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Chapter 8: Third level

Within the city, Wang spend the first days in an abandoned temple and for the rest of the days, he decided to clean up the place, turning it into his residence.

Considering he lacked the skills to take up some jobs or even proof of his identity, neither did he dare to try proving it, he wanted to completely get himself rid of some other attachments. It was tough to survive at first but he managed to get himself some jobs from time to time and thus days passed.

Considering it was just odd jobs he thus did avoid having to go ahead and even prove his identity. The city had numerous people even martial artists and the opportunity present was something that would require wits, to survive this time.

In the place where metal clinging was ongoing, Wang had managed to visit the place the next day and got himself a job moving iron into the place, this was also a job that could be done at least four days a week. The payment was not as much as one gained in the gang but it was enough for food.

This, however, has also made his accumulation of energy slow, he can’t manage to acquire medical materials with the amount he gets paid, and thus he is forced to take up other side jobs from time to time. But this is not something abnormal, especially for those that are trying to provide for their families and remain with some other resources to consume.

Compared to when he was in the Black Left Gang, his life had indeed changed as he only had time for martial arts practice and work.

During this period of time in the Sand City, Wang managed to gain numerous information that he had no idea from before, apparently the world was in a state of Chaos. In the same way, strong clans are clashing secretly as they scheme to get themselves the Royalty position in the dynasty. Most of the great masters in martial arts seem to have been recruited and he also heard the news about the Black Left Gang being annexed. Apparently, the gang seemed to have taken a side that did not even have the chance to support themselves in the fight for the throne.


In Wang’s own words, this is just a man-made disaster and the number of horse bandits is rising but no one seems to be interested in a city located in some desert at all.

But to Wang, all this is not important as he is continuously feeling his body become stronger with the passage of time.

Ruruo, on the other hand, seemed to have been aware of this thus she purchased a house in this city before the gang was destroyed, in this way she moved in without any problems, but she had some thoughts about dealing with her physique, and that incident in the day of their marriage seemed to have also solved some problem for her.

In the future, no one would desire her primordial yin since it has already been obtained by Wang who was unaware. When Wang heard about this he did not seem to be happy at all, the information he obtained seemed to tell him that the world was dangerous especially when he heard about the title of grandmaster. He could tell this was a realm, and in the end, the ‘father-in-law’ of his seems to have died at the hands of such a person.

This made him anxious and the moment he heard this information in the town, he frowned since even in the library of the gang, though he only stayed on the first floor he never heard of the realm of grandmaster, and that can only explain one thing. It is probably far from the gang leader, or the information was protected too well.

He had no desire to die early after working hard and improving his lifespan from 19 years. This survival is something he values, even though the number of years was not much, they increased by about three.

He knew that he had to step into internal organ refinement after he managed to enter the field of martial arts.

In a way, organ refinement is the official level of martial arts but even though he has only seen a few people at this level, Ruruo he assumed was probably there. But the truth was she had already passed this level, something that might shock Wang.

The organ refinement is done in stages and this division and Wang already is preparing for this stage when the White Tiger Fist entered the third stage. He has been practicing and seems to have some expectations of reaching the third level. But he was not sure if it could work so he spend his time trying to acquire medical herbs yet he had to also take care of food expenses.

In the gang, he remembered that there was someone armed who seemed like he was always being monitored but in the last few days before the incident, he didn’t feel that constant peeping or a large number of guards.

Even though life on his own seemed more or less tough, he was happy but he knew that this city was just some illusion of safety without a real ability to protect himself.

In that case, he had some thoughts about finding some other methods of practicing, with the nature of this Sand city, the hope of finding some materials for cheap was just an illusion.

He pushed his thoughts aside and went back to the temple, after making sure that no one had tailed him he quietly entered the temple.

“Just continue to cultivate in the end, it is the only thing that can be done anyway.”

After this period, Wang continued to practice boxing routines and the only difficulty was the food he ate, in this city, he could not go hunting for meat.

But over the past few days when he was out, he got attacked by some thugs and he did everything to deal with them without leaving behind any evidence with their money being the only thing he was left with.

He has also managed to acquire some resources in this way, thus making his speed of cultivating much better than when he had just entered the city.

This method was however unreliable to him as he could already tell that doing it for too long would eventually have him caught.

But Wang was not discouraged, he just stopped going out for some side jobs and remained to cultivate. Ever since he managed to escape from the gang in a sneaky manner he already knew this world would not tolerate his weakness.

Those guys that attacked him the Black Left Gang seemed to have helped him understand that being weak is some kind of sin and that without the ability to defend oneself, only death is left for him.

Just like that five months passed in a flash.

“In my previous life, I doubt I could manage to endure such loneliness! Now that I think about it, I seem to have been changed by this world.” In the temple, as Wang closed his eyes to rest, he seemed to have been reminded of something from his previous life. But he knew that comparing these experiences was useless, rather he better finds some useful past world experiences to increase his chances of survival.

Thankfully even though the White Tiger Fist had yet to reach the third level he could see that the values kept rising fast and in no time he would be capable of stepping past that threshold.

In that way, it was better to stay and improve himself at the fastest speed possible.

Wang’s life seemed to become peaceful when he went out less often. He practiced sometimes from morning to evening, and on the designated days he visited the place he did some gigs as the only time he went off schedule.

With the passage of time, his fist technique kept improving very fast. But what surprised him was that as his strength kept rising from the practice of the fist technique every part of the body seemed to be receiving strengthening.

He was obviously happy with it since the change meant that his physical endurance was also becoming stronger compared to normal humans, and he could practice more at the end of the day.

With the passage of time the way he punched seemed to be changing and the speed even faster than usual. The number of punches he could throw also seemed to be increasing per second.

“If things continue like this, I don’t think it will be long before my body can reach the limit and steps in the level of organ refinement. But why do I have a feeling that organ refinement is not something I can control but happens naturally through some order?”

Standing at the door of the temple Wang seemed to be punching imaginary enemies and the speed of the technique seemed to be slowing down because it had reached the limit. His White tiger fist technique entered the third level on this day, and he had a feeling as though his blood was boiling.

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