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Xianxia: Why am I here?

Chapter 274 - 274 Energy concept(II)

274 Energy concept(II)

Wang had not accumulated enough knowledge but he did not need it at the moment. Looking into the distance, he gained focus on what to do at the moment, and thus pulled out the spear he had and started to practice. Looking at the way the neutron star operated, Wang started to slowly infuse the understanding he had of the neutron star on his spear.

Since the time he got involved with the spear, he could be said to have not really had any real technique he studied.

The only one was ignored by him as it had been obtained with the Spear Manual. In the period he used the manual, it indeed helped him a lot but after a while he just let it go.

Perhaps it was because the thing was incomplete and with the fact that his physique was advancing faster than the spear he just ended up abandoning it after the perfection of intent.

The domain was not perfected either until he had some inspiration from something else. At this moment he had seen another opportunity to make things right and continue walking his path.

Holding onto the spear he would trust it forward, then realize the force he applied was not enough. Gravity was affecting him, but since he did not want to fall behind he also started to put serious emphasis on understanding gravity.

But this was not simple since he had already realized that it was different from the laws he was comprehending in the law realm. Not only that but rather even the way it was allied seemed unique as he could see the way it affected the energy around him.

In that way, all he had to do was copy it and use this to manipulate energy in a certain pattern that ended up indeed accomplishing the goals.

Repeating it proved more effective as the method was slowly being imprinted on his cells and even mind and with no time he had completed a single motion without any stopping or disturbance.


In the same way, the energy affected by gravity changed into some black-like substance in his line of sight and his body had a line forming. Out of curiosity, he did it over and over until the plain black line become more vivid in the energy particles, and in the same way, his spear had that aspect of gravity improved slightly.

As he swung it forward, it seemed to indeed become much easier as the force that was hindering it was already lessened to a degree.

His other aspect was speed and in this place, he had to do a lot just to ensure that his attacks would reach the target before they could react.

In this way, he kept observing the neutron star in the distance and waving his spear around before pulling it back to the retreat and then thrusting forward. With the pressure and terrifying vision, he could see the depths of the underground space, he was getting more and more insights and his thoughts even began to diverge and get bolder.

The reflection of a neutron star still has his body the same feelings just it was not the real thing and in the same way, Lin did not have even 1% of the actual condition of the neuron star.

His body would not withstand it and even looking directly at it would lead to death for most people stronger than him, let alone the current him. But in this place, the conditions were just right and it not only allowed him to train his spear in an extreme environment but rather enabled him to take advantage of the situation for his rapid growth in physique too.

The energy in this underground space was on another level and he was beginning to understand why the situation in this world is different the moment he descended the atmosphere for the first time he felt a change. His body was nourished and even become stronger and faster in this environment as the energy particles all over the body seemed to have started to adapt to the pressure.

This made him happy and excited at the same time very awake. He was not going to attempt to enter past the dimensional barrier before him as he knew it was instant death. But with improved organization and control of cells in his body, he could practically adapt.

But that was not to rush until he felt that he could no longer make any progress in this place.

“I’ve never thought that even practicing a spear would be this difficult since the time I first picked it up.” He indeed admired the environment in this place and it was a shame that his family could not access this place.

From the period he started to get access to important knowledge about this inheritance, he understood the truth, and that was he could not carry his family along all the time.

Ruruo and Fengxi also needed to take their paths, and when he left this place he was going to create some trump card and send his daughter out to explore the world.

He on the other hand would try to see if he could access the other inheritances in this place and leave. But in the end, if it was not possible he would not waste his time in this place. It was indeed time for him too to explore the world, and if chance allowed he would have to leave this world. Even though it seemed like the place was more taxing on him, he was excited as for a long time he found a chance to improve his skills. With the spear, he kept moving near the barrier then retreating and thrusting but the speed he desired did not happen.

The spear would become heavy as he approached the world barrier, as it was no different from approaching the neutron star. With the high gravity affecting even the spear, he would thus be slowed down and not satisfied with the result.

Outside he could reach the speed of sound in a plain attack of his spear and yet this moment meant he had a long way to go but this was also a good thing.

The cells in his body were also absorbing energy at a very fast pace. The feeling he had now was completely different from even in the past and he thought, even if he did not get to see the other inheritances he would not feel that bad.

Forget the other inheritances, and the condition he had to meet for a chance to view them already eclipsed everything else. This neutron star was already a huge burden and opportunity yet he was required to comprehend it wholly before he had any ideas about the others.

Perhaps in some time, he had some confidence to accomplish this but not at the moment. He would let this matter go and properly cultivate it here anyway he was not in a rush at the moment.

“Again!” He attacked again with the spear from time to time until even his hands were shaking and he seemed to have realized something the cells in his body kept shifting and rearranging in a certain way transferring the force allowing him to feel refreshed.

“So that’s how it is! I Energy Manifestation can indeed be used like this.” as he realized something new he continued on to his goals since he was sure that the discoveries were not anything major at all.

In the same way, energy flowed along the spear along with his body while the black energy line also seemed to be active allowing him to manipulate gravity on the spear.

His previous knowledge of spear use kept flowing in his head and allowed him to see more possibilities he had ignored in the past. His pursuit of speed was being incorporated to accomplish a goal he wanted. In his mind, he already understood the next step to go with his mental state.

It was altering reality but at this moment he had to completely go to the mind world and the spear would do.

In this way the more he kept at it the result he became. With the changes that were happening to the spear technique he once used purely simple thrust, pull back and poke seemed to be evolving and he understood this chance was what he was waiting for.

Energy flow in his body including cells all seems to be surging and changing being coated by the spear force radiating from the bones in his body.

He called this spear refinement when he realized what was happening to his body. It was changing and in a good direction and since he wanted to turn himself into some neutron star in the beginning and changed his mind, the spear would do especially with more opportunities for growth attached to it.

The usage of a weapon is not simple nor is it hard, and in this stage, he has reached there is not a weapon he can not control since it all comes to the term energy.

With the spearmanship, he displayed becoming more and more flexible even some force of gravity at the tip seemed to have changed into some unique force.

It seemed to be slowly stabilizing the spear too. Days passed as Wang was immersed in this and even his physique had reached the peak of the law realm at this moment.

Most of the experts in that realm could not hurt him without resorting to some external help. That however was not what was going on in his mind at the moment. The spear he was holding seemed to have suddenly changed from stability to several ripples appearing in space at the tip of the spear. His mouth was having a rare smile at the moment.

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