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Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!

Chapter 11 - What was He Going to Do?

Chapter 11: What was He Going to Do?

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Gu Chu answered him lazily, “Yeah, haven’t you heard of it?”

He asked again, “Then why didn’t you marry into the Lin family?”

Gu Chu rolled her eyes at him. “First come, first served. Wasn’t I engaged to you first? My family isn’t treacherous.”

Then, she thought of something and said, “Oh right, your family is a new upper class family now, so you can choose who to marry.”

It’s up to him to choose her or Gu Wan.

He understood what she meant and leaned close to her ear. “Didn’t I choose you long ago?”

Gu Chu snorted. “If you didn’t say it, everyone would have thought that you chose Gu Wan.”

The little vixen’s jealous look was inexplicably charming.

Feng Jia replied in a low voice, “Didn’t I choose you long ago?”

It was rare for this bastard to say such sweet words. His voice was perfect and had a bewitching quality to it.

Gu Chu turned her head away, and the tip of her ears turned red.

Feng Jia pulled her arm and pulled her to his chest. Her waist was so slim and soft to the touch. He said, “I have nothing to do with her. How many more times do you want me to say it?”

Gu Chu pushed his chest. “Let go of me.”

She did not believe him. 𝒊𝓃𝗻𝘳𝘦𝐚𝐝 𝒄o𝓶

“Don’t move.” His deep voice sounded in her ear.

Her movement just now had aroused his desire. He pressed his body against her.

Gu Chu noticed his strange behavior and stuttered. “You…”

He replied, “Come home with me later.”


“I have something to talk to you about.”

“What can’t we talk about it here?”

Feng Jia chuckled. “It’s fine if you want to do it here.”

After saying that, he turned her around and placed her hands on the stone wall.

They were far away from the banquet hall, and the light was dim. If one did not look carefully, one would not be able to tell that there was a man and a woman here.

“What are you doing?” Gu Chu asked in fright.

Feng Jia’s tone was a little hoarse. “I thought you wanted to do it here?”

Gu Chu: “?”

Do what here?

Then, she felt a hand coming up her smooth thigh. With a hook of his finger, it pulled her underwear down!

Gu Chu’s hair stood on end. “Wait!”

However, in the next second, the man’s finger was already inside.

It was a little dry. Gu Chu had yet to awaken, and her entire body was desperately resisting him.

She remembered that he was not a lustful person. How could he suddenly be in heat at this time?

“Relax.” He exerted force on his hand, and all of it went in.

Gu Chu placed her hands on the stone wall and grunted.

Although no one would come here, if they made a sound, they would definitely be discovered!

She begged in a low voice, “No!”

Even though she said no, her body still responded.

After all, they had slept together for three years, and her body had long been completely devoured by him. Her body could not help but tremble.

Then, a wave of heat coursed through her body. Gu Chu’s legs went weak and she almost fell down. The man quickly wrapped his arms around her waist.

She tried her best to hold back the moans. She could not bear the impact.

She had never expected that one day they would be doing this at a party at her house.

She did not know whether he or she was crazy.

His lips caressed the back of her neck, leaving hot kisses behind. Even Gu Chu’s fingertips were numb.

After an unknown amount of time, her vision went blank. She grabbed his arm tightly, and her clothes were drenched in sweat.

After doing it once, both of them looked messy. His shirt was wet, and her skirt should not be seen by others.

The two of them sneakily avoided the crowd and returned to her room via a small path. He changed into a new shirt, and she took a shower in the bathroom. She casually changed into a bathrobe and came out.

When she took a shower just now, she found that her neck had been bitten by him, leaving a mark.

On the other hand, there was not a single mark on his body. He looked so well-dressed that it was impossible to tell what had just happened between them.

He was just too much of a bastard. He had entered the house with Gu Wan and then dragged her to the side to do that. What did he take her for?

She glared at him fiercely.

His hand that was tying his tie paused. “I couldn’t hold it back just now. Are you okay?”

Gu Chu: “...”

Okay my ass!

Gu Chu asked unhappily, “Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t come to the birthday party?”

Feng Jia tidied his collar and replied, “I’ve finished my work.”

Gu Chu was even more annoyed. “Oh, right. As soon as you finished your work, you accompanied Gu Wan to attend the birthday party. You’re really thoughtful.”

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