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Chapter 24: Scare them away

For individuals like that Wang treated them like NPCs.

He had no time to waste on them and Ago can deal with them. 𝒾𝒏n𝗿𝒆а𝑑. 𝘤𝘰m

But he didn’t know that once the spoiled woman went home, she was going to make trouble for him.

If he did though he might just sigh at the trouble but not be concerned about it.

He had currently, completed the formation of knowledge he had.

He just lacked enough resources to practice, but he had some means to implement so he started to increase the speed he treated the patients.

With all the spirit perception focused on the patient,s he could deal with issues faster.


In less than six hours the queue had already been empty and the wood sign outside posted.

It indicated he was closed, as he run through some of the gains today, he just asked Ago to pack them in the cart as usual


Leaving, he was in the back of the carriage always trying to set up small formations.

After entering the mountain path back home he already perceived several figures hidden.

But from their actions, he was sure their target was him. such a situation he had no choice at all but to deal with them.

More or less, it might become a habit if he let such a group of people disturb his peaceful life.

So he was prepared to make them suffer, but at the same time, he needed to first let them talk.

“Is it from that lass or someone else, it doesn’t matter anyway.” he decided to overlook such concerns he had.

In that case, let things play out on their site. Those people will naturally say something he wants to hear.

He thus pretended to not have seen them and continued to move forward.

Sure enough, as he had just predicted.

“Boss is going to kill that doctor for the sake of the Murong family. Our gang dies not to have a doctor if we kidnapped him..” one of the men in the group seemed very crafty and thus come up with some machinations.

But the boss indeed got tempted by that offer and started to ponder over it.

At the same time, he was about to shoot, he felt some pressure weighing on him.

It was spiritual pressure, but he could feel it was more like a warning if he shot he would be planted here.

Such thoughts made him a veteran bandit who immediately make a decision.

“Retreat, what little nine said makes sense. If we are sick or need some help in the future we can just come and take him with us. There is no need to kidnap a doctor.

They are expensive to maintain. Little nine will be rewarded tonight for his contributions.”

The boss was a very crafty and intelligent man and after he said that he felt the pressure was gone all of a sudden.

He was suddenly happy for being smart at the same time was cursing someone.

” Damn that Murong family, they wanted to use someone’s hand to get rid of us after all the benefits they got from us.” as he thought this to himself, his eyes become cold.

“Let’s go back. We will have a job to complete soon.” as he said that he run in another direction followed by the group.

As for Wang in the carriage, he was not interested in shooting if they were clever enough.

But was amazed by the leaders’ wits.

“What an intelligent fellow. Anyway, this saves me more trouble. Well, it’s time to go back home I guess.” he murmured to himself.

But Ago had no idea they were surrounded just a moment ago.

But that was fine as well with Wang and thus they continued on their way home. He had also gained much on formations and could add attributes.

He felt indeed it was better than he read in novels.

Based on the information he had from the previous life, he might take advantage to make some things using the formations.

But he suppressed such thoughts, as he checked at the + sign in front of the formations skill.

Without delay, he added attributes and a flood of emotion entered his mind with ways to utilize them.

At this time he indeed felt, as though he couldn’t support his body.

The information received was too much but nothing compared to everything he had seen in his previous life.

That being the case his daze was soon over and, he started to check through it.

Since he didn’t need to do anything else all of his consciousness capability was focused on digesting the information.

After several minutes everything had been absorbed.

He started to relate it to other things, just like the previous information.

Even after arriving home, he did not get off the carriage until when the formation knowledge had been turned into something applicable.

But he did not improve it again, as he was certain the level he was at was enough to meet any needs that he might have.

The most important concern for him was going through the collection in the library.

With that thought, he let Ago inform his wife he had come back as he headed to the library.

The moment anyone steps in they could be shocked to find that the first level of the library had been arranged clearly.

Scrolls of different types each is fillednm??d, and position where they belong from sword techniques to other martial arts

This was all done by Wang and he asked Rururo to not help, he had his reasons for doing it.

How could he allow anyone to disrupt his attribute collection plan?

He passed that and entered the second level and half of the shelves were properly arranged.

The only difference being this place was several times larger compared to the first level.

He went straight for ancient texts and after collecting everything together, he sat down on some of the scrolls.

Then he started to pass through them as he stored them on the shelves.

Like that time passed but ? in the collection.

After properly arranging them, he looked towards the remaining normal techniques and reluctantly started to browse through them.

One by one they were schemed through but he seemed to be more bored.

Then it occurred to him that he could use spirit consciousness to scan through them all.

This idea brought about other ideas that immediately made things simpler.

He released spirit on the books and some kind of invisible wave seemed to be affecting the martial arts cheats.

At the moment they floated, he could extract knowledge from them faster and slowly move a large number of martial arts to the shelves depending on their categories.

In an hour he had cleared the entire floor despite not gaining any attributes.

He also learned something new. He did not feel bad about it as the attributes he had were still enough for the moment.

At the same time, his mind was filled with information. In that case, he could only leave the library.

But this time he was not in a bad mood at all, of the improved spirit coverage perhaps he might be capable of accessing information from afar

At the same time, he knew such situations would result in him losing numerous attribute points.

But he did not mind, now he was going to focus on the collection he had just pilled up in his mind.

With the numerous collection of martial arts, as long as he kept adding attributes he was sure even without any supprises, he would break through the sixth level.


In the lower martial arts levels, energy is a very important factor. Just accumulation enough leads to improvement.

Like this, he went ahead and entered the resting area sitting on the He immediately started to as he used his consciousness and from his perception, everything could be easier to grasp.

Even to know anyone was close to his limit of coverage or harbouring bad thoughts about him he could easily respond.

Like that he went on to add attributes slowly and improve them all in a balanced manner.

The martial arts each had their unique nature but since they were being improved at the same time from beginner levels, it indeed resulted in issues of contradictions.

This however was his main goal, and when internal energy produced from the martial arts started to contradict each other, the thunder body art started to run.

Such a strong body refinement art was indeed something but in this situation, its role was slowly being reduced.


The numerous martial arts each seemed to cover vast areas and with their combined use, even the thunder body art was still at a low level to put it under suppression.

But this collision of numerous martial arts resulted in a huge ‘boom’ in his body.

At this time, he could feel the energy flowing in his body.

He was already sure this is internal energy and even though it is something level compared to Yin Qi in Ruruo’s body, it was very overbearing.

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