard this, his lips curved slightly.

She had guessed it right! This was how things were!

Wang Tai Group had no money, but they did not dare to say anything. That was why they were quietly looking at Feng Corporation.

Feng Jia wanted the project, and Wang Tai Group wanted money. In the end, it was mutually beneficial and everyone was happy. However, in the end, she, Gu Chu, was kidnapped, and slapped for no reason.

In the end, she got nothing.

Who could she talk to about this grievance? !

Feng Jia picked up the ice pack on the bedside table and pressed it against her cheek. Gu Chu immediately hissed in pain.

The slap from that person had yet to fade.

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