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Chapter 21: Thunder body art

Sitting alone at the table, as Wang tools a bite of breakfast, he couldn’t relax at all. He had not offended anyone to his knowledge.

He was more or less concerned about those people that visited at night. He knew they were not up to any good, and someone hired them.

At this time the other party seemed to be playing in the dark against them.

He was sure, Ruruo and nanny Hei were not fooled and could see something from it. The gang couldn’t just come to disturb them without reason.

Especially with such a small number of people, how could they move the property in the residence?

He was going to add attributes to all the ancient texts until he found what he wanted.

He knew the process might be taxing, but not anywhere near the tragic incident he encountered a year ago trying to create a nebula.


His Cosm void art had not been improved through that experience, but rather, he was trying to leverage the already existing first stage to harness more unique energy being stored in the body.

In a way, his physical stage affected the level at his entry stage of cosmic void art stood.

If it was the second level, he might not be capable of handling it with his current body.

Even though he benefited a lot from that incident, he has restrained himself from anything concerning viciousness for this period.

Until his body improves considerably, he won’t mess with it, after all even if he wanted to he has no option.

The attributes can’t be added to the Cosmic Void Art. He also suspected that this technique was a very strong existence and he only got a tiny portion of it.

He could understand part of the ancient words from having utilized many techniques of the same origin.

In such a case, without the panel, he might not even know of the significance of the ancient texts.

Truth be told, they shouldn’t be called ancient texts but rather alien texts.

But everyone views them as such, and he can’t refute it.

After all the texts might have existed for even longer periods than some languages.

If he managed to enter the imperial city perhaps he might be capable of finding more.

Well, he however has no idea nor does he have such a plan yet.

The moment he thought about it he started to look through the panel and only nine other ancient texts could be seen.

He then put out aside the thought, for when he visits the library. At that time perhaps he might add attributes to it and even if something weird happens, no one would realize.

For instance the time he passed out after adding attributes to the Cosmic Void Art.

If such a situation were to happen in front of others he might not be capable of explaining it.

Besides he is not sure about many things and taking risks in front of others is unnecessary.

The nine ancient texts he is sure might all have some benefits to him but, if he fails to get what he wants then, he can just continue to search for others in the library.

If he gained a good body refinement art then that thing at the depth of the library could be used to fulfill its potential.

Besides, that library has mountains of scripts and scrolls he thus is not discouraged especially when he decided to make his technique.

He has yet to reach that level so he can only depend on already existing ones.

This knowledge also helped him reduce the arrogance in his heart. The panel is practically a way to cheat and thus he shouldn’t feel so proud.

Comparing himself with others, indeed he is somehow very poor in talent and other aspects.

With such a realization, the pride developing in his heart was squashed down.

At the same time, he could see that he was more relaxed compared to the past.

On the same day after consuming breakfast, he didn’t see Ruruo so he went into the library immediately.

Sitting on some side of a collapsed wall and seriously through the martial arts techniques. He had collected some attributes and the more scrolls, books, and scriptures he looked through allowed to end him to accumulate more.

Vast information poured into his mind including experiences associated with the texts.

The amount of information was vast thankfully it was more or less about talking about heaven and earth.

He had never heard of such treasures in this world but the vast information including pictures seemed to have been entrenched in his mind.

At this time he could be said to be a walking encyclopedia, in treasure and their uses.

This also seemed to be very helpful for medical skills.

The information was so vast even though he did not get a headache he needed time to consume all of it.

He thus took some time too to browse through the information to understand where they could be found treasures required fir physical advancement.

If he could get his hands on some of the treasures that could improve even his physique ot might be a good thing too.

The same is true for cultivation speed but the information he has yet to properly grasp is the idea of alchemy mentioned in some of the treasures.

He remembered novels mentioning refinement and some could even allow people to increase their lifespan.

But the information was vague, he would have to organize the entire library first.

It seems they have important roles and thus after a while, he lost his enthusiasm as he opened all the ancient texts he knew required astronomical numbers of attribute points.

But he only added once besides he could only add that his current mental and spiritual consciousness can’t support excess data.

The nine texts were added attribute points only to gain some different insights in different areas.

In the end, he couldn’t even use them for his current needs.

This made him relax for an hour before starting to pick up ancient texts. Attributes were also increasing in the process after he read more and more.

But they were again used up, thankfully it was just an introductory part of the ancient texts and the attributes consumed less.

The more he added attitudes to them and read some of the benefits were immense see but the need currently was not being met. in𝓷𝓇𝒆α𝒅. 𝗰𝘰𝘮

This did not frustrate him, so his focus was only on ancient texts.

By the time he had to spend close to eight hours in the library, his head was buzzing.

He was exhausted but at the same time, a smile appeared on his face.

He had found something after adding attributes to a new ancient art that had just appeared on the panel.

The art requires using him to temper the body using lighting power.

At this moment he had some headaches but at the same time happiness.

Though the technique is dangerous, it can at least provide him with a way toward his goals.

With attributes, he can still improve the technique even if thunder is absent.

What was keeping him in the library was looking for another complementary technique.

But nothing was coming up, so he sat down further from the books and started to run the technique.

With the thunder’s body art activated, the sound of lighting could be heard from his body.

At first, it was faint and then, he heard it.

Some destructive power bust into his body then some vitality seemed to be bred that fixed the injury.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth as the pain was too much.

After a while, his body had some burnt smell as well as another weird smell.

Without even realizing the evening had arrived, un the technique several times, and when he was getting used to it, the damage it could do was also lessening.

He was certain in a few days perhaps he could enter level six and his body strength wouldn’t be small.

He then left, but still did not come in contact with anyone in the residence.

He washed off the impurities on his body and changed into a new set of clothes.

At this time, he had some confidence to improve his strength in the future.

As he sat on the stone chair in the middle of the gardens watching the sunset, he was refreshed.

The numerous martial arts he learned were all in operation and the thunder body art seemed to be melting them into itself.

He could feel that his body change was also happening faster with the help of the techniques.

With time he could change the nature of thunder body art becoming something new.

And the happy thing was the moment all the martial arts were being used at the same time the terror of the force pulsing through his body was shocking.

At the same time he felt, that lightning couldn’t hurt his body at all, but at the same time, helped him in the practice of these changes, was in a good mood but still didn’t sense his Wife’s whereabouts.


If he knew she was still packing up some clothes and materials down the mountain he might be shocked.

He just asked her to prepare some clothes so that they could go through the formal bows together but she had become very busy.

The carriage was full of new things, and Ago was the one suffering from moving them to the carriage from the shops.

By the time they arrived, Wang had been resting on the stone chair for some time.

When he moved towards his room he found it had been changed and everything new had been added.

Well, it used to belong to Ruruo in the first place, and now it had been decorated red.

The atmosphere for festivities was set, thankfully it was only in the room and even the bed had been added to a bigger one.

He already guessed what had happened and since he had no problems with it, he had to also get involved.

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