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Chapter 15: CEO Wang Left

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

When CEO Wang heard that, he was amused. “Sure, but there are only three men here. Women like them don’t know how to play.”

At this moment, Gu Chu happened to pass by and interjected, “I do. If CEO Wang doesn’t mind, let me make the number.”

Her words were like a hook that tickled people’s hearts. CEO Wang raised his head to look at her.

He was stunned. His eyes were filled with amazement.

Gu Chu was already used to this kind of gaze. She smiled generously and then handed the wine glass forward. “CEO Wang, how about a drink?”

“Of course!” CEO Wang immediately stood up and picked up the wine glass on the table. He downed it in one gulp. “May I know how to address you, miss?”

“Gu Chu.”

CEO Wang felt that this name was somewhat familiar, but he could not recall where he had heard it before. He looked at Gu Chu and said, “Since Miss gu is willing to do us the honor, how can we not agree? How about this, if you win, it’s on you. If you lose, it’s on me.”

The other men immediately praised his generosity. They flattered him so much that he felt light as air.

Gu Chu smiled. “There are winners and losers. It’s not that I can’t afford to lose. CEO Wang, you’re too polite.”

CEO Wang immediately complimented her, “Miss Gu, you’re cool!”

Just like that, they asked for a private room from the waiter.

Qianke Hotel had a restaurant decorated with the style of old Yangcheng City. There were mahjong tables in the private room. The women surrounded their men and looked at their cards.

CEO Wang dismissed the women beside him and asked enthusiastically, “Miss Gu, do you know me?” 𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

If she didn’t know him, she wouldn’t have called him CEO Wang right away.

Before Gu Chu could say anything, one of the three men said, “CEO Wang, how could there be anyone in Yangcheng City who doesn’t know you? Miss Gu must admire you, so she came over to greet you.”

The other two men also echoed, “Yes, yes.”

Looking at their pretentious looks, Gu Chu knew that they must have something to ask of CEO Wang. That’s why they were so subservient.

As expected, CEO Wang’s face was glowing from the compliments.

Gu Chu said lightly, “I did come to look for CEO Wang.”

“Then you’re at the right place. Don’t think that CEO Wang is cold, but in private, he’s very soft-hearted, especially towards beautiful women. Hurry up and toast him. No matter what you ask of him, he’ll agree!” Someone urged.

Gu Chu didn’t take it to heart, instead, she raised her wine glass and said to CEO Wang, “I should toast you, but I don’t dare to get you drunk. I came specially from Haicheng City to discuss a cooperation. If you’re drunk, then we can’t have the discussion anymore.”

CEO Wang was stunned.

Haicheng City. Surnamed Gu.

Could it be her?!

He immediately shivered. Suddenly, his face wasn’t as warm as before. “So it’s the Gu Corporation. I drank a little too much today, so it didn’t occur to me. But I remember that I’ve already explicitly rejected it. Why did you come here?”

Gu Chu smiled and said, “I heard that you’re interested in cooperating with the Feng Corporation? If the Feng Corporation can do it, then the Gu Corporation can too. You should at least compare and see which one is better, right? Or, would you look at our proposal first before making any decisions?”

CEO Wang chuckled. “No need. I’m not interested.”

Gu Chu wanted to say something, but CEO Wang suddenly pushed the mahjong table aside. “I’m not interested in playing anymore.”

The other men were stunned. “CEO Wang, why are you suddenly not playing anymore?”

CEO Wang said, “I have other things to do. You guys can continue.”

After saying that, he left. The men could not stop him.

All of a sudden, the three men saw that Gu Chu’s expression did not look good. CEO Wang, whom they had been complimenting the whole night, had actually been angered by her few words?

Someone scolded her, “Do you know how to talk to others?”

“That’s right! Just make him happy and then go to a hotel room. Wouldn’t the deal be done then?”

Gu Chu looked up. “Do you think that playing mahjong is not enough and that you want to take a few punches?”

She was born arrogant and proud, and she was unlike an ordinary woman.

One of them slapped the table coldly. “What did you say?”

Gu Chu couldn’t be bothered with him. She picked up her bag and turned around to leave.

The person who slapped the table widened his eyes and was so angry that his face turned red.

Just as he was about to chase after her, he was stopped by someone. He turned around. “Why are you stopping me? That little girl is so arrogant. I’m going to teach her a lesson!”

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