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Chapter 5: Breakthrough

Wang soon found out in the past days that he had indeed reached the state he desired and to make the progress he wanted, it was necessary to fuse the four martial arts together, in a way he had made sure that it was in the middle of the night and he was alone before starting to undertake the process.

He frowned not because he failed to accomplish his goal but because running the four body arts at the same time seemed very difficult.

He was hesitant only for a moment before he made up his mind to continue persisting, even if he had the attribute points they could not help him unless he took all the martial arts to the extreme, and then fusion would obviously bring him an option.

Despite the willingness to utilize the attribute points, after a change is required and without it, any willingness has no use.

Indeed the process was exhausting but very slow, he could feel the burden on the body was increasing every time he persisted. But this brought him the long-lost feeling of strengthening the body.

Surprisingly the martial arts were slowly fusing and at the same time, the changes on the panel did not go as he thought, new martial art appeared, but the only martial art left behind was White Tiger Fist art.

The other four seemed to have been absorbed and turned into resources for the fist art to strengthen itself.


His potential point value seemed to have not changed, but at the same time, he could feel that compared to before his body could still be strengthened. In that case, he was happy since it meant that the technique was stronger than before.

But this also meant that it would take slightly longer for him to break through to the next level of the Fist art, but that was something that he could only let happen slowly. The key issue was to find a way to survive in this gang, hiding would not work in the end. 𝚒𝚗𝒏𝐫e𝒶𝙙. 𝒸o𝑚

Wang become calmer and even seemed to have started ‘contributing’, by taking on some odd jobs in the gang, which proved very useful as the old witch seemed to no longer appear in his line of sight.

But he met Ruruo almost every night, but the couple rarely spoke to each other, and very early in the morning he would go ahead and start his practice.

“Ding!, Ding!, Ding!”

He kept punching in the air and then some trees from time to time until it had become a routine, thankfully they had their own courtyard and thus he didn’t seem to have to worry about being discovered unless some people sneaked out in the night to spy on their place.

In front of the huge tree, Wang was standing and punching, even though he was not capable of shaking the tree at all, his body seemed to be sweating even though his physique had become well-proportioned and stronger.

In the past, Wang couldn’t experience this feeling of becoming stronger faster, but now only a month had passed by and he had gained twice in strength.

Swinging his fists used too hard but that is not the case anymore as he can continuously attack for more than five hundred swings before he feels that his hands are starting to become numb.

Just like that Wang got himself doing all kinds of jobs, and since not many people actually could tell who he was, it was very convenient for him.

The gang had a system of providing tasks and the ones that Wang took over seemed to be those no one would bother with, even his wife had no idea about it.

But Wang also managed to save a lot of silver from it and acquire some medical materials to create medical baths.

Just like that many people even forgot about him being the son-in-law of the gang leader, and during this time his medical skills had also improved slightly from reading all the books on the first floor.

The reason for doing it is obviously with the intention of tweaking with medical liquid to get the best quality for his practice yet it allowed him to learn a lot.

In the gang, there were a lot of people with unique skills and one could learn them as long as one had enough money to pay for them. Wang visited them and over the period improved his medical skills, with an intention of using them to make extra income and second for the most important role to improve his medical concoctions.

Wang has been practicing the White Tiger fist for almost three months and with the help of the medical liquid, the period of time required to practice has been shortened he can feel that the effect of the medical liquid is becoming less and less.

Even his practice is now done close to the stream, which he visits early in the morning as he can’t practice at home anymore. His current strength has increased about four times and the noise it could bring would not be ideal.

It is just that nothing can be done about the medical materials, it has managed to last for these three months because he used some tricks to improve the quality, but that is it, nothing can be done anymore unless he can find better materials, but that is impossible and the gang would not allow important herbs to fall in the hands of others easily.

Even he himself wouldn’t dare to take such a risk, if he wants to improve then he has no choice but to go along with Ruruo’s plan in the end. This gang is some small prison that will always shackle him to the point that he can’t get far in all aspects. If he were to go beyond the limits he might even lose his life, this, in the end, is not what he wants so he would obviously choose to escape.

Back at home, Wang started to think and thought about the tricks he has been using all this time, and the ones with the most success were all aimed at the concentration of the liquid, in that case, he thought about it and boiled medical liquids in different pots, after that he put all the liquid in a huge pot, covered it up with a lid and let it boil, the quantity kept decreasing until eventually only a quarter was left, he then decided to try it.

“Gudang! Gudang!” when the medical liquid entered his mouth, he could feel that it was too strong, this was something he has never tried due to the prescriptions.

When the bowl was taken completely, he completely collapsed on the ground, his body was hot all over, it was as though he had been thrown into an oven, but he forced himself to stand up and practice the White Tiger Fist.

When he moved in accordance with the Fist art, he could feel the warm feeling all around his body receding slowly, and the sweating was so intense.

“Ha!ha!ha!.. it works!” Wang had his emotions out of control and he laughed before he calmed down again.

The effect of the new discovery was much better it’s just that the quantity of medical materials used is too high and would require him to pay more. In the end, it came down to money he had a shortage of.

“As time passes, the amount of money required for me to get strong medical soup that can work on my body might just keep increasing. In fact, the next time I might be required to look for high-quality materials, the amount it would cost is something that perhaps I can’t even afford after saving for an entire year.”

With such calculations, Wang already was seeing how difficult it would be to accomplish some of his goals.

With the new trick, although it was demanding Wang was able to make ends meet when it came to acquiring the medical liquid.

In the same way, he resumed his usual practice with most of the medical materials he could acquire and his days were more peaceful, but he failed to realize that it was almost close to the agreed half-year deadline.

But the joy of seeing the progress on the panel made it hard for him to care about other things, “It won’t be long before my body breaks through to a new level, even though the medical liquid will become totally useless, this is going to be very beneficial to me.”

During this period he went all out in everything, and thus did not miss out on the medical materials, the White Tiger Fist that had been enhanced finally took a step towards the second stage. Yes, it was written as being at the peak of the first stage, an indication that a change had happened.

But that was enough from making Wang convinced, rather it was the way he could feel his strength rise with every passage of time.

He was looking forward to the change that could happen in the end and how the potential value would increase, at that time perhaps even his practice speed would only keep getting faster.

In that way another month and a half passed in a flash.

Name Wang Bo.


Martial arts: White Tiger Fist(2% of 2/5)


Realm: None

Potential value: 14

Attribute value: 18

Looking at the panel, he could indeed see that the martial art had changed, but that was far from the most important aspects, his potential value had increased by about 6 points due to the other three martial arts while the attribute also seems to have risen but he had no use for it at the moment.

But at this time, the potential value had added another 3 points which is an indication of the breakthrough in the White Tiger Fist.

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