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Chapter 26: Guests arrive

Wang sat down and started to utilize his spirit to check his body them run the martial arts together with thunder art to change the quality of internal energy.

Books in the library never told him of such a situation where a mutation occurs in internal energy.

“It seems like I’m walking in a new direction, but that aside, how do I get access to a good environment. Forget it, I’ll be free in three days perhaps I can go to that place to look.” he made some plans.

He couldn’t waste his opportunities to improve at all.

Especially when he could feel the benefits of having his internal energy change are tempting.

He was even suspecting his fast recovery is something to do with it.

People at his level are still considered mortals regardless of how fast they move and the improvement in strength.


Compared to normal people they are indeed somehow overpowered but their lifespan is the same with them.

He can only develop this path by himself, and he could feel the resources he would need in the future also increase.

The issue of resources indeed has become more of a trouble, he has only got one rich client and the thing he got was weird.

He assumed it was an opportunity and thus insisted on taking it.

Even his strong consciousness failed to penetrate it. It is also why he picked it up but did not try any means.

He just stored it, as something can end up bringing troubles if dealt with without proper information.

He has to be careful as something might be a problem and without knowing if good or bad and rushing to make it bond with blood might backfire.

Or it might not even work, in that case, he put it aside among most of his belongings.

He had already restrained his aura and sitting on the stone chair in the garden when Ruruo appeared all dressed up.

His eyes stayed on her for a while before he averted them. She seemed pleased with his actions very much.

“Wife you look very good in those clothes,” he said casually as he shot her a glance.

“Is it?” she seemed to be mocking him. As she rolled her eyes at him.

Based on his reaction anyone can see she looked good in the clothes.

After sitting beside, him she took out that paper he had roughly written gibberish about the way of the sword.

“Husband why don’t you explain this thing to me then?” she said as she put the paper in front of him.

Looking at the paper, invisible sweat dropped from his forehead.

He had just reached perfection in the sword techniques, how could he talk about sword intent he has yet to manifest.

It is the lowest level mentioned in the paper, and he had also some plans to focus on it but not today.

Now things had already taken this turn he had to come up with a way out.

“Wife how about I talk about it to you another day. Probably after three days, there.” he decided to postpone the issue until he mastered intent but he wasn’t sure if he could manage it by that time.

But at least for now, it was working. So he put the issue aside and started to slowly enjoy the atmosphere.

Soon he was telling a story from a wuxia novel he had read in his previous life.

But he did not even know how it got to this point, perhaps she asked him to.

By the time he had talked about a few events, he realized everyone was sitting down listening to his nonsense.

But that was not the main reason for stopping the story was not but the fact that he detected some people seemed to have approached the residence.

He thus ended the story and took it as an opportunity to focus on other things.

At the same time, he was more curious about that group that seemed to have arrived so late in the evening.

But judging from their demeanor, they are probably individuals with some status.

As the story ended everyone got busy only Wang was left with Ruruo in the garden.

He also did not inform her about the visitors, that work could be left to servants.

Besides based on her nature she might not be willing to go and meet them.

“You have not even perfected your sword technique yet already asking about the next level. How can sword intent be achieved without having a complete understanding of the essence of a technique.” he could only shake his head at it.

Based on his observations she still was looking through the paper. So he gave her some advice and also some excuse to buy time.

How could one be explaining sword intent when they had not yet attained their own.

So he took up some new ways to discourage her from rushing toward the end without following the process.

It wouldn’t be advisable and even sword intent might be difficult to grasp in such a case.

Soon as he expected servants seemed to have come to report about some guests.

He even had never seen the servant before but he did not care about it.

Now his focus was something else, the so-called guests seemed to have no good intentions.

Thankfully Ruruo seemed to know of their coming to visit and bad intentions so he asked the servant to arrange a place for them.

But that was not important, the discussion being held was what got him worried.

The group of individuals seemed to have something to do with the group that attacked that night.

The reason for arriving at such a late time was to wait for some news.

He had never seen such people and now he did not intend to mix with them.

Especially after learning, that they had some family ties with her.

He thus just sat there under the huge tree on a stone chair.

Ruruo’s head was resting on his shoulder, and he said, “What crafty relatives. Be careful of that group of people.”

She seemed surprised and asked, ” how could you know that?”

“How difficult is it to guess what they are doing? That group is not here for anything good. By the way, does anyone else know of your disease being dealt with?” she knew what he was asking.

After all, she had not yet informed her family, but nanny Hei might have shared the good news back with her family.

This however is not a good thing for the imperial family.

Even after she lives so far from home someone wouldn’t feel at ease.

They ought to do something about her, and at the same time, she was enlightened.

The letter to visit was sent just sometime after she was completely cured.

Nonetheless, the group, of people probably had no interest in her life in this place all this time.

She did not show it but somehow she was angry for some reason.

“Haha... You seem angry.!” he saw her expression and found it amusing.

“How could I not be? They probably think I’ll try going back home and meddle in their interests so they decide to send someone to investigate. In some way the visitors indeed came with bad intentions.” she had been abandoned in Mount Shu since young.

But now some people had already started to scheme against her.

Perhaps she also wished to spend some time with her family too.

But the imperial family has no concept of that word.

The most important thing is their ability to scheme against others.

Not surprising, she seems to be an uncertain factor for some factions and thus they had started to take measures against her.

The reason it’s so difficult to link her to an imperial family is the fact that she has lived far from her childhood.

She has not managed to cultivate that imperial aura, that those from the royal family exude.

Even though it is not something impressive, it gives them a sense of superiority when they stand in the crowd.

And the group that had arrived had some people with the same air around them but Wang has never seen them so how could he know about such issues.

In fa,ct, he has never suspected the wife is someone from the imperial family.

Furthermore, the reason for her marriage was because some people wanted her completely restricted in this region.

The Bo family he came from does not influence at him as he cares less about politics.

And even the forces it associates with are deemed insignificant thus the marriage push, allowed someone to immediately use them.

With such a family, she can be completely restricted and even the impact she has is completely erased.


Moreover, the issue of Wang changing his family name was just street rumors.

How could the one behind the scenes allow that, or the marriage might be more of a sharm and its use nonexistence.

Now she can never claim to be royalty casually since she is a married woman.

With so much done behind the scenes, and some news coming out about her illness being cured.

This is some variable in someone else’s plans.

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