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Chapter 23: Wang’s profession

After breakfast, he went to the library for four hours and collected close to five ancient texts that were reflected on the panel before going down the mountain.

He could occasionally do that and combine them with the right skills or even in some cases techniques.

In doing so, the panel was very much not crowned as insight imagine.

Over the period, even the low-level techniques were handled in such a manner.

The combination made them stronger compared to their original.

Heading down the mountain he could add attributes to some skills to improve them, unlike techniques that required him to accumulate or practice.

He was going to do his doctor job, and thus he used a carriage.


Ago sat at the front while he was in the back alone still studying information about the formations

He had some desire to see if they could be utilized for how the novels depict them.

Drawing spiritual energy hundreds of miles or defense and strengthening weapons or tools.

All those uses are not to be ignored, and even more so the refinement of tools, if he could refine a plane and then moving in this world would be a piece of cake.

Well, he just thought about it, he currently cannot do this.

He has yet to come in contact with refinement skills from the ancient texts he had added attributes on.

But that did not mean it wouldn’t be possible in the future.

With such thoughts, he pushed them aside despite the desire for more ancient texts.

He continued to check through the formation of knowledge that had been poured into his mind.

He was aware the only way to improve the skill again is if he could completely utilize everything that had been imprinted in his mind.

His consciousness got into action and started to review the information as well as compare to novel knowledge he had.

This way the speed at which the information was being digested increased drastically.

At the same time, he understood the importance of consciousness, in his previous life he always saw books mentioning the soul, but consciousness seemed to have similar roles.

But he was sure spirit is important too and since he is strengthened from the consciousness then he can easily kill others by strangling their spirits.

Spirit is after all very important but the most difficult to cultivate.

But that does not make him complacent at all, he knows that he has to keep improving.

From the knowledge, he knows in novels, as long as one is in a world where martial arts exist some weird backstory will eventually come up.

Such things include some beings being imprisoned in the world or the invasion from other worlds to even the end of the world itself.

Who can tell, the martial arts world is always unpredictable and even in his previous life some planets were destroyed by comets.

This is already not something he wants to sit down and wait for, now he can only improve himself then.

Formations are important in numerous ways and thus he must reach the highest level he can attain.

After some time, he felt the carriage stop, scanning outside, they had arrived.

Today the line of patients was also very long. He could already see some with cases he could call serious as for the rest he could handle it without much pressure considering his current medical knowledge.

But he is used to it, and thus as usual routine four groups of people can enter at the same time.

He deals with patients in groups like that and everyone is honest.

Sometime back, another person tried to use identity to make trouble here he ended up being dealt with properly by Ago.

After that incident even if one is a bandit, they can only be honest or the Divine doctor might refuse to even look at them.

He saw something on the huge line but just shook his head. Some people are indeed delusional, even in this life.

As long as they have ‘part of their body too big’ they think everything can go their way.

Pushing such thoughts aside, Wang ignored them and entered the medical tent.

At the front of the line, a young lady dressed in a rich costume with huge assets.

Arrogant appearance and surrounded by a group of servants moved forward with an entire group towards the tent ignoring the others that arrived earlier in line.

She seemed as though everyone should be honored she even visited this place.

Some people seemed to remember the past incident and thus did not bother to block them. Worthing interesting.

Some discussions immediately erupted.

“Hahaha!.. Look another one has come to suffer”

“Yeah the previous one was also so arrogant with a proud face but after some slaps, she was not lovely anymore.”

“Hahaha. You have forgotten Doctor Wang’s wife is so pretty. Why would he care about this one without brains.”

Every aspect of society likes to gossip, some. of this person starting the gossip have never even seen Ruruo but one could think they were her next-door neighbor with how they described her.

The more people talked the higher the laughter and indeed it did not take long for Ago to take action.

The group of servants was bleeding, the proud lady had tears with a hand print on her face.

In addition to having the whole face distorted, while she was crying with a snort coming from her nose like a baby.

This was hilarious and everyone broke into laughter even more seeing her appearance.

An indifferent voice came from the medical tent, “Go back to the end of the line if you want help. Otherwise, you’ll be blacklisted for not following the rules.”

Wang was very indifferent to all this, truth be told, he was not some benevolent person treating patients.

He was using the patients to verify his medical knowledge and at the same time gain some benefits from it.

The proud young lady was very angry that even she nearly fell when her legs Mk missed a step.

The man was not giving her face at all, but Wang had bad feelings upon seeing her.

At that moment he already felt he didn’t like her, so he couldn’t be polite in dealing with her either.

Some people are indeed like that, one can hate them by just setting sights on them. In some cases, one can hate someone without a reason.

For a secession, a total of five patients had to enter together, and this routine has been gradually accepted by patients.

Maybe back their laughter couldn’t be helped since she couldn’t identify who was laughing at her but if seen perhaps one might suffer badly later.

Such spoiled children that never follow rules are probably from prominent families in the city.

She for instance did not queue just to come to see how handsome the doctor was from rumors.

She even brought about her arrogant family behavior in someone’s territory.

Even if she wanted to take action she could only do it later, as she couldn’t claim to be from a very powerful clan.

She was indeed among those with good social standing in this small city.

She suffered several slaps before she could even enter the tent and get a look at the doctor.

Wang did not care about her, he had already expected this to happen.

The servants were not badly hurt, just some physical injuries as a lesson.

The moment they picked up the young lady and left, the group of people in the queue were free and laughed at this situation.

Some of them had already excepted it to happen.

So they laughed out loud that even some patients were agitating about their illness but since they could still see a doctor how could they restrain themselves.

Some were coughing but soon an indifferent voice could be heard, “Next!”

Like that the laughter subsided and some people seemed to continue to laugh as they made jokes about the situation.

Like in his previous life some people made even memes from others” misfortunes.

But in this life, through the internet and phones were not available, they could still imitate her miserable state.

Wang on the other side didn’t know this even if he did, he wouldn’t care much.

His attention was more on the patients he was treating.

He utilized his consciousness to drive spirits and observe their bodies for their problems before solving them with existing herbs or acupuncture.

The process was very fast and the number of patients thus was reduced faster too.

This is also the reason they can wait patiently in line, the speed at which the line moves is fast.


Part of Wang’s consciousness is left to studying formations was already almost complete.

The more he observed the human body the faster the inspiration, as though the formations were modeled after it.

But without much knowledge, he wouldn’t verify such thoughts.

Besides it was important to him to improve his skills rather than go on to search for information about its origin.

At the same time the young woman that was properly handled by Ago, was h servant and her hatred had reached its peak.

Being a young lady of a good family, she was spoiled since she was a child, but just to go out and suffer grievance how could she tolerate it.

Especially when others saw her with snot on her face, even worse her face looks like it was stomped on by pigs.

She was not in any mood to care about her face she wanted revenge and thus she left directly to inform her father about it.

As long as he took revenge for her even the doctor might be in her grasp. She would torture him till he understood the meaning of pain.

With such thoughts in her mind, she left in frustration and rushed home to gain support.

This is a typical character of spoiled rich young ladies, causing trouble and when they get what they deserve, rush home for help.

Such behavior is indeed not uncommon in a world like this, where some clans held immense power either in politics or economics. But the elders in such families seem to not care about it.

Letting their descendants flaunt their family name is a norm.

Once she reported the situation, then it becomes a matter of facing her clan or not giving them a face.

They want to deal with the people that are not giving their family face, but those representing the face are unworthy of it.

So someone like this young lady will always do such things and others clean after her.

But in the end, such characters are capable of destroying even their families if they provoke a strong person.

As she entered the city everyone observed her and those with background unafraid of her family burst out into laughter.

Just looking at the young lady of the Murong clan looking like that they were very entertained.

Especially the swollen face with some snort still falling.

The poor could still only hold off until they were alone to break into laughter.

How could anyone resist the urge to laugh, while those with lower status hang their heads low but couldn’t stop themselves from laughing inside?

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