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Chapter 9: Damn, bandits are also appearing too

Feeling the unique changes that were beginning to happen in his body, Wang was indeed excited as he could feel that the entire body was being improved but some internal organ in his body seemed to give him an illusion it was being burned.

Wang was indeed right about it as the process of organ refinement is based on resources and at the same time the mastery of technique one has managed to reach, and this is not something that can be changed but the level of the technique he practices can also be useful in the foundation being laid. In some cases, having many techniques can also be acceptable but in the end, time to study multiple techniques is not available in the end one can only select the best.

In the case of Wang, he has no access to other collections of martial arts that can allow him to study as many as he wants, and thus can only do with the one he has.

Even though resources had been a big issue, Wang managed to push himself into cultivating at the fastest pace the resources he could afford could support him.

In this period of time his body did not become bigger since he lacked enough food material to support his growth yet he continued to cultivate either way.

But at this time when he broke through and entered the first stage of organ refinement, he was excited as he could feel heat flowing through all his body.

It kept giving him a feeling as though his body was undergoing burning the moment his White Tiger Fist reached the third level.


Feeling how his body seemed to be generating energy with every part of his body gave him a feeling like he was thrown in an oven.

He was sure that his fitness had also risen considerably compared to before in all aspects and even his blood flow seemed to have been strengthened.

The feeling of his internal organs being on fire is something he ignored when he set his eyes on the panel.

His lifespan had risen from 19 years when he had just crossed over to 25 years and with his current age he could still live for about a decade.

The feeling delighted him and when he saw that the potential value had also gone all the way to 17 he was also sure that his martial arts practice would become faster too, the only issue is about resources.

Name: Wang


Lifespan: 25 years


Potential points: 17


Attribute Points: 25

The 25 attribute points had come from the improvement in martial arts all the way to his current level.

When he looked towards the martial arts mastery he could see that the White Tiger Fist was on the 3rd level.


Martial arts: White Tiger Fist(3/5) 0.1%


After seeing it he knew that the issue of resources was his main problem at the moment, but other things aside, his body indeed felt comfortable after

Wang had some regrets about not searching through the bodies of the martial artists that attacked him in the territory of the Black Left Gang.

He wondered if he could find himself some saber technique but even that would not be possible in this city, perhaps only by having enough power to leave was the thing with more meaning to the current situation he was in.

He had a feeling that this city was not going to remain untouched for long, especially with the bandits being the talk of the town. In the town, Wang also seemed to have not seen many businesses opening and suspects they have probably been closed by the owners while some have already packed up.

In these troubled times, the businessmen seemed to have no interest in being exploited at all.

Standing in the temple courtyard Wang kept punching faster and faster and he could feel his muscles vibrating like a tiger roar.

The feeling however was not that pronounced so he just thought he was imagining it but could see that the improvement on the panel was slightly faster. His stomach was also growling, making Wang prepare some of the remaining medical soup.

But the effect had also become minimal to him at the moment, he however could not abandon it as it still had some use for himself. When the medical materials in his possession were totally consumed he would then think of something else.

At the same time, he stopped practicing, one could see some fist prints on the dried tree in the courtyard. In a way, the fist force had almost split the tree.

With the breakthrough of the White Tiger Fist, he could now attack with an even stronger power of fists, in the past he managed to crush heads, and now that his body had undergone some qualitative change.

“Go to work.” After having accomplished his goals, Wang seemed to know what was important and thus headed to clean himself before heading towards the place he collects iron for his daily task.

As usual, he arrived and focused on what he is good at, in the end, carrying iron towards the place it is stored and after several rounds, he actually felt that his body was still energetic.

It seemed like with the improvement of his stamina from breaking through he could do the assigned tasks even faster.

When his thoughts were drifting he heard sounds coming from the direction of the city gate, he then heard the ground trembling and this gave him a bad feeling.

In the city, some screams could be heard and they were mostly centered near the area of the sand city gate. This noise seemed to attract people but Wang had already completed his task and did not act like everyone else but rather left the place stealthily heading back to the temple, he has prepared someplace to hide for himself in case things got out of hand someday.

He discovered a basement near the statue and thus did everything to hide it properly, even though most of his supplies are kept there.

At this moment, there was dust floating from the sun’s heat and thus the people rushing towards the direction of the city gate seemed to be sweating yet non cared about it.

With this commotion, Wang was sure that some bandits might be targeting this place but he did not have the patience to be sure about it.

“People are about to die.” This was Wang’s first thought as he moved towards the temple in a hasty fashion. At this moment he was indeed feeling helpless about the development of things, as he hoped for some more time to improve his cultivation.

But he was looking at the situation from the bystander’s perspective because he knew himself and the fact that he had no ability to stop or even meddle in this. 𝐢𝗻𝑛𝓇𝚎𝚊𝘥. 𝙘o𝓂

On the way back, he seemed to have met many people in a panicked state as they could also be said to be aware of what was happening at the moment.

He actually saw a family abandon a nine-year-old and runoff in their carriage but he already knew they were doomed.

When he met the kid’s eyes, he discovered that the kid seemed to not even realize what had been done to him. He just looked around with blank eyes. Yes, the eyes were blank, as though the kid had no soul, but that probably was not the case. That family must have abused this kid all the time and he has become numb to a lot of things.

This situation indeed reminded him of his encounter when he just came to this world, but even after trying to leave it was bothering him still so, he waved toward the kid. At this moment based on the situation of his previous life, he was also not considered an adult but in this world, he can pass off as one.

But that was not the reason he decided to take the child along, and it was not due to some conscience, he just wanted to do it because it would make him get rid of that bad feeling in his gut.

After picking up the kid he left hastily but it did not mean that he failed to observe the situation around him, he thus went around in circles before sneaking back into the temple. He had left the outside looking decapitated and covered with cobwebs.

He managed to learn the name of the kid as Ago and did not ask many other questions as he was not more interested at the moment.

In this world, if one’s family does not end up eating them when hungry it seems they should already be grateful for that, being abandoned to some extent can be considered having a good ending.

Then Wang took Ago into the underground room to hide for the time being. He was aware that the food was not capable of supporting him for long let alone they were two people.

But he just wanted to hide and then come out in the middle of the night after the bandits had calmed down to collect more supplies.

As for escaping from the city, he had no plan for that at the moment, perhaps if conditions forced him to he would indeed leave but he does not see that situation happening at all.

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